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cum dumpster dirty slut

cum dumpstercum dumpster dirty slut I like to be known for exactly what I am.  I don’t deny my love cum, I have always been a cum love. I remember the first time I had been used by a gang of guys and used like the slave I was set out to be. I was a youngin with a mind of her own, I was home alone and the older guys from the neighboorhood paid me a visit, They were pretty close with my big brother so I didn’t think it was odd they were knocking on the door, As soon as I opened the door all 5 of them came running in and I thought it had to be a joke and paid them no mind what so ever I really thought it was a dare, It wasn’t until they had tied me up and constricted me from moving, they used a gag ball on me so I wouldn’t scream and started to jerk off on me, It was a total bukkake scene, I couldn’t believe I was being a cum dispensary, They didn’t even shove their cocks in my mouth or anything they just wanted to shoot and laugh.

Fisting whore peasant

Fisting whore is what I am now, I got a message from my master, he told me he wouldn’t be around but not to worry I would definitely be put to work I had no idea what he meant last time he sent me a similar message I was being banged by three guys, moments later a sports car pulls up, It was her my masters wife, the same evil bitch who loves to inflict pain all over my body. She walked right in and told  me to strip and kneel, I wasn’t even prepared to be taking orders so soon, but I knew I had too, she made her way to my pussy and start to hurt it and started to fish me without using lube and she began to stretch my pussy out the more I cried and begged for her to have mercy the more she began to do it even harder, When she was done she let me know I had to eat her pussy for hours till she could cum over and over again. fisting whore

Lot lizard sex whore

Lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore Is my newest title. My master decided to pimp me out to all the nasty truck drivers. At first, I was so opposed to being known as a prostitute that takes any cock that’s given to her, but my master reminded me that I am not a high-class hooker, I am a trashy trailer slut. He’s right why should I oppose to these gross overweight truck drivers if I am just as gross as they are I let all the guys use me as a toilet and I have absolutely no say. I just have to keep getting them off, That’s my job and if I cry and beg them to stop my master has no problem with tapping me up and whipping my ass hard. I started this morning bright and early at the truck stop and I have already had 2 different truckers spray me with their loads. I had to take it all and bring proof, So there’s definitely a picture of me in the public bathroom of the pit stop with cum splashed on me.

Creampie slut

Creampie slut Creampie slut from the trailer park is what I have been known for this past summer. Now that we are in fall I am excited to become a bigger slut. I use to care about my reputation, not anymore I have fully accepted my path and that’s to become a low life prostitute, I have been pimped out more times than I can remember. Many of times I’m banged I am knocked out by my pimp because I’m not doing something well and he just beats my ass and pisses all over me and lets me know I need to do better to be the best little trashy slut for him. He makes sure I know that I must be covered at all times and I can’t-do a thing without his permission. I get to be fucked almost every hour and by so many guys even girls. I have also been featured on my pimps social media because a druggy slut like me needs to be exposed.

Hookers for hire

Hookers for hireHookers for hire. We love being the slut whores you desire. I know that fucking your wife gets boring and you want to sneak out and fuck a nasty slut. I get it all the time, Guys are so sex deprived and just want to be able to fill prostitute sluts like me and just use that cunt and call it a day. I like being paid to fuck. I feel like I am needed.  I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Everywhere I go I see someone who has paid for my pussy. It’s getting so bad that the word is out. Pretty soon I’m going to have to go to another city or possibly another state. It’s so easy to get caught up in being a sex slut, You start to be a cock addict quick. I get that yearns to be fucked all the time. The more times I get dick down the more I want it. Sex is the ultimate addiction.

Cum guzzling slut Berretta

Cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut berretta. I like being known as the slut who loves cum. I had my landlord come over yesterday and he has heard the rumors going around town. He knows I’ am a cum loving slut. He confronted me about a late payment I had and told me he was going to evict me just because he couldn’t have a nasty slut like me around. I was so angry and list of I had not realized he was using all this to his advantage. He could of easily let me pay off the late fees and call it a day. Instead, he wanted me to be his personal toilet and cum drenched little bitch. He was stern about what he wanted and I had no choice but to follow thru. He showed up 30 minutes earlier from the time we had agreed on. I really thought he was just going to be happy with a blowjob. I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy. He showed me he was in charge by using my holes for the rest of the day.

Anal sex whore : training time

anal sex whoreAnal sex whore training time. I was to take it up my butt for hours without taking a single break. This was the task I had to get done this weekend. It started out like any normal day, I got my text to meet at the dungeon. I was greeted by my master this time and not his wife. I was very happy to see him, Never thought I’d be so happy but I was. My excitement quickly turned sour. I was told I was going to be in for a long weekend. I immediately freaked out but knew better than to show my weakness. I was told to go home and practice fucking my ass hard and long. I was given several butt plus and dildos. I had to learn how to take it deep inside my butt and try to endure all the pain that maybe inflicted on me I knew I had to focus and  built some type of tolerance. I also knew I was going to take load after load.

Big dick sucker Berretta gets punished by the HBIC

big dick suckerBig dick sucker berretta gets her punishment for being such a dirty slut: The HBIC (Head, Bitch, In, Charge) comes over to show me exactly why she’s in charge. I guess my master told his wife I was being a slut around campus. I am not allowed to whore around especially if I don’t have the masters permission. They were very happy with me and they let me know. I was brought down to their punishment room and she too charges like always and began to whip my bottom and piss in my mouth and make me regret sucking and fucking all the college boys. I was going to endure all the pain and I was going to be disciplined so that I can get the message, They own my body and will always make decisions for me. Yes they love me being used and fucked but under their consent. I am their property and I have no business doing things they don’t sign off on first, lesson learned.

Trailer trash whore beat down

trailer trashTrailer trash whore is what she called me. She’s an evil bitch and I thought her husband was bad, boy was  I wrong she was the devil in disguise. I thought I was going to be left with someone who had some sympathy for me. My master Is married to a psycho they are a match made in hell. I got to meet her this weekend. I saw that she was dressed up so conservatively and was very quiet and obedient and looked even scared herself when talking to the master, it was all an act. As soon as he left she dropped it along with her teacher like outfit, she got completely naked and told me I was in for a ride. She began to tie me up and really went in on me. She was probing me with all sorts of objects making me wish he was there instead of her. She took tons of pictures of me and laughed and mocked me. I was begging for mercy.  The more I begged the more she tortured me.

Hookers for hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire I walked all over campus with a shirt that read that. I got so many advances from all types of classmates. Two guys from class even followed me home. I thought they were just playing around when they told me they were going to make use of what my t-shirt read.Well, I found out quickly they were serious about wanting me to be their personal hooker. I shrugged them off and soon after I got home I realize they were outside. I didn’t think much it is a college city and they could very well live in the neighborhood but, I had a gut instinct they didn’t and very quickly I realized they weren’t strolling by to say hi either, they liked my shirt and wanted to make me their hooker for the day. I was not having it and was asking them to leave and stop playing around. They were getting angry that I wouldn’t just shut up and let them use me.  So they started to tie me up and tag team me. I was being fucked from both sides at the very same time. When they were done using me they left me on the ground, they even threw crisp 20 dollar bill at me.

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