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Anal sex whore Anal sex whore Berretta that’s what you can call me. I have been a personal toilet for my master. I didn’t like it at first but very quickly that changed and turned around. I am now being an obedient little slut. I have to take whatever he gives and I better like it. I can’t complain or make any types of pleads. I have to be the good little whore that I am and make his every need fulfilled. Yesterday I was gone most the day I was supposed to be working at the library. I abandon my shift because I got a text message that read “Come now or you will regret it” Immediately I got in my car and got to the location that was sent. I was grabbed and tied and shoved with dildos in my mouth and ass. I was the entertainment for the night. I got common and pissed on. I had to take all the cum and piss and swallow it whole. I then got my ass fucked by about 10 different guys and was left there like the trash that I am.

Nasty phonesex with berretta


nasty phone sexNasty phone sex is always a blast. I love being a dirty slut. The other day I was leaving my apartment and out of nowhere, the maintenance guy shoved me to the wall. I was screaming telling him to leave me the hell alone. He wasn’t having that. He unlocked my door with his master key. Told me to listen to him if I didn’t want to get hurt and if I wanted to leave fast. I was ready to do whatever he asked me to do without a fight. I just wanted to be left alone and unharmed. He made me strip butt naked and told me he was going to have a blast. I instantly thought the worst. I was prepared for anything wicked and mentally preparing myself to be abused. Well, what happened next was a shocker he whipped out his meat and shoved it right in my mouth and just started to let out all his urine, I was gagging and just so grossed out. He was loving every minute of it and he called me his private restroom and slapped his cock on my face and left just like that. I was so confused I was really playing the scene in my head I can’t believe he really did that, He just wanted me to be his restroom. I’m sure he’s not done so I have been avoiding him like the plague but soon enough he will probably get his way with my mouth again.

Cum dumpster Berretta

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Berretta has such a nice ring to it. It is fun to have cum all over my face mouth and hair. I just love serving a hard cock. I don’t care what time a day it is. Its always time to get squirted on. I love when you use me as a human toilet. I love being your worthless little slave. I can’t wait to feel your cock in my mouth. I want to feel you stretch all my holes. I know that I am only good to be your little servant. I want to get on my knees for you and I want to be trained by you. It makes me happy to see you all hard and ready to burst. I like being controlled by you. If you tell me to drink all your piss you bet I will be doing exactly what you say. I will never argue with your commands. I will be the best obedient whore you have ever encountered

Seducing My Bitch Boss

gangbang whoreI get what I want If I see a hot guy or girl I am instantly ready to make my moves and get them to fuck me.  I like a challenge so I decided to fuck my boss. She was so uptight and just really stern. I was sure she wasn’t being fucked by anyone and she was in need of a good orgasm. One day while I was working late hours and putting some files away I see my boss Terese like always in her office behind a computer working her life away. I decided on some small talk to see if I can get her to drop her panties and sure enough, it worked all it took was a couple compliment and next thing you know I am fucking Terese with a big pink strap on.  I made her pussy cum so hard with my strap  I finger fucked her pussy and even made her squirt with my toys and tongue of course. I think making her cum changed her mood to the right direction.

Nasty Girl

live phone sex

Nasty girls always win! I am never too scared to try anything new. I am always down to play the game. Unlike your cookie cutter girls, I truly enjoy making a guy just bust his load and jizz all over. I think it’s a great talent to get him to lose control. Sure any guy can cum from boring sex, but when you see a guy just explode  I mean really explode you see it in his face how good it feels to just bust, This is the best satisfaction. I will always win because I am a nympho and I enjoy all the dirty sex your boring girlfriends and wives don’t want to participate in. See when we get to fuck all bets are off! You can bring another girl or guy or whatever your wicked mind concocts. I won’t say no I  say yes every single time. You can bet you will have the most explosive nut with me. I can guarantee you will be hooked on this little nasty slut.

hardcore anal sex

hardcore anal sex

For an hour he can do what he wants with me. He is paying me for this.

I sit on the couch with him. He has rope in his hands. He takes the rope and ties my hands. Then he wraps the rope around my face, using it as a gag. He pushes me over onto the couch. He spreads open my pussy lips and starts molesting my hot cunt. He fingers my hole as he starts to lick my clit. I want to moan but the gag keeps me from it. He spreads open my white shaky legs wide. He gets on top of me and shoves the full length of that thick dick deep into my paid fuck hole. he starts ramming the fuck out of me. Shoving his hard cock into me over and over. I muffle the moans through the rope gag.

He takes out his cock and glides it slowly into my tight ass hole. I scream. He moves in and out of my tight ass hard. He keeps fucking that ass over and over. his cock grows harder inside of me. I want to beg him to stop but he paid for it.

He thrusts inside of my ass hole and shoots his load inside of me. When he takes that cock out I can feel my ass dripping with his hot white cream.

cum eating phone sex: your dirty cum whore


cum eating phone sex

I want you to make me you’re cum dumpster. Have your friends come over while I am at your house. Make me strip down naked for them. I will put on a nice show to flaunt your whore to them. Everyone will gather in a circle around me. Take out your cocks for me and begin to jack them off in front of my face. I want to see all of those big long and thick dicks right in front of me.

Start taking turns sticking them in my mouth. I want every guy to get his chance at fucking my wet mouth. Shove those massive cocks into the back of my throat over and over. I will lick every single head in front of my face.

You and all of your friends keep jacking those nice pricks in my face until you all start shooting your loads. All of you standing there cum in my face and on my titties. You shower me with your thick gooey cream. I get to taste a mixture of all your cum.

sexy prostitutes in jail

sexy prostitutes


I was arrested for a PI. Now I am sitting in jail. My cell mate is a little scary looking. She said she is in for standing on the corner. An undercover picked her up. She tells me how pretty I am. She starts to rub on my leg. My white trash pussy becomes wet from her touch. She can tell because she starts to undress me. She doesn’t even give me a choice. She strips me down then strips down herself. She stands me up and kisses me as her hand slides down to my tight bald cunt. She begins to finger my hot wet pussy. I lay down on the metal framed bed and spread open my soaking wet cunt. She bends down and starts licking my clit. My pussy is so fucking wet for her. You can tell she is a professional by how she almost instantly makes my hot box squirt out my rain water. She buries her face deep into my sloppy cunt. Making me squirt my juices over and over. She fingers me the whole time. It feels so fucking amazing. She pleasures me until the guards walk in to serve dinner. They all catch a sight when they walk in.

this cum guzzling slut always eats my pussy

cum guzzling slut

I am so fucking horny. I walk into my room where my furry friend is asleep. I wake her up by getting naked and shoving my hot box in her face. She is always ready to eat my pussy. I lay on the bed. I spread open my hot sticky pussy lips and she digs in. she starts licking my hard clit. It feels so good. She sticks her tongue deep into my soaking wet pussy. I am already jumping around from the sensation. I love how she licks her master’s pussy. It feel so fucking amazing. She continues to lick up and down the length of my cunnie. I turn around on my hands and knees. I spread open my sloppy wet pussy and she digs that tongue even deeper. As my tight little fuck hole clenches and my hot juices squirt out she licks up every drop. Right out of my throbbing hole. I can’t take it. God she lick my pussy so fucking good. I take my dildo out of my night stand and bang the fuck out of my soaking hole. She still licks my hard nub as I fuck myself. I squirt my juices out over and over because of her and my dildo. I love having my fluffy whore eat my bald cunnie.

toilet sex for drugs or money

toilet sex

I love trading my pussy for drugs. If you have Meth, coke, fake, pills, or weed I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll also fuck you for money. What ever you have to offer for my sweet fuck hole.  If your broke and clean don’t bother lol. If you have something to offer I will be all yours. I’ll be a damn good dirty hoe for you. I’ll suck your cock for hours. I love getting Fucked in my ass. That will cost you though. Lol. Maybe a quarter gram of dope? Or a quarter ounce of weed? What you got baby, cause I am ready to trade. I’ll let you fuck my tight wet cunt as hard and fast as you want. I’ll let you face fuck me and make me choke on that big veiny cock until I puke all over it. I’ll lick up my mess and make sure you love every moment of it. Would you like to Shit in my mouth? Of course it will cost you. Give me a nice golden shower after you have used me up like that nasty Fucking drug whore I am. When you are done destroying me just get up and leave. That’s the way I like it. Make me feel like a used up hoe. Use me , abuse me, then leave. Don’t forget baby, I get the drugs first. That way I know your not playing me.

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