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Drunk girl fucking for blow

drunk girl fucking

I was in a gang-bang last night with 6 truck drivers at the truck stop across the street. It started with one guy. I met him at the truck stop dinner and he promised me a few grams of blow if fucked him. We went to a hotel room close by where he had a few of his friends waiting for him. He told them he had some drunk girl fucking him for some blow but they wanted in on the action. Before I knew it, I had huge, thick cocks all around me. In my ass and pussy and two in my mouth at the same time. I had no choice but to take all of those hard cocks. All of these big strong guys over powered me and force fucked me all night long. By the time I left this morning, I was stretched out, used up and full of cum. I was dripping cum from every hole in my body. I didn’t even get the blow that I was promised for fucking the guy that brought me there, but at least I got some dick out of it.

Petal Is a Gangbang Whore

gangbang whore

There is no better sensation then getting all my holes filled like a gangbang whore should. Gangbangs are a huge sexual kink I have. I love being made into a little cum whore and getting showered with loads of cum. Watching men shoot their loads on my face and tits after they just took turns fucking every hole in my body, there is nothing sexier. It’s everything I could want, anal play, cock sucking, ass fucking, cum swallowing, pussy pounding, it’s a slutty girl’s heaven! So, when my friend asked me if I would come over to his house and be the entertainment for the night I couldn’t say no. I could feel the wetness spreading in my panties just thinking about watching his friends circle around me and jacking off while three guys pound my tight ass, pussy, and mouth. Getting a good ass fucking while having my pussy and mouth filled is just not something I could turn down. It was a chance for me to be the little cum slut I am and get a warm cum shower! We got right to the fucking when I showed up at his place. We went into his room and everyone immediately started stripping down. He has his bed pulled into the middle of the room so that everyone could stand around in a circle and watch the hot fuck session that was taking place, and we made sure everyone got a turn with my tight little cunt and ass, I tasted everyone’s cum that came to the kinky party. It turns me on more than anything to be their fuck toy that gets to eat up all their creamy loads.