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young teen phone sexI am not a young teen phone sex slut. However, I play with young teen sluts every day.  I train them too. My first job involved my first-born daughter and my husband. When we got married, I had nothing but the tattered clothes on my back. He rescued me from abusive parents and a life of squalor. So, I would have done anything for him then. And I still will.

No one knows me better than my husband who I have been with for 30 years. I am 43. You do the math. So, when he asked me to help train a friend’s daughter, I could not say no. Plus, I did not want to say no. I love turning a sweet innocent girl into daddy’s little cum guzzling slut. Last night, I met with Anthony and his daughter Leslie. Such a cute young thing. Eager to please, but shy.

She watched me as I blew her father. Not only did I want to show her proper technique, but I also wanted to show her how to savor cum. Although cum is an acquired taste for most women, the earlier you start a girl on cum, the better the odds she will grow up to be a cum whore like me. My hubby and I put cum in our daughters’ bottles and on my tits when I would breast feed.

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Anthony’s wife went to prison for embezzlement. Apparently, she developed a pill addiction and started stealing from work to pay for her habit. And Anthony had no clue. She could have pimped out her baby girl and made way more money and avoided jail likely. But no one asked me, LOL. Now a young girl needs to step up and take care of daddy. But we seem to be off to a good start. She swallowed daddy’s jizz the first day with a smile.

We have a way to go still making her daddy’s girl. But after day one turned her into daddy’s cum dumpster after a few hours, I know she will take daddy’s cock in her young bald pussy and tight asshole just as well. With some baby steps I can turn any girl into daddy’s little whore.

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Creampie slut I am a Creampie slut that loves to fuck! I can’t help it, what can I say… I am a talented sex worker that knows all sorts of tricks that’ll have you shooting the Biggest cum shot ever… I always like to start by giving you a sloppy Deepthroat blowjob before taking your cock balls deep inside of my Young bald pussy and bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. My big tits bouncing in your face while I gently caress my pussy is exactly how I like it. Fuck me like a dirty whore, No condoms allowed! I want my cunt to be drooling your creamy load when you are through with me.

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A man like you should always have multiple vaginas to choose from, may the best slut earn your load. My sexy moaning noises will keep you knowing that I am enjoying every stroke. I will be finger fucking my cunt followed by getting it plowed by my fuck machine while fulfilling your hottest fantasies. Use me as your Cum dumpster!

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creampie sex storiesI am full of creampie sex stories just between my daughter and I. But I can tell you a different creampie story for the rest of my life. Can you tell that I enjoy cum? My daughter and I went out last night. When we party together it ends up double trouble for whomever we pick up.

Most men love sharing a woman with her daughter. Perhaps, that might be one of your fantasies? My mini me and I went clubbing last night. Usually. We hit the truck stop. Do some blow with truckers, fuck black men and come home and swap jizz.  But my baby girl wanted to club. We put on some cute tops and jean skirts and went to club like trailer park whores.

We stood out. A trashy milf and her equally trashy daughter in a fancy nightclub?  At first all eyes seemed on us. The men and the women looked at us like we did not belong. We did not dress right. I guess you could say we underdressed. But we never care about fitting in. We just want to have a good time and pick up men. And men we picked up in droves. However, some of the local women did not appreciate two skanks on their turf.

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But once again, we never care what people think about us, especially stuck up cunts. The men seemed to enjoy us. And that was before they even knew we were related. My daughter and I sucked cocks and even let a few guys titty fuck us in the nightclub. However, we got kicked out and banned for life when we started a gang bang in the women’s bathroom.

Some of the men followed us out. And a few of them came home with us. By the time the guys left, my daughter and I each looked like a cum dumpster. But it was not a problem for us. We love cum.  We spent most of the morning eating each other’s messy cunts. Just another creampie story

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cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt. I am obsessed with cum. I love the taste, the look, and the feel of jizz. I was up late last night. After my shift, I went down to the truck stop. I was looking for some cock and truckers are always interested in playing with a trailer park slut. I was horny after hours of talking dirty. I masturbate on my calls. I cum many times a day, but my sex toys will never replace a hard cock, especially one with cum filled balls. I knew what I needed. Cock. The truck stop is one stop shopping for me. I walk up to any cab, knock on the door and within minutes I am bouncing on a cock and draining balls. Sunday nights are always busy at the truck stop. And I am always in demand. The truck stop was full of lot lizard sex whores like me looking for cock and coke. But none of those whores can ever do the things I can. I blew about 15 truckers last night and fucked just as many. I swallowed so much cum I thought I might burst. I came home covered in jizz too. Head to toe cum dump.  I did a few lines of coke and signed on to take more calls because I wanted to play with all the cum in my pussy. I have enough jizz inside me that I could feed an army of cum whores. Today, I am just feeding one cum whore. Me. I have been masturbating on calls and feeding myself strands of cum buried deep in my cunt. My pussy was not the only cum receptacle either. I managed to get a few loads of fresh jizz up my ass too. I can shit out cum and lick it off wherever it lands. I am such a cum guzzling slut.

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I was in a gang-bang last night with 6 truck drivers at the truck stop across the street. It started with one guy. I met him at the truck stop dinner and he promised me a few grams of blow if fucked him. We went to a hotel room close by where he had a few of his friends waiting for him. He told them he had some drunk girl fucking him for some blow but they wanted in on the action. Before I knew it, I had huge, thick cocks all around me. In my ass and pussy and two in my mouth at the same time. I had no choice but to take all of those hard cocks. All of these big strong guys over powered me and force fucked me all night long. By the time I left this morning, I was stretched out, used up and full of cum. I was dripping cum from every hole in my body. I didn’t even get the blow that I was promised for fucking the guy that brought me there, but at least I got some dick out of it.

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There is no better sensation then getting all my holes filled like a gangbang whore should. Gangbangs are a huge sexual kink I have. I love being made into a little cum whore and getting showered with loads of cum. Watching men shoot their loads on my face and tits after they just took turns fucking every hole in my body, there is nothing sexier. It’s everything I could want, anal play, cock sucking, ass fucking, cum swallowing, pussy pounding, it’s a slutty girl’s heaven! So, when my friend asked me if I would come over to his house and be the entertainment for the night I couldn’t say no. I could feel the wetness spreading in my panties just thinking about watching his friends circle around me and jacking off while three guys pound my tight ass, pussy, and mouth. Getting a good ass fucking while having my pussy and mouth filled is just not something I could turn down. It was a chance for me to be the little cum slut I am and get a warm cum shower! We got right to the fucking when I showed up at his place. We went into his room and everyone immediately started stripping down. He has his bed pulled into the middle of the room so that everyone could stand around in a circle and watch the hot fuck session that was taking place, and we made sure everyone got a turn with my tight little cunt and ass, I tasted everyone’s cum that came to the kinky party. It turns me on more than anything to be their fuck toy that gets to eat up all their creamy loads.