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BBC welcome to my insides

Gangbang whore   I don’t know what it is about BBC that makes me so wet. I get so turned on when I see black men come my way. Just imaging their big cocks in my mouth makes me so excited. I cream my panties listening to rappers rap, black men dancing I just love dark men inside of me. I met these guys from my shift last night. They are brothers dirty right ? Yes that’s why I love it the nastier the better. I sucked both of their cocks stroked them made them grow and damn did they get so hard. The weight of them just makes me want them in my mouth all time. They spread my pussy open and pounded my little pussy . Taking black dick makes me feel so amazing. I told them to push it all the way to my chest. I made them nut so big right in the back of my throat.

freaks for a three sum

Stripper sex porn 

My girls and I went out to the club last night and we danced our asses off. We bar hopped and went to this diner where this couple picked me up. They kept winking at me and I walked over and introduced my self. They told me to come back with them. So, I did. When we got to their house they made me more drinks I was already drunk as it is. But, I I love my liquor. Kristin started kissing all over me we had a three sum in the kitchen he bent our asses over and fucked us with toys and his cock. I love random pussy and cock. When sex is that good and it comes out of no where that makes me excited. His girl had some amazing head and pussy. I could eat it all day. My tongue is so sore.

Dirty Martini

cum filled cunt

My cum filled cunt was stuffed with dick this morning after my shift at the club. I brought the bartender home he just started last week and has been flirting with me since he started. I told him how much of a dirty little whore I would be for him . I don’t think he knew how much of a dirty slut I truly am. I told him how much I wanted his cum shot inside of me. We had drinks and I will say we were pretty drunk. I love the way he makes my dirty martini . It makes me more dirty (; I got fucked in all my holes and he let me fuck his ass. I love to lick ass holes and finger fuck them . Make them stretch, kiss my pussy and fuck it right.

stripper cum whore

Cum dumpster

When I was dancing last night at work I had my eye on this guy he was just fine, and he kept buying me drink after drink . I knew I was going to take him home with me last night. After my three songs, I walked up to him and asked if he wanted some stripper pussy. I think he was shocked I was so strait forward. My favorite thing to do with men is just cut to the chase. I don’t like doing the talking i mean what kind of girl do these men want to hear about , I’m just a stripper who brings men home and i’m happy with life. Well he agreed with coming back home he took advantage of the fact that we had so much to drink, but it wouldn’t have mattered. My mouth was going to be wrapped up around his cock regardless. He fucked my pussy until we both came. Love being a cum guzzler who takes it in and makes you lick it out (;


Gangbang whore Being a gangbang whore makes me so happy. I get to make you, your balls, and your cock feel great.  Last night, I had two clients do a private dance and they started to beg to come back to my place. I told them they did not have to beg they could come over when ever they wanted. They let me know they wanted to fill all my holes. I told them I am about it and when I get off work from the club they could follow me back. Its been a couple weeks since all my holes were filled at the same time. When we got home they wanted to all take a shower together. Thank god I have a decent size shower. I pissed all over their cocks because they asked. Hey i love everything dirty. Their dicks grew so much longer when I pissed all over them. After, we got out the shower they rubbed all over my body, kissed me from head to toe then they shoved me down like the little fuck doll I am, my holes were filled not much longer after that.

 They tied me down and slapped me around with their hands and cocks. I loved every bit of it. My body was shaking of fear and excitement all at the same time. When my mouth is forced open and my pussy and cock shoved open my pussy leeks. They fucked my holes until they came, then, they were still hard . They cut the ties and I bounced on each of their cocks with cock in my mouth its a challenge but I love a challenge but more so love cock filling me up. I got my holes filled with cum. Fuck i love my job shaking my ass on the pole scored me with some nice big cock to bring home. Loving the thrill baby. Come join my thrills ?

Love swingers

Stripper sex porn

  I brought one of the new girls back with me last night so I could show her some moves for the pole. She wanted to invite a few of her friends so I said hell yeah of course. I want some cum she said some of the guys and girls would probably be willing to have an orgy. so, it was their first time hanging out with a stripper well an experienced one , so they were very intrigued. I let a couple know that I was so down to fuck. They actually are an open relationship coupe and they were fucking down to fuck. I ate some pussy and bounced on a cock the best of bot worlds baby. I taught some moves, and got some fuck time.


cum in my holes

cum filled cunt

When I get tied up and I cant move my wrists or arms that’s exactly how I like it. I am your cum guzzling queen baby. When I catch that cum in my mouth my pussy continues to drip. Tim from my side job came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go swimming well he meant swimming in my pussy. We met up and he asked me to come to his place. So, I did. He had coke and I did lines off his cock before we started i love getting high and getting my holes used up. I will catch cum any time I had a great time because he wanted to tie me up and use my little pussy, mouth and ass. I got fucked in all three . Would you fuck me in all my holes? Call me and give me a great time.

cum eating slut

cum eating phone sex  I am your cum eating phone sex hoe. Any bitch can suck some dick but can she wink at you talk sexy and take that entire fat load to the back of her throat with no problem? Not a lot but i damn sure can! I am hungry not for food but for your fat load you have been waiting to bust all day. Some girls want food and flowers. I want dick and cum. My fuck buddy knows this he saves his cum and we like to role play where where I am his little slutty school girl and he makes me drink his cum but secretly you know I love it. He loves any thing nasty! Do you? If so i am your girl. he loves when i piss all over him. He cant get enough not only does he suck my pussy lips but,  my urethra opening. My dirty boy whips his dick out against my face and i tell him to slap me hard with it. Make it hurt or its not fun. He has been gone so I need you to fulfill my dirty mind and get me off. Let me get you off baby.

Dirty bitches

Anal sex whore


  My ass hole was gaped so wide from that big daddy cock I got early this morning right home from the club. I’m just their favorite Anal phone sex whore. I love to take pictures my ass hole and pussy to show how sexy it is and how I just go right back to normal. I am still drunk, but i don’t care after my shift last night I brought some of my girls over and some guys we work with and they had talked about gang bangs and just having strippers lick their balls oh damn it finally happened. Big cocks, sweet pussy, drinks it was so much fun. I am the nastiest, most kinky dancer, lover, and fuck they have met. I tried to tell them so many times I have no limits you can wrap me like a pretzel fuck me any way you want. Cream pie me, tie me, hurt me choke me. Pain is pleasure I took so many big dicks last night I can barley stand. If you have no limits and enjoy being in charge come fuck with me.

Tramp state

Gangbang sex stories Hey guys! What’s up I’m Sybil, but I’m not so civil.  Last week, I was out in the city during lunch rush so horny… I mean hungry lol. I stopped by some sports bar on the side street, and I had the best food. HAHA <3 But, what I really enjoyed was my holes being filled and pounded in a gang bang way back in the kitchen. Oh yeah I let all the employees male and female fuck my warm juicy body. My favorite pleasure was given to me once again being the willing tramp I am. They pulled on each arm and leg holding me in the air while the others gang banged me and sucked on my pussy. No better feeling of being suspended and drilled from throat to ass while getting licked all over my pussy with a dick pounding me is just pure pleasure, and the climax, oh the orgasmic beauty. I keep a hard dick in my mouth, each hand gets a cock and the rest gape my juicy pink slit and fresh wet ass hole open to fill with cum. of course, I fart it all the cum out once I get alone in my shower, doggy styled in my tub first fucking my self to finish my quivers. So call me, Sybil because I need more pleasures.

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