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Fuck Yeah Druggy Porn

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Earlier this guy asked me what kinda drugs make me horny and that was not a hard question to answer at all… cuz ALL drugs make me horny! For real, it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m gonna be horny as soon as it kicks in and I will be determined to find me some dicks to fuck! I’m a slut when I’m sober but when I’m all fucked up it’s a whole different story… I’m like the sluttiest slut ever! I would literally stop a guy walking down the street and just randomly ask if I could suck his cock! I will do anything to get fucked when I’m high and I will do the nastiest shit you can imagine too, nothing is off limits for me! Get me high baby, you will end up with the nastiest whore in the world to play with, no joke. I will do some kinky shit for you that no one else will for sure!

Dirty Period Phone Sex

period phone sex

The biggest whore in town needs a dick…or 12. I am feeling extra slutty on my period and I know all you horny fucks are into that…as much as I am into tasting my bloody cunt on your dick. You’re not afraid to get a little messy are you? Naw, of course you aren’t or you wouldn’t be here talking to a nasty little whore like me. You are a twisted little pervert… just like I am and just like me, you love feeling all those hot body fluids all over your skin. So lets get freaky, I want to taste my blood and my pussy juice mixed together on the end of your cock, I’ll even lick shit off it if you want to fuck this sweet little ass! So what’s it gonna be baby? You wanna come on over and get wild with me, or would you rather stay at home having boring stupid vanilla sex with your prude wife?

She Joined Her Husband…and Me

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Oops. I’ve been caught! Some guys wife found out I was sucking him off and fucking him on the side and she was so pissed! But he convinced her to join in, can you believe that? I thought she was gonna kick my ass cus when she came in that room and saw her husband on top of me with his dick balls deep in my pussy she was pissed! But this smooth talker right here convinced her that she would have more fun fucking me instead and damn if she didn’t start stripping off her clothes right then! I’m not stupid so I just went along with it and started licking her pussy so her husband could see. She was totally loving it too, her pussy was dripping wet and I knew if I kept it up she would be cumming all over my face. Pretty sure she aint pissed no more now, in fact we may just do this again!

I’m The Girl 4 U

no taboo phone sex

You say you don’t want me but you know I am the girl for you. You know that I am the only girl that will get down and dirty with you. The only one that helps you fuck those precious little bitches faces. You know what I mean…you know that you have dark desires. What do you think I do every weekend? Well besides the usual gangbang, and partying… you know I am there babysitting those perfect angels. Lucy, Tiger Lily, and little baby Sky. All are perfect and ready to be used. Their stupid cunt Mommy’s never know that what we are really doing during all that babysitting is far from playing with dollies! We are playing with their faces, their holes too. They will never tell…we can play with them like this for hours and days. We can always play…so don’t stay mad baby. I can be the one who you can beat around, slap and spank and the one who helps you turn those fantasies into reality.

That’s Some Dirty Phone Sex 4 Ya!

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So I have this new job at school where I clean up the locker rooms and wash the team’s uniforms and dirty towels and junk (talk about DIRTY phone sex for ya!). But I love my job because the basketball team is fuckin hot as Fuck and I get to peep at them while they are changing. Well today I was peeping on them as usual but they caught me watching and decided to humiliate me as punishment. All those sexy boys surrounded me and pulled out their cocks, I thought they were going to make me suck their dicks but what they wanted was way worse! They all started pissing on me! I was on my knees and they were all around me in a circle just pissing right in my face and hair! I couldn’t get away, everywhere I turned there was another cock spraying piss everywhere! When they finally ran out of piss for me that’s when they started forcing me to suck their dicks, I was so scared but also really turned on, I just couldn’t help it. I love being used like a whore over and over again. By the time the gangbang started I was dripping wet and so so ready to have a cock stuffed into every eager fuckhole I was really getting into it when all the sudden the door flew open and in came the entire squad of cheerleaders! They were laughing at me and calling me a whore, taking pictures and recording the whole thing! Now I’m an online sensation at school, everyone knows who I am and everyone is talking about it. But whatever, I don’t care because I have all the boys at school wanting to Fuck me now that they have seen how good I am at sucking dick! Even the teachers want me so I’m gonna be busy all year long!

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Let’s have dirty phone sex!

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I’m a nasty one. Maybe that’s why I get the dirtiest calls…the ones that are downright filthy! There are no boring vanilla calls with me! I have a certain set of standards and things that keep my pussy satisfied. One…your cock can’t be small. 8 inches minimum! If your cock is dark…black or mixed then you’ve already got me! I mean…who am I kidding? I will take ANY cock thrown my way! Well unless it is an itty bitty sissy cock…then I can’t help but laugh and laugh at that. Those are always fun because I get to get gangbanged by some huge black cocks while some loser sits back and watches me havin a damn good time! He’ll even be begging to suck their cocks too…maybe just maybe we’ll both be on our knees sucking the cum right outta a nice juicy cock…I don’t know I guess we’ll see what this kinky day leads to! All I know is I am HORNY as fuck and need a nice big dick to fill me up!

Your Ultimate Whore

gangbang whore

Well I don’t think it’s much of a secret what a fucking skank I am. What a total gangbang whore I am. How much a big dick sucker I am too! I just could go on and on about my slutty ways…but then there would be no time for fucking. Not just any fucking, but the kind of fuckin that REALLY makes me feel like a whore. As many cocks as I can get, one in my mouth and one in my pussy. I’ll gladly choke on your cock while getting fucked hard from behind. I’ll just be moaning for more. And more! I just want to be your cum guzzling slut, that ultimate whore that pleases your cock like no one else… just because I and nasty and have no fucking limits at all. Share me with your friends, piss on me, shit on me, force me…there is no limit. At least with a trashy girl like me. I’ll do what it takes to please you baby, as you can see.

big dick sucker

Dark Chocolate Cock For Me!

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Nothing like taking a big black dick in my ass! Really, nothing at all can compare to feeling my ass stretched out! I think about it all the time. How can I get fucked next? How many guys can I really take at a time? I wonder if that guy will force me to do all types of nasty things? God I really wanna swallow a couple loads of cum. All these naughty, dirty thoughts roll through my mind…a relentless battle on being a total skank. I’ve fucked everyone around me, their friends, family and coworkers. There’s not a lot of options as far as family members for me goes – otherwise I’d be fucking all of them 24/7. Those people are lucky – the ones that get their whole family to fuck and be kinky with…but I am not complaining since I replaced incest sex with bbc sex…mmm. Lots and lots of big thick and juicy dick. Dark chocolate cock all for me!

Listen To My BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex stories

My bbc sex stories are almost as hot as the real thing! The BBC Phone sex that your horny cock desires is what my cunt lives for, too. I know, I know. You are dying to hear about how I had my pussy stuffed with cock and my mouth too, as I struggled for air thru extreme pain and pleasure. Those are some HUGE black cocks, ya know. I am a total gangbang whore and I never turn down a big black fat nigger cock gangbang. I will take a cock in my ass, pussy and mouth and have each of my hands full of dick too and with plenty more of horny cock ready and waiting for more. I wasn’t raised any certain kinda way, I just have always loved how good big black cock fills me up, nothing quite compares. If you take nigger cock all the time like I do, you surely understand!  Or maybe I am lucky and you have a big fat black shaft for me? Mmm… either way let me show you how I get the cum out.

Slutty Druggy Porn

druggy porn

Honestly I am almost always fucked up. I am always high on something and drinking too. I like the way it makes me feel. I like the way it makes those big black cocks hurt a little less and how it relaxes me to take it like a slut. Like a total BBC loving whore. We know I love big black cock and we know my good new friend loves it too. He loves to get nice and fucked up with me. He loves to watch all these big black dicks sliding in and out of my holes. My ass and my pussy of course but my throat takes it all too. Anything for that cum! One after the other I keep going, a girl like me is a total gangbang whore now and I know that I am going to have my body covered in that hot sticky load in no time. How can I say no anyway? I might just be too high…ha! Just kidding that’s not possibly, it just means I can take more black thick dicks!

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