Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

Come and get me and get a piece of this cum dumpster action. I’m such a whore for it and I just can’t seem to get enough. The harder you fuck me, the more I cum and I know you will cum just as hard. I want a cream pie filling. Cum inside my pussy, inside my ass. Watch it all drip out of my pussy and down my legs, and watch it drip out of my ass and drip down the back of my legs.

                Use me as the cum whore that I am. When you’re done cumming inside me, come in front of me and jack off again and again and get all that creamy, milky liquid all over me. Cum on my tummy, my tits and all over my face. I’ll open my mouth and try and catch what I can and swallow it all down. I know you got a dick full of hot sperm; my tummy will be full!

                Once you’re done getting that cum all over me, I want to play in it and rub it all over myself. I’ll be a huge mess when I’m done, and it will be a glorious sight!

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