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Everything I do turns into druggy porn!

druggy pornI swear everything I do ends up turning into so crazy druggy porn fantasy come true! Like yesterday for instance I wanted to get high and my regular dealer was all out and wasn’t gonna reup till way later. So I went to this other dude my friend told me about and he said that if I really wanted to get some of the good stuff I had better be willing to get a little nasty. I told him I would do anything to get high so he brought out this huge black dude and told me to get to sucking his dick. Well I was all over that dude’s cock in a flash deepthroating it like a fucking pro. I had him cumming in like two minutes flat so they thru me a baggie and put me to work. I made a ton of movies that day, everything from golden showers to threesomes and even a gangbang at the end but I was high as fuck all day long so I didn’t care what they did to me. By the end of the day I went home covered head to toe in cum and all sore and fucked out but you know what? I had a purse full of party favors and even a little cash too so I was one happy whore!

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

I love being a druggy cum dump. The more dope I do the nastier I get, and my men pay higher and tell more men about me. I get fucked twice as much which means I get twice as high. I was hanging out in a diner drinking coffee and using the ice cubes from my water to slip them under my skirt to soothe my aching stretched out ass. It had been a hell of a anal threesome for just a few rocks.  Man, the frumpy old hag waitress caught me one time and threw me out. But she did give me a bag of ice cubes to take with me. And I guess the man sitting across from me saw what I was doing because he followed me out and offered me a ride to wherever I was going. I told him his place would do fine or we could fuck in the car if he wanted. He looked like he had money and that dick was hard in his khakis. I went to rub my hand across it and he took my hand and asked if I really thought he fucked gutter whores. He slapped me across my face so hard I fell on the ground. He said I would be fucking his driver so he could watch. I was stunned as a black limo pulled up and a very dark older black man stepped out. “You do anal whore?” I knew then I would be hurting for a fucking week. But I needed a fix and some cash. I told him I did and proceeded to be the drugged up cum junkie I am in the back seat of a limo while Money bags watched and got his cock off!

Crack whore anal lover Silvia

Crack whore anal

I’m a Crack whore anal lover.  I adore being high; it’s the thing that gets me through my day.  If you asked me ten years ago if I knew I’d be a whore I’d say no way, that would never happen to me.   I love my whore life.  I get high as soon as I get up in the morning (or afternoon) and get fucked all day long.  What could be better?  I’m never bored with my partner because there is always a different cock in my pussy or ass.  I wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend.  I love having the freedom to fuck as I please.  I especially love anal.  It’s a whole different feeling for a girl.  You can make me cum much harder with anal sex.  I like it rough and hard.

Cum guzzling slut and Piss Play– David’s story

Cum Guzzling SlutI have a very perverted friend, David who loves living in servitude as a Human Toilet.  He started out as one of my Johns.  He hired me to piss and poo in his mouth all night.  Now, he goes to a local bookstore here in LA where there are private rooms for viewing porn.  He spends hours there, sometimes all day.  He lets every man or woman passing through piss in his mouth, allowing them to give him their golden nectar.  He loves piss and cum, letting the desire for it consume him.  He will drink the cum out of a condom on the floor just because he loves the taste and filth of it so much.  He’s a pervert through and through.  You know what?  What he likes even more than being a human toilet is to be labeled a pervert.   He loves it.  So here’s to you David, you know who you are.  More power to you and your perverted habits.

Hookers for Hire – Party Hard

Hookers for HireOne of my regulars, Travis, is a traveling businessman.  Travis called me up this week looking to party.  He brought a lot of great blow from Florida.  A couple of my girls from the strip joint and I hooked up with him and a couple of other guys he was traveling with.  We went to their very lavish hotel and got shit-faced.  I’ve partied with this guy many times, but tonight was different.  They fucking roofied me and my friends.  I’m not really sure what happened except that every guy there fucked me.  I had fragmented memories of being fucked over and over, I just couldn’t move.  I woke up around 3:00am, naked, with cum dripping out of my cunt.  My friends were still out.  All the guys were passed out.  I picked up a crystal lamp and crushed it over our host’s head.  Fuck him!  Why roofie a bunch of pros?  We were paid to give up the pussy.  Payback’s a bitch, baby.  Blood dripped down his head, he didn’t even wake up.  I woke up my girls one after the other to get the hell out of there.  One guy, I think Mike, a big Mexican dude, woke up and tried to stop us.  I took out the knife from my purse that I always carry, and jammed it in his throat.  He looked shocked, blood squirting from the now gaping hole in his throat.  He grasped his throat, but the wound wouldn’t stop spurting blood.  He collapsed in a heap on the floor.  We got the fuck out of there.  If I ever see Travis again, I’ll cut his cock and balls off.

Golden Showers Sex with Silvia

Golden Showers SexI love when a John has his cock deep in my asshole while I snort a line of coke.  My ass hole constricts and clamps down on his hard cock.  It’s a great feeling when he’s shoving in and out of me. Some guys might call me a coke whore, I say Thank You.  It’s what I aspire to be.  I especially love to me a human toilet.  I’d love you to spray your Golden Shower in my mouth and all over my body.  Fill up my cunt with that golden liquid.  Do I have Daddy issues? Fuck yeah!  Any girl in my position has Daddy issues.  My Daddy was taking advantage of my innocence long before I caught on.  But I learned that I could have all the power.  It’s my body and if I choose to use it to my benefit, who the fuck cares?  I’m sure you don’t.  Why don’t we use each other?  I’ll use you for your money, blow and hard cock you give me, you use me for the mind numbing orgasms I’ll give you.

Druggie Porn Star Silvia

Druggie Porn

I love fucking johns for money.  It is the best and oldest job in the world.  Some nights I get to fuck 5 or 6 different guys, unless I’m at the glory hole room and then I get fucked all..night..long,  25 or 30 guys doing a fuckin’ train on me.  I love it though.  I make so much cash that I can snort up my nose later.  I love being used, the truth is that I’m using them though.  Do you really think that I’m an innocent girl being taken advantage of?  Fuck no.  Maybe once I was innocent, maybe once I was being used by that piece of shit I call Dad.  But I learned quickly how to use my body to my own benefit.  Men want to use me to fuck me because I’m freaking HOT, but I use them too.  I take their hard-earned cash in exchange for what?, 15 minutes on my back.  Who the fuck cares?  Besides I love SEX.  It’s the best feeling in the world, that nice, hard cock sliding in and out of me.  That Jizz flowing down my leg after they shoot their load.  I Use Them!  Give me your cock and your money.

Cum Guzzling Slut Silvia

Cum Guzzling SlutI’m a Cum Guzzling Slut.  I love Big Black Cocks.  There is something so hot about a black man fucking a white woman.  Black men are hot, especially when they are lean and muscular.  The best fuck I ever had was with a black man. I have a good fuck-friend TJ, that I like to party with.  He’s 6’6″ of Gorgeous Black Man. 

He likes to put a little Cocaine on his 12-inch cock before making me suck him nice and hard.  When he inserts himself inside of me, he usually puts a little more coke on his cock, for the best-fucking-sex ever.  He can go for hours when he’s blitzed.  He’ll wear my pussy out and if that twat gets too sore, he’ll just flip me over and take over my little pink rosebud.  I love when TJ cums deep inside my twat because he likes to eat that cum right back out.  I think he likes to eat cum as much as I do.  

Cum Dumpster contest

Cum Dumpster

Some friends of mine and I went to a hot new club to party.  Los Angeles is a big fucking party from morning to night and back to morning.  My girlfriends bet me that I couldn’t fuck 20 guys by the end of the night. I was willing to take that bet.  I went into the men’s restroom and took a couple of bumps of coke and drank some tequila. I had a very short dress on and I took off my panties off.  I’m not sure what happened next, but I must have passed out because when I woke up there were two guys fucking me, one in my pussy and one in my ass and several other guys standing around waiting their turn.  You wouldn’t believe how many drunk men, when faced with a hot woman passed out will fuck her.  There must’ve been more than 100 men come through that bathroom (while I was conscious)  that night within a span of an hour. More than half of them either fingered me, licked my pussy or fucked me.  I was in and out of consciousness, but I was gonna win that bet.  I love being used.  When I knew I had won the bet, I went out to meet up with my girlfriends.  They didn’t believe how many men had fucked me that night, I opened my legs wide, and cum poured out of my pussy.  I was the cum dumpster of the evening. I won!

Gangbang Whore Silvia

Gangbang whore

I’m a professional call girl and cocaine addict so I’ve seen my share of kink.  I was hired to go to a very rich, very powerful directors home to be part of the VIP entertainment for a group of his clients.  It was an all-out orgy.  When I arrived, there were people everywhere fucking.  I wasn’t even sure why He had hired me to come.  I was soon to find out.  He had a group of guys with a glory hole fantasy and I was one of the intended victims.  I have been involved in multiple-partners sex being a call girl, but this was crazy.  He had fucked me at he Glory hole room and created his own glory hole room in his house.  There was a total of 10 girls all set up on massage tables, tied in various positions to allow easy access to all of their holes: mouths, cunts and assholes.  The guys could fuck us anyway they wanted all night long.  Cocaine was provided to all to make it more interesting.  I must have had over 20 guys fuck me that night.  More than once, I had more than one guy at a time.  I left the next morning high as fuck, barely able to walk and a couple of thousand dollars richer.

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