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phone sex lineWhen my dealer, B comes to visit he expects a good tight piece of ass. He has seen my really freaky side and he fucking loves it. He brings friends sometimes to gangbang me, and I love that. Their big black cocks bring me so much pleasure and so does all of the free blow that he brings me! Tonight he brought three friends. I had one in my ass while another fucked my pussy. They were going at me so hard that I had the strangest sensation. It was good, great even, but akward also. My legs were shaking and I wanted to scream out, so I did. As soon as I let loose vocally, I suddenly pissed all over their big black anacondas. I had no idea how good it would feel and how much they would like it. I guess the warm fluid only made their cocks harder because then they really rammed me, both cumming so hard. As a thank you, they left me lots of blow so I will be partying. Call me, I’ll be horny and ready to phone fuck you.


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I’ve got a new naughty fantasy and I am just stuck on it. I can’t get it out of my head. I substitute for a sex ed class and teach all of the little ones all about a woman’s body, specifically my body, as I undress before them and spread myself out on the desk. The little ones are stunned and don’t know what to do, so I explain that its normal for the little boys to have privates that grow when they see something sexy. I encourage them to touch themselves there, and then instruct the girls to give a proper blow job. I walk around the room giving pointers, pushing their little pig tailed heads down on those boy boners, getting so hot and wet myself as I watch these boys get blown for the first time. I make my way back to the desk and fuck myself then invite a lucky student to be the one to fuck me while the rest of the class watches.

Fuck Me, Santa

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I went to an early Christmas party, dressed as a sexy elf. I was partying and ready to fuck, and I like to do it in front of people. Yes, I like to have eyes on me while I am fucking and getting off. At the party, there were several men dressed as Santa. I fucked them all. The first one pulled me onto his lap and began to finger my pussy while we were in a room full of people. Another sexy elf joined us and began to lick my wet pussy while I took his dick in my mouth. He was so fucking hard! With my costume still on, I sat on his lap with my back to him and rode his cock while she licked my pussy till I came so fucking hard! All the while, a room full of people looked on, inspiring them to fuck. Pretty soon, there were people fucking and sucking all around us and it was an all out orgy! That’s my kind of party!

Freaky Phone Sex

freaky phone sex

I’m loving having freaky phone sex every night! I’m at my best when on the phone with a caller, getting real high and get to text my dealer to come over with his friends while I have someone listening in. The dealer arrives with more blow and three well hung friends. After delivering more blow, my dealer wants to have some fun. But, so do I. So, I tell his friends to take off their pants and beat their meat while they watch us. I sit on the bed, legs spread wide and instruct each one of them on what to do. And best of all, my caller gets to listen in. Talk about some freaky phone sex! Each of them take their turn fucking me good and hard while the others watch and jerk off as my caller listens in. My caller provides instruction on what I should say to them, the instructions I should give, and which one of them that I should fuck next. As if getting fucked hard by four men wasn’t enough, hearing that voice on the other end of the line getting off on our freaky phone sex really adds something for me. My pussy gets so fucking wet and I have screaming orgasms that just keep cumming! What’s better than getting high and getting laid, then getting high some more? My pussy throbs with each line that I snort, and I satisfy it with being pounded, licked and finger fucked while on the phone, cumming so hard over and over. I just can’t get enough! Why don’t you call me tonight and we’ll party like fucking rockstars and get off together. You’ll be left satisfied, though you will want to come back for more. I’ll be waiting for you, baby. Call me tonight.

A mountain drive in the Fall

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Fall is my favorite time of year. I like to take long drives and think about shit, you know? Well, yesterday I was out and about checking out the color from the leaves changing when I decided to stop at a gas station, I hadn’t seen one for 15 miles or so, so in the store I went. There was a strapping guy, he had the farmer look, staring back from behind the counter at me. Anyone that knows me knows that I love strapping young guys, and farmers and I’m always ready for a good fuck. I asked him if he could come out and take a look at something under my hood. But, really it was just an excuse to try and get in his pants. As he was bent over peering into the engine, I knelt down and whispered in his ear that I’d like to repay him. He surprised me when he stood up straight almost immediately and practically drug me back inside the store to a back room. He wasted no time going at it, he gave that cock to me good and hard, just the way that I like it.

All Night Partying

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I met a girl named Megan while partying downtown last night. She’s my kind of girl, totally hot, slutty and loves to have fun and get high. We snorted coke in the bathroom, made out and danced and drank the night away. The guys were all over us, but none really caught my eye until the end of the night. Sven was different, he was white, tall with broad shoulders and long hair. But, it was his gaze that I noticed. His eyes were piercing, he seemed to look right through me and I just knew he’d be one hell of a fuck.

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Megan thought that he was hot too, and she suggested that we fuck him together. So, we got an Uber and headed to my favorite hotel. On the car ride over, Megan started things off by taking her top off in the car. This girl is a freak and I love it! She was rubbing her tits and licking her nipples, then rubbing mine and trying to get my top off. Soon, we were both topless and our new guy friend was in awe. His boner was huge, so I grabbed it and massaged it through his pants. We didn’t make it to the hotel before he had his cock inside both of us, and our Uber driver got an eyeful!

Earning My Nickname

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Gangbang whore, that’s what they call me and I earned that name long ago when I used to fuck all the guys on the baseball and football teams in middle and high school. I couldn’t get enough of sex. If I wasn’t thinking about getting high, I was thinking about sex. I wanted cock in my mouth, pussy or ass at all times. I’d sit in class and daydream about all of the guys fucking me, dripping with sweat and pounding my pussy like their fucking lives depended on it.  My pussy would just throb and get soaking wet daydreaming about being the center of attention in a gang bang. I’d get high and be SO ready to fuck, I’d fuck just about anybody just to feel a hard cock between my legs. It’s like I fucking NEED it. I wake up wanting to get high and fuck, and nothing will stop me until I am able to do both.

Phone Sex Line Fun

live phone sex

Working a phone sex line is a ton of fun, but I woke up this morning wanting the real thing. I had a caller on the phone and woke up my roommate with a blowjob while the caller listened. It was sloppy, I wanted his cock in my mouth and pussy so bad, and I wanted to get both men off even more. They were both groaning and moaning, really enjoying the moment. Thankfully, the roommate returned the favor and finger fucked me while I devoured his cock. My caller wanted to hear us cum, and I was being drilled with that hard cock in no time, while the caller listened in. I screamed and shook with orgasm as I got drilled from behind. It felt so fucking good, and having someone listen in really added to the fun. My sloppy wet pussy is dripping again just thinking about the fun that we had and I can’t wait to do it again.

phone sex line

Morning Wood

gangbang whore

I woke up this morning ready to fuck. I must’ve had a wet dream because my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing. All I could think about was having a hard dick between my lips, spreading me open and filling me up. I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and text my dealer to come over and get me high and fuck me. He’s a rough fuck, which I like.

When he arrived, I was dressed in thigh highs and a corset, which he likes. He pushed me down on the bed, yanked the corset down, and snorted a line right off of my tits. He then stuck his cock, with a line for me on it, right in my face. I went after that line, then his cock, with ferocity like he’d never seen from me. I had him so fucking hard that when he did fuck me, it felt like somebody else, a bigger man. He had me moaning and cumming in no time!

Gangbang for drugs

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I’m so wet now just thinking about the fun I had this morning. My dealer came over and brought two friends. Two well hung horny friends ready to fuck and get high. Once we were flying high, D, my dealer, told me it was time to pay for the drugs and I knew what he meant. I stripped down to my thigh highs and heels, got down on my knees and waited. He likes me submissive after all, and once I’m high I’m willing to do anything for more. D knows that. His buddy unzipped and stuck his cock in my face and D instructed me to suck it. Did I ever! His cock was so huge, and I took as much of it as I could, gagging and drooling all over that big cock. He picked me up by my waist and threw me on the couch so that I was bent over, ass in the air. My ass cheeks spread, he fucked my tightest hole mercilessly while the others watched. Everyone got a turn and we had a great time, and I was left with more blow than I could do in a day. D always takes care of me.

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