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Pussy Oozing With Cum

cum filled cunt

It turns me on so much when I get fucked and then can look down and see my cum filled cunt dripping. It’s just so sexy to see the cum oozing out of me after a nice long fuck. My pussy is always stretched out and that makes it even better. Does that turn you on as much as it does me? Do you love looking at a woman’s cunt after you fuck her and admiring your very own handiwork? Or even somebody else’a for that matter.
You know, if you’re a good boy, you might even go down and clean up my dripping cunt once you’re done with me. If you just cringed, just hear me out. If you want to make a woman really happy and more willing to fuck you time and time again, going down and licking up that creampie is likely to make it happen. Just get over whatever hang up you have about it and make your woman happy. And who knows? You might even start to enjoy licking the cum directly from her freshly fucked cunt. It’s a really intimate experience and I think it’s going to be something you start looking forward to. Not sure about that? I’ll walk and talk you through it step by step.

Let’s Get Wasted

drunk girl fucking

I don’t know if you know this or not, but drunk girl fucking is the absolute best. You can talk us into just about anything once you’ve gotten us plastered with our favorite kind of booze. And men aren’t the only ones who like doing this to drunk girls. I have gotten to fuck several women who told me they don’t even like women. It’s incredibly sexy when another woman comes along for the intoxicated journey. There’s nothing like fucking a helpless woman. She’s too drunk to say no to anything you want, so it really doesn’t even feel like you’re doing anything bad.

I’ve had several drunken encounters with men, too. When I was in college, all the guys on campus knew that if they wanted to fuck me, all they had to do was ply me with alcohol. I turn into a mega slut when I’ve been drinking, so I’m even more uninhibited than I normally am. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do to me, then just go right ahead and let me know. Maybe I’ll even start drinking while we’re on the phone. That way, you’re certain to get exactly what you want from me. Who knows, I might even enjoy the dirty things you want to do to me.


Stripper By Night

hot stripper sex

One of my fondest things of being a dancer is the hot stripper sex! The night club is like my own personal hunting ground. I love picking out the crème de la crème when it comes to the high paying customers. I truly learned how to hone in on my instincts when it comes to sniffing out the true sexual alphas.

See the thing about fucking a stripper is that the sex is barbaric, animalistic and just fucking raw! I’m not concerned with acting like a whore because we both know that I am one. You wanted to fuck me because you knew you could unleash your true nature on my slutty body. The way you manhandled me the other night still has my little cunt dripping wet as the flashbacks keep popping into my mind. And every night I’ve gone to work ever since, I keep picturing your face in the crowd of men staring up at me while I dance. I keep hoping you’ll come back in and fuck me like no other man has fucked me before.

Please tell me you’ll be coming back soon. I can’t get your cock, your smell and your words out of my filthy mind.


I Love A Good Gangbang

gangbang whore

Hi, guys. I’m really in the mood to be your gangbang whore. Maybe you have a get together with your guy friends planned and you need some entertainment for the night. Sure, you could get a stripper, but there’s no fun in that. You can look but not touch and nobody wants that. I’ll be your whore and you and your friends can do anything and everything to me. My body is yours for the night and there’s absolutely nothing I’ll say no to. And even if I did say no, you and your friends could just do it anyway. It’s not like I’m stronger than all you guys put together. I’ll just have to do whatever you say. There’s no choice.

Which one of my holes do you want to stick your cock in first? It’s your party, so you choose. I don’t care because I’m going to get every single one of my holes filled up. You’re all going to be banging me all night in all my holes. Mouth, pussy, ass, between my tits, both hands – I have enough ways to please you and all your friends. There’s something about unleashing my inner slut that really turns me on.

Crack and Anal

crack whore anal

I would like to introduce myself to you. You don’t even need to know my name. All you need to know is that I’m a dirty crack whore anal slut. That’s right – I need my drugs so bad and I’ll do anything to get them. I’ll let you stick your cock anywhere you want. If you just let me get fucking stoned before you fuck me, you won’t get any lip from me. You can just have me all splayed out and you can use me in any way you want to. You can stuff your dick in any of my holes, but I know you just want to use my ass and stretch it out.

Do you want to invite some of your friends over and just have an anal gang bang? They can just slide those fat cocks into my gaping asshole one right after another. I’ll be tripping out so hard that I probably won’t even notice what you are doing to me. I’ll wake up sore, but I won’t have any idea what happened to me. Maybe you can show me the video. I know you’ll want video to document what a whore I am. So, call me. I’ll be bent over and waiting for you.


Yummy Creampie

creampie slut

I know a lot of girls don’t like it when men cum inside them. They say it’s too messy, but you know what? Those women are crazy. I love it when a man shoots a hot load of cum deep inside me. I’m a total creampie slut. I get just as much pleasure out of you telling me you want to fill my hole full of cum as I do when it actually happens. I am getting soaking wet right now just thinking about feeling a hard, throbbing cock shooting a load in my pussy.

As much as I love the feeling of a load shooting inside me, my favorite part is when all of the cum starts to leak out of my freshly fucked pussy. I just get so turned on seeing your seed dripping out of me. It makes me want to fuck all over again. And if you’re a man who is willing to go down on me and clean me after you fill me up, you’re going to make me the most sexually satisfied woman ever. That makes me cum so hard. And in turn, I’ll make sure you have the time of your life.


Everything I do turns into druggy porn!

druggy pornI swear everything I do ends up turning into so crazy druggy porn fantasy come true! Like yesterday for instance I wanted to get high and my regular dealer was all out and wasn’t gonna reup till way later. So I went to this other dude my friend told me about and he said that if I really wanted to get some of the good stuff I had better be willing to get a little nasty. I told him I would do anything to get high so he brought out this huge black dude and told me to get to sucking his dick. Well I was all over that dude’s cock in a flash deepthroating it like a fucking pro. I had him cumming in like two minutes flat so they thru me a baggie and put me to work. I made a ton of movies that day, everything from golden showers to threesomes and even a gangbang at the end but I was high as fuck all day long so I didn’t care what they did to me. By the end of the day I went home covered head to toe in cum and all sore and fucked out but you know what? I had a purse full of party favors and even a little cash too so I was one happy whore!

Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slut

I love being a druggy cum dump. The more dope I do the nastier I get, and my men pay higher and tell more men about me. I get fucked twice as much which means I get twice as high. I was hanging out in a diner drinking coffee and using the ice cubes from my water to slip them under my skirt to soothe my aching stretched out ass. It had been a hell of a anal threesome for just a few rocks.  Man, the frumpy old hag waitress caught me one time and threw me out. But she did give me a bag of ice cubes to take with me. And I guess the man sitting across from me saw what I was doing because he followed me out and offered me a ride to wherever I was going. I told him his place would do fine or we could fuck in the car if he wanted. He looked like he had money and that dick was hard in his khakis. I went to rub my hand across it and he took my hand and asked if I really thought he fucked gutter whores. He slapped me across my face so hard I fell on the ground. He said I would be fucking his driver so he could watch. I was stunned as a black limo pulled up and a very dark older black man stepped out. “You do anal whore?” I knew then I would be hurting for a fucking week. But I needed a fix and some cash. I told him I did and proceeded to be the drugged up cum junkie I am in the back seat of a limo while Money bags watched and got his cock off!

Crack whore anal lover Silvia

Crack whore anal

I’m a Crack whore anal lover.  I adore being high; it’s the thing that gets me through my day.  If you asked me ten years ago if I knew I’d be a whore I’d say no way, that would never happen to me.   I love my whore life.  I get high as soon as I get up in the morning (or afternoon) and get fucked all day long.  What could be better?  I’m never bored with my partner because there is always a different cock in my pussy or ass.  I wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend.  I love having the freedom to fuck as I please.  I especially love anal.  It’s a whole different feeling for a girl.  You can make me cum much harder with anal sex.  I like it rough and hard.

Cum guzzling slut and Piss Play– David’s story

Cum Guzzling SlutI have a very perverted friend, David who loves living in servitude as a Human Toilet.  He started out as one of my Johns.  He hired me to piss and poo in his mouth all night.  Now, he goes to a local bookstore here in LA where there are private rooms for viewing porn.  He spends hours there, sometimes all day.  He lets every man or woman passing through piss in his mouth, allowing them to give him their golden nectar.  He loves piss and cum, letting the desire for it consume him.  He will drink the cum out of a condom on the floor just because he loves the taste and filth of it so much.  He’s a pervert through and through.  You know what?  What he likes even more than being a human toilet is to be labeled a pervert.   He loves it.  So here’s to you David, you know who you are.  More power to you and your perverted habits.

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