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How I became such a huge whore is probably something that has to pass through your mind upon occasions.
Well, listen up because I am going to tell you about the biggest whore who ever lived- My Mama!
This woman one time sat me down in front of her pussy so she could show me how big all the cock she had taken
the night before had stretched her out. I bet I was barely old enough to even be walking on my own
before I was already accidentally getting sneak peeks of the family business. And you guys would have no idea
how proud Mama was the day I saw my first “John”- She even stepped in to make sure I felt more relaxed about
hooking! Mama is coming into town to visit me during fall break. What nights can we go ahead and pencil you in for, babe?

Russian Bathhouse Whores


Big Dick Sucker



I was hanging out with my best friend Kayla and she had this crazy idea that I couldn’t help
but totally agree would be a blast. We should go to the Russian bath house and find some old
men who want to party. And boy she couldn’t of been more correct in terms of spots to pick up
dick. We stripped down completely naked and started making out in the hot room. The cocks started
getting hard immediately. The guys started surrounding us and jacking off at us, even pissing
right into our pretty little faces and down our throats. Who would of thought we’d end up taking
a lovely golden shower in the sauna!? Next up was the guy who wanted to shove molly pills up our
asses and cum the drugs into us. Once that shit hit me, I was ready to bounce on all the dicks
in that joint immediately. I was out of fucking control but it felt so, so good! Now that we know
exactly where to go, I imagine we’ll be there more often to get high and take slong!
Wanna meet me there tonight?

Fucking The Bus Driver


lot lizard sex

Mr. Henry the bus driver for the cheer leading squad always seems like he’s on something. I can never
put my finger on it but after a long day of fucking big black cock and getting absolutely nowhere I said
fuck it, I’m asking the damn bus driver for whatever he’s been doing. I’m sure I can convince him to
share his goods by just flashing him my bare pussy. Maybe let him finger bang if it the dope is good?
So I walked up to him as we were all getting on the bust and shot it straight with him. He was
totally thrilled to share his meth and liquor bottle in exchange for a little finger bang in the
back seat and a little pussy on a fat old man’s cock has gotten me a long way. I even let him cum my pussy
up really full. I performed even better later that night for the football team after I was all buzzy and
high as fuck from his stash. I guess I’ll have to service the bus driver more often from now on,
don’t you think? I hear we’re hiring a new driver- you should apply. 😉

Trucker Fucks


hookers for hire


Once again the town has been totally dry and I’m having to outsource my fix needs to the neighboring
town. Which is great because no one really knows what a super whore I am. I went to this sports bar
right by the highway and met a few truckers. They thought I was the sexiest little thing they had ever
seen in awhile so I agreed to fuck all four of them in exchange for some Tina. They loaded the pipe then
proceeded to double stuff all my holes with cock and cum. Shit- I couldn’t even tell what was going on
because I was so fucking high. I could just smell their nasty sweaty balls and salty bodies all over me.
Fucking my titties, literally biting my butt cheeks and cleaning the shit out of my asshole. They even
called some of their buddies on the radio and had them all join in. By the end of it, I couldn’t sit for days
but they let me leave with a sack full of crystal and a little bit of mary jane.
Looks like I found my new favorite bar, huh?

Back To School


Sorority Girls Fucking



School’s back and I am ready to whore like never before! You know I have zero interest
in going to classes regularly so I gotta go meet my new professors immediately. I walk into
your classroom and introduce myself. It’s no shock you do not know who I am off hand because, duh-
I haven’t been to a single class since the start of the year. You get frustrated at first
but then you can tell that I am rubbing my pussy on the corner of your desk. I offer the
obvious up onto the table, literally and figuratively- You get to fuck me all you want, when ever
you want and in exchange I do make A’s without a question. You try to fight it but
you cannot resist wanting a little idiot bimbo whore like me on your cock. We fucked everywhere
in that room- even right on top of the rest of your student’s essays and tests. Oops, guys- I
guess we really know who is actually the smartest after all. What time should I come by tomorrow,

Corona, Coke and Cock

sloppy wet pussy

I’m hanging out at this bbq on my dad’s block when he introduced me to you as his fishing buddy. I could tell the second you looked me down that the only thing on your mind was getting this sloppy wet pussy around your cock. I gave you a quick wink but and made it clear that I was interested in getting to know you. I wandered off down the block and you appeared at your front door. You said you had some blow and a lot of corona inside if I wanted a beer. I nodded and smiled wide- I’m always super excited to show off my skills to an older guy who looks like he might know his way around a fresh tight cunt. You laid out the lines and gave me a bottle of beer. I did a huge rail then chugged the booze back- asking if you wanted to see a trick. You nodded and I pulled my panties to the side and started fucking myself with bottle. Fuck- I had no idea how much that was going to get you going because then next thing I knew I had your dick in my mouth, getting my face force fucked while you battered my pussy with the bottle, reaching around to finger my asshole too. I gave you one look with my eyes and you were done for- allowing me to swallow every last drop of your cum. Now that I know you’re friends with daddy I am going to have to visit any time I am in his neck of the woods. Maybe you, me and daddy can all play together next time!

My Filthy Shit Eating Secret

freaky phone sex

I don’t usually tell guys about this but fuck it, you are some super dirty boys so I think it’s fine that you know. I love sucking shit out of assholes. I even sometimes collect my on waste and just masturbate with it for fun. I have tons of it saved up, all mixed in with my period blood and piss- festering away and waiting for you to come over and play with me. Dump it all over my head and make me hold my mouth open- I love drinking down all that yummy chunky shit smoothy and then having you fuck me senseless while we’re surrounded in all that beautiful scat! Shove my face down in it and make me lick it up and ingest my own tasty shit stew right up off the floor while you shove your cock deeper and deeper into my asshole. Let’s get as nasty as we want tonight.

Craigslist Posts Get Me In Trouble

extreme phone sex


I love posting on craigslist that my door is unlocked and my ass is up and it’s always a fucking awesome time but today things went a little south for me. It’s normally just a rotating door of fun for me getting my rocks off and being able to fuck as many different cocks as I want but as one could assume, some guys came over and they tried to push me to my limits of how much cock I could take. I was scared but only for a second. As soon as I realized I could out fuck them it was on! They had those dicks coming at me from all sides and angles but I just kept showing them exactly who was the boss in this apartment. I sucked and fucked my way through each of them- making them cum until they one by one gave up and left. I hope they figured out that I’m not the whore to fuck with because I’ll be putting my free-or-all fuck fest posts up forever and no one is going to scare or intimidate me out of my good time.

Cum Eating Little Bitch

cum eating phone sex

The word is out and you and your friends found out about how much i love eating a bunch of dudes’ asses at the same time and just being a filthy slut in general. You texted me and ask if you guys could me over and I naturally was like, “duuuuuh!” and wow I was so stoked to see you bought a few more pals with you. All of you guys drop your pants and pull the cocks out for me. I take turns, sucking off each of you and spreading your cheeks apart to tongue fuck your assholes. Once it’s finally time to blow those loads, I get down on the ground just like this with my legs spread, tits help up and mouth wide open because I wanna eat every single drop of that jizz. All you guys jerking off at me, draining your balls into my mouth has me really worked up. Give me some pills and let’s go again, guys!!

Fisting My Torn The Fuck Up Cunt

Fisting Whore


Fist the fuck out of torn up busted cunt. It’s a gaping hole at this point. You shove pretty much anything inside there. Let’s go ahead and start with getting me high as hell on some rock, you know how I have to get jazzed on drugs to enjoy sexual pleasure these days. Don’t even use lube, what are you thinking with that? I am a pain slut who likes it hard and rough- make me bleed. Rip it apart hard, daddy! I’m your little perfect fuck slut whore who will let you get away with practical pussy murder. After you’re done with me it, I’m not going to be of any use for anyone else except maybe my pimps can use me to fish new girls out of the lots. I want you to not even worry about my screams, they’re of pleasure- don’t even worry about it. I’m ready to be taken any way you want it tonight. Let’s get rowdy, high and turn me out.

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