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Cum dumpster

I crossed off one of the items on my sexual bucket list last night, sex with a hot shemale! I was leaving a bar when I saw this hooker working the corner by the stop light. I didn’t pay much attention to her until I noticed a bulge under her tight dress. This grabbed my attention and immediately got my pussy going. I crossed the street and walked up to her and asked how much. She told me for $50 and a bump of coke or a hit on the pipe and she would fuck me any way I wanted. I told her we had a deal and took her back to the hotel room I was living in. We smoked some crack and had something to drink and then got nasty. I played with her big fake tits for a while and sucked on them. Then I headed south to see how big her cock was. It was rock hard and way larger than I expected. I just had to suck it! I bobbed up and down on her hard cock until she shot a load into my mouth. She told me she can cum over and over though, so keep going. I just had to ride this big hard cock of hers now. I climbed on top and lowered my ass onto the tip of her dick and slid her inside of me. I bounced up and down while she played with my tits and I rubbed my clit. I was just about to cum when she flipped me over and began to really pound my ass. This sent me over the edge and I came so hard! She continued to plow my ass until she was panting and groaning, then I felt her cock spasm and cum. 

I paid her and sent her on her way, but not until I got her number so I could call her again!

Piss drinking whores

Golden showers sex

I am a nasty whore, and there’s nothing I won’t do for the right price. Whether it’s for cold hard cash, or drugs. My friend Megan and I got hired to perform at a Bachelor party last night. Usually these are pretty easy gigs, we strip, fuck each other on stage, fuck all the guys, and we get paid and go home. The guy who booked us told us his friend was getting married, and they wanted him to go real crazy on his last night out as a single guy. They wanted NASTY. Perfect, because we’re two of the nastiest girls in the business. 

We showed up at the hotel room where they wanted us to perform. We did our usual stripping routine and a lap dance for the groom. Then Megan laid down a tarp and got down on all fours. I positioned myself under her and began to eat her pussy while they cheered us on. Then she began to piss on my face as they watched. I continued licking her and lapping up the hot piss and letting it pour down my face and all into my hair.

They asked for nasty, and what could be dirtier than two piss covered whores? All in all it was a successful night. We ended up fucking each guy and finished off by letting the whole lot of them piss on our faces and into our mouths.

dirty phone sex 

Cum dumpster

Cum dumpster

I love being covered in cum. Last night I decided to make one of my fantasies finally happen. I had always wanted to be a cum dumpster for a group of guys and let them shoot their load on me until I was completely covered in it. I put an ad on the internet. Wanted: Horny guys to fuck me and cum on my face. In no time, I had gotten well over a dozen replies. After weeding through all the spam, I had at least 15 guys who were legit and wanted to party.

I invited them over and got the party started. I had a few drinks and a few lines of coke beforehand to take the edge off. Now it was go time. I squatted down in the middle of the room totally naked. They surrounded me stroking their cocks and getting themselves hard. I started stroking the two nearest to me and sucking on them. Another two came up behind me and began fucking my ass and pussy. The rules were simple, they can fuck any of my holes, but they HAVE to cum on my face. It wasn’t long before they were doing just that. One after the other they had their way with me, fucking my ass or cunt, or jamming their cock into my mouth and deep throating me. Eventually though they all pulled out and shot their sticky sweet cum all over my face. By the end of the night I was totally drenched in cum. I just laid there tasting it and playing with my pussy. It turned me on so much to finally be the cum guzzling whore I had always fantasized about!

Coke Whore gets her ass fucked

anal cum dumpster

Last night I was really jonesing for some coke. I didn’t have enough money to buy any, but when you’re whore like me, you never have to buy your own drugs. Plenty of guys are willing to share if you fuck them.

I decided to go visit my dealer Dave. I showed up to his apartment and told him I really needed a fix. He smirked and told me he had what I wanted but I had to really earn it. He opened the door and let me in and 3 of his dealer friends were inside weighing drugs and counting cash. He tells me he’ll give me the coke, but I have to fuck all of them. They all stand up and I start undressing. I sat back on the couch and spread my legs to show them my pussy. He shakes his head and tells me if I want some of this coke I’ll have to give up my ass. So I turn over and present my asshole to them. Immediately one of them comes up and jams his cock into my asshole. I’ve been getting ass fucked for so long, his dick slid right in. He grabbed my hips and forced me backwards onto his hard cock. He pounded me while two others stood in front of me to have their cocks sucked. I alternated sucking one and jerking the other, then took both of them into my mouth for a double blow job. “Alright boys, we’re going to really make this bitch earn her coke,” Dave announced.They stepped back and Dave sat down on the couch while I climbed on top of him and rode him front facing. He had his cock in my ass and I was bouncing up and down on top of him when suddenly one of the others came up behind me and started pushing his cock into my asshole too. “Oh, fuck!’ I exclaimed. I had been fucked in the ass plenty of times, but this would be my first time trying double anal. It was a tight fit, but with one hard shove, he was inside of me. Both of them continued to pound my tightly flled ass while the other two returned for their double blow job.

I’m such a fucking coke whore, I had two dicks in my ass and two in my mouth! It made me feel so dirty and nasty. I loved it! Eventually they all took turns fucking me until they had all filled my ass with their cum. I went home that night with a sore asshole and a full bag of coke.

Drunk Gang Bang

drunk phone sexLast night I got so drunk at a party, I literally any guy there fuck me. I laid down on the dirty cum stained mattress and all the men surrounded me with their cocks out. I was totally nude and they were standing around me jerking their hard cocks waiting for their turn with my tight little cunt. There must have been 30 guys there, but I’m such a fucking whore I let them all fuck me. One after the other thy forced their cocks into my mouth, pussy or ass. I took load after load and each of my holes were filled with their cum. By the time they were done I had the biggest creampie in my ass and pussy. My face and tits were covered in cum too. I love being a dirty cum covered slut! I can’t wait to do it again.

Cum Dumpster Jonesing For a Fix

I am such a cum dumpster. I went out last night looking for some drugs. I needed a fix last night, but I had no cash. When you look like me and have a tight tiny cunt, well you don’t need cash to get party supplies. I went to this biker bar and announced I was down to fuck if anyone wanted to share their coke with me. I was not surprised at how many men jumped at the chance to fuck my tiny whore holes. I was doing blow off the bar and off cocks. Every guy in that place from the just 21 to the old perverts were lining up to take a turn at fucking me. The ones that didn’t have any magic powder, laid down cash. I was a gangbang whore in a biker bar. Turned out, bikers are great fucks. I mean holy shit they had hammers for dicks. Many of them were well over 8 inches too. I couldn’t keep up with all the horny old fucks, so I let some just circle jerk on me. Damn, what a total little fuck slut I was, but I got enough blow to last me the week. And bonus, I made enough money to pay the rent too. When you look like me, it is very easy to get what you want.

Cum dumpster

We tried something new

live phone sexI love erotic role-playing. I had a freaky Friday event at the cat house tonight.  I had three of my best whores dress in Armani Suits and Three of my best Customers wear skirts and heels. We were going on a field trip to the Mall. The twist was my sexy sluts were packing a thick strap-on and they were in charge of my men.  They were paying good money so after being humiliated in the mall my three sexy sluts took them to the park and it was dark. My Hoes raised those skirts to find hard cocks without any panties or underwear. My Boys were turned into sissy faggots with those asses being fucked hard and slobbering all over those huge strap cocks. I know because I have footage of the whole event. A slutty whore knows how to turn the tables, what I didn’t count on was that they would spread those pussy lips so easy for mouths and cocks.  Ass fucking and pussy drilling were so rampant that all my girls came home covered in dirt and cum. Well, I guess I cannot blame them when you send a big cocked man to do a sissy job it just doesn’t work. Next time I will send a couple millimeter peters into the world to be humiliated. I think you would be perfect Fagboy, let’s play.

Live Phone Sex with a Nasty Babysitter

live phone sexI had a babysitting gig over the weekend. I needed some fast cash, so a friend hooked me up with this family she knows. They have 3 little girls. The babysitting money was not the kind of cash I needed. I have an older P man who has told me many times, he would pay me for some young hairless pussy. He used to buy my pussy, but I aged out. I knew he had the kind of money I needed. I just needed to find the young pussy for him. I hit the lottery with the babysitting gig because I had three very young girls for his P dick. I figured he would pick the one he wanted to fuck. He paid me triple to fuck all three of them. What did I care if he hurt their little bald cunnies? I was being paid well and I didn’t know these brats. I made up a little night time cocktail and they were out like a light. My friend snuck in through the back door, so no one would even know he had been there. I watched as he fucked three tender age cunts with his big P cock. I rubbed my bald little cunt as I watched him fuck their tight holes.  When it comes to needing money, I know how to get some quickly. Do you need some extremely young bald pussy?

Gangbang Rave

druggy phone sex


I went to this rave last night and had such a blast. As soon as I got there, I found the guy who was holding all the MDMA. I made an agreement with him that he could charge more for a certain tab if he told guys who bought that particular bean that it included a ticket to a different type of show happening in the parking lot later. Dudes jumped all over it, getting that they were going to get the chance to fuck a hot drug slut while she was high as hell. In exchange for getting use to use my holes, I got as many rolls as I wanted all night long. Finally 13 guys deep, I was surrounded by horny dudes on high on molly, hard and ready to use me. I love how wet my pussy gets when I start feeling that first peak hit me. Having those cocks shoved inside me, pounding away at my tight pussy and opening me up. There was a second where I got scared because I realized I still had 7 guys to take on but I knew it was nothing a little more miss molly couldn’t fix. Finally it was down to the last two and I needed to pop another pill. I had the guys stick one inside my asshole and another inside my cunt while I chewed away at a third pill. They blasted my hoes with cum, shooting the mdma inside of me and suddenly I was ready to go make some more new friends, if you know what I mean. 😉

How I Started Hookin’



Hooker Phone Sex


I bet you’ve really wondered how a whore like me got into this business. Well it all started when my Grandpa began showing my younger brother and I “how to be grown-ups”.  He would invite men over all the time and they would pay him to get to watch our young bodies try to figure out sex, while pop-pop instructed. It was then that I realized this was a money making machine, I just had to get pop-pop out of the picture. Thankfully he lost interest in us once we grew up a bit. I had a craving for strange dick, or I guess I had an addition to money. And cocaine. And especially weed! Now days I don’t even have to do anything to pay my bills besides head down to the truck stop and let those lonely old fat truckers have their way with me. The hottest so far was getting gang banged in the shower by 7 of them all at the same time. Just a few puffs off the pipe, a few lines and a shot of Jack Daniels get me feeling perfect and ready to ride strange dick all night long. Give me a call and let me tell you about my wild sex kink or even if you’re game, I’ll tell you exactly where I’ll be picking up “johns” tonight. Let’s have fun, this tight young pussy is perfectly trained and ready to make sure you get your money’s worth.

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