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Men come to Jamie when they need their cocks sucked really good. They know I’m a very nasty crack whore that will do anything nasty or dirty. I got picked up by a group of frat guys that wanted to party. There was a keg there and a coffee table full of every pill and powder you could dream of. I did a keg stand and guzzled a bunch of beer from a funnel before popping a handful of pills into my mouth before getting the real party started. They wanted a really dirty girl to help them haze the new boys in the fraternity, and when I’m drunk or high I lose any inhibitions I might have and become a real cum dumpster. I sucked the new recruits big cocks one after the other. They took turns fucking my face and shooting their loads of cum down my throat. I sucked two at once and both of them exploded in my mouth at the same time. Every single one of them took a turn fucking my mouth and filling my throat with their cum before the night ended.

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I went to a really crazy party last night. When I got there, everyone was already really fucked up and getting dirty. There were couples everywhere dancing and fucking out in the open. There was a table full of every kind of drug you could ever want. I went over to it and did a nice long line of coke and then chased it with a couple shots of tequila. When I’m really messed up, I like to get nasty. A few of the guys there recognized me and cheered me on as I did another round of shots. They know that the more drunk and high I get, the nastier and sluttier I get. My face was numb and my pussy was soaking wet when they pulled me into a room and pushed my head level with the crotch. I started sucking their cocks and licking their balls. I was high and drunk and out of control and I just wanted every cock in the room in my mouth. I sucked them and stroked them before they splashed their hot loads of cum all over my face. As soon as one was done cumming, I was already shouting for the next one to take his place. I was so fucking turned on and fucked up that I just wanted more and more of them to cover me with their cum. My moans and the sight of my sticky cum covered face through the open door attracted a whole crowd of men who got in line to cum on my face. I would suck on them while the others stood around me jerking themselves off waiting for their turn to get sucked and cum on me. I rubbed my clit the whole time because I was so fucking turned. By the time they were done, my face and tits were covered in a thick layer of their sticky jizz.

Becoming a cum guzzling slut

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I’ve always been a little slut. Even when I was a young teen I loved dressing like a skank and letting any of the boys fuck me. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I became a really nasty slut. I had started partying a lot and my grades started to slip, but I didn’t care. I was having so much fun being a whore! I realized there was nothing in life that my pussy couldn’t get for me. Drugs, money, men, I could get it all and all I had to do was lay on my back to get it. I got super popular with all the boys in my school and all of my male teachers by being a nasty whore for them. They liked me better than all the other girls, even the other sluts because I would do things that none of the other girls would do. I would suck their cocks and lick their assholes for them while their buddy filmed it. I once sucked off the entire basketball team and let them all cum on my face. I was their little cum covered teen slut and they loved me for it. Each on of them dumped their load on my face and frosted me like a cupcake!

BBC Gangbang

Cum guzzling slut

I can’t get enough cock! The bigger the better, and black men have the biggest cocks of them all. I went to an orgy last night and after a few bumps of coke and a few drinks, I totally cut loose and found myself in bed having a train run on me. I was spread eagle on the bed while they waited in line to take turns fucking one of my holes. While one fucked my sloppy wet pussy, another fucked my ass real hard, and another made me gag on his huge black cock. Their cocks were so huge that I could barely get my mouth around the shaft. My pussy and ass were stretched to their limit by those big fucking dicks. Each one of them fucked me however he wanted before shooting a nice hot load of cum on my face. By the time they were done, my face was completely covered with their yummy cum!

Piss Whore

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I love piss! Pissing, being pissed on, drinking piss, I love it all. A client of mine asked if he could give me a golden shower and I said fuck yes! I sucked his cock and got it nice and hard for him. I bobbed up and down on his cock like the cum guzzling slut that I am. When he was nice and rock hard, he put his cock between my tits and started to release his piss. His hot urine squirted between my tits and over my face and chest into my hair. I held my mouth open nice and wide and tried to catch a few sips of his yummy golden shower. My face and hair were drenched in it. Now it was my turn! I sat on his face and let him lick my pussy for a bit. Then I showered him in my piss. He opened his mouth and caught most of it and gulped it down, but his face and chest area were drenched! I got down and gave him a big open mouth kiss so I could get a nice taste of my piss on his face too. It’s was so yummy and salty and I couldn’t wait to do it again!

Sure, you can fuck my ass.

Freaky phone sex

I’ve always been a whore. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very sexual. In my teen years I learned to love kinky and dirty sex. I do things that a lot of other girls won’t do. I’ve let men piss in my mouth and tried to swallow up as much of the hot piss as I could. Too nasty? I don’t know the meaning of the word. Cum eating, fisting, ass fucking, I’ve done it all. Being fucked in the ass is probably my favorite way to fuck though. Something about the way a really big cock feels as it pushes past my tight rim until it’s balls deep in my ass just makes me so fucking wet. Don’t worry about taking it slow, I want you to pound my ass. I want to feel your balls slapping up against me as you slide in and out of my asshole. I want to feel the way you throb and pulse as you give me a nice anal creampie. Then when you pull out, I want to suck your dick and get a nice taste of my ass. I want to taste my juices on your dirty cock and then clean them all off with my mouth.

Fist my Ass

Fisting whore


I’m the nastiest slut on the corner. Men come to me when they want a real whore who can take it all and who has no boundaries. A client hit me up because he had heard stories of what a dirty slut I am and that I’m willing to do things that a lot of girls won’t. His fantasy was extreme anal fucking and fisting. He was in luck, because I’m a girl who loves being fucked in the ass.

We went back to his hotel room and warmed up with some ass fucking. Just his cock in my ass to get me loosened up and ready for more. Then he pulled out the lube and started lubing up my asshole and his hand. He started with just a few fingers at first. Then worked his way down to his wrist. It felt so fucking good I had to rub my clit while he fisted my slippery wet asshole. Soon his whole hand was plunging in and out of my gaping anus. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and started to squirt hard. A stream of hot wet cum erupted from my pussy, soaking the floor beneath us. He knew I was a whore willing to do some crazy things, but this proved that I also loved to do them. How many other girls can boast that they’ve squirted from getting their ass fisted?

He stretched and tantalized my asshole in a myriad of ways that night. Taking turns from fisting and stretching my ass with toys to fucking it and dumping his cum in it. We did lines of coke in between and stayed up all night fucking and sucking each other. The room was trashed by the time we were done. I had soaked the bed in my cum from all the times I had squirted.

Anal Cam Whore

Cum dumpster

I was offered $100 to make a special video for a guy I know. He gave me $100 cash if I would fuck myself in the ass on video for him. Of course I said yes! The only thing I like more than making easy money is getting fucked in the ass.

I set up my laptop with the webcam pointed at my bed and quickly got to work. I did I sexy little strip tease in front of the camera first. Slowly taking off my clothes and then my bra and panties until I was wearing nothing but a sexy pair of black boots. I got on the bed and spread my legs and ran my hands over my tits down to my pussy and ass. I turned over onto my knees and began to finger my asshole. I slid two fingers in and out teasing myself and getting ready to take a large toy in my ass. I couldn’t help but moan and get into it, I just love having my ass fucked and played with. Then I shoved one of my huge black dildos into my asshole and began to really fuck myself hard. I came at least three times from the huge toy plunging in and out of my tight ass. I finished it all up with a sexy self anal fisting scene. I had my whole left hand in my asshole and made myself cum so hard. I knew my customer would be very happy with this little video!

Crack Whore Sex

Cum dumpster

When you’re as addicted to the pipe as I am, sometimes you gotta do some really dirty things to earn that coin. Luckily for me, I love being a nasty whore. Debasing myself for money turns me on. I earned a little extra cash this morning by hitting up a truck stop and letting the truckers fuck all of my holes for money. I went around to each truck and tapped on the window and asked if they wanted some company. The fish were really biting tonight and I had quite a few guys accept my offer and fuck me in their trucks. $20 gets a sloppy blow job, $50 gets my pussy, and $75 gets my ass. I’m a cheap whore. One after the other, I climbed into the cabs of their trucks and sucked their cocks, rode them, or let them fuck me in the ass. They shelled out their hard earned cash to fuck me raw and I loved every second of it. One guy offered me an extra $25 if he could piss in my mouth. I did it without batting an eye and gulped down every drop of his hot piss.

I left the truck yard that night with a wallet full of cash and a pussy and ass full of cum.

Glory Hole Slut

Cum dumpster

I could spend all day sucking cock and swallowing load after load of hot yummy cum. So naturally, one of my favorite hobbies is going to glory holes. There’s a few in my area that I like to hit up when I’m feeling especially nasty and craving some cock.

I went to one last night when I was feeling really horny and wanted to do something super nasty and freaky. I entered the stall and kneeled on the floor waiting for my first visitor. In no time, a huge veiny cock poke through the hole for me to suck. I went to work sucking on the yummy cock and taking it as far into my throat as I could go. When he came, he squirted it all in my mouth and I swirled it around in my mouth savoring the flavor before swallowing it all down. I sucked cock after cock and swallowed each load, I didn’t want a single drop to go to waste!

I was working on my tenth or eleventh dick of the night when I felt something poking me from behind. There was another hole on the other side of the bathroom stall behind me and a cock was poking through it! I didn’t want to stop sucking the one I already had, but I couldn’t just ignore this one, so I managed to maneuver my ass and pussy over to the other wall so that the second dick could fuck me. My pussy was soaking wet and the other cock had no problem finding a warm wet hole to fuck.

One after the other, cock appeared in either hole. While still sucking the ones in front of me, the ones behind me had the choice of my ass or pussy to fuck. I sucked and fucked at least thirty that might until I was completely full of cum on both ends.

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