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gangbang whore

You have become my very own gangbang whore at the hands of me and my three tranny friends. The night of sharing a bowl and a few drinks with me ended back at my apartment. My three ladyboy friends were such good hostess. More alcohol and more dope made you uninhibited and when you started feeling all of our cocks pressed against you your cock got hard for us. We laughed and stripped off your clothes as bug meaty ladyboy dick came out. We forced you to suck cock after cock and pushed into your virgin ass as you screamed under us. I really tried to make it fun for you getting down and sucking your cock several times until I got all those loads of cum to eat baby. I guess four tranny whores were just too much for your ass pussy and raw throat! We had so much fun filling you up with our shemale love juice. Cum, let’s do it again baby!

I am A cum guzzling Slut Tranny

cum guzzling slut

I have been a cum guzzling slut since I was a young whore. I was sucking my mommies boyfriends cocks since I was just a boy. And now that she has made me a pretty femme tranny, I still love sucking cum down my throat! Leo had been feeling me up and buying me sprite and crown all night. My tits intrigued him and my ass was firm under his touch. I might have gotten a little carried away with the glass dick and the drink because I blurted out that I wanted to suck his dick. He laughed and ushered me to his truck outside and I was happy to suck his 8-inch cock. I was in my zone giving the best blow job of my life when he pushed my head back and told me to lay down in the cab. I was grinning ear to hear as I pulled down my panties and hiked my skirt up and he impaled my tight ass hole. It like he knew I had a cock and just wanted to dump in load in my tranny ass! Good times!

Shemales are Hot Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutes

Its Fucking Cold On this street corner. My Balls are the size of marbles. I want to be one of those sexy prostitutes that are up in the penthouse suite. Alas, I am a druggy whore shemale out here waiting for a john with some clear and a hard dick. Or one or the other. I mean just last night I lucked out and had a john supplying me with bowls and sucking my cock all night. I just had to keep lighting his glass dick and making sure he stayed high. I didn’t make any money but the drugs were good and he even bought me a burger. Sure he took pics of my cock and sent it to his friends to show he was with a tranny whore. And a couple of them came over and filled this anal sex whore ass up with cum. They thought they were degrading me but I really love to be used when I am high as fuck!

This Tranny is Crazy For Sexline Cock


Sexlines are the bane of my existence. I love finding men who need a hot tranny ass to fuck in the middle of the night. Last night I found Matthew a nice hung Italian man who was curious about ladyboys. He didn’t believe I had a cock so I sent him a pic and invited him over to my trailer, the only condition was for him to bring some party favors! I didn’t care what he brought as long as we could get high and fuck all night.  It wasn’t long before I was sucking a line of coke off his 8-inch steel rod. And I just had to show him my girl dick, how hard he made me. He wasn’t into dick but I convinced him to just suck it a little I would never tell anyone. Then before I could move Matthew was gagging on my lady dick. I giggled as he spun me around and uses his precum to fuck my ass pussy. He shots his load and once again he is fucking my sloppy wet pussy. This tranny loves some stranger cock!

Lot Lizard Sex I tore His Ass Up Like That Dallas Tornado

lot lizard sex

True to my trashy self I was the ladyboy having lot lizard sex as the tornado blew through Dallas. I had been hoping big rigs all week and Just as the storm came in I happened to be in Dallas with a nice redneck Trucker who was sharing his speed and cock with me for a few days. We parked in a big Truckstop outside Dallas and ended up in the paid showers with about ten other drivers. My tranny scent was picked up and I spent the next hour in and out of bathroom stalls fucking sweaty hairy and tight assholes as well as a few of the older men using my ass like the anal cum dumpster that this shemale is used too. That tornado blew through as I was blowing loads and being the dirty whore momma raised me to be! I am on my way across country again and I swear I am going to get 100’s of Trucker cum in the next few weeks.

Making You into A SHemale Cock Cum Guzzling SLut

cum guzzling slut

I will make you into a cum guzzling slut for my fat shemale cock. It started as A regular date. We were dancing and I was shaking my ass. You locked eyes and I shoved you against the wall and asked you to come back to my place. Upstairs I gave you a nice fat joint and a few thick white lines of coke. You were so fucked up when you pulled up my shirt and pulled my panties down you didn’t flinch s My clit stick popped up to attention. I had you gagging as I pushed your head deeper on my cock. My Four other tranny friends showed up as you were slobbering my Knob. We each took turns spurting our cum down your throat. Then it was time to use your ass for our beautiful dicks. Four hot tranny bitches enjoyed forcing fucking your tight pussy hole baby!

Ladyboy Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

I am not your average hooker for hire. I have a nice panty surprise duck tapped between my legs for you. Sometimes I can try to hide my cock when all I need is a good anal fuck. It depends on how much dope we share throughout the night. But I am always caught even if my reputation doesn’t proceed me. My cock gets so hard I bust right out if that tape and I have to jack my ladyboy clit as I get fucked. Most often when we snort lines or roll a bowl I end up fucking your ass hard and deep. You know I love to lick and slurping my own cum right out of your ass hole. I am a fucking paid whore and I will let you do just about anything to me. I mean you smoke my tight ass hole out and I just might give it to you and your friends for free. don’t worry my shemale lover. I’ll make it up giving $20 blow jobs later. 

shemale phone sex

Tranny Ass Equals Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussy


I love whore-tober. Halloween Parties start this weekend and you thought this tranny whore wouldn’t crash it? All these drunk and horny men who have the nose candy and want a tight ass to fill up. I loved being in my short skirt and cat ears and being tossed around for 20 different cum loads to be shot up my ass. Some of these sexy men even sucked my cock while having that virgin ass opened by a big dick. You didn’t hesitate when my ass was full of cum to fuck my cream pie. Actually, another line and another beer and you were slurping this beautiful asshole clean. Don’t worry you can blame it all on being high and drunk. You just needed a reason to get your tranny fuck on.

Water Sports Sex With A Tranny Whore.

water sports phone sex

My sexy tranny ass beats the midweek blues with a hot shot of piss. I really excel in water sports sex these days.  I love how my neighbor’s teen son is quick to please my tranny cock on any given morning. I love to leave my trailer windows open and jack my big dick and tempt that boy on the way to the school bus. I haven’t pissed yet and I know he isn’t going to go to school anyway. He is the trailer park drug runner. He slings weed for us and a little crystal when he gets the balls. Sure, enough his little Hispanic ass knocks at my screen door. “Missus Henrietta? You need anything ‘dis morning?” Yes, I need a bowl full and to fill his mouth with my piss and cum. I invite him in and ask him to come back to my room. I ask him to load my glass dick and then cum and sit between my legs. “You Know people with talk because you come over so much. They all know what I am. I don’t want anyone to beat your ass kid.” I smile at his sweet angelic face. They know you’re a dope head too Missus Henrietta, Plus they all asleep.” I tell him to open his mouth and let my big ass piss load go down his throat. I push his teen mouth on my cock more and then let him up and let him become a dragon with my melted dope. Back and forth until we burn the shit away from last night. I throw a couple hundred at him and tell him to load the bowl as I can’t help myself and crouch down and start blowing his meaty boy cock. These are the best mornings with a ladyboy and her teen dope runner sucking and eventually fucking.

Lady Boy Prostitution porn

Prostitution porn


My ass is perfect for filming ladyboy Prostitution porn. I dree up real nice and make money with my asshole. My mommy pimped me on the streets since I was just a boy in girls’ clothes. She delighted in men watching her shove beer bottles up my ass while I jacked my little tranny wanna be dick off. Me having been paying for me to sit and spin on big dicks since I can remember. I was abused by her many boyfriends and got a taste for cum early in life. The only difference is now I spend my own money on crack and pretty clothes. Back then my whore mommy took everything I made shooting it in her veins. I love being on camera as it makes me feel so sexy and pretty. I was made into a tranny but I love having a dick to sell as well as my asshole. I do take it deep and I do fart cum for days after a nice long film session. Cum play with this taboo tranny baby. I promise to rock your world tranny phone sex style! 

tranny phone sex

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