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I make amateur druggy porn when My tranny ass gets really fucked up and fucked! I love to replay the men fucking my sweet tight ass pussy.  It might be the way the Bells ring in my head and make my pretty little t-girl cock stand straight up. Then I can’t help but suck cock and set my iPhone to record and film my ass pussy getting pounded. Stroking my lady dick as I get close, but getting told I should fucking hold my cum in because my John wants to drain my cum after he fills my shemale ass up with all of his creamy jizz and I am farting cum bubbles as I give my T-girl load to him. Then it’s light the lighters and pass the glass dicks so we can have round two and three. I know how to be a complete tranny cum bucket and enjoy making hot videos of my lovers so I can watch my ass be filled over and over. You know you want to fuck me and cum with me too. Lets party and phone fuck!

Sweet Cum Dumpster Tranny Ass

cum dumpster

I love being a cum dumpster for my Tricks. I get my ass filled up, my cock explodes, and I get paid by a stranger. They say to do what you love, and I love being a shemale hooker making my money one ass full at a time. Although I am sweet on my men who pretend they are not picking a Tranny cock off the street. I most certainly give them a panty surprise and force them to take my cock deep and be the dumpster of my cum. Nothing like a tight virgin ass to open and fill with my creamy load. Deeper and deeper until he cums all over his stomach.  I am a nasty Girl I will get right on that ass and wait for those cum farts for my mouth. And suck and lick his cock dry too! Never ever waste a good cum load.


Hung and Spun A “Tina” Druggy Phone Sex T-Girl

Druggy phone sex

This druggy phone sex TS Girl knows what it is like to be rolling a bowl of that good “Tina” and your cock just will not go down. I can actually say I am part of the few girls who truly understand the fucked up, cock up syndrome. And I fucking love it! My Sexy Joe calls and wants to know what I am doing. I can be honest with him, My glass dick is loaded, my red satin panties are between my balls and m my hard cock and I feel amazing. Long slow strokes as I envision him lapping me from balls to the head of my shaft for fucking hours. Vaseline is my friend on nights I am rolling after coming back from turning a few shemale tricks for my dope. My cock lubricated as I will be hard and dripping precum! Joe and I have a real good time being spun out and hard all night long. Although I do wonder what his ass feels like and all that booty hole eating he talks about does get me to pop at times. Who is up for some partying with your sexy T-Girl Henrietta?

Lady Boy Loves Druggy Porn Tales

druggy pornMy neck, my back, lick my dirty crack and suck my Ladyboy dick.  Some things never change, I swear I am half drag queen and half Gay man sometimes. I want my ass and my cock sucked like a 90’s druggy porn. The bad music, the bad lighting. My mommy would make me dance for men to stripper songs and try to hide my growing pee-pee, she never wanted a boy and would beat me if the men found out I had a cock growing. I believe I would have had a much larger cock if she hadn’t duct-taped me down all the time. My poor cock would be all swollen and red. I would cry in the bathroom and one day a sweet old man came in and said I was too pretty to cry. I tried to hide my cock of shame but when he saw he smiled and said he would keep my secret. He pulled me up to the counter and ran cool water and put a cool washcloth on it. This sweet old pervert gently leaned down and kissed it and said it was a pretty cock. What happened to my body at that moment I will never forget. My red aching tiny dick grew three sizes and so hard. My pervert savior knew just what to do he leaned down and slurped my dick like a slurpy and made me cum for the first time. I pumped his mouth with my thin liquid, and he humped my leg wanting my ass. Don’t you love this shemale phone sex whores dirty tales?! Your cock, my cock… A  happy cum filled ending for us both.

T-Girl BBC Sex Stories

BBC sex stories

There is nothing like a sexy T-girl and her BBC sex stories! Just because I have a cock swinging between my legs and I love slobbering and gulping down mammoth sized big black cocks. My ass can take 9- and ten-inch chocolate shlongs all night long. I might need to rub a little coke and sit on an ice pack but the pure pleasure of being opened up so wide makes up for it. I love when a man sucks my lady stick so I make it my duty to give the best blow jobs around! I actually love drinking cum, it helps keep my complexion light and my waist skinny. More than anything I need a partner in crime to open his ass and let me fuck him while I jack his beautiful cock, and have my ass full of that black cock at the same time! I have been with a lot of black men who say it so sexy that I fuck men’s asses when they are fucking my t-girl pussy! Do you want to be a black cock whore like me! I need a sexy cock and ass hole to fuck! Pass the glass dick and the real dick and i will do the same baby!

Your Shemale Loves Drunk Girl Fucking

drunk girl fucking

I was a hoe, hoe hoe today.  My best friend and I needed some drunk girl fucking. We are both sexy trannys on the corner giving cheap blow jobs and making money sucking dick. T-girls often play together but we do prefer bonafide males to give our dicks too. Dominating men and forcing them, or not so forcing them to suck our cock is erotic and makes us so hard. I was pouring shots and just wanted to fuck her pussy. How can she look so damn good squatting down looking through my liquor stash? I reached down and pulled her up and grabbed her pretty girl dick. I felt dominate tonight and wanted to fuck this pretty ladyboy. I didn’t have to assert my self too much my hard lady boner was begging for attention. And best friend was happy to suck me as she jacked her own cock. I bent her over and fingered her sweet asshole until I could shove my fist up there. I grabbed that nice 8-inch cock and wanked her so good she screamed my name.  Drunk and high we gave each other the best cum shots. Although we are now on the prowl for some man meat!




Chick with a dick Live Phone Sex

live phone sex Live phone sex is the way you need to relax and cum with a hot sexy tranny. My panty surprise is going to fucking blow your mind as I blow your nice thick cock. Teasing your cock’s head with my lovely lips and my tongue’s tip. You know you need to party with this chick with a dick.

 Who else but a big titted tranny can titty fuck you and ass fuck you until you fart cum? My dick is better than that D-cell flashlight you use to fuck your ass on the sly!

  I throb and drip as my big, fat tranny cock pounds your ass. I enjoy anal sex as much as you secretly do. It’s more than enough to have a nice large thick cock pounding my ass pussy daily. Did you expect anything less from a shemale phone sex whore?  My cock is hard and I have plenty of party favors to go all night with you baby.

Cum Dumpster With A Cock

cum dumpster

Everywhere I go I have cock. See what I did there. I have a cock swinging between my pretty long legs and I get cock in my anal pussy and slutty hooker cum dumpster shemale throat anytime I please. I have a habit, its cock, coke and cum (in that order too)! My mommy needed a daughter to whore out and I love her for making me a fairy princess with a cock. It is not too huge that wives will know their husband took it up the ass like a fag. And it’s big enough to rub that prostate the right way baby! I was sightseeing In Colorado last week and my a-dick-ions had me needing a cock in my throat and a line up my nose with a big blast of cum for dessert! I took one of those sweet teen skiers into his cabin and sucked him off and shared a couple lines with him. Before I could stop him, not that I wanted too.. He grabbed my crotch and found my panty surprise. I was hard as I am when doing coke and sucking dick. He grinned and wanted to see it. I showed him alright. I shoved it down his rich white boy mouth and made him choke so good! I bent him over and showed him how a real lady fucks too!


Hardcore Anal Sex For A Shemale Slut

hardcore anal sex

I knew he wanted to use my tranny ass. I wanted hardcore anal sex. But his cock was so big that he didn’t think my sweet ladyboy pussy couldn’t take it. I told him to test it out any way he wanted. It started with one finger lubed in Vaseline. I was waiting for his big fat cock any moment, but I felt more fingers opening up my sphincter. Then the fist of a big ass mans fist was in my tranny asshole. My cock jumped from the pain and pleasure mixed in one!

He was paying me and I would let him do whatever he wanted to my tight ass. I was high as a kite and my tits bounced in time to the fist fucking. He had stuck a glorious dick that when he finally pumped it deep into me his load squirted from the sides of his cock down my thighs. It was okay because my mouth sucked and licked his cock clean after!

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Thankful You Are Big DIck Sicker

Big Dick Sucker

I am truly thankful that momma brought me up to be the tranny that has a big dick sucker like you. Every time I wash my beautiful tits and the soap drips down to my cock, I am thankful to have ass virgins and men who just need a little ahem stuffing. I enjoy the men who pay me in cash and rock to have some of my tranny cock. I love that I can get out of the cold and share my stories about fucking ass and being a shemale dick spinner with you. I never realized how much men needed that Tranny cock. Now instead of just hustling in the alleys or on Grinder, I can share my cock and how much of an anal sex whore I am with you. Of course, I get men who love a nice cock calling, but my favorites are the men who never had a dick and use things like D cell flashlights and beer bottles to fuck those nasty little asses. So cum play with my cock bring the party favors and I will show you how thankful I really am.anal sex whore

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