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Shemale phone sex with Henrietta

Shemale phone sex

My big hard cock needs to be milked! I need a sloppy cock loving whore like you! Shh shhh with our descrest billing your wife will never know you spent money to be a tranny anal whore! That you begged me to fuck your loose asshole and use your shit hole as my cummy dumpster! She won’t find out as long as you keep coming back. Would hate to lose you because you are a pathetic bitch who is afraid of his own wife. But you are a weak as bitch who loves to get your asshole pounded! HA! You nasty bitch, bend over and let me milk my cock in your gaping asshole! Bend over and beg me to fill you up like a dirty whore! I know you want my tranny dick milk!! 

Pissing phone sex with Henrietta

Pissing phone sex

Taboo phonesex with Henrietta

Taboo phonesex

Look at this big fat draining cock and tell me you don’t want to eat my cum. Look here you little faggot whore. I know you want this big ass tranny cock and these beautiful perky titties. I’m gonna make you my cum eating faggot whore. I’m gonna make you worship my cock and beg for me to feed you my dirty creamy cum load! You thought you were going to get this dick didn’t you. You thought you were finally gonna feel a hard cock throat fucking you till you vomit all over this big beautiful tranny cock. No no, see honey what you paid for was just a show. Give me some more money and I’ll make you beg me to stop fucking your holes.

Country Boys love Dirty phone sex with Henrietta

Dirty phone sex

I knew you wanted me the moment I walked in the bar. All these country boys want a wild city girl. Just most of them are too dumb to realize that I have a nice big cock. They get all surprised when they see it! Some even get mad. Like Jerry, Jerry was a good ole country boy from Rogersville Tn. He was up in my city on a vacation visiting a few of his boys that work there. I got him to my motel and got him strapped to the bed as we made out and kissed. Now I know that country boy felt my hard cock he just didn’t want to say anything. I crawled on top of his chest and popped out my big ole tranny cock! He was trying to rock me back and forth off him! It was my own rodeo! I finally got my big ass tranny cock down his throat! He wanted it! After about 20 minutes of me slamming my cock down my throat he started to love it! I pulled my rock hard cock out and rubbed it all over his face! I got between his legs and he didn’t fight too hard! I knew he was a faggot! I knew that country boy wanted this big fat cock!

Shemale chat with Henrietta

You shouldn’t be ashamed. So you faked cumming inside of your wives pussy, so what. We both know our first call has been on your mind for a while. That you can’t cum unless you are thinking of fucking my tight tranny asshole while I stroke my cock. You don’t have a place to talk but you can im me. You can rub your cock and while I rub my big 9 and half inch cock. I want to make you cum while your wife sits with her legs up in the air watching real house wives of new jersey trying to make your baby batter fill her up with a little bun. But you want this big hard cock fill up your asshole don’t you. You don’t want a little brat around making you stuck in a marriage you don’t want. You don’t want her pussy any more, it doesn’t make your cock hard. It makes you sick knowing that she is trying to get pregnant. I want your cum because I am a cum whore. I can’t make babies but I sure can push a nice fat cum load into your mouth fro my tranny asshole. Chat sessions cost the same as a call, the best part is your wife won’t catch you on a call!! She will just think you are working hard at your desk! shemale_henrietta@yahoo.com I’ll be waiting!! 

Shemale phone sex

Sorority girls fucking with a Tranny whore!

Sorority girls fucking

I wanted to join a Sorority after watching Legally Blonde! Ell Woods was a goddess and was the first woman to really turn me on in years! Watching that moving got my tranny dick so hard. I wanted to be one of the girls so bad! Lucky for me I lived close to a college town and it happened to be rush week! I got dressed up in my sexiest outfit ready to party! I had no idea that those bitches were going to be ruthless! I slipped in line with fifteen other pledges and starting going through the trails. They stripped our shirts off if the freezing cold and poured Ice water over our heads. They put ices cubs to our wet nipples making them rock hard! Then they forced us to take shot after shot till we got drunk and couldn’t stand on our milk crates any more. Next thing I know I am fighting these bitches off trying to keep my clothes on.

Anal sex whore

I didn’t want them to see that I had a big 9 and half inch cock tucked up between my ass cheeks! These cruel bitches got my panties off and started screaming about my massive tranny cock! Calling me a monster as they tied me up. They even tied up my cock and started to stroke me till I got hard! After they got my cock hard and had me tied up, they brought in the other pledges wearing massive strap on cocks! The Leaders of the Sorority spit in my face and slapped me as they told the pledges they could all be members. if they fucked my tranny asshole till it was gaping open and prolapsed like the dirty whore that I was! All these Sorority girls fucking a helpless tranny! They all laughed at me when I asked them if getting my asshole gaped open meant I was a member too. They forced fucked my tranny asshole and made me suck my ass juices off their dirty fake cocks! 

I love turning “straight” boys into bottoms.

Things have been rough lately in the financial department. The holidays are a killer every year. Well, I was out on the streets trying to make a little side change for something to snort when a John came up to me. He offered me $500 for 2 hours, can’t say no to that! We get to this roach coach hotel, we get to the room and he asks me how this works. I told him “honey, this works however you want it to”. He apparently missed the memo that I had a cock. He asked me to take my clothes off and when he found out I had a big meat mallet between my legs he almost fainted. I calmed him down and started stroking his dick. I told him to stare at my tits if it made him feel better. I started jerking him off, slowly sliding a finger down to what I assumed as his virgin asshole. I slowly started teasing it, and instantly got a response. He lit up as soon as I started touching his ass. I spit on my fingers and started to slide a finger inside. Before you knew it, I had him on all fours begging for me to slide the head of my cock into his tight little virgin asshole. It felt so good knowing that I helped him realize that he is a cute little fag that likes it in the ass, and the $500 didn’t hurt my feelings either.

Hooker phone sex

Made him my cocksucker

Druggy phone sex

A man can build a thousand bridges and suck one dick, to the world he isn’t a bridge builder, He’s a Cocksucker!  That is what you are. You little fucking cock sucking whore. You loved it when I pinched your nose shut and shoved my big tranny cock down your throat. Mmmm thinking about the way your throat was contracting around my big thick tranny cock makes me hard as fuck. You looked so sexy with your nose running with tears down your face.

Taboo phonesex

You might be some big power house outside of this trashy motel room. But in here you are my cock sucking whore. You are going to be fucked in every hole. I’m going to drug you up. Make force you to have a hard cock with my favorite little blue pill. I am going to force fuck you till your balls are empty! I am going to make you my little cum slut. Now Kiss the head of my dripping tranny cock. 

Henrietta needs a Anal cum dumpster!

Anal cum dumpster

You’re such a good cock sucking slut! Ohhh fuck yea bitch, suck this fat tranny cock! Choke it down you’re worthless fuckhole! Suck this big dick you dirty fucking whore! I love feeling your fuckhole wrapped around my cock taking it deep down you’re worthless fucking throat. You are such a good little cock sucking whore I never would have guessed you had a cock and ball! You are so fucking good as sucking this dick, I bet you could take this soaking wet tranny cock up your ass even better. Oh I can’t wait to fill up your shithole with my big giant tranny dick. Listen to how you moan as I fuck your tight shithole! You fucking love it, you nasty little fucking whore! OOoooooh I can’t wait to just fill you up with my giant fat cum load! Now bend the fuck over and spread open your cheeks and wait for me to slide my big hard tranny cock in your shithole! I’m gonna force you to take it every fucking inch of my 9 & a half inch cock! I’m gonna make you my Anal cum dumpster! Listen to you moan and grunt in pain as I pound your shithole with my big cock! You’re a good little girl taking my big tranny dick up your ass you look so cute with the tears running down your face and the snot bubbles blowing out of your nose as I ruthlessly pound and my cock in your shithole.

Don’t take my shit bitch

I offered him one bump, and now this bitch is snorting up more than his share. I do not fucking think so. As he was going to to snort up another line I grabbed his head and smashed it into the table.

Shemale phone sex

When he bounced back up I shoved my dirty cock in his mouth. He must have liked sucking his ass juices off my cock so much he was crying with joy. HAHAHA No, I was throat fucking him hard. Making him choke and gag on my 9 and half inch cock. You dont fucking take more than you are offer fuck face. Since you can’t figure out how to fucking share I am just going to take back some of the pleasure my white powder gave you. My cock was rock hard and not going anywere. Coke fucks are amazing! My cock can stay hard for days when I get fucked up. He is just gonna have to be my cum slut till I’m out since he can’t pitch in.

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