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Tranny Ass Equals Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussy


I love whore-tober. Halloween Parties start this weekend and you thought this tranny whore wouldn’t crash it? All these drunk and horny men who have the nose candy and want a tight ass to fill up. I loved being in my short skirt and cat ears and being tossed around for 20 different cum loads to be shot up my ass. Some of these sexy men even sucked my cock while having that virgin ass opened by a big dick. You didn’t hesitate when my ass was full of cum to fuck my cream pie. Actually, another line and another beer and you were slurping this beautiful asshole clean. Don’t worry you can blame it all on being high and drunk. You just needed a reason to get your tranny fuck on.

Water Sports Sex With A Tranny Whore.

water sports phone sex

My sexy tranny ass beats the midweek blues with a hot shot of piss. I really excel in water sports sex these days.  I love how my neighbor’s teen son is quick to please my tranny cock on any given morning. I love to leave my trailer windows open and jack my big dick and tempt that boy on the way to the school bus. I haven’t pissed yet and I know he isn’t going to go to school anyway. He is the trailer park drug runner. He slings weed for us and a little crystal when he gets the balls. Sure, enough his little Hispanic ass knocks at my screen door. “Missus Henrietta? You need anything ‘dis morning?” Yes, I need a bowl full and to fill his mouth with my piss and cum. I invite him in and ask him to come back to my room. I ask him to load my glass dick and then cum and sit between my legs. “You Know people with talk because you come over so much. They all know what I am. I don’t want anyone to beat your ass kid.” I smile at his sweet angelic face. They know you’re a dope head too Missus Henrietta, Plus they all asleep.” I tell him to open his mouth and let my big ass piss load go down his throat. I push his teen mouth on my cock more and then let him up and let him become a dragon with my melted dope. Back and forth until we burn the shit away from last night. I throw a couple hundred at him and tell him to load the bowl as I can’t help myself and crouch down and start blowing his meaty boy cock. These are the best mornings with a ladyboy and her teen dope runner sucking and eventually fucking.

Lady Boy Prostitution porn

Prostitution porn


My ass is perfect for filming ladyboy Prostitution porn. I dree up real nice and make money with my asshole. My mommy pimped me on the streets since I was just a boy in girls’ clothes. She delighted in men watching her shove beer bottles up my ass while I jacked my little tranny wanna be dick off. Me having been paying for me to sit and spin on big dicks since I can remember. I was abused by her many boyfriends and got a taste for cum early in life. The only difference is now I spend my own money on crack and pretty clothes. Back then my whore mommy took everything I made shooting it in her veins. I love being on camera as it makes me feel so sexy and pretty. I was made into a tranny but I love having a dick to sell as well as my asshole. I do take it deep and I do fart cum for days after a nice long film session. Cum play with this taboo tranny baby. I promise to rock your world tranny phone sex style! 

tranny phone sex

Sexy Tranny Big Dick Sucker Turned Out

big dick sucker

He didn’t mind picking me up at the bar. He figured a tall girl with big lips would be a great big dick sucker. I was sure he thought I was a regular female slut. He was an honest guy and said he really just needed a blow job and would party with me for a few hours and if my mouth was good he might just fuck my pussy. I laughed thinking he didn’t know just what a tight pussy I had. His place was nice for a party boy and I wasted no time in getting his dick out and showing him what a nice hot blow job I could give. It was big like he said and gagged me a little. He pushed my head down and I was gagging and gasping for air as I felt my skirt lift up and his fingers wrap around my hard cock. He began jacking my ladyboy off so hard it hurt. He quickly changed modes and pushed me into the floor and pulled my tranny ass up. His juicy thick cock went into my ass and I was being pounded so hard as his jizz filled my ass pussy. I jerked my cock off as I pushed out his jizz while he made me repeat what a tranny creampie slut I was over and over!creampie slut

Ladyboy equals Crack Whore Anal fun!

crack whore anal

I tend to get mixed up with the brutal types. I am a crack whore anal loving tranny after all. I try to keep my uncut cock a secret until I have my paying customers putty in my hands.  Men with hung cocks seem to sense my cock hiding under my skirt. I little glass dick and a nice fat rock and I am the one who is surprised. Hands grabbing me from behind and my ass being gaped dry! My height must give it away. My mommy made me a sexy tranny but there’s no hiding who I am when these men seek out ladyboys to abuse. I am an anal sex whore for sure! But even a cock having woman prefers to be lubed up and stroked to readiness. That’s okay because I have plenty of men who pay for my ass who pretend they don’t know what I am! Do you want to be seduced by a crack pipe loving shemale?

Road Head From A Big Dick Sucker LadyBoy

big dick sucker

I was working the local truck stop in a tight leather skirt.  I knew my big dick sucker skills would feed me and get me some dope. My head hurt I needed these horny truckers to throw me some cash for a couple of blow jobs.  I knocked on the side of a Peterbilt. Smoke billowed out the door and I asked if he needed any services as a very handsome young man smiled and threw me a 20 dollar bill. Get up in here and suck my cock he laughed and whipped out his dick I was hanging out the side of the truck, not even allowed in the sleeper. He pushed my head down and I gagged hanging off the side of the truck. I felt someone grab my cock from under me and yell it’s a tranny bitch!! Well, the young stud pushed me off his cock and laughed at me. He and his friend told me to get in and they fucked my ass raw and made me clean that dick off as the filled my stomach with jizz from their dirty dicks. They said that was my dinner and the 20 would get me high enough to come back and get fucked by their buddies. Would you treat this tranny bitch the same way?


tranny phone sex

Fucking A Shemale Phone Sex Whore

shemale phone sex

My mother is quite proud I am a shemale phone sex whore. She says I do a service spreading my tranny cock all over the world. What she doesn’t like is that I make her pay me upfront in drugs or cash before I play with her and a new “daddy”. This guy she wanted us to fuck together had a major cock fetish and she was too fucking dumb to see. Mommy said that he was just curious about shemales after she found some hot tranny porn on his phone. She has always been a dumb coke whore. The man is 20 years younger than her and left his phone unlocked in the table. He wanted her to see. Rumors spread about Henry turned into Henrietta. He wanted to fuck me and fucked my mothers sloppy wet pussy just to get a taste of me. My ass isn’t free though. I knew she just got some good blow from the border and I wanted most of it. If I was gonna fuck a young stud to keep her man with her she better pay. She was mad and a few broken plates lay on the floor, but boy was Mr. Twink ass happy to see me. He was so cute and looked fresh out of a gay magazine. He didn’t get off for regular pussy he was a cocksucker ass fucking and receiving boy. He even showed me pics off my website and was on his knees in a flash. Oh, I fed him my cock and when he unleashed his young dick, I was happy to tell him he could fuck me. almost 8 inches on a skinny white young man and good Mexican blow and I was smitten. My ass is a little raw and full of jizz and now I want more boys and men to fuck. Let’s play with my cock baby! 

Tranny Hooker Is Back On The streets Bitches

tranny phone sex

My Pussy was throbbing in beat to my shemale cock as I lit a menthol and watched the girls working the corner. I was tucked neatly in and was waiting for you. And then there you were, the girls said you had the good shit. Three of them were at your car trying to get you to pick them. Rumor was you had a nice big cock and you were a little freaky. That’s why these sluts were showing tits and doing anything to get you to pick those street whores up! I stepped from the shadows and started walking up the street. I knew you would follow me. ‘Henrietta!” get in baby!” “Where you been?” I knew you all to well I know men talked about the shemale and her love for cock and coke.

“I am looking for real action tonight playa, so unless you paying and playing I anit got no time for you.”

The baggy of crystal and cash had me interested, “Promise you wont run train on my ass again?”  You grinned and said get in the car and take the duct tape off, I make no promises my tranny slut! MMM, I love a forceful man!


Shemale phone sex with Henrietta

Shemale phone sex

My big hard cock needs to be milked! I need a sloppy cock loving whore like you! Shh shhh with our descrest billing your wife will never know you spent money to be a tranny anal whore! That you begged me to fuck your loose asshole and use your shit hole as my cummy dumpster! She won’t find out as long as you keep coming back. Would hate to lose you because you are a pathetic bitch who is afraid of his own wife. But you are a weak as bitch who loves to get your asshole pounded! HA! You nasty bitch, bend over and let me milk my cock in your gaping asshole! Bend over and beg me to fill you up like a dirty whore! I know you want my tranny dick milk!! 

Pissing phone sex with Henrietta

Pissing phone sex

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