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Dominated By a Bitch

live phone sex

Hey daddy, it’s you cum dumpster Cindy! I had a very wild night. There is a chick I went to high school with that has hated me since I kissed her boyfriend freshman year. She set me up with her current boyfriend. She trapped me. He was tall, dark, and handsome, who wouldn’t fall for that. I wanted him to cum all over me, but he insisted we go back to his place. When I got there, there were 8 other men. And her. She was wearing thigh high leather heels and had a whip in her hand. With a wave of her hand she commanded one of them to gag me with his dick. At the same time one of the other 7 began to fuck her and she was so sexy. He was so deep inside of her pretty pussy. He was moaning for her and I was so jealous because I was being slapped and dick gagged. She watched with a grin on her face. I could hear the man getting ready to climax, but just as he was, he nearly tripped trying to get to me so quickly. He let out an intense moan and his body writhed as his frothy cum blew out all over my head and down my face. There was so much cum and he just moaned and moaned. She did this with every man there. She would fuck them and have them use me solely to dispose of their cum. Cum was all over my hair, in my eyes and mouth and dripping down my titties. Then, when I thought it was over, because I was no longer gagging and deep throating a dick, she came over and tilted my head back to make me eat her pussy. “worship this pussy you ugly bitch!” she said. And all I could do was moan and cry. Her pussy tasted so good and felt so wet and she was fucking my face so well. “You aren’t shit compared to my sweet wet pussy.” Then she gave me room to breathe and demanded I say it back. I said “I’m not shit compared you your sweet wet pussy. I worship your pussy, master. Please give me more. Drown me in your cum.” And she squatted back down making me lick her ass and pussy. “Don’t ever try to overstep me again. I’m marking my territory.” She asked for one of the guys to film as she peed all over my face. She asked me to moan and beg for it, and it was all on camera. “Everyone is gonna see what a cum guzzling slut you are and how I can just use you as a toilet!” She laughed. She made me leave the house covered in cum and piss and when I went home I had so many messages from people who had heard what happened. I want to have another wild night with you. Let’s have live phone sex and I’ll guzzle your cum too.

Taste My Cream

creampie slut

It’s your dirty white trash slut Cindy again. Fuck me so hard with that giant fucking cock! Ooh I’m so desperate to feel it pounding away in my whore cunt. I am a constant squirter, and just thinking about choking on your big fucking cock is making me cream. Do you want to see my panties soaked all up with my cream? Do you want to suck on them? I can mail you a pair of my creamy panties and you can smell them and suck them and sleep with them on your face. You can wear them if you want to! But what I want is to feel your fucking cock splitting me up wider and wider until I beg you to stop, but you don’t. Let’s get so nasty together during our live phone sex session. If you want to you can be my panty slave. I want to cream and squirt all over your face and tongue Daddy. Please oh please cum for me. Cum wherever you want to Daddy. Fill my tight gash, cum on or inside of my ass, in my hair, on my big juicy tits, on my face, or in my mouth. You ready?

Cum in my ass
Cum in my gash
Taste my cream
Make me scream
Xoxo Cindy

Fuck Me Hard

trailer trash whore

My slutty ass is ready to be taken. Hold me down and fuck me like the trash I am! I know other girls think being a slut is nasty, and guess what? They are right! I am a nasty fucking dirty slut and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wanna be fucked so hard that I can barely walk tomorrow. I want you to make me come time and time again and I’m gonna let you taste my creamy cunt. You and I are gonna cum at the same time and I promise you I am so sexy that it won’t be hard to  get you fired up again. We can be as freaky as you want, as dirty as the white trash I am! I have never wanted anything more than to tease and fuck you until we are both out of breath and sore! Come discover my tasty pussy in a live phone sex session! What do you say?

creampie slut: fill up my hole baby

creampie slut

I am at my grandparent’s farm. They have a barn with horses. I love horses. I walk into the stable and pet them. I can see that huge cock dangling down. I reach down and start rubbing it. My furry friend seems to like it. I take the milking stool and position it underneath him. I take his giant cock and start sucking on it. It feels massive in my mouth I can barely fit it in. I lay on the stool and spread open my legs. I insert that huge dick into my tight nasty cunt hole. I begin shoving it in and out of my soaking pussy. It’s so huge it stretches me wide. I push it inside my bald pussy as fast and hard as I can. My fur baby is enjoying it all. I keep that huge cock deep inside me until I feel my pussy walls clench. I squirt out my juices. I move so that my tall friend can lick my cunt hole clean. His tongue is as huge as his cock as it digs deep inside my hole, cleaning all my juices up.

stripper sex porn: riding that cock for you

stripper sex porn

I am standing in your living room. Yes, yours baby. Lol. I turn on some music and I start to dance for you. Jack your thick cock off for me baby, I want to watch. I start to strip slowly. First my shirt, then shorts. You like my all white lingerie don’t you, daddy. I rub my ass right on your hard throbbing cock. I start to grind on you. That’s when you pull my panties to the side. I didn’t even expect it but you just shove that cock right into my tight wet pussy. I totally let you though. ===giggles=== I start bouncing up and down on that huge shaft. I follow the music as I grind on you. My pussy is so fucking wet that I am soaking the both of us as I let you take over and start ramming that massive dick hard into my tight fuck hole. You are fucking me so hard daddy!!!

My pussy is like silk as you ram into me deep. Your big cock bursts. Your juices are shot deep inside my cum dumpster. I bounce lightly on that cock making sure you fill me completely with your semen. Sex with you is fucking amazing.

pussy for payment

live phone sex

I’m at work. You are my boss. You call me into the office. I’ve been stealing office supplies and you have proof on the camera’s I didn’t know about. You show me the evidence. “please, I’m so sorry, I can’t lose my job.” I plead to you. “I will do anything to keep it.” I say. You have watched me. Seen me wearing those tight skirts and dresses that are way too short. You run your hand up my leg. “what are you doing?” I ask. You ask me if I want to keep my job or not.

 I look at you with my sexy puppy eyes. I bend down and start taking your pants off. I suck on that thick juicy cock, getting it all hard and wet. You play with my tits as I lift up my skirt to expose my wet pussy. I have no panties on. I bend over for you. I have no choice if I want to keep my job. I spread open my pussy lips. Stand up and shove that cock deep inside of my tight wet cunnie.

 Pound my fucking pussy. Take all the money I owe you for my theft out on my pussy. Ram that fucking cock deep inside my begging honey hole. Feel my pussy as it clenches around that big throbbing cock, my juices squirt all around it. Shove harder into me baby. Fuck the shit out of me. I am begging you. I have been so naughty. Make me your cum dumpster!

 Fill me up with your white cream baby. Ram that cock deep into me as you burst. When you are done let me know my payment isn’t paid in full. Keep me as your fuck whore at work. I won’t tell anyone. I need this job.

ill be your dirty little cum dumpster

cum dumpster

I’m a dirty little cum dumpster and I know it. I love to be filled up with cum. I need someone to come to my house. Tell me I’m a dirty little slut as you shove your big thick cock into my wet whore mouth. I’ll beg you for it. Shove it deep inside of my smooth throat. Make me gag over and over on it. Force me to take all of your massive dick in my mouth. Don’t stop when tears run down my face. That’s when I’ll want you to shove it in my throat deeper. Pull it out and grab me by the hair baby and, bend me over the couch. Shove that hard throbbing cock into my soaking wet pussy. My tight cunnie will stretch wide for your huge rock hard dick. Ram that Fucking dick inside of me. Make me beg for more. Over and over I want that big veiny cock inside of me. Make my sweet pussy squirt all around your big dick. My juices will pour down my legs as you keep pounding me. Cum inside me baby. Fill my cunt full of your yummy white cream . I can’t wait to feel your cum deep inside me.

eating my sloppy wet pussy

sloppy wet pussy

I am so Fucking horny. I can’t get anyone to come over. My furry slut sits at the end of my bed. I take off my silky blue panties. I spread open my legs and call for him. I pat my begging cunt. He digs in. He sticks his tongue down deep into my sugar hole. He loves the taste of my wet cunt. I begin to rub my hard clit. I love how his tongue feels. He moves his tongue to my hard nub. Licking it in long strides. I Continue to rub it off and on as he moves from my hole to my clit. His tongue Is so huge. I trained him as a puppy to eat my juicy cunt. He buries his nose deep into me as my sweet cream squirts out of me. He doesn’t let a drop escape his wanting tongue. I lay there letting him eat my juicy fuck hole for hours. No one can eat my soaking pussy like man’s best friend.

Xbox and fucking

dirty phone sex

I’m playing left for dead on my Xbox one with my best friend. After we kill about three dozen zombies, I turn off the game system. I start to kiss him. He is a nerd like me and I love him for it. He kisses me back. I take his pants off and start sucking hard on his big veiny cock. He bends me over and shoves my pink cotton panties to the side. He thrusts his cock deep inside my begging cunt hole. His cock stretches my pussy hole. I moan as my wet cunt clenches and I squirt my juices out all over him. He turns me around and shoves his throbbing prick into my juicy mouth. He face fucks me before he blows his white cream into my whore mouth. I suck up every drop. He tastes so good. I kiss him. Letting him taste himself on my lips.

I’m his cum dumpster

cum dumpsterMy guy friend just showed up. When he walked in the door he immediately grabbed me and  started kissing me. My pussy was instantly wet. Now we are taking off our clothes. I bend over next to the couch. I spread my round ass cheeks to give him access to my begging tight cunt. He slides his rock hard cock deep inside of my wet cupcake. I grow more wet with every thrust. He pounds my soaking wet cunt hard. I moan loudly. My sloppy wet pussy clenches and I squirt out my young juices. It runs down my legs. He spanks my ass hard. I love getting spanked. My cunt hole begs to be filled with his cream. “Cum inside me baby.” I say in between moans. He groans and I feel his massive cock throbbing inside of me. “Harder!!” I scream. He rams his cock deep into my dripping wet cunt. His big round balls smack hard against my hard pulsating clit. He moans and shoves his huge dick into me one more time. I feel his cock throb as he releases his sticky cream into me. He fills my pleasured cunt up with his semen. I love being filled with cum. I take my fingers and scoop out his delicious white cream, tasting it. I love how he tastes!

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