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Trashy MILF Beverly

trashy milf I love being a trashy milf. Good soccer moms are boring as fuck. My son and daughter are grown up now, but I have some dirty stories from when they were young. I remember this one time, when my son was in high school. I had been partying all night fucking and doing lines of coke. The school called me because my son got in trouble. I had to go get him and meet with the principal. I looked like a whore in a cat house. My make-up was smeared on my face. I smelled like a brewery. Cum was matted on my neck and legs. I was dressed like a street corner hooker. I had no business on school grounds, but I was fucked up and sleep deprived. I showed up anyway. All the school boys and girls were staring at me in awe as I walked the school halls. All the teachers were looking at me with disgust. I got my skanky lot lizard sex ass to the principal’s office and bailed my son out of trouble. Apparently, the principal liked the trashy whore look and let me blow him under his desk in front of my son to prevent him from being expelled. I left the principal’s office more of a cum dump than when I arrived, but according to my son, I was mother whore of the year.

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc phone sexI have plenty of bbc phone sex stories to share. I have been a BBC whore for decades. To be honest, I am just a whore. I don’t really discriminate against cock. The brothers sure do like me though. I can’t go anywhere without black men flocking to me. They see an old skinny cougar and wonder if they can split me in two with their big black cocks. They have no idea who they are about to fuck. I was downtown at a black biker bar last night. I was looking for Nigger dick. I found a posse of them too. As my lot lizard skank ass walked into the club, black women were throwing daggers at me with their eyes. One brother paved a way for me to walk, I felt like a show pony or something. In the back room was where all the single dudes were hanging out playing pool. I hopped on the pool table like the trailer trash whore I am and asked who wanted to gangbang an old whore? They pawed my clothes off and within minutes a black gang bang was going on in the back of the bar. Some of the married bikers joined in because free pussy is free pussy. I waddled home with cum running down my legs and a big smile. I love being a black cock wore.

Proud Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreThe only person I know who is as big of an anal sex whore as me, is my daughter. She was feeling anal last night and paid me a surprise visit. I was happy to play with her cute bubble butt. She takes it up the ass just like her momma, but we have this double-sided dildo that is for our anal sex fun. Most women would use it for their pussies, but we aren’t most women. We are trailer park whores. I lubed her pretty pink puckered asshole up first with my tongue then with some KY jelly. I worked half of that dildo beast in her ass, then we worked on getting the other half in my ass. I am no stranger to hardcore anal sex, so the fat imitation meat slipped right into my well-used asshole. We worked it so that we were ass cheek to ass cheek. We bounced our butts together and rubbed each other’s clits until we were squirting on each other. I love that I raised such a dirty whore. Being a nasty freak seems to run in my family.

Trailer Trash Whore Then and Now

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore pays the bills. Trust me, I have been whoring myself one way or another since I was a wee girl. I helped my whore mommy pay the bills. Johns paid more for my young slit than her old pussy. Nowadays, I don’t make as much as I once did, but I get free coke and that saves me a ton of money. I can pay the bills because I trade sexual favors for white powder. Normally, I go down to the truck stop and have sex with the black truckers. They have the biggest dicks and the best coke. Last night, however, none of my regular playmates were around for some hot lot lizard sex. I was starting to head home, when a guy made me a proposition. He reeked of police. He was a nerdy white guy out of his ball park, and he didn’t know the lingo. He was a cop, but off duty. He just wanted his dick sucked. No way I was getting coke off a cop, likely not money either. I just blew him. I figured I would have a get out of jail free card if I swallowed his cum. Turns out the cop had a nice cock, a lot of great confiscated coke and a wad of cash. Clearly, he was not a good cop. That was fine by me. I much prefer to party with bad boys.

Live Phone Sex Whore

live phone sexLive phone sex is the best. It means you are talking to the woman in the picture. I am Beverly and I am a dirty old whore. I was up early this morning to scope out the the talent heading to the school bus. I love younger men because they can cum quickly again and again. Two brothers came up to my trailer door wanting to fuck before they caught the school bus.  I was happy to entertain them. The older boy I have fucked before. His baby brother was new to me. I had them strip for me. Both boys had thin cocks, but decent length for their ages. I took both in my mouth and downed their cocks together. I showed them some brotherly love. The younger boy had never had his cock sucked. He didn’t last long in my mouth, but this trashy milf didn’t mind getting a jet blast to the face. I love having cum all over my body. I sucked both brothers back to their second erections. They had just enough time to tag team this dirty old slut in the ass and pussy before the school bus arrived. They flew out of my trailer pulling up their pants. I was left in my trailer covered in cum. Great start to my morning.

My Naughty Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineI have an anything goes phone sex line. I love talking dirty. My life is dirty. Super dirty and I don’t want it any other way. I joined my best friend last night with her son. She wanted me to be there to help her boy have a milf threesome. I was down for that. I gave my son milf threesomes all the time. She didn’t tell me her son was half black. I was happy to see a white boy with a big black dick. Ten inches on a barely legal boy. I died and went to heaven. She let me watch them fuck first. He had a great style about him too. His rhythm was great. I was rubbing my pussy watching mommy sex. After he nutted in his mommy’s pussy, I went into my creampie slut mode. I buried my tongue in her wet pussy. Her son’s cum tasted wonderful. He got hard watching us in the 69 position. She has always been a great cunt licker, but I am not bad either. I especially love a pussy full of cum. Her son got hard watching me eat his mommy’s pussy. He wanted my milf whore holes the second time around. He pounded my ass and nutted deep inside me. That was okay. His mommy ate my ass better than I ate her pussy.

Gangbang Whore Night at the Truck Stop

gangbang whoreIt was gangbang whore night at the truck stop last night. My daughter and I went down to the diner to have a meal and check out the truckers. We were the hottest skanks in the place. We both loved the attention. Truckers swarmed around us. One guy bought our greasy spoon dinner. We went back to his truck to fuck. Other guys got wind of the two hot skanks getting fucked in one of the trucks and a lot of other truckers wanted in on the action. My daughter and I are whores. We don’t care who we fuck if they share their drugs. Once the entire truck stop knew about the lot lizard sex party going on, it turned into a gang bang. My daughter and I entertained about 30 truckers last night. Not only did we score a free meal, we scored a shit load of coke and pot. These guys would tip us with a bag of powder or a few joints. I have fucked for less. Of course, we were sore as fuck on the way home and covered in cum, but we just cleaned each other up with our tongues and took a bubble bath together. We love being whores in crime.

My Daughter Loves My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy daughter loves eating my sloppy cum filled cunt. She is a cum whore like her mother. I raised her on a healthy diet of cum. I think all girls need cum early in their lives. Cum in a bottle will not only build strong bones, it will create a cum whore too. My mom raised me the same way, I raised my daughter. Now, I have a full-grown cum loving daughter. She texted me after I had just finished a gang bang down at the truck stop. She wanted to know what I was up to. When I told her I just got fucked and I was heading home to shower, she told me to wait. I knew what she wanted. She is my little cum guzzling slut. I was sitting on the couch with my legs spread waiting for her. I was trying to keep the tasty sperm deep inside of my pussy for her to lick out. When she arrived, she dropped her bag and ran over to me, fell to her knees and slurped up all the cum. She says cum tastes better inside her mommy’s pussy. She even cleans my taint and my asshole.  My daughter is the nastiest whore I know, well next to me that is.

White Trash Phone Sex Valentine’s Day

white trash phone sexI had a white trash phone sex Valentine’s Day. What does that mean? Sex in a trailer park with your son and his friends, lines of coke, beer bongs and lots of cum. That is a white trash Valentine! My son showed up around noon. He had with him a few friends, a bag of coke and a lot of beer. It was 5’oclock somewhere. I put the beer bong hat on and started chugging massive quantities of Coors Lite. I may be a skinny bitch, but I can out drink most men. Once I was liquored up, I started doing white lines off cocks. Young, hard, happy to see me cocks. My real Valentine’s Day gift was those cocks. When I am drunk and high, I can showoff my big dick sucker skills the best. I had those boys in awe of my skills.  No matter how drunk I am, I never puke, not even when swallowing gallons of cum and getting skull fucked. I am an old whore, not a silly school girl. We party all day long and well into the night. I think all the cum I swallow somehow prevents me from getting as drunk as I should be. My pussy is sore this morning; so is my ass, but I had one hell of hot Valentine’s Day celebration. At least the parts I remember were wicked hot.

No Limits Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for no taboo fun. I am no goody too shoes. I don’t have limits. I want to be as uncensored on the phone as I am in real life. This weekend I decided to crash a college campus. The closest I have ever gotten to a college degree is fucking smart college boys and a few professors. I have been on campuses before, but it has been awhile. A cougar like me can rake in a lot of cock in a short span of time on a college campus because there are per capita more horny boys per square mile than anywhere else. Even though it is cold, I wore my sluttiest outfit. I was competing with coeds after all. I should have known better. Those horny college studs can have coed pussy anytime, but trashy milf pussy is like a delicacy. I was being invited to one party after another and I was just walking through the quad checking out the talent. I settled on the Sigma Chi frat house. I saw many a hunky stud in those Greek letters. I arrived early before the coeds showed up. I didn’t really care about mixing with the entire campus crowd; I just wanted to have a gang bang. I wanted as many cocks as I could handle in a few hours. Turns out I can handle an entire frat house with over 100 members. I was doing shots and smoking some college cush that took me back to the 70s. That primo weed made my cunt and ass relax to accommodate a bunch of cocks of different sizes. I told them they could go rough on me and they showed me no mercy which was great because I didn’t want any. I stayed around for the party to get drunk, but my memory gets spotty after that. I know I was a gangbang whore though because my pussy was full of cum and gaped open the next day.

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