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Lot Lizard Sex Whore

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex whore is one of my many nick names. I am proud to be a dirty truck stop skank. I woke up this morning covered in cum and out of blow. It was super early. The sun was not even up yet. I knew if I rushed down to the truck stop, I would catch a few guys who had coke and had not yet left for the day. I was covered in dry matted cum, but I didn’t care. I needed a fix. They don’t care if I look like a used up whore. I think those truckers love that I am a cum dumpster whore. Showers are overrated. I needed cum and I had to catch some guys before they hit the road. I started banging on cabs looking to party. I found Dave with a big bag of blow and morning wood that needed taken care of before he hit the road. I sat my dirty old cunt on is cock reverse cow girl and did lines off my compact. The higher I got, the hornier I became. I bounced up and down his morning wood. I was fucking him so fast, he joked about smoke coming out of my pussy.  I took care of a few more truckers with morning wood. Once I got that coke in my skanky body, I was a fuck machine. By the time I teetered my ass back home, I was 10 pounds heavier in cum.

Cum Guzzling Slut and Cock Tease

cum guzzling slutI’m such a cum guzzling slut. I cock teased the shit out of a fuck buddy of mine for hours today, just so I could get the biggest cum shot out of his balls. Want to know how I did it? Likely, not how you are thinking. Tone likes young girls. Well, he likes thinking of young girls. He has not actually fucked one. I think he is a wuss and afraid of getting in trouble. Older black men fucking young white girls rarely goes well for the older black man. I told him my car was in the shop and asked him to run some errands for me. While we were driving around, I made sure to point out every hot young girl we saw. I described how she looked and went into details about what she would look like naked. No hair on her pussy, no tits yet. Puffy pussy lips that are pink and moist. His cock was bulging in his pants, which of course I groped and massaged. I was edging him, so he would last forever for me. It was a form of therapy too. Hot teen sluts fucking is on your mind too I bet. When I got him back to my trailer, I started blowing him. In between breaths, I would talk about the contrast of his big black cock inside a super young and very white pussy. He nutted a huge load in my mouth. I got him hard again quickly just talking about those young bald slits. Are you hard yet?

Big Dick Sucker Co-Pilot

big dick suckerBig dick sucker Beverly is my CB handle. Big D gave me that handle. I went along for a ride in his truck a few days ago. He had a 2 day trip, was tired and thought if I was his side kick, I could keep him awake with my oral skills. He thought it was funny to blast on the CB he was getting head from a dirty old cougar. He aired my dick sucking over the trucker waves. Fellow truckers were egging us on as I slurped on his big black cock. Soon other truckers were requesting that Big D share his cock sucking whore with them. We pulled over at a truck stop for gas and a shower. While he was cleaning up, I was a cum guzzling slut, chugging down several truckers’ hot loads of cum. When Big D came back from the shower facility, he was all clean, but I was very dirty. Dirty in cum. He just looked at me and smiled. Then he said, this is why you are my co-pilot. I loved riding around in his truck showing off my big dick sucking skills. Other truckers said I was better than a 5 Hour Energy drink. I think I will be hitting the road more often.

Big Dick Sucker on Campus

big dick suckerI love being a big dick sucker. My mouth was hungry for cock last night. It is always hungry for cock, but last night it wanted an army of cocks. Normally, when I want to suck a bunch of dicks, I put on a skanky outfit and shake my skinny ass at the truck stop. All the truckers come out to play. Last night, I was feeling adventurous for something different. Colleges are back in session, so I decided to see if there were any frat boys down to party on a Friday night with an old whore. The first frat house I walked by was more than willing to party with this trashy milf. In fact, they cat called me inside as I walked by. I didn’t need to make the first move. Some of the coeds had a “what the fuck look” on their faces as I walked in wearing sluttier clothes than them. Even though I was old enough to be their mama, I was certainly not going to act like their mama. I chugged some beer, then I chugged cock. I out sucked all the fucking coeds combined. Those young girls needed to learn a thing or two from an old cum whore like me. I gave them some coke to help them relax because there was plenty of dick to be sucked. I could have sucked them all, but these coeds reminded me of my daughter. I love sharing dick with her. It took only a line each before all the coeds there were on the floor with me, enjoying a frat boy blow bang and a large circle jerk. I spent the night. Woke up cover in cum like an old cum dumpster. I did my first walk of shame home to my trailer this morning. I must remember to go back to college more often.

Cum Filled Cunt: Many Cum Whores are on Instagram

cum filled cuntI love playing with my cum filled cunt. I play with it on calls and when not on calls. I have discovered that men like watching me play with my creampie. I have a few men who only want to fuck when I have a pussy full of another man’s spunk. Does that turn you on?  Allen called me last night to play, but he had a special request. He wanted a few loads of cum inside me first. That is easy to do when you are a dirty old broad. I put on some hot pants and a tube top and headed to the truck stop. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I can always find truckers to fuck. They love this blonde fucking whore. As soon as I started walking in between the parked trucks around back, doors started opening. I cab hopped. I fucked 6 truckers in about 75 mins. I did my best to keep as much cum in me as I could for Allen. The truckers were happy for a little afternoon delight. Helps them sleep better when they bust a nut. Allen was waiting for me when I got back to my trailer. I had a tampon in to help keep the cum up my cunt. I pulled it out and fed it to him as foreplay. You should have seen him sucking the jizz of truckers off that plug. I had to laugh because Allen is a bigger cum whore than me, which is hard to believe. Once he cleaned my pussy plug, he was on his knees begging for me.  I pissed the fresh cum up my cunt all over his face. He was licking as fast as he could to gobble up all that man seed. His cock was rock hard from being my cum dumpster. He fucked me after my pussy was clean, then ate his own cum out of my twat. Got to love a cum slut male. If you like cum slut stories, you should check out our Instagram. Follow us and discover many more dirty whores like me.

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Blonde Fucking BBC Whores on Tumblr

blonde fuckingThis blonde fucking whore was popular last night at the truck stop. There were more truckers than I could shake a stick at too. Now that schools are back in session, there is a need for more truckers delivering supplies and shit I guess.  There were many black truckers hanging out; some I had never seen before. I love fresh black meat. They were parked for the night and wanting the companionship of a blonde whore. I think black men like me in part because I am small and blonde. The contrast with their big black dicks in my tiny white cunt is stark. I love looking at a big fat black cock going in and out of me. Sometimes, I am amazed at what I can take. The brothers love that too. They are always amazed that a skinny skank can swallow big black dicks in her fuck holes. I was a black gangbang whore last night. I truck hopped, so I could meet all the new truckers and welcome them to lot lizard skank heaven properly. Black men never turn down free white pussy. I loved every moment of it too. Of course, I was high as fuck and they were passing me around like candy. I am surprised I didn’t drown in cum. Some of those studs had cum filled balls that rivaled an active volcano. Honestly, those fat fuck sticks were full of the most cum I am ever seen. Good thing I am a cum dumpster. I was happy to drain every dude a few times too. Truckers need release. A good ball draining is better than No-Doz to stay awake on the road. If you need release too, a trailer trash park slut like me is what you need. I can suck the chrome off a doorknob and I swallow too. If you enjoy the tales of BBC whores, check out our Tumblr. There are more whores like me here.

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Cum Guzzling Slut

cum guzzling slutNow that schools are back in session, I can be a better cum guzzling slut. I love draining the balls of school boys before and after school. Only in my trailer park do boys get up early for school. Why? Because they want to stop by and see the dirty old cougar at the corner for a good ball draining first. I love being that woman. You would think in a trailer park full of strippers, hookers and junkies, I would not be the only one molesting little boys. I mean it is not rocket science. A mature woman gets horny, there are no decent adult men around, fuck the boys. There are plenty of them around too. They want to fuck and honestly, I don’t think they care who they fuck. Any warm hole will do. If the other trashy whores in the neighborhood won’t help these boys out, this trashy milf will. I am happy to relieve any guy, young or old, of the cum in his balls. I am an old cum whore and I can’t get enough salty protein. This morning, I had the most boys ever stop by my trailer at once. I didn’t think they would all fit, but I would have found a way. Every boy gave me a cum deposit. Some in my mouth, some in my pussy, others in my ass. I felt like I was drunk on cum. Guess what? That is the best feeling ever.

Anal Sex Whore Weekend

anal sex whoreI was a huge anal sex whore this weekend. My son and a few of his friends got into some trouble, so I told them they could hide out in the trailer park with me. My son is a bit of a grifter. He scams money out of old men and sometimes his marks aren’t as dumb as he thinks. I am always happy to have him back home, under any circumstance because I miss his young throbbing cock in my mommy fuck holes. His friends couldn’t believe how hot I was. They apparently had never seen a hot momma like me before. They were in for a treat because any friend of my son is a friend of my asshole. They were enjoying watching me snort lines off my son’s cock and fucking him in front of them. They egged me on to get dirtier with my son. They had no idea how dirty this old whore can get, especially when high and surrounded by young cock. I can make porn stars blush. I shared my coke with the guys, then bent over and begged them to run an anal train on my hot old ass. They started spitting on their cocks and ramming them up my ass, sometimes even two at a time. They were impressed at what I could take in my ass. These poor boys had never partied with a trashy MILF tramp like me before. All weekend long, I got a cock up my ass and coke up my nose. I was shitting cum out my used asshole because I took so many loads up my ass. I told my son him and his friends need to get into trouble more often because my ass is always up for some hardcore action from boys half my age.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are what many guys call me for. They love a black cock whore like me. I love to take my skanky ass down to the truck stop and score coke and big black dicks. The brothers hang out down there because they want white trash whores like me. White women suck black dick better than black girls. I have heard that from every black man I have sucked, and I have sucked enough BBC to make a porn star blush. Last night I met two new black truckers. They were young and hung and dying to hook up with a trashy milf who loves black cock. They party too, so it was even better to get some coke and some cock. Their coke was primo too. I got high quickly and started slugging down cock like the dirty whore I am. They were fuck machines. Stamina power like wild animals in heat. They ravaged my mouth, pussy and ass for hours. They never went soft. Not even after multiple cums.  They kept fucking until they were hard as a rock again. They said they never met a woman who could keep up with them. I am no woman. I am a dirty black cock whore and when I am fueled on coke, I can fuck for days.

Cum Dumpster Whore

cum dumpsterBeing a cum dumpster makes you the talk of the town. I live in a small Florida city. The men love me. The women hate me. The guys all know that the chicks that live in the trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks are the ones who do all the kinky shit their wives won’t do. This community is small, but the men know where to go for cum release. Normally, the high-class dudes from the right side of the tracks stay on their side of town. They hire escorts or go visit strippers in the city. My daughter and I were sitting on the porch when a couple guys in a BMW kept driving by. I figured they were lost, so I walked down to the road to see if they needed help. I had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and my ass cheeks were hanging out of my daisy duke shorts. One guy asked how much. Then I knew they weren’t lost. Poor dumb bastards thought if we lived in a trailer, we must be hookers for hire. I fuck for free, but these assholes looked like they were afraid to be by the train tracks, so I tossed out a number and added that it was for a mother and daughter. They came into my trailer with hesitation. I assured them they weren’t going to get mugged. Novices. Clearly these guys had never trolled for pussy before. Both were married, in their mid-thirties and looked like their balls had not been drained since Obama’s first presidency. My daughter and I know how to drain balls. By the nut explosion we took to our faces, I began to wonder if they were 30 year-old-virgins. Nope. Just married to women who shut their legs after they said their I dos. I couldn’t believe how full their balls were, but they got to taste some trashy milf pussy, so I know they will be back for more.

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