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Cum Guzzling Slut Beverly

cum guzzling slutCum guzzling slut Beverly is one of my monikers down at the truck stop. I do love to suck dick and swallow cum. My car overheated Saturday on my way down to the truck stop to suck some dick. It was too hot to wait in the sun for AAA to come, so I went into the new adult bookstore that was a few blocks away. I had been wanting to check it out anyway. I walked a few blocks in my short shorts and sought some shelter from the heat in the dirty bookstore. It had tons of sexy stripper outfits, videos, and sex toys.  I worked my way towards the back. I am glad I did. Our new local adult bookstore had glory holes. There are a few down at the truck stop but they are man made. This place had official rooms. I needed a cum fix, so I went into one. There was a cock already through the hole like it was waiting to be sucked by me. The cock looked familiar. It was a huge black cock. I started sucking on it because I am a big dick sucker too. Once my lips hit that chocolate cock, I knew it was Big D. He knew it was me too. I have sucked his huge ass cock hundreds of times. He was waiting for me outside the door. “I knew those lips,” he laughed. “I knew that huge cock,” I retorted. He was on his way to the truck stop when he decided to check out the new store too. I was headed there to suck his cock and score some blow. It was fate that my old clunker broke down when it did. We fucked in the back of his cab then went and got my car. He towed it back to the trailer park for me. Of course, I had to reward him with more cock sucking. I looked like a cum dumpster when he left. He has enough cum in his big black balls to coat an army of old whores.

My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntMy neighbor lady thinks my cum filled cunt tastes good. That is because it is usually filled with her son’s seed. She doesn’t know I have been spreading my legs for her teen son. She doesn’t enjoy his cock, so I might as well, right? She likes younger guys, just not as young as I go, so I have been tricking her into eating her son’s cum. She is bisexual like me. She knows women can eat some pussy with the best of them. Last night I was high as fuck, so I had no sensor. She must be a natural creampie slut because she was enjoying that cunt of mine that had a fresh load of her son’s jizz inside of it. I flopped my legs open and told her to enjoy every drop. She thought she was sucking down some nigger cum because I am a BBC whore. How this woman lives in a trailer park is beyond me. She is like some sort of Pollyanna. She likes the idea of young cock but won’t fuck her son. She likes the idea of being a BBC slut but won’t take on few black guys. I can help her get all the young cock and all the black cock she can handle. In the meantime, she seems content with eating out my creamy pussy. I never say no to cock or coke. Nor do I say no to a cum eating old whore who likes to eat pussy.

A Cum Filled Cunt is Yummy

cum filled cunt

Nothing is prettier than a cum filled cunt. That is what Chuck told me last night as he was eating my cream pie pussy. We met at this local watering hole. We both got drunk and wanted to fuck. Chuck was bold. He asked me if I was the kind of girl who would mind him cleaning up his cum from my cunt. He had no clue what a nasty freak I am. I told him I was an old cum whore. I love it when a man shares his cum with me. We got nasty last night. He came three times in my pussy. I squatted over his face, pushed a little jizz out into his mouth, then kissed him.  We swapped some cum before my creampie slut hookup started scooping out his jizz with his tongue. You would have thought Miller Lite was on draft between my legs with the amount of time he spent between them. He slurped on my cunt, sucking out all the jizz he left. Confession. There might have been more than just his cum in pussy. I stopped by the truck stop on my way to the bar, so I had a few loads before he made his deposits. We snowballed a lot of the cum that he licked out of me. We woke up this morning and did it all over again.

Druggy Porn at The Truck Stop

druggy pornDruggy porn star wannabe describes me. I do my best fucking high. After several lines of cocaine last night, I was fucking a bunch of truckers in a bathroom of a Pilot. One of the truckers rented a shower room for him and his buddies. We turned it into a Greek bathhouse. It was me up against the shower wall getting nailed over and over again. Hot water was cascading down my back as cum was being shot up my cunt. I backed away from the shower head because I didn’t want any cum to wash away. I love cum too much to let it wash away. I wanted to go home with a cum filled cunt. It was full too. White powder on my nose and white cream dripping from my pussy. I looked like a porn star. I felt like one too. Those truckers had fun with me. I was giving it up for free like I always do. They took advantage of the free cougar pussy. I don’t get sore often, but they wore out my cunt. I didn’t notice it at the time because I was high as a kite, but when I woke up this morning, I was walking funny. Just the hallmark of an old Cougar whore.

BBC Sex Stories

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories are something I am never short on. I think I create new ones several times a week. You could call me a black cock whore, but the reality is I am just a whore. I live in a trailer park. It is filled with rednecks and black people. It is an interesting dynamic because many chicks are at the pool in their Confederate flag bikinis surrounded by black men. The trailer trash girls are ignorant to the irony of being in such a bikini while sucking a big black cock. The black men don’t give a shit. They love white pussy regardless who won than damn war. Me? I just like big dick and in my neighborhood that is often black. The weather has finally improved. I was at the pool all weekend. Saturday, it was just me and a few teen boys. I blew them by the pool. I rubbed my old snatch as they jacked off on me too. Sunday, was a totally different vibe. It was me and about 6 black guys. They weren’t there to work on their tans. The knew about the black gangbang whore who chills at the pool on the weekends. If concrete burns are a thing, I have them. I am all scraped up. Battle wounds. I don’t give a damn. I will gladly scrape my knees for some big black cocks up my pussy and ass. I got a tan. I got gangbanged. It was a perfect day.

My Daughter is a Creampie Slut Too

creampie slutMy daughter is a bigger creampie slut than I am. She loves cleaning up my messy pussy. I had a special treat for her last night. When she came over for mommy and me time, this guy I have known for years was waiting for her. Dion is well known in my community for how much he can cum. He is white but cums as much as an army of black men. He is a freak of nature. His cock isn’t as big as many of my black lovers, but he cums just as much. It is amazing. His spunk tastes good too. He has better cum shots than the porn star Peter North. I don’t get to fuck Dion much because he is in high demand. My daughter was lamenting the other night about how she missed eating his spunk from my cunt. I immediately tried to schedule Dion for a fuck session. Back when I was younger, and the cat wasn’t out of the bag about Dion’s cum filled balls, we used to fuck weekly. Now he is the Giglio of the trailer park. He never charges me for his cum, however. To this day, he swears I am the biggest cum dumpster he has ever encountered. He loves cumming on my body then watching my cum guzzling daughter lick it up. Today was a bit different. He wanted to fuck her. If I got his tasty spunk, I didn’t care where I was licking it from. He came on her body and in her pussy. I swear, she looked like she had been doused by several men, not just one. As I was gobbling up his chunky spunk off her body, he joined in. That was a first. He admitted he eats his own cum all the time. I find that hot. We fucked again, this time my daughter licked his cum out of my fuck hole. Are you a cum eater too?

A Cum Guzzling Slut and Her Momma

cum guzzling slutWho doesn’t love a cum guzzling slut? Even I appreciate a woman who will share jizz with me. I am a cum whore. Makes sense that I would raise my daughter to be a cum catcher too. She is a greedy jizz junkie like her momma.  We partied together all weekend. She is a professional GFE, so she is rarely home anymore. If I was younger, I would be a sugar baby too. She jet sets around the world with dirty old rich men, fucks them and spends their money. Dirty old rich men want young sluts not old whores. Anyway, I threw her a cumming home party. My son invited a bunch of their school friends and I supplied the coke and the beer. We got high and started chugging cock. It was a bukkake party for the girls of the family. My son knows us well. He didn’t invite any girls because he knew his trashy milf mama and his hot teen slut sister are greedy cum whores. We can chug some cock. Guys love watching a mother and daughter snowball cum too. We spit ropey strands of cum back and forth into each other’s mouths like its running out of supply. That means we savor every drop. We woke up this morning foggy with dried jizz all over our bodies. Maybe most women would have showered, but we are mother and daughter skanks. We just gave each other tongue baths and went in search of more cum.

Black Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation as a big dick sucker, the brothers know who to ask for at the truck stop. I put on my best skank outfit and went trolling for dick this morning. I woke up with a need for sperm in my belly. Truckers wake up with wood, so I knew where to go. The moment I got out of my car, the horny truckers were fighting for me. There are other lot lizards down there 24/7, but the difference is twofold. First, I don’t charge money. I like fucking. I like being a cum guzzler. I don’t need to charge money for what I love to do. Second, no other white bitch can swallow big black dicks like me. Big D quickly spread the word that I was the trashy MILF to see when a trucker needed his balls drained. The other skanks looked at me with dismay as a bunch of truckers waited their turn to get head for free from a dirty old cougar.  It was like an assembly line of big black dicks. I just went down the line on my knees taking one big black dick after another. I made the lot lizards jelly. They needed to take notes. I sent some truckers on the road happy. Some truckers sent me home with cum in my belly. It was a win win kind of morning.

Dirty Phone Sex with the Doctor

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is what I do. As a dirty phone whore, I often forget my surroundings. I have always been trailer park trash, which is why I am perfect for this kind of work. The issue is that when you are a woman like me, it’s hard to fit into what is known as polite society. I needed an eye exam. I’m in my fifties, I am surprised this is the first hint of eye issues. Anyway, I was in the waiting room trying not to jump the bones of some of the hot men waiting for their exams too. I was proud of myself. I managed to be a good girl in the waiting room. When I got into the exam room, it was a different story. I had no idea that the doctor was male and hot. Fucking hot. He stepped out of the room for a second and my hand was in my panties masturbating. He busted me. I am not normally embarrassed about being caught with my hands in my panties, but this was not the sort of place I normally get busted doing naughty things. As a trailer trash whore, I struggle with being a proper woman. This guy was a doctor. Way out of my league, but my pussy ached for him. I was embarrassed until I caught a glimpse of the boner in his pants. Then I was stripping off my clothes and playing with my old cunt on the shag carpet. He unzipped his pants, so he could skull fuck me. The doctor had an aggressive side. As he was throat fucking me, he called me mommy. The doctor had mommy issues too. I started to rub my pussy as he talked about his dirty whore mommy. I mean I could be his mommy, which made it hotter. The doctor had a weak spot for this trashy milf because I reminded him of his mother. I didn’t care. I got fucked hard and got new glasses. Best doctor visit ever.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI am an anal sex whore to my core. I love a good ass fucking. I popped my anal cherry before my pussy one. The bigger the cock up my shit box the better too. And, I don’t care if it is messy. I just want cock up my shitter. I got pulled over for speeding the other day. I was going close to 100 miles in a 40 mile zone. I was high. Of course, there were drugs in the car. I wasn’t thinking. I had been parting all night with my son at his place, passed out and didn’t want to be late for work when I woke up and realized I was no in my bed. I did a line and hopped in the car. The cop that pulled me over was married. I saw the ring. He was also younger than me and when he had me get out of the car he got a boner just looking at my long legs. I dared him to frisk me. I had on no panties.  Only thing I had on between my legs was dried cum. His hands lingered on my firm ass. I told him he could do what he wanted if he let me go. Within seconds I heard his belt loosen and his pants drop. I spread my legs and leaned into the car more. His cock rammed into my ass like a lightening bolt. He just fucked my ass like a jack hammer for a bout 5 mins. Now I was an anal cum dumpster. Dried cum matted on my pussy and cum oozing out my ass. He gave me his card in case I ever get in trouble again. It was like a get out of jail free card. Clearly, he didn’t know who he just ass fucked. Trouble is my middle name.

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