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Bored Trashy Milf

trashy milfTrashy milf Beverly knows how to have fun. That is what every guy who has ever fucked me says about me. I can have fun in a paper sack I have always said. We had a bad storm here the other night. Power was out everywhere and there was even flooding. I was horny and bored. I live in a trailer park, so I could easily get dick. I started going door to door seeing who wanted to play. First two trailers no one was home, or they were not answering. The third trailer was the charm. A young black boy home alone and happy to pass the storm with a trailer trash whore. To my surprise, this cute black boy was a virgin. He had too big of a dick for that. I was happy to be the dirty mommy to make him a man. I titty fucked his young big black dick. I have DD boobs and his cock swallowed up my tits. He had surprising stamina for a boy his age. I thought he might pop early and give me an old fashioned pearl necklace. Not the case. He lasted to fuck me so hard we had his trailer rocking and not from the storm. His mother is a CNA and she was stuck at the hospital. We weathered the storm together. His cock and his trailer number are forever ingrained in my mind. I will be seeing him again very soon.

Big Dick Sucker

big dick suckerIt is no secret that I am a big dick sucker. Black or white, even brown, I don’t discriminate if the cock is big. My girl friend has been bragging about her son’s cock. I thought she was bullshitting me because her son is a nerdy boy. Not that tall. Not that cute. I figured she was embellishing. I was wrong. He is pretty big for a white guy. He has girth which I love. A fat meaty fuck stick. She wasn’t lying to me. Last night, I shared her son with her. He came to my trailer looking for his mom. She was partying with me. I invited him in of course. I wanted to know the truth. I undid his pants and he didn’t resist me at all. Damn. Out rolled a fat fuck stick. I started slurping on his cock and his mom soon joined me. Having a trashy milf and your mother sucking on your cock together, feels like heaven to any guy, right? This is every young man’s fantasy come true. I was happy to make it a reality. Who am I kidding? I was being selfish. I love sucking dick. I love sharing dick with other women. I was thinking about my need for cock when I told him to stroke his cock for us. All three of us had a wild time. I think he enjoyed watching his mother and I snowball his cum the most.

Anal Cum Dumpster Bar Fly

anal cum dumpsterBeing an anal cum dumpster is hard work. Hard work on my ass. I was in high party mode last night. I was at this dive bar across from the truck stop. Truckers go in looking for a nightcap and party supplies. I was in there to party with whoever wanted to party. There were plenty of guys down to party with me too. I played pool with some truckers as we did shots of Fireball. I did lines off the pool table too. I even danced on top of the bar like I was in a Coyote Ugly place. I took my clothes off of course because I am a dirty whore. Next thing I knew, I had a line of men wanting to fuck me against the bar. They all wanted my backdoor. They knew a lot lizard sex whore like me would give up the booty and they were right. I leaned up against the bar and took everything from cock to beer bottles up my asshole. I am such a skank when I party. After about 12 guys ran a train on my ass, another one gave me a beer enema. He shook up the bottle and put in my ass. It was a new sensation. Personally, I like the cum in my ass. I woke up this morning sore as fuck. It was a hot night for this anal  whore.

Sexy Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts like me love to go hunting for younger men. There is this new club in town that just opened. It is a rich boy club. Fancy dance floors, top shelf booze, valet parking and high cover charge to keep out the riff raff like me. I never let those sorts of things stop me. I put on a slutty pink dress and high heels and crashed the opening. I have this trick. I look for a group of guys that look like they belong in the place I want to be in, and start chatting them up as they walk into the place. The bouncer just assumed I was with these men and I went right on into the club with them without paying a cover charge or showing an ID. This was a Latin metro-sexual dance club. Young wealthy single men, looking to dance, drink and hook up. I was the oldest one in the club besides some of the workers. I could have been any patron’s mother easily. That is why I was there. To be a trashy milf looking for a young stud. I went to the bar, ordered a fancy drink and had them put it on Tony’s tab. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it did. I took a guess that there were a few guys named Tony in the club. I sat down, sipped my drink and waited. I waited longer than usual, but not forever, before a guy approached me. He asked me if I had any blow. The next thing I knew, I was doing a line off his cock in the men’s bathroom and other men were waiting to fuck me. I got gang banged up against a dirty urinal in a swank new Latin club while Pitbull music was playing. That is why I went to the club. It paid off because I was the gangbang whore of the club restroom until they closed the place down.

Dirty Phone Sex Cum Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind to have with me. I am not your wife. In fact, I bet you I am the nastiest whore you will ever meet. I am coming off a four-day bender. Booze, coke, cock and cum. My favorite things. I had so much cum in me, there was no way my daughter could lick it all out of me. I could barely move yesterday. I was weighted down in jizz. Man jizz was all over my body as well as inside me too. After my daughter passed out, I had to do something to save all that man seed that was still on and in me. I started flicking the cum on my body off into a pitcher. I fucking filled two pitchers of cum from what was on my body alone. Talk about a cum dumpster. There was still a lot inside me, so I squatted over the pitcher and pushed out the cum just like I did my brats 20 some years ago. I love to eat cum. Now, if there is a rare day I can’t get any, I have a ton of frozen cum in the freezer. I made cum cubes. I poured the cum into over 30 ice trays with tooth picks. I eat more cum in a day than a porn star does in a year. I am such a dirty cum whore.

Trashy Milf New Year’s

trashy milfHow does a trashy milf celebrate the last day of the year? With cock and coke of course. That should be no surprise to you. I never go a day without either. It is just I party harder on the last day of the year. I have not slept in almost 24 hours. No sleep for the wicked. Coke keeps me up and cock gives me the reason to stay awake. I live in a trailer park. There are lots of young boys who need to have a safe New Year’s Eve, right? They aren’t out driving. They are drinking beer in my trailer and fucking my old holes. They can walk home safely or crash in my trailer for the night. This is an annual New Year’s Eve tradition. If the trailer is a rocking, don’t come a knocking if you get what I am saying!  The night is not even over, and I have had a lot of cock. Boys love filling me up with their jizz and I enjoy being their cum dumpster whore. I will be hard pressed to walk tomorrow, but guess what? I don’t care because I am not going to the gym or shopping or any of that shit tomorrow. I can get used up as much as I want tonight because tomorrow all I plan on doing is getting some hair of the dog that bit me.

Cum Dumpster Christmas

cum dumpsterAll I wanted for Christmas was to be a cum dumpster. I got my present from Santa and his naughty elves. My son and daughter both brought a few friends over and Big D my black trucker buddy was in town stranded because of a truck malfunction, so I invited him over too. I wanted as many men in my trailer, so they could give me a white Christmas in Florida. My favorite white is cum. A close second is cocaine, and both were in supply on Christmas. Big D had enough coke for us all to party. He never seems to be without it. He isn’t really a dealer. He is more of a party trucker who likes to share with a trashy milf like me. Christmas morning my daughter and I did lines of blow then got fucked in every position. She is a black cock whore too. Big D loves sharing mother and daughter pussy. I bet you would too. My son blow banged our mouths as Big D rammed his cock back and forth from my pussy to her pussy. My son came on my face as Big D came up her cunt. My daughter and I snowballed my son’s cum while the other guys fucked us. It was crazy hot sex all day. Who needs presents when you have coke and cum?

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas

trailer trash whoreA trailer trash whore Christmas means lots of coke and my son and daughter. My son brought a friend with him. He will be spending a few days with us. My impression was that he is hiding from the law and no one would think to look for him here. He was handsome and down to fuck his friend’s mom, so I was happy to have him with us. Last night was our first night together. We got high and went to the local strip club for some fun. This is no gentleman’s club. This is a dirty strip joint where you don’t want the lights on. You don’t want to know what is on the tables or floor. There was this one lot lizard skank who was hot in that rode hard put away wet way. We bought several lap dances from her. We monopolized her in the VIP room. I paid for her to have hot stripper sex with all of us. She went both ways, but for money she would fuck anything. We gave her some coke and she ate my daughter and I while the boys banged her from behind. She was down for anything. The higher we got the dirtier we got. We paid her to fuck her ass with our beer bottles. She was down for anything for the money. We closed the place down. She was a skanky whore like me, but it was a hot way to start the Christmas partying off early.

Trailer Trash Whore Holiday

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore is all ready for the holidays. I went down to the truck stop to score some holiday cheer. Nothing says holidays like coke and cock. I needed a huge bag of blow for my holiday partying. My son and daughter will be with me and they usually bring over friends. We party like rock stars on holidays. Who am I kidding? We are party animals regardless of the time of year it is. I blew some cocks, got fucked by some black truckers and came home with a big bag of Christmas cheer. My son and daughter were drinking and fucking each other when I came home with the party supplies. I did a line, then went between my daughter’s leg to clean up the cum filled cunt her brother left inside of her. We are both creampie sluts when it comes to his jizz.  My son just loves that he can fuck his mother and his sister. When he started doing lines, his cock got hard again. He fucked his mommy hard. I was on all fours with my head buried between my daughter’s legs. I was snorting some holiday cheer off her inner thighs while getting pounded in the ass. Once my ass was full of cum, my daughter licked his cum out of my ass. We partied and fucked all night. We still have plenty of blow left to get through the holidays like rock stars.

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fuckingDid you know I was a hot blonde fucking soccer mom? Neither did I. I discovered over the summer on accident, that showing up at a soccer game is a good way to pick up young boys. Nobody suspects a woman is perving on the young boys, but I was. I knew that with school out for the holidays now, the boys would be practicing soccer at this local park. I put on a sexy outfit and went and watched. I was making my yoga pants wet from checking out all the young talent. Lean, athletic, teen boys? Sure fire way to give me a sloppy wet pussy. There were no parents around either. They were just practicing and blowing off steam. I knew a better way to blow off steam. I invited them back to my place to party. I had weed and pussy, they didn’t need to be convinced. Before long, my trailer was full of teen boys. You would have thought there was a soccer match going on in my trailer with all the boys crammed inside. There was a gang bang going on. A dirty old cougar gets a ton of teen boys to come over, she isn’t playing Monopoly with them. Not this cougar at least. I got them high and I got them hard. Just how I like my boys. A few hits of some primo weed, then a few licks of an old pussy and their cocks were ready to fuck all night long.  They pounded away at my pussy and ass, leaving huge puddles of cum all over my trailer. I don’t mind. Cum stains are the sign of a fucking good time, right? I think I found my new favorite hunting ground for young boys. A soccer field is trashy milf heaven.

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