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Druggy Porn Star Wannabe

druggy pornI am a druggy porn star wannabe. Seriously, I do my best fucking high. Big D my trucker fuck buddy and dealer gave me some premium coke last night. The purist shit I have ever snorted. I’m always horny. On coke, however, I am a Super Whore. I begged Big D to arrange a gangbang for me.  He said no problem, but he wanted to take advantage of my fuck holes first. He pulled out his big black dick and I got on my knees like a good whore. I was blowing his fat snake while he was texting some other truckers to come get some trashy milf action in his cab. He knows how to sell my fuck holes.  Truckers love me because they can fuck me for free. As I was swallowing his massive load of cum, his trucker buddies arrived to check out the lot lizard wanting fucked. I wiped Big D’s jizz off my chin and told them to cum and get me. I got on all fours in Big D’s cab and his buddies took turns reaming my pussy and ass. It was tight quarters in the cab, but guys waited outside the truck for their turn. Guys are patience when it comes to free pussy. I did lines of blow while get trained for hours. I love being high because it accelerates the whore inside me. Big D gave me the best blow I’ve ever had. I got fucked all night long on that shit. Not sure how I got home, but I woke up late this morning with cum matted all over me and a swollen asshole. I showered, did some more blow and turned on my phone sex line on so I could talk dirty to you and find out what dirty things you enjoy.

Big Dick Sucker Beverly

big dick suckerWhen you have the reputation of being a big dick sucker, men know who to cum on! My girlfriends and I went to this new strip club that opened for girls. The dancers are male. I have never seen male strippers at an actual club before; just female ones. The mother of this young boy I fool around with is a stripper. The club she works at is Big Al’s and the newly opened Big Alice’s is upstairs for the ladies. Last night was the premiere, so I went with some of my friends. My neighbor got us free passes. I was happy to see a few black men as dancers. They would give me some great BBC sex stories for my men who enjoy a BBC whore. At Big Alice’s, anything goes if the money flows. I was stuffing bills in g strings, so I could show off my big dick sucking skills. Who ever said male strippers were gay was wrong. No way a gay man would be so hard in my mouth. I sucked two big black cocks dry. My face looked like a jizz bomb exploded. Before long, my girlfriends were testing their cock sucking skills too. I had to help some of my friends because they have never had foot long nigger dick in their mouths before.  Those black strippers loved my assistance too. They skull fucked all the women in the club. It was a jizz bomb explosion in da club. I envy the janitors getting all that cum on the floor. I think I will go back tonight.

Hardcore Orgy Porn

hardcore orgy porn Apparently, I made a hardcore orgy porn over the weekend. I was doing serious blow and drinking like a fish. It’s what I do. My son had come over to see his trashy mother. He brought a few friends. I remember doing shots and sucking cock, but I woke up yesterday with the worst hangover in forever. On the kitchen table was a bag of coke, a bag of weed and a zip drive with a note from my son on how to use it. I am technologically challenged. No computers or Internet when I was growing up. I have a work laptop, so I plugged in the drive like my son illustrated. I was surprised that I didn’t remember being a gangbang whore, especially since my son was involved. I watched myself taking a shit ton of young studs at once. I did look like a porn star. I started masturbating watching myself with a cock in every hole. I think I missed my calling. I should have been a porn star. As I touched my pussy and asshole, I started to remember the hard cocks that were in their not that long ago. Bourbon makes me foggy. I did a lot of shots that night, but the more I watched, the more I remembered. Damn, I can take some cock for a skinny white bitch. My son texted me later that his friends wanted some more milf action. Fuck yes. I told him to bring them by for round two.  This time, I was going to lay off the booze so I co remember all the cocks thrusting in and out of my old pussy and ass. I was still sore between my legs, but sometimes all a trashy milf needs is the hair of the dog that bit her to feel better again.

My BFF’s Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI ate my best friend’s cum filled cunt this morning. We had a hot encounter last night. We had been at this local dive bar getting drunk and telling secrets. I have no secrets. I will tell anyone who wants to know all about my dirty exploits. She never had a son. She admitted that she thought the idea of mothers fucking their sons was wicked hot. She asked me questions about me and my son. I have no shame over fucking my son. He rabbit fucked me daily when I was in my 30s and 40s. That’s a woman’s sexual prime. My daughter is a creampie slut. She enjoyed cleaning up the mess her brother left in her mommy’s pussy. I enjoyed cleaning up his mess from her pussy too. All the talk about my son and the messy pussies he leaves in his wake made my BFF horny as fuck. I texted my son to come over and give my bestie some love. He loves fucking a MILF. He has been fucking my friends for over a decade now. She was loving his young hard cock. I told him to call her mommy, so it would be a hotter, more taboo fuck experience for her. When he shot his load of jizz up her shaved twat, I had to lick it out. I am a cum whore, especially for my son’s cum. I buried my face between her legs and cleaned up the creamy mess my son deposited inside her love canal. My son thought it was fucking hot watching his trashy milf mama eating his cum out of her best friend’s pussy. It felt as good as it looked. I slurped it up, making my son hard again. This time I got to fuck him and my bestie ate his cum from my cunt.

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White Trash Phone Sex: The Perfect Job for a High School Dropout

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is so much fun. I can be myself. That means I can swear like a sailor, do lines of coke and play with my pussy. I am not a refined woman. I never finished high school. My mother was a hooker and I started helping her out with her clients when a school girl still. She had many men who wanted teen pussy. Hooking paid more money than working fast food, which was all I was qualified for as a teen girl. I decided early on that I just wanted to party and fuck until the end of days. Here I am decades latter. I am still a trailer trash whore who is uneducated and would rather fuck than work a real job. I may not hook anymore, but I am still a whore. I have phone sex for a living. For fun, I seduce high school boys and gang bang the young boys in my trailer park. I drink beer, do lines of white powder and fuck all day. I consider that the sweet life. Girls I went to high school with are doing dead end retail jobs or stuck in unhappy marriages because they can’t afford to get a divorce. Not me. I dumped my boring ex husband and make enough money to stay in my trailer fucking all day long. I have no one to answer to because my brats are adults now. I set my own work hours, so I can stay up all night partying and not have to worry about being at work at a set time looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. No one minds if I work with a cum filled cunt. In fact, I think many of you like that. I may be a high school dropout, but I have the best life ever.

Drunk Sex Porn

drunk sex pornDrunk sex porn is what I make every time I have a few beers. I can hold my coke better than I can my booze. Three drinks and I belong to anyone who will have me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t need liquid courage. I am a whore sober or drunk. I just like to get drunk. I was drunk before noon yesterday. I forgot that the trailer park handyman was coming to fix something in the house. He is not really my type. He is younger, which I like; but he is boring as fuck. Married right out of high school. Why the fuck would anyone get married young nowadays? Not like you must wait to have sex these days. Did I mention he is Mormon? It is ironic that a religious married man would work in a trailer park filled with dirty whores like me. I decided when he came over, to make him a project. He needs to come over to the trashy side. I answered the door naked. I have a smoking hot body for my age. His eyes bugged out, but he tried to conceal his arousal. This would be easier than I thought. I started flirting. I mentioned his big tool belt several times. I wasn’t subtle. I was drunk and horny. I just wanted him to hammer my pussy with his big hard tool. He rebuffed me a few times until I grabbed his cock. I was aggressive. I had him in a ball lock until he fell to his knees. That was when I spread my legs and pushed his face into my trashy milf cunt. Once he tasted me, I had him. He lapped at my pussy like a thirsty animal. He said his wife won’t engage in oral sex of any kind. Her lost. I gave him a blowjob. His first head ever. Can you believe that shit? I may go to hell for corrupting this young married Mormon man, but with the way he licks pussy, it is all worth it.

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Trashy MILF Party on a School Night

trashy milfgangbang whoreThis trashy milf knows how to party. I know it was a school night last night, but I still decided to throw a block party. The parents in my trailer park never pay attention to their little ones. Those boys come and go from my trailer constantly and no mother is the wiser about what I am doing to her son. My son and daughter helped me get the booze, snacks and coke. Young boys love to party with a dirty old broad with no rules. I don’t care about homework or bed times. I only care about fucking and partying. We had an unseasonably warm night for February last night, so it was perfect. About 30 school boys came over. My son and daughter had a few friends too, but it was mostly young boys at my party. Once those boys get some beer in them, they see me as the gangbang whore I am. We could have filmed a cougar gone wild video. Those horny dogs ran a train on me and my daughter. She normally prefers older men, but she is like me: a bad drunk. I get a few beers in me and I am cramming all the cock I can get in side my fuck holes. I have a well used pussy, so sometimes I needed a few cocks in my cunt at a time to feel stuffed. Young boys are so horny they don’t care if their dicks are touching other dicks. My son and his friends were jealous I was giving my holes to young boys with smaller cocks, but they need fucked more. Guys my son’s age can get fucked anytime. A young boy needs a trailer trash whore like me if his own mommy won’t give it away. I stayed up all night draining balls and getting high. I suspect many a neighbor boy today played hooky from school today.

Blonde Fucking Whores

blonde fuckingI am a blonde fucking whore. So, is my daughter. Last night we picked up this man at the local hole in the wall. He had the fantasy of banging two chicks at once. He thought we were sisters. Boy, was he happy to find out we were mother and daughter. He was acting like he won the lottery getting to go home with two hot blonde bitches. He was handsome and hung, but he had some blow and we were out. We did some lines with him at the bar. That is when we decided he was coming back to the trailer with us. My regular supplier isn’t due back into town for a few days, so I had to look elsewhere for a fix.  He thought he had died and gone to heaven when we blew him together. Two tongues going up his shaft was fucking hot as hell. We took turns snorting lines off his pecker too. Blow or not, we would have sucked his dick. Not many guys his age still get wood like that. He is married to a cheating wife. I’m not judging. My pussy can’t stay faithful to one cock even if it is a big cock. I like variety. I told him he was welcome at my trailer anytime. I am a cheap phone sex whore. Coke or no coke, I’m a sucker for a hard working cock. My daughter is a cheap whore like me. We drained his balls all night long.  He came more times than some of the young studs I fuck. It was clear his balls were neglected. My daughter and I snowballed his seed because he had tasty spunk. Although I enjoy all cum, some guys just have funky spunk. His was sweet and chock full of protein. He promised to come over later with his brother and more coke. If his brother has half the cock he does, we going to have double the fun.

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A Cum Filled Cunt for My Son and Daughter

cum filled cuntMy son loves it when his mom has a cum filled cunt. It loves to inspect me after a good fucking. This isn’t something new. When he was a little boy, he seemed to know when my pussy was full of spunk. He would crawl over to me and push his face between my legs, then clean me up. I would let my legs flop open, so he could bury his tongue deep in my mommy holes. He would tongue fuck the cum out of me. Even before he could walk, he would eat mommy’s cream pie. I joke with him still, that cum was a major food group for him as a little squirt. He still loves my cream pies. Not so much for the taste, but because it is taboo. He loves doing things other people find gross. I’m the same way. Last night, he turned me into his anal cum dumpster, just so he could lick out his own spunk from his mother’s ass. He did the same to his sister. I texted her to come enjoy the family fun. It is nice to hang with my offspring. A family that eats cum together, stays together. Do you agree?

BBC Sex Stories to Get Your Cock Hard

bbc sex storiesBBC sex stories, I have plenty of to share. My dealer is a truck driver called Big D. He is called that because he has a 14 inch black cock. One of his trucker buddies saw him at a truck stop shower. The next day everyone called him Big D. I love partying with him when he is in town because he gives me free coke and great cock. He texted last night that he would be at the truck stop for the night and I should come spend the night in his cab with him. At the last minute, he canceled because his nephew came along for the ride since it was a short haul. I told him they should come spend the night with me. The rig can be parked on the street and they can have a bed to sleep in and a trailer trash whore to fuck. Plus, I threw in dinner. All I was thinking about was his nephew’s cock. Brothers don’t mind sharing a white bitch, even if they related. I just wanted tag teamed by two black cocks. I am walking funny today, so I had one hell of a time with Big D and his young nephew. That boy was no virgin, but he didn’t have many notches in his belt yet.  I taught him to eat pussy and lick ass. In return I let him stick the holes he licked all night long. Big D joined in a few times, but he enjoyed watching too. Big D had the bigger dick, but his nephew had youth on his side. He fucked my holes like a dog in heat. Been a long time since a guy gave my fuck holes the jackhammer treatment.  I am sleep deprived, but well fucked and ready to have dirty phone sex all day long.

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