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Anal Cum Dumpster for Blow

anal cum dumpsterI’m such an anal cum dumpster.  I woke up with an ass full of black cum this morning. That is not unusual for the weekend. I needed some nose candy last night. I went to the truck stop to see who I could fuck for blow. None of the usual suspects were there. That never prevents me from getting blow. I don’t have to know you to fuck you. There were some young guys partying in the back of a truck. I walked up and asked if I could join. I got in the back of the truck and started blowing them. I was getting ready to be a dirty gangbang whore for a bunch of white truckers when I discovered they had no blow. I like cock and cum, but these guys weren’t exactly my type. I would not just fuck them to fuck them. Before I fucked a bunch of losers for nothing in return, Big D and his posse pulled up. He stuck his head out his window and asked me what I was doing with a bunch of babies. I hopped out of the truck and got into Big D’s cab. He had a big bag of blow and a dozen friends traveling with him. We had a party in his truck all night long. I was getting big black cocks up my pussy and ass all night. I was doing lines to keep me up, so I could party with the brothers. By the time I waddled my sore ass home this morning, black spunk was running down my legs. I bent over my couch and pushed as much cum as I could out of my used fuck holes. Damn, I am such a dirty phone sex slut, I just licked that cum right off the floor.

My Daughter and I are Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I are hookers for hire on occasion. When guys find out we are mother and daughter, they offer us money to fuck. Men love tag teaming mother and daughter whores.  We were out the other night at the local strip club. My daughter was making extra money in the amateur stripper contest. She can work a pole better than any stripper. I was talking with this wealthy guy from out of town. His curiosity was piqued when he realized I was there cheering on my daughter. Since we were there to make money, he made us a generous offer. He didn’t want to fuck us. He just wanted to watch us play to the tune of $10,000. That is a shit ton of money to trailer park whores. He was staying in a hotel in the nice part of town. He took us by limo to his suit. While in the limo we got down and dirty, started earning our money. He stroked his fat cock watching me muff dive on my daughter’s cunt. I love eating her sweet snatch. I have been eating it since she could crawl. Once we were in his hotel room, we got down and dirty. We not only tribbed our bald cunts, we ate each other’s asses too. He had some toys for us to play with also. This was better than any dirty phone sex story I could tell. This guy was prepared for women to come back to his hotel with him. It was a very profitable and fun night. I love eating my daughter’s twat, but to get paid for it was just icing on the cake. My daughter and I bought some good coke and went shopping the next day. We still have money left too. We love being sexy whores.

dirty phone sex

BBC Phone Sex Stories

bbc pone sexBBC phone sex stories are something I have plenty of to share. I am not just a black cock whore. I am a whore. But those black cocks are supreme. Normally, I get my big black cocks at the truck stop. The other night I crossed the train tracks and was in the wealthy part of town. I wanted to go to this new upscale club. I know I am not upscale, but I cleaned up as good as I could and took my skank ass to the new club. The security dude was a brother. I don’t think he was going to let me in until I blew him in the ally. I got some looks when I went into the club. Some good looks, some not so good looks. I could tell people didn’t think I belonged, but I never let that stop me from having fun. I sat at the bar, bought a drink and flirted with the black bartender. This bitch faced girl sat next to me and told me to leave. I tried to ignore her, but she got in my face. The problem was the hot black bartender was her boyfriend. I was not the only one with jungle fever in the club. It was mostly white young yuppies. Many metrosexual men. The bartender set the record clear. She was his ex-girlfriend. Game changer for me. I kissed him and fondled his huge package. Best way to get rid of a psycho ex-girlfriend is to fuck another girl in front of her. He took a break and we went into a private room. She didn’t follow us, but she was waiting for us when we returned. He fucked the shit out of me. Made me walk funny. His cum was running down my leg, some was matted on my face. I sat back down at the bar and kissed her. “His cum tastes better on me, bitch,” I said. He let me drink the rest of the night for free for taking care of his crazy ex problem. A trailer trash whore is no match for some privileged spoiled bitch.

A Trashy Milf and Skater Bois

trashy milfWhen a trashy milf is horny, she has no problem getting cock. At least not when she looks like me. Yesterday, I was ravenous for some cock. Not just any cock either. Yesterday, I wanted young teen cock. School boys never say no to a mature woman. I put on some jean shorts and my bikini top, slipped on some stripper shoes and went to the skateboard hangout. All the surfer boys and skater bois hang out there. They have young hard cocks and primo weed. They were on me like white on rice when I showed up at the park. Horny boys and a naughty milf? What could go wrong, right. Nothing went wrong. It was pure fun. We got high and fucked. On primo weed, with teen boys, I am a great gangbang whore.  I fucked them, or I should say, they fucked me in the open. It was an outdoor park. Hopefully some cars driving by got a show. They fucked me hard and fast, filled me up with lots of cum. It was just what I needed on a Sunday funday. I think it was just what they needed too. What young boy doesn’t want a dirty cougar?

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexI love being a dirty phone sex whore. I was made for this line of work too. I have no book smarts, just street smarts. I was a little short in my account to pay my lot fee. Being short on cash is nothing new nor is being crafty in making some fast cash. Age has never stopped me from making money the old-fashioned way. I put on a short leather skirt and a white tub top, high heels too and I went down to the corner of Main and Vine where the men wanting to pay for sex troll. I stood my old ass on the street corner with the young hookers for hire. They looked me up and down like I was out of my league and trespassing on their turf. The first car pulls up and the group of young whores flocked to the car. To their shock, the guy in the car signaled me over. Maybe he had a mommy fetish or perhaps he just knew a mature woman could do things the other whores had never heard of before. The look on their faces was priceless. First car of the night, and I was the one to get in it. I took him back to my trailer and earned my lot fee. The guy was trolling on the wrong side of the tracks looking for an anal sex whore. He picked the right woman too. I was happy to be his dick spinning anal whore. He curled me up in a ball and spun me around his cock like I was a wind-up toy. He had me in all sorts of contortionist poses to fuck my ass. He said he picked me because I looked flexible. I will fuck in any position for the money. He came in my ass several times before he called himself done. He left me with $500 and ass full of cum. I got my lot fee and more.

Trashy MILF Beach Day Gangbang

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf like me, you will suck cock anywhere. It was a nice day yesterday. The temps were in the low 80s and the sun was shining. That means beach weather for me. I put on my pink bikini and walked to the beach. I didn’t figure there would be that many folks at the beach in November, not even in Florida. There was a group of high school boys. At first, I thought they were just playing hooky. Not the case. They were foreign exchange students here from Sweden. They start school next week. They are waiting for their host families. In the meantime, they are staying at a hostel in the next city. They got an uber and came to the beach. Lucky me. They spoke enough English to talk to me. I don’t think they understood what a trailer trash whore is, but it didn’t matter. They understood cock sucking, exhibitionism and fucking. They understood I was more than half their age. They didn’t care. I pulled my bikini top back exposing my American big tits. Cocks started sliding between my boobs and circling around my lips. No life guards, no police, no anybody on the beach but me and some cute Swedish teen boys. It was my obligation to welcome them to America properly. I did that and more. Those boys had never had anal sex. They said girls in their country won’t do anal. I had to introduce them to my hot booty.  Down on all fours in the sand with the sun beating down on me was a great setting for a gangbang. Being an anal sex whore on the beach is my kind of sex on the beach! Who knew that Swedish teens could fuck like animals. It was a great day at the beach. I will be going back to the beach more often.

Freaky Phone Sex in Da Club

freaky phone sexI have a freaky phone sex story for you. I was partying hard last night with a bunch of married men. I went to the local strip club because women get in free and they drink for free too. I was twice the age of most of the strippers, but the men in the club had their eyes on me. It was amateur night, which I didn’t know. I was just there for the free booze and to pick up some men. I entered the contest, mostly to show up the 20 something bitches who called me an old whore. Those bitches have nothing on an old trailer trash whore like me. I worked that pole like I majored in stripper moves 101. One guy put his beer bottle on the stage while I was dancing. I thought he was offering me a drink, so I picked it up with my ass and shat the beer out on the faces of the men in front. Everyone’s mouth was open. The young strippers were in awe, some were grossed out. When men were paying me hundreds of dollars to do that trick again, they wanted to know my secret. I won the contest and I walked off with close to a grand. Not a bad night when you consider I just went there for the free booze. Oh, did I mention I got a job offer and came home with the club’s security guy? He wanted to fuck my old ass. Afterwards, he told me I was a better fuck than all the strippers combined.

Gangbang Whore Mommy

gangbang whoreGangbang whore and proud of it. One cock has never been enough for me. I was turning tricks with my momma when girls my age were playing with Barbies and riding their bikes. I am a cock and cum whore many decades later. A coke whore too. I was set to go down to the truck stop to get some blow when my son and some of his friends arrived to party. They had beer and pot and hard cocks. I told myself, I could get blow tomorrow. I would be silly to pass up a party with twentysomething year old boys. I like weed and booze too. We made a drunk sex porn. I was chugging beer and getting fucked in the ass. My son’s friends like me because I give up the ass. Its my only tight hole. Plus, boys their age love ass sex. Anal is something that girls get more comfortable with over time. Drunk boys still gangbanged the shit out of my shit box. I was filled up with cum, covered in it too. Loved every moment of it. Well, every moment that I remember at least.

Cum Guzzling Slut for Halloween

cum guzzling slutI was a cum guzzling slut for Halloween.  Because of rain coming tonight, the city did trick or treating last night. I dressed up as a street walker. I know, just my regular daily clothes, right? I was only passing out candy to check out the talent. I was sure some teen boys would knock on my door later. They always do. After most of the super young ones had come for their candy, I did a line and opened a beer. I was going to watch some scary movies, but there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, there were 5 boys in hockey masks. I figured high school boys. I told them the treats were in the kitchen. They followed me in. I filled their bags on the condition they would fill my fuck holes. They said they weren’t there for the candy anyway. They knew I was a trashy milf. I was glad they knew my reputation. They did a few lines, chugged some beer then skull fucked me. I had all their cocks in me at once. I can handle it. I have been sucking dick since I was a little girl. They were impressed. I am a far better cock sucker than the school girls. I told them I was their trick, but I wanted my treat. My creamy, protein rich treat. They fucked my mouth fast and deep. I thought I might puke, which has not happened in decades. I was able to keep it together to swallow several loads of hot cum. I am a cum guzzler. I love the taste of cum, the feel of it too. They were ready to leave after they busted their nuts, but I told them I had two other holes in need of treats. They put down their loot and pulled out their cocks to fuck my ass and pussy. It was a treat filled night for this trailer trash whore.

BBC Phone Sex: I Don’t Discriminate

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex is something I enjoy. I am a redneck trailer park whore. My daddy is turning over in his grave knowing I am getting nigger dick in my fuck holes daily. He was a fucking redneck racist. Mom told me black money spends just like white money. She was a whore. I tricked with her for years. I didn’t discriminate. A paying customer is a paying customer. I fuck guys now for coke. I don’t need to worry about cash when pussy pays for anything I need. In my hick town, black truckers have the best blow. They like to share with a white trailer trash whore too. They want white pussy, I want white powder, so it is a perfect match. Last night, two brothers both wanted to party with me. That is one of the many things I like about black men. They aren’t shy around one another. They don’t care if their balls touch or their dicks cross.  I let them tag team me all night. I would do some blow, then blow! Between the two of them, they had long 21 inches of cock. Daddy would be ashamed of me taking a nigger dick in my pussy and ass, but mommy would be proud. I got pumped full of nigger spunk. I am playing with my wet holes now, doing lines and taking dirty to men who love a nigger loving woman like me.

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