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White Trash Phone Sex is What I am Good At

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is all I can provide. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My mom was a trailer park hooker. She never finished high school. The only way she knew how to support us was with her pussy. She used to tell me all the time, “sex sells.” She was right. I am a phone hooker. I only graduated high school because my mom blackmailed the principal. He was one of her regular johns. I have always been more interested in fucking and partying than studying.  We have a classy site for guys who like smart and sophisticated girls, but this isn’t it, however. I had a caller last night who wanted me to be some socialite. I had too look up that word. I told him being some high class woman was nothing I had experience with, but if he wanted a cum dumpster cougar, I was his broad. I think he decided that a dirty whore would be more fun because he did a call with me and extended. We got high together and swapped kinky stories. Those I have plenty of to share. I’m in my element when talking cum and coke.

BBC Phone Sex: Doctor’s Orders

bbc phone sexBBC phone sex was just what the doctor ordered. This damn cold made me catch a cold. I’m never sick. All the booze and blow kill most organisms living in my body. Florida is not use to extreme cold. It is so cold iguanas are falling from trees. I shit you not. I went to this urgent care place yesterday. They sent me home with some antibiotics and instructions to consume plenty of fluids. Cum is fluids, right? My trucker fuck buddy and dealer has the most fluid in his balls of any man I know. Plus, he has the best blow. I won’t let a cold keep me down. I can rest in bed on my back and still fuck. I texted Big D that I had a 911 emergency. He knows that means I need big black dick and coke. He showed up at my trailer an hour later with everything I needed to feel better: cum filled chocolate balls and a big bag of the good kind of snow. I love his salty cum filled balls. If I drained his black nuts a few times, I would have enough fluid to heal all the sick in Florida. First, I got on my knees to be the cum guzzling slut the doctor told me I should be to get better. Load number one of my get well quicker fluids went down my throat. It was just what the doctor ordered too. Yummy hot fluids cure anything. Load number two went up my hot box. You feed a fever, right? I fed myself so much cum my fever was gone. After a few loads of thick nigger seed, I was feeling better. We did some lines of coke together and I got load number three up my ass. Today, I feel like a million bucks. I don’t think I need these antibiotics as long as I keep getting a cum filled cunt.

Hardcore Orgy Porn with My Son and His Friends

hardcore orgy pornSo, last night my son and I were watching a hardcore orgy porn. We both enjoy watching dirty old cougars like me get gang banged and fucked hard. I have never shied away from rough sex. My pussy was built to take a pounding. In fact, I don’t know why some folks think women are the weaker sex. You kick a man in the nut sack and he is a blubbering mess. A pussy, however, was built to take a pounding. My son and I were doing lines of coke and Tequila shots watching this porn when we had to fuck. Does anyone get through a full porn movie anyway? I mean 10 minutes into this movie and my son’s cock was up my ass giving me hardcore anal sex. Perhaps it was that I was high as fuck and drunk as fuck, but I wanted my shit box fucked so hard my son got a dirty dick. He likes fucking dirty too. I am not sure when he did it, but he texted a few of his friends to come over because his mother was horny and needing more than one cock. Hell, that is any day of the week. His friends showed up with more blow, beer and hard cocks. Needless to say, I am sitting on a bag of frozen peas today, but I love that hurt so good feeling.

A Gangbang Whore New Year’s

gangbang whoreI was a gangbang whore on New Year’s Eve. My son had a party for his friends, which means a party for me. There were about 20 college age studs, a few younger treats too. A few coeds were there, but they could not keep up with my drunken antics. We had a few kegs of beer, which were drained dry now. I had some good blow that I shared, so it was a real party. Some of those coeds never had a line of blow before. I had them doing lines off cocks. Talk about girls gone wild. One toot up their noses and they were acting like porn queens chugging cock and drowning in cum. They were still no match for this trailer trash whore. I bent over one of the kegs and had the guys run a train on me while the few girls watched and took notes. I had cum flowing out of my fuck holes like the river Styx. I mean my skanky old puss was filled to the brim with penis pudding. I am old cum cougar, but those coeds had never swallowed a gallon of nut butter, so I spread my legs and ordered them to clean up the mess between my legs. Reminded me of all the dirty times with my daughter. She always ate my creampies. The coke helped those girls lick my pussy pie clean. I woke up this morning with dried jerk sauce in my hair and on my face. I was hungover too. I woke up a passed out boy for a protein shake, did a line of coke and felt good as gold. The girls were gone, only a few boys remained, but this dirty old cum whore drained the cocks dry that remained. Merry Christmas and happy fucking New Year to me and you.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with a Cougar

cum eating phone sex

Cum eating phone sex is one of my many specialties. I make no apologies for being a cum guzzler. I was born and raised drinking cum. My supply was running low because of the holiday. I have been making more cum cocktails to keep me warm. Plus, I use it in my eggnog. I always keep some jizz frozen in my freezer, but I made my last semen smoothie this morning. I am a hot cougar with no limits or taboos, so I have no problem finding a cum supply. I marched my hungover ass to this trailer where 2 young teen boys live. Their mom is a stripper, but she doesn’t fuck them. I know right? She is crazy. When school is in session, they walk by my trailer to the bus stop, most days they stop in to give me a jizz deposit. They get their dicks sucked before school, I get some cum, it is a win win situation.  I knew they had to be jonesing for some release over the holiday break. I also knew that they could text a few other teen boys to join the party in my trailer. I started with just two boys tag teaming me, but it didn’t take long before I was a gangbang whore to a few dozen teen boys with cabin fever. Those boys jack rabbit fucked my holes. Pumped me full of boy seed that I pissed out of my cunt and shit out of my ass. I had so much cum because so many boys piled into my trailer to fuck this old whore. Usually, the boy cock cums to me. Today, I went looking for the boy cock and I’m sure glad I did. My old fuck holes got a shit ton of cum and one hell of a workout.

Trashy MILF Christmas: Party With Me While Your WIfe Shops

trashy milfI am here to wish you a trashy MILF Christmas. I am around all day and even tomorrow, the biggest shopping day of the year. I bet your wife ducks out Tuesday to score some deals. When she does you should score some cougar cunt. I have been doing lines of coke, sucking cock and masturbating all night. My son and daughter are spending a few days with their old mom for the holidays. They are just as wild as me, but younger. The funny thing is I can go longer than they can. They eventually pass out leaving me to use sex toys to get off. If your wife would rather shop than fuck this time of year, you should call me. If you have some party supplies, even better. They aren’t a requirement to have fun with me. I am a trailer trash whore. That means I can have fun in a closet. Even if I was shopping I could have fun and I hate shopping. I think it is because it takes time away from partying and fucking. I know like tomorrow is a great day to save a few bucks on Christmas crap, but guess what? I would rather stay home and get nasty with you. My son and my daughter cannot keep up with me, but I bet you can. Let your wife take the car to shop on Tuesday. Stay at home and party with me. We can fuck, swap taboo stories and get high together. Fuck everyone else!

Cum Dumpster Christmas

cum dumpsterI’m a cum dumpster. I love cum. All my favorite things begin with the letter C: cum, cock and cocaine. Last night, I got all three. Merry Christmas to me. I was down at the truck stop looking to party. Truck drivers are always looking to party with an old whore like me. Everyone knows truckers have the best blow too. I knew my usual hook up, Big D, was on the road. He is not due into town until Saturday, but this time of year there are always more truckers than usual sleeping for a few hours at the truck stop. My skanky ass walked around until I found a guy that made my old twat wet. I found this hot man traveling with his son. Father and son? Fuck yes. I am just the dirty whore to do that. They invited me into their cab. Junior is off school for a few weeks and traveling with his dad to kill time. No better way to kill time than with a trashy milf. I did lines of coke with dad and fucked junior. Dad was a dirty sort. He stroked his cock watching me make his son a man. I wasn’t sure what he was more turned on seeing what I did to his boy or watching his son’s young cock. It didn’t matter. I don’t judge. I was having a hot time even if daddy was gay for his son. As I rode Junior’s cock reverse cowgirl, daddy put his throbbing rod in my mouth. I was going to take father and son cum loads at once. I bet your wife can’t brag about something like that. I am a big dick sucker, so daddy’s dick went all the way down my throat. As junior was filling up my cunt, daddy was filling up my belly. Merry Christmas indeed.

BBC Phone Sex: A Cock So Big I Puked

BBC phone SexBBC phone sex whore is one of my many specialties. I am a trashy whore, so no surprise I love me some big black cock. I am not a size queen or anything, I just love giving black studs some MILF pussy. I picked up this young black guy at the truck stop last night. I brought him home for some good old fashioned fucking. A big black cock was just what I needed too. It was chilly here and nothing warms me up better than a big black dick. I was impressed with his length. I consider myself a big dick sucker, but I struggled to get him even halfway down my throat. His balls were big and round too. He said I was an impressive white bitch because most white women run from his anaconda. I’m not just any woman, however. I am a trashy whore. I see a big black cock and I am making bets on how much of his snake I can swallow. Turns out, I am not the sword swallower I thought I was. I actually puked on his dick. That has not happened to me in forever. His cock was just too big to swallow and it triggered my gag reflex. I was embarrassed, but he loved it. I couldn’t believe that he loved it so much, but he did. I cleaned my chunks off his dick and rode him. What my mouth couldn’t swallow, my pussy sure could.

Dirty Phone Sex Whore

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex whore is what guys call me. Callers always underestimate me. They call me asking about my taboos and when I tell them I have none, they don’t seem to believe me until they do a call with me and find out just how dirty I can be. I am the daughter of a whore. My momma turned tricks in our trailer to support us. I started helping her with Johns before I finished high school. I was raised understanding that sex sells, and nothing should hinder the profit making off my body. I have always been the woman other women warn their men about. I love being a trashy milf. I am like Pamela Smart without the husband killing! I party with the young school boys. I let them do things to me other women forbid them to do like anal sex, watersports, cocaine, gang bangs and bukkake parties. I want to have fun, so I party like a whore. I didn’t follow in my mom’s footsteps exactly. I don’t take money for sex. I do take drugs for sex, however. I like to fuck, and I like to party. My mom fucked for money for us to survive. I make good money being a phone sex whore, so I can enjoy my time off the phone fucking for pleasure. I am just as dirty off the phone as I am on the phone. Last night, I entertained about 20 teen boys. My daughter occasionally babysat one of the boys, so I have known him since he was in diapers. He is all grown up now. He confided in me last week that he and his friends had a dirty fantasy about circle jerking on a cougar. I told him to bring his friends over last night for a bukkake party. Nothing warms up a milf body on a cold night like a gallon of boy cum. They are coming back tonight to fuck and get high.

White Trash Phone Sex Reunion

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is for men who like a redneck woman. I am no fancy talker. I barely graduated high school and when I did, I was pregnant. The father of my son is not my ex-husband, but a teacher I banged to be able to graduate. My reputation as trailer trash in my community goes back decades. I was a trouble maker as a teen girl. My mother was a whore and we would turn tricks together. Sex sells. I would use the money I made whoring to score coke. I have no regrets in my youth. I partied and fuck hard. I still do too. Thirty some years after high school, I am still fucking guys I am not supposed to and getting high. Just now, I can’t get preggers. Men love that they can cum in me and not become a daddy. My high school reunion was last week. I almost didn’t go, but I thought why the fuck not. I couldn’t believe it, but Mr. Fetcko was there. That is the teacher who banged me up against his desk after school for a year. He is in his 70s now and retired, but still has an eye for the young ones. I took my son and daughter to the reunion and that old pervert was all over my daughter like a cheap suit. You should have seen his expression when he met my son. He knew he was the baby daddy with just one look. I never went after him for support, because I married a trucker the next year. Mt Fetcko had a hard on for my daughter. I think he was hoping she was his fuck trophy too, but she is my ex-husband’s girl. At least I think so.  I told him if he wanted to fuck my daughter, he had to fuck me too. Old geezer followed us to a bathroom and fucked us both with his old dick. He had gray pubes, but his dick had no issues getting hard. Of course, he was fucking a hot trashy milf and her daughter.  We could get a dead guy hard.

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