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Phone Sex Sluts Have Dirty Tales

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Hooker Phone Sex is for Women Too

hooker phone sexHooker phone sex is not just for men. Women rent whores too. I like to test the competition’s merchandise. It helps to check out competitors. Keeps a pimp on her toes. I do not know another pimp like my husband and I. I know there are low end pimps like my parents though that rent our their daughters. We are high end. High end girls demand more money. We cater to the men who can pay thousands of dollars for young pussy, not just a couple hundred. I found this brothel a few counties over. I took a road trip last week and paid them a visit. They do not get many women clients. They asked me if I was a cop. I told them I was just a lesbian who wanted a mommy daughter experience. They paraded a few cute sluts in front of me like I was judging a beauty patent. Hot little girls too. I picked this clearly barely teen slut. I was hoping she would like the break from all the men. She did. She got into the role play too.I wanted to buy her outright. She would make a welcome addition to our hookers for hire. I had to talk about that with my husband though. He deals with business aspects of our home brothel. I have one girl who is in college and another one about to graduate high school, so we will be down two whores before long. This little Lolita slut was a good cunt licker. The best cunt licker. She tossed my salad too. I took my time with her. I showed her a mommy’s love. I fucked her like the whore she is though too. She came many times, and so did I. I took some pictures of her and sent them to my husband. I spoke with the madam of the house and made her an offer. She is going to mull it over, but I think soon I will have a new addition to our sexy prostitutes.

Blonde Fucking

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