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Everyone wonders how I am so popular. Maybe its the coke or how I swirl my tongue in the guys asshole. But this week is the last week of school which means that the prom queen is getting elected. There is this new girl that everybody is drooling over. She must be sucking the jocks cocks for free. What a loser. So my plan to make sure I am number one is fucking her boyfriends brains out. I am sure that I can do things she would never let him do. I have been thinking about since he got here. He is a big muscular surfer type. It doesn’t matter to me I like all dick.

I know he will be under the bleachers at the pep rally on Friday so I am going to sneak under there. So when that day come I was so creamy thinking about riding his huge cock. After the last cheer I went under there. When he spotted me he said,” Oh, Megan what are you doing down here”? and I said for your hot cum load on my face. I leaned on the part of the bleachers and he stuck 2 fingers in my tight creamy pussy and one in my tight little rosebud asshole. He took of his shirt and shoved it into my mouth so I wasn’t so load. After cumming multiple times I took out some pills and crushed them up for me and him.

Then after we shot some that up I told him to sit down so I could ride that fucking cock. He laid down and before I sat down I spit on it to make it so wet. And sat down and started bouncing my ass up and down on that fat meat. My ass cheeks where smacking on his balls making them so wet. I told him he could spit on me and treat me like the fuck slave I am. He starting grabbing my tits and twisting my nipples! “Oh fuck yeah that’s the spot! I am about to cum”. I stood up and let my cum drip in his open fucking mouth.! Then I slid my panties on and let the rest drip all out in my panties. This is definitely going to make his girlfriend drop out so I win. AGAIN!

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There is a new teacher in school. He is very tall and dark. I haven’t had any dark meat in a long time, and guess what I have him for a class. I think I might need some extra attention after class. While he was teaching I decided to sit in the front and spread my legs so he can see my little shaved pussy. I just was day dreaming about his cum! I want his cum all over me; in my mouth, and all over my tits. So the bell rang and I snapped back to reality. I watched all the students leave and I stayed behind as planned. He walked over to me and he said, ” I seen you opening your legs, that’s not very lady like”. I looked at him with this devilish smile and said, ” I am not very lady like, I am the sluttiest cum guzzling whore you will ever meet”. He gave me a look I have never seen before, and I just felt the wetness fill my panties.

He walked slowly over to me and said I want you to show me. I just dropped to my knees and my mouth was watering for his cock. I unzipped his pants and pulled his thick cock out and ran my tongue around the tip. His legs started to quiver, then I deep-throated his big black cock letting all my spit run down his big balls. I took my mouth off of it and spit right on the shaft and started to stroke it as I reached around and grabbed his ass to push his shaft harder between my hands. I looked up at him and said, ” I want you to explode all over my slutty little face“. I put it back in my mouth and told him to fuck my face. So I rested my head against his desk so he could shove it all down my throat.

My face is turning red and my veins are popping out of my neck as he drops his cock down my mouth he starts to moan and he pulls it out and lets all his hot cum cover my fucking face and tits. I put it in my mouth to drain all his cum out of it. Then I stand up and he hands me a 100 and I said, “I am glad you knew that wasn’t for free“.




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phone sex line meganDamn my cheer leading coach caught me snorting up a line again today. So I already know what is going to have to happen now. As always when I get in trouble at school or anywhere there is always a price to pay. I went into the coaches office, and his pants where already off. I walked over still in my cheer leading outfit and I slipped off my panties. He pulled out a tray full of coke and we snorted a couple lines. Then he said, ” Megan, you know that you can’t snort my coke and get in trouble at school for free right”? So I got on my knees in front of his hard cock and I started throat fucking his dick. I know he likes it sloppy. So I spit on his balls and make them all nice and wet. He grabs my head and shoves his dick down my throat making me gag all over it. I love when he uses me like the coke slut I am. Then I sit up on his desk facing him opening my legs to expose my creamy little cunny for him. He slides his throbbing cock into me as I am thrusting my hips back at him to push it even deeper. He is pulling my neck to get closer to me and then he whispers in my ear, “If you come satisfy daddy on a regular basis, you can have all the coke you want”. So to make sure he was satisfied, I laid him across his desk then climbed on top of him and sat slowly down on his ragging hard cock and then bounced my ass up and down making him curl his toes in delight. It didn’t take long till my little cunt was full of his thick load!

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Phone Sex LineSome girls say they’ll take a load to the face but I actually CHEER for CUM!!  Gimme a C!!  Gimme a U!!  Gimme a M!!  What’s that spell?!  CUM!!  I’ll take your load happily with a smile on my face and gobble it down if you let me!  I’m pretty popular in school.  My male teachers let me get away with SO much!  They know that if they turn a blind eye on my homework, grades, etc then I’ll drain their balls after class for sure!

I get loads to drink outside school too!  One of my favorite tasty cum Daddies is Mister Blue.  He’s my best friend’s Dad and lives next door.  He likes to dress his cum for me like dressing.  Course he doesn’t know that I know.  He thinks he’s jacking off in my lemonade, on my salads, and whatever else he makes and that I don’t know about it.  I’ve been playing along because I love the way he smirks when I’m eating it.  Last night I acted like the pudding he made with his Jizz in it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted and I moaned while eating it.  His face was priceless!  I think he almost lifted the table with his hard cock too!

I spent the night there and eased his suffering later.  I slipped into his bedroom while him and the wifey were sleeping.  I climbed in between his legs and started sucking his cock right there!  He woke up so surprised and tried so hard not to moan and I came just sucking his cock.  I got a big face full of cum as my reward!!  I can’t wait for my next load!