Squirting By The Pool

Dirty phone sexSo my sugar daddy paid me to come over to his big mansion and just lay naked by the pool for his guests. He is having a party and wanted me to show off my tight fucking body to his friends. I was just laying on a towel and my big black sugar daddy brought me a glass toy just in case I get horny seeing all this big sexy big muscle black guys. He even gave me some blow before his friends got there. I was so high I just laid there on that towel completely naked rubbing tanning oil over myself. I heard the door open and at least 10 black guys walked in the park yard to the pool area. I was rubbing oil on myself and I started to run my fingers down my tight tummy to my bald tight pussy. I started rubbing between my lips and rubbing my clit. I started getting all creamy so I picked up the toy and put it right in my fucking cunt. All the black men had there cocks out around me jacking there fucking cocks as I fucked my pussy. My eyes where so glazed over because the blow I could barley see them. I just kept fucking myself till squirted all over the towel and every single big black cock shot cum all over me. I bet my daddy will be happy.


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