My Favorite D’s

Cum dumpsterI actually had a date last night. Well it wasn’t a “date date” because he was a dope dealer. I am always thinking about only two things. Drugs and Dick. My favorite 2 D’s. He took me to a okay restaurant and then invited me back to the dope house. I was way more excited about the dope then the dinner. Hehe. We went back and we went into a room and rolled out some pills. I grabbed my spoon and lighter out of my purse, and started to crush the pills up. I melted them and put them in the needle and he tied off my arm. I stick that needle in and started to inject. I felt that tingly sensation all over, and he pulled out his cock and it looked so good. I pushed him down and put that cock right into my cunt. I was nodding out so he grabbed my hips and just started thrusting into me so deep. I could just feel cum dripping all down his cock and balls. That slapping noise is just making me moan more. Those are the two best highs I ever had.

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