Plowed by a Trucker

Hardcore anal sexWell, I had a fabulous day today! I decided to take a long walk through some of the more scenic areas nearby. It’s not often that truckers take any of the scenic routes, they tend to stick to the highway. However, there was a trucker who apparently got lost today, and he pulled over to ask me if I knew my way around. I pretended not to notice the visible gulp he took when I turned to look him in the eye. When he seemed to have trouble following my instruction because his eyes couldn’t stay off my tits, I decided to climb up in that rig with him and guide him back to the highway myself.

When we finally got him back to the highway, I took a little liberty, and I climbed down in the area between his seats, and I leaned over and started to suck his huge fucking dick. I swear, that thing stretched my mouth in all the best ways. When we got to the local truck stop, I took him into the showers, and I let him rip my tight little sphincter to oblivion. He fucked me good and hard for at least an hour. Man, I love a good, giant, hard schlong!

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