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Teen anal whore

Being a teen anal whore is perfect when you have someone to makes you cum quick. I met my boyfriend that I am currently dating last year. I had to meet his parents today. How do you think I look? This was right before I put my pants on. I want to look as innocent as I can, most teens are not like me. I love my job stripping. I get to drink on my shifts and dance to music. Is that not the best life? So, before I got dressed to go, Derek, took my pants off and started taking pictures of my pussy. He started to lick my fuck holes. I spread my legs as wide as I could for him. I wanted to have my pussy filled up with cum and my ass hole. He always busts enough loads to make it in both.

Pay for the pussy

Hot stripper sex  When I get paid for private dances I get so excited. I can get private time. I always give these wealthy men my address the more they have my pussy the more money I make. I have to really put in work though. I brought back this guy you see here back to my place for double the money. They always encourage me to do me and have fun. My bodyguard lives with me so it works out perfectly. Last night, I had to dance, strip a few times suck a fat cock and role play. It was fun. But damn, I rode that cock for so long my heart almost exploded. But, damn I love to cum and I love creampies. I got a facial that I always love It always makes my face feel the best the next day. I feel brand new and chirpy this morning.

Freaky fisting whore

Freaky phone sex 

  I had a dream last week that only consisted of freaky phone sex. The man in my dream on the phone had me fisting my self and swallowing fat huge dildos. I got online and went to Adams and eve to order big toys that I saw in my dream. My dreams always give me the greatest ideas. When I have vivid dreams like this it usually means it’s going to happen in the near future. Sure enough, I had a caller late last night asked me if I ever fisted my self or someone else. Being very honest I said I had only fit four fingers in myself and someone else. Never a fist, only in my dream.

He proceeded to tell me that It is about to be the first time ever that I fist myself. The entire call was about me and making myself wet. I double penetrated myself, masturbated and fucked a couple of my play toys to warm myself up. He said to keep working my fingers in one at a time and use lots of lube. My ass hole was dancing. I wanted more and more. I finally fit my fist all the way in with lube, stretching, and force.

I used my other hand to play with my clit. I had no idea that this would hurt so bad but feel so fucking amazing and that I could cum. Now, that I was opened up I used my big black silicone perfect dildo taking turns to my holes. The man on the phone came so hard to me fucking my own fuck holes. I imagined him shooting his cum deep inside me, and then shoving my dildo up there and licking my cum, and his right off the mushrooms head. Damn, I must be a psychic right? I want more kinky, freaky men. Dare me to do anything? I bet I will.

Teen anal fuck slut

Teen anal whore

 Being a teen anal whore feels just right. With that being said I have to make sure I dance just right on that cock. I take classes, pole dancing, and hip-hop dancing. When I twerk on the dick I want to make sure I bounce my ass perfectly. My coach actually has been giving me the sex me eyes. I could tell he wanted me so bad. He didn’t want to take his eyes off me. Or take his hands off my hips. We were dance partners and I just craved his cock. I couldn’t stop fantasizing about him and I. So, I invited him back to my place. I danced on him just like he taught me and he pounded my pussy the way it needed to be. I’ll let him suck my ass hole any day. Or, let him cum in my ass. I love cum and he was so warm and he had plenty to fill me up.

Fuck for the bucks

Dirty phone sex 

 Being a dirty phone sex girl is not hard when you really have kinky shit happen every night at the club. Every time I am dancing I always spot the old, wealthy men quick. I know their wallet is fat. Last night I got called for a private dance $$$$. I love getting asked. He was older much older. He told me to let him dominate and to swallow every bit of cum he has for this amount. I told him that I am a dirty little stripper. I bent over showing him my ass hole and pussy. He spanked me throwing cash, calling me derogatory names just how I like it. He made me get in several positions while he admired my fit stripper body. I got on my stripper knees and sucked away his white small cock for some cash. He offered a lot more then I would even ask for.  I am just a trailer trash anal cum dumpster so I mean hey more the better. I sucked and swallowed ever oz like he asked with no problem.

In need of a BBC

BBC phone sex  Where the fuck is my big black cock? BBC phone sex is all I really want. When I strip and get those old white men to the back for a private dance they pay great but the sex is wack as hell. I have been searching and searching for a tall, dark and handsome to please my every need. Then, he walks into my club. I spot my man quick. He took me to the back and screwed my insides with that dark fuck stick. My mouth happily got his pipe sloppy. He whispered in my ear telling me that he needs my stripper teen ass back at his house. After we fucked, I finished my shift and went right back to his house. His cock was ready for some more. I bounced up and down on him spreading my ass. He took me held me down spit on my ass hole. Gaped me open with lube and his fingers. Finger fucked me nice and hard and stretched my hole nice and wide. My anal hole was so fucking fat. Black cock filling my ass is so damn desirable. My pussy and ass hole were filled with cum that night and the next morning. I am so in need of some more of that black pipe. Where my black daddy?

Cum filled holes

cum filled cunt   When my cunt is filled with cum I like to hold it inside for a bit. My ex-loves to come over anytime he wants and takes my pussy. He says he owns it. He can do whatever he wants to it. I get my holes filled. Stuffed with cock and cum. I texted him saying that if he was going to keep coming in me that I was going to get off my birth control an have filthy cum sex. Getting pregnant would turn me on and Id make the best mommy. He was totally down for it. So, yes we are trying to conceive. It will make dancing on the pole more challenging, but hey a great fucking work out. I am so ready for this. I get all warm load I want now. My young body can handle anything. I just want your cum to fill me up too. Not just his. The more cum the better.

Sorority girl gone wild

Sorority girls fucking  Sorority girls fucking is the hottest shit I have ever been apart of. Do you find that hot? I damn sure do. I was shaking my ass twerking on the pole doing what I do best dance. Well I noticed these beautiful girls that seemed almost prude in a way walk in. They struck my interest quickly. The way one of the girls looked me in my eyes had my pussy dripping. Why were these girls here, and where were their men? After my shift, they came to me and asked to have my picture taken with the birthday girl She was turning twenty one and her friends made a list for what she had to do on her birthday. One rule on the list was to take a picture with a stripper. It just so happened to be me, but I couldn’t complain. Her name was Kim and she told me that her girls and her were having a party that I should come back with them. So, I did. The party was at a fucking sorority all prim and proper classy smart bitches that I never got along with in high school. But, I thought let me have some fun. Free drinks I kept noticing how Kim was looking at me. She was drunk but her eyes were stunning and she was so beautiful I thought that maybe she was trying to hint to me that she wanted me. After, shots, beer pong and dancing she called me in to her room alone. She was hesitating on what she wanted to say to me. I was so worried about what she wanted to say, I calmed her down, comforted her by running my hand up and down her soft leg. She asked me If I wanted to know a secret. I told her her secret is safe with me. She then started telling me that she has never had sex before and that she thinks she is a lesbian. Her palms were sweaty from being so nervous. She felt as if no one was going to accept her. Kim explained to me that she wanted to have sex with me so nervous, but she said she knew what she wanted. I pulled her dress off. Kissed her body and then ate her pussy while I fingered her sweet juicy pussy. That virgin pussy tasted so amazing that I couldn’t stop eating her cunt. I remembered I had a vibrator in my bag and so I took it out and fucked her she moaned and moaned. She came on my hand then my face. Who knew sorority girls had a bit of kink in them? Virgins letting strippers fuck them for the first time. I got so lucky to have the opportunity to take her innocence. She a sorority girl that went wild.


BBC phone sex   The way a big hard cock fills my cunt is the reason I cant stop fucking them. When guys fall in love I feel terrible. I want different cock, nice big black dicks filling my holes. I had a party and Jamal came I just met him last night. We were all drinking, rapping , dancing, smoking and he kept flirting so I knew he wanted this pussy and sure enough he got it. I let him bang all my holes, he said he has never met a girl like me i kept that I was a stripper to my self but after we had a great time I am sure he had a clue that I usually fuck for money, or dance for money either way he was my reminder of why I never get settled down id miss out on some big black cock to make me cum.

That black pipe

BBC phone sex  Tall, dark and handsome makes me wild. I fantasize about big black cock stuffing all my holes all the time. Well last night I had my chance he came in while I was dancing and threw me 300 bucks. He even payed for a private dance(; That’s how I knew he had a big cock. I went in the back and sucked it off. I invited him back to my place so I could get more time with sexy black cock. I kissed, sucked and admired it like it was some fucking trophy. I bounced up and down on that shit like I was a damn cow girl. It had probably been about a year since I had some black pipe in side me. I needed that. He pounded my pussy so hard and just right He got in the booty too. I can say taking that huge fuck pipe in my holes made my fucking YEAR! I am smiling but I need another one soon. Come on in and fuck me with that magic stick you were blessed with papi!

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