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Cum Guzzling Slut For Everyone

Cum Guzzling Slut

A group of guys made me into a cum guzzling slut the other night. I was stripping on stage and they were throwing money at me left and right. So, when my sexy show was over walked up to their table and sat down in the middle of them. There were six guys and only kinky little me to entertain them. They were groping me and feeling me up all over. I could feel hands on my ass, pussy, and my nice new fake tits. When they started making jokes about running a train on me and laughing I told them that for a price I’d let them fuck any hole they wanted. You should have seen their eyes light up. They each paid their share and then I led them to the back room. They each got their chance to stuff their cock into my asshole, cunt, or mouth, whichever fuck hole they desired. Then I got on my knees like a good fuck toy and let them all dump their load of creamy warm cum into my mouth. I held it all in my mouth, playing with it, and swishing it around until they were all done filling me up. I mixed all their cum up in my mouth then swallowed. It tasted so fucking good and made me feel like a good like cum whore. I love getting to drink up loads!

Hot Stripper Sex From Kinky Petal

Hot Stripper Sex

Hot stripper sex is what all the guys in the club are looking for. They come into my work just hoping they can’t the chance to fuck a sexy stripper. They know we are the nastiest and kinkiest girls around, willing to do anything to make them cum. As long as they can pay the price. Any of my fuck holes are up for sale. I’ll let guys of any age, size, and color slide inside my dripping wet cunt. You can even ram that nice hard cock into my tight asshole and shot your load so fucking deep inside me. My mouth is open for you too, I’ll be on my knees like a good like a whore waiting to take your hot creamy load down my throat. If you fantasize about fucking a sexy teen stripper then come on into my club. I’ll be more than willing to give you the hot fuck session that you need. We can even let my other stripper friends join in the fun. Imagine having me and all my friends caressing you and stroking the cum out that nice cock. What could be better than lining up a gang of stripper sluts and showering them with your cum?

Creampie Slut Takes Everyones Load

Creampie Slut

Turn me into your creampie slut. Everyone else does. I take so many loads it’s insane. I’m a little fuck toy for anyone who wants to pay for it. When guys come into my club they are all hoping they can find that kinky stripper that wants to suck their cock. Where I work at, we are all the hoe that will choke down your load and then move on to the next one. Guys have even noticed that I have cum running down my thighs when I’m dancing on stage. But I can’t help that most of the guys I fuck at the strip club want to bust their nut into my sweet bald little pussy. I’ve even had groups of men come in with all their friends and they each pay their fee and stuff their cock into me. Each of them taking a turn filling my wet cunt with their cum. Then I walk out with my creampie pussy filled up and get back to stripping and looking for the next guy to fuck.

Teen Sluts Fucking In the Club

Teen Sluts Fucking

Teen sluts fucking is a regular thing to see when you come into my work. The strip club I dance at is not exactly what you would call a classy place. The trashy sluts in there are all cum whores that just want to fuck. So it came as no surprise to me the other day when I walked in and saw three girls fucking on the stage. The guys couldn’t take their eyes of the live porn they were getting. I couldn’t help myself join in the fun. I took one of the girls and started going to town on her sweet wet cunt. My tongue slid up and down her bald clit. Shoving two fingers inside her I kept my rhythm on the top of her swollen pussy. Tasting her juices in my mouth, she started screaming out as I made her cum. I looked up and saw a few guys in the back stroking their cocks. They loved our little show. I laid back and spread my pussy. Grabbing the back of her head I shoved it into my cunt and told it was my turn to cum.

Cum Filled Cunt For Stripper Petal

Cum Filled Cunt

Come into my club and I’ll shove my cum filled cunt right in your face. I fuck so many guys a night that I’m always walking around with a load inside my tight pussy. I know total whore but I don’t care. Getting my little cunt stretched out and filled up feel too good to resist. The second a guy asks if I want to fuck I can feel my pussy gushing. My addiction to getting used like a fuck toy is growing every day. I need to get off more times every night I go to work. But all the hot horny guys at the strip club love it. They can’t wait to get a face full of my juicy pussy. When they ask for a lap dance from me they always end up getting way more than they expected. I grab their hands and rub them all over my tits and cunt. Shoving their fingers deep inside me and then making them taste that sweet goodness on their tongue. It drives them crazy and they just have to fuck me!

Stripper Sex Porn For Kinky Petal

stripper sex porn

This guy came into my club the other and asked if I wanted to make some stripper sex porn. He told me would pay me a lot of money so I figured, why not? I love getting fucked like a whore every night anyway, I might as well get paid for it. So I let him and his friends take him in the back room. One held a camera and recorded us fucking while the other two fucked me like a total slut. They bent me over and shoved a cock up my pussy and the other rammed his cock down my throat. They’re friend who was recording started to get too turned on watching. He couldn’t stop himself from coming over and stuffing his cock inside my asshole. Having all three of my tight holes getting fucked hard make me cum so fucking fast. Then they put me on my knees and took their turns jacking off onto my face and tits.

Anal Sex Whore Takes A Huge Cock

anal sex whore

I’m a huge anal sex whore. I can get enough ass fucking. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about getting my ass filled. Having my bald little pussy fucked is fun too, but what I really want is to be stretched out by the biggest monster cock I can find. When I’m at work in the club, I have this thing whenever a guy pays for a dance from me. I’ll take my naked ass and rub it all over his cock until I can feel him getting so fucking hard for me. If I feel like his man meat is a little on the smaller side, I’ll finish the dance and move on to the next guy who wants to pay for me to shake my tits and pussy in their face. Then I’ll do the same thing, once he’s hard I’ll rub my hand over his pants and feel for that nice thick boner that I crave. Once I find that guy who has a monster cock for me to play with, I’ll invite him to the back room and let him spread my ass wide open. I love feeling my tiny little fuck hole of an ass getting ripped open and stretched out by huge fucking cock.

Anal Cum Dumpster Petal Wants You

Anal Cum Dumpster

Guys love making me into their own personal anal cum dumpster. Anal seems to be what every guy wants from me. So at the club when I’m stripping, I love taking my nice tight ass and swaying it right in their face. They can’t help but imagine sliding into my asshole. Then when I have them to turned on and hard as a rock for me, I ask them to pay a little price and come to the back room and play with me. I love that being a stripper, there’s no need to be shy. Guys know I’m a whore and that I just want to get paid and fuck. So I don’t waste my time asking questions, I’m already naked and ready to go. I just have to rip their pants down and get that cock out. Then I bend over and grab my ankles, exposing my nice little tight asshole for them to fuck. Taking their hard cock, they pound my ass until then cum deep inside me, filling me up and watching it drip out onto the floor.

Trailer Trash Whore Wants You

Trailer Trash Whore

I’ve always been a trailer trash whore. My park I lived in was filled with guys, young and old, that wanted to fuck me. I was so addicted to getting a good cock stuffed inside me so I never said no. I still won’t, I let guys do anything and everything they want to me. Fuck my ass, pussy, or mouth and cum wherever you please. Even if you want to have your friends come over to my trailer with you, we can have us a little fucking party where my pussy is the party favor. I’ll take your load in my ass, your friends in my mouth, another in my pussy, and I’ll take shots of cum to my entire face and body while I jack the rest of your friends off. Shower me and cover me with your hot creamy cum. I’m such a little slut that I’ll lick up whatever I can. I even love taking your cum out of my tight little pussy and sucking it off my fingers.

Stripper Sex Stories From Petal

Stripper sex stories

My stripper sex stories just never end, I have so many. Every night I go to work at the club I meet dozens of guys who want to get off for me. I love it, taking their money and leading them to the back room where anything can happen. It’s supposed to be for private dances, but we all know I’m getting spread open the second we get inside. Guys just can’t help themselves. They come in and see the naked strippers walking around and their titties bouncing and hips swaying. Their cocks get hard the second they walk in the door. I have fucked so many different guys in one night, it’s hard to even keep track I’m such a dirty girl. Why should I deny it or try to hide it? If you are looking for a kinky stripper that will do anything to make you cum then I’m your girl. I love getting paid just for being sexy and willing, and trust me…I’m more than willing to do anything your dirty mind can imagine.

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