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I Love Being A Stripper

Stripper Sex Stories

I love telling all my naughty and nasty stripper sex stories. There’s so many, I’ve lost count. So many loads have been shot deep inside my pink little fuck hole. Being a total fucking slut has just always come naturally to me. Ever since I got my first taste of that warm creamy goodness I was a dirty little cum whore. I started hanging out the truck stop and letting older guys pay me to stuff their hard cock into my wet pussy. Then I ran away to be a sexy teen stripper and never looked back. I love getting paid to shale my ass and tits in horny guys faces and then get paid even more to let them make me cum. I fucking love cumming and I love making guys cum too. I’ll take as many loads as I can get, even if they’re at the same time! Come and let me tell you about the kinky things I’ve done!

I’m Such A Fucking Cum Loving Whore

blonde fuckingDon’ you love blonde fucking sluts like me? Watch my pretty blonde hair bouncing up and down on your cock while I deepthroat that nice big piece of man meat you’ve got between your legs. I love taking loads of cum and eating them all up, every last drop! I’m such a fucking cum whore and I fucking love it. That’s why I wanted to be a stripper so bad, I knew it was exactly where a naughty little slut like me belonged. Now I have guys falling to my feet and throwing their money at me just to begging me to let them slip that cock inside my tiny pink fuck hole. I fucking love it! Do you want to be the next sexy guy I milk a load of cum out of? I know that warm creamy goodness has been building up in your balls, looking for the perfect blonde little fuck toy to play with. I’ll let you do any fucking thing you want to me, just let me taste that sweet load of cum!

I Love Cum

cum dumpster

Make me your cum dumpster. I love getting filled with your load. Any one of my three wet fuck holes can be filled with your warm creamy goodness. I’ll lick it all up, swallow it, and smile. Then I’ll ask you to please give me some more. I have been a trashy nasty little lot lizard ever since I was a tight little teen. I went from kinky lot lizard to sexy teen stripper. I fucking love it. Getting paid to shake my ass and tits and then get filled with cum is fucking amazing. I’ve always needed to cum a lot and nothing makes my pussy cum harder than taking a nice big load of creamy cum! It’s tastes so good, I want to milk your cock of every last drop. You won’t be able to resist me once  I give you a sexy lap dance and offer to take you in the back and fuck you nice and hard. Come and give me your cock and shower me in that load baby! I fucking love being your dirty little whore.

Plain White Trash

white trash phone sex

Call me up when you need some really fucking nasty white trash phone sex. If your cock is aching to find a dirty used little fuck hole then I’m the girl you can dump your load into. Quick hot fuck sessions are my specialty. I’ve been letting guys pump and dump me since I was old enough to take a cock. I’ve come a long way from being the nasty lot lizard all the old truck drivers wanted to bang. I used my money I earned being a nasty little fuck doll to move to the city. I got a job the first day there, all I had to do was walk into the strip club and let those girls have their way with me. They brought me up on stage and took my clothes off. I was shaking my pussy in rich men’s faces within an hour of first setting foot in there. I fucking loved it.  I love the attention and the sex and the drugs and the fun! It’s endless and I can’t get enough. I’ve always had an insatiable desire to get fucked and milk big cocks of all their cum. come and give me your hot load! I’ll take it any little fuck hole you want to fill up. Make me your nasty little fuck toy.

I’m Such A Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fucking

I’m such a blonde fucking whore. The second I was old enough to sell my pussy I ran away to be a nasty little truck stop hooker. I was a lot lizard and fucked my way through old truckers until I became a stripper. I love getting paid for my pretty little pussy. I have seen the way guys check me out my entire life and why not use that to my advantage? They want to fuck me and I want to get paid. It’s the perfect deal. Anyone can my hot bald pussy for a price. I’ll be the blonde little slut that you’ve been dreaming about. There is no limit to the fucked up and nasty things you can to do this little cum whore. I’m just a cock pleasing fucking whore and I want to take your money and your load. Let me take your load. Cover my face, tits, ass, or cunt. Any of my tight fuck holes can be yours.

Come Hear How Nasty I Am.

stripper sex stories

My naughty stripper sex stories makes all the guys cocks fucking throb. They see me and they know right away that I’m a total fucking slut. I mean, I’m a stripper and I love to show off my tight sexy body. I wear tiny slutty little outfits and fuck me heels everywhere I go. Most of the time my nipples are even showing. So, when guys start talking to me they kind of expected me to be a whore. But sometimes, they’re a little shocked when I start telling them all the nasty and kinky stuff I do to men in the back room of the strip club I work at. I love the way their eyes get wide and I can see them start to sweat, That’s when I start rubbing their leg, letting my hand slide up to there cock and rub it, feeling it get hard in their pants. They want me so bad, I can see the desperation on their face. They need to fuck me. They need to make me into a fucking whore just like every other cock that has crossed my kinky path. I let them know that for the right price, anyone can get a taste of my sweet bald pussy. None of them can resist. They need to fuck me.

Pay Your Fucking Whore

Big Dick Sucker

I’m Mommies disappointment and Daddies big dick sucker. My Daddy taught me how to be a good fucking whore. He used to drop me off at truck stops and told me how to sling my wet cunt for money. They fucking loved me, and they loved filling up my fuck holes. I started getting off on the dirtiness of it and being such a nasty slut. I was fucking men old enough to be  my grandpa in truck stop bathrooms that probably hadn’t been cleaned in years. Men would throw money at me after fucking my mouth and I’d still be on knees swallowing their load. Sometimes, I’d be so turned on from being used up like there little fuck toy that I’d sit there on that dirty floor and rub my soaking wet pussy until I came. Daddy would tell me how proud he was of me when I told him how many loads I took that night and how much money I had got for it. He loved his little fuck doll.

Office Slut

blonde fucking

I’m such a blonde fucking whore and I fucking love it. The holidays are always the best too because I a great time to surprise guys with a hot kinky fuck session. There’s this guy that had been on my mind lately. He came into the strip club a few weeks ago and we fucked. He had the biggest fucking cock ever. I was so hooked on it, I needed him stretch me out again. I know he’s married so I couldn’t just show up at his place to fuck him. The next best thing was his work. But, I also knew I couldn’t just show up in my normal slutty clothes looking like I’m obviously a stripper. So, I went and got some nice-looking clothes and made my hair and makeup look really sweet and pretty, at least I thought so. When I looked in the mirror though, my tight black skirt, high heels, and red lipstick still had me looking like a whore. I went into his work and told them I needed to see him. He was back in his office and looked really surprised to see me when he came out. He knew what I was there for though. He took me back to his office and locked the door behind him. Then I got on my knees and gave him a nice sloppy blowjob before I let him bend me over his desk and fucking pound me. I could tell by the looks I got that everyone there knew I just took his load.

Meet Me In The Bathroom

cum dumpster

This guy that comes into my club a lot says I’m his favorite little cum dumpster. He started by coming into the strip club I work at and getting a dance from me, which of course turned into him paying to fuck me in the back. He was so fucking hooked on my little pussy after I made him explode his giant fucking load inside me. He hasn’t been able to go more than a few days without fucking me ever since. So, he was texting me all day, stuck at home with his family for Christmas. He wants me to meet up with him. It turns out, I’m going shopping tomorrow at the same mall that him and his wife are. Now we have a naughty little plan to meet up in the bathroom and fuck. It will have to be a quiet and fast little quickie but it’s better than nothing. He needs to get his fix for my sweet wet cunt while his wife is out Christmas shopping, he just can’t stay away!

Blonde Fucking Whore

blonde fucking

I’m such a filthy blonde fucking cum whore. I have loved taking loads since I got my first taste at a truck stop with Daddy. He used to leave me at truck stops all night long waiting for him wile he went and found parties and hookers to play with. Every guy that came through there wanted to give me their load of cum and I hardly ever said no. It would turn me on so much and make my little pussy gush to know that they wanted me so bad they’d have to pay for it. That’s why I love being a stripper now. Guys pay me just to take my clothes off and shake my ass and tits in their face. I’ve been using my tight wet fuck hole to pay for my shit and get me whatever I want since I first took a cock. He was a trucker that bought me dinner and some cigarettes and I let him bend me over in the truck stop bathroom and give me his load.

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