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Hardcore Anal Sex With Teen Petal

Hardcore Anal Sex

Hardcore anal sex can be so much kinky fun! I have so many stripper sex stories about men making me into an anal cum dumpster. Sometimes I like it to get pretty rough and wild though. I like to find guys that have a monster cock that they can slam into my tight teen asshole. When it comes to anal fucking, I want it hard and fast. No need to worry about being gentle with this teen anal whore. I love taking your giant cock and shoving it my tiny fuckhole. I love it when you sit down and pick me up, then place me on top of your cock and just lift me up and down. Just slamming me down onto your cock. You could even bend me over, I’ll gladly spread my ass cheeks apart for you to slid that huge dick in my ass. Hardcore anal sex just makes me feel like such a whore. I want you to stretch my ass out and pound my tiny hole until you explode your cum inside me. Make me your anal cum dumpster.

Petal Loves Being A Big Dick Sucker

Big Dick Sucker

Being a big dick sucker like myself, I have a lot of kinky stories of sucking and gagging on huge man meat. One of my favorite stories was when my black friend gave me his BBC to choke on. It was amazing to feel his thick long dark cock filling my throat. I think about that kinky fuck session a lot. We had been sexting and getting hot and bothered before he came over. When he finally got to my place, there was no need to waste time. He knew exactly what I wanted to do to his big black cock. I got on my knees and pulled out his monster dick. It was too thick for me to wrap my hand around. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took that giant dick into my mouth. He started forcefully fucking my face, making my eyes water and drool to drip down onto my tits. He told me that he wanted to make me into his little cum dumpster. More than happy to be his fuck toy to shoot his load into, I laid back, grabbed my ankles, and spread my legs wide open for him. He shoved his entire cock inside me, stretching me and making me yell from the painful yet wonderful sensation of feeling him so deep inside my tight wet pussy. He came inside me and when he pulled out he started fingering my tiny hole. His cum we spilling out, and he smiled at my pussy, appreciating my cum filled cunt. He called me creampie slut ever since. 

Gangbang Whore Petal Gets Naughty


Gangbang Whore

I had a gangbang in the back room at my strip club once. I love being made into a little gangbang whore. This group of guys came into the club and they gave me all their attention, not to mention all their money. They started making jokes about making me a gangbang whore and I felt my pussy get wet thinking about it. I love being a teen stripper slut.  So, of course, I wasn’t going to say no. I took them all into the back room and I let them each take their turn fucking every one of my holes. I was riding a cock while taking it in the ass and mouth. The other guys stood around us and jacked off. I came so many times, looking around while getting pounded in every hole and seeing all the hard cocks in the room. I loved the cum shower I got at the end. All I could think about was how much of a little gangbang whore I was while I took their loads all over me. I bet they come back for more my sweet teen stripper pussy.

This Cock Sucking Stripper Is At It Again!

cum dumpster

Want to hear another one of my stripper sex stories? Well, the other night this older guy walked into the club and I could tell that he had money. He sat at a table and I walked right over to him. He loved my tight little body and the way I grinded on his dick with my ass and rubbed my little tits in his face. I started whispering all the dirty things I would do to him in his ear and I felt his boner growing in his pants. I started rubbing my ass on him some more, feeling that dick grow bigger and harder for me. I took him to the back room so we could have some privacy. When we were alone, I started dancing for him while taking my clothes off. Then I got on my knees and pulled his cock out. I started sucking it and really getting into it. My pussy was so wet, I had to start fingering my myself. I could feel his cock throbbing on my tongue and my clit swelling. Just when he blew his load of wet hot cum into my mouth, I came and squirted my pussy juice all over the floor. It’s so great to get older men to pay me while I cum with them!

His Pool AND his Cock is Perfect

Cum dumpster

With as many clients houses I have gone to the one that sticks in my head is a high up there CEO for some big company. It was like Sam Club’s or some crap. Well his house was beautiful, on top of having an amazing infinity pool that over looks the ocean. Holy shit this thing was amazing! He liked showing everything off but what I cared about was taking a dip in that pool. He seemed glad to let me, mainly because it would mean me naked in his pool.

I gladly stripped down for him, then dived into the pool. He came in soon after. We swam together. After some time he pulled me to him and that was all it took, he slide inside me and I knew I needed it. He drilled me, his cock slamming in and out very rough. I was moaning, screaming, and cumming all over the place. His cock is pretty damn amazing! Even better than I was hoping. Even better than this pool, and this view! He slammed into me more and more, finally he pulled out and shot his cum onto my face.

Mr. Average AKA Big Daddy

stripper sex stories

I always thought I was gonna be something bigger. Go off to exotic places and meet interesting people. Well I got half of that right. There are a ton of interesting people I have met at the strip club. We have our high end VIP regulars who are always naughty. They never know how to follow the keep your hands to yourself rules Our run of the mile regulars, who every now and again cash out for something a bit more. Then the randoms who float in and out.

I remember one regular who wasn’t anything really special. He was an average looking guy, nothing to hot but attractive enough. He has only cashed out once since I started here. My lucky night though, he asked for me.

He told me to call him Big Daddy the whole time. He had me sit on his lap and give him a lap dance, he kept his hands to himself surprisingly. I started to strip down figuring he would want to fuck me. As I got naked he kept his hands off of me. I asked if I was pleasing enough to him and he told me of course. So I asked why he was keeping his hands off me and he said “You haven’t told me to tough you yet.” He was waiting for my green light. I told him to and oh I am glad I did.

He roughly played with my tits and clit making me moan out. He unzipped his pants and he was anything but average. He was at least 12 inches long, with a girth of 3 inches. Oh thank you for coming here, and wanting me. I sucked every last inch of his cock into my mouth. Then, I rode his cock. My pussy throbbed around him as he stretched me wide. I was cumming all over him the second he was fully inside me. I bounced on his cock hard, I felt him twitch and flex deep inside me. Oh my god he is about to cum. His cum over took my pussy and dripped out. I was so happy. I hope he cashes out again and uses me.stripper sex stories tumblr

Beach day

Gangbang whore

I have always loved going swimming, I prefer the beach over anything else. I love the salty taste it leaves on my skin and the way it feels across my bare body. I wasn’t expecting anyone to come out today, it is the middle of a school/work week, during day time. What is this man doing here?

I don’t mind to much, until I realize he has friends. There are seven of them all together. All looking yummy and hunky. I would love a taste of each of them. Little did I know that I would get that chance.

They noticed me, and the fact that I am completely naked. They waved and flirted while getting ready to get in, once they did I was like chum to sharks. I realized as they were getting ready they all ditched their trunks they had been wearing. Maybe I inspired some skinny dipping?

Well here they all are, seven of them, all very into me and very hard. This is going to be fun. I feel one from behind rubbing my ass with his cock and I moan softy. He slides it in me nice and rough. I moan more, then a cock is teasing at my pussy just before it shoves deep inside my tight hole. I scream out in pleasure as I feel them both inside me. As they finish two more guys step up. They all take turns with me over and over again. I love it.

We go to shallow water and they start taking turns in threes, one in my ass, one in my pussy, and one in my mouth. I am so full of cum by the end I think I am going to pop. My favorite day at the beach by far. I hope to see them again soon.

Stripper sex stories by Petal

Stripper sex stories by Petal

Such a sweet picture isn’t it? That was me this past Christmas. I am sitting on the rug of my Santa. I don’t even know his name. The only time he ever came to the club was that night. Christmas a lot of people are lonely, including me. I work then, I strip and play the whole day away. Well Mr. Santa comes in and is staring me down from moment one.

He sits by the stage and watches me dance. Later one of the other girls dances for him and I figure he changed his sights to something else. She comes back after the dance and says he wanted me. He just kindly paid her for a dance since it wasn’t her fault the mix up happened. He takes me to the back room and he wasted no time.

As soon as that door closed he locked it. He pulled himself out, ripped my panties off and set me on his rock hard cock. He put me against the wall and bounced me on it nice and rough. Then he sat down with me still on him while I rode him. He then put me on all fours on that dirty floor and rammed me from behind.

We were screaming and moaning so loud the bouncers tried to bust in. I begged them not to. One finally got in and saw how he was using me and kicked him out. He threw my money to me as he left.

After my shift ended I went out to the parking lot to find none other than Mr. Santa. He asked me if I was still wearing my red little “bra” and I told him yes. He asked about the panties and I said I didn’t have any others. He moaned and rubbed his clothed cock, then begged me to go home with him.

We went to Mr. Santa’s where he gave me everything I wanted this season. Alcohol, a big cock, a thousand orgasms, and a nice stack of cash. I told him I wasn’t a prostitute. He said it wasn’t like that, he wanted to spread joy. Well he did, in my pussy, my mouth, on my face, my stomach, anywhere he could get it. His joy was the best I had ever tasted and I was glad to take it.

I hope to see Mr. Santa this Christmas too.

Great job

phone sex line petalMy favorite part of stripping is knowing all eyes are on me. Every single move I make is being watched. Every time my tit bounces, when my ass is wiggling, especially hen my g-sting starts trying to show my pussy. Every second eyes are on me.
It isn’t that I am vain or need the attention. I just wanna know you want me so bad that every move is worth your undivided attention. I wanna know I make you feel that good and make you that hard that you can’t help but keep staring. Go ahead and keep looking all you like baby. Maybe after work we can talk about you seeing more, and maybe being allowed to touch.

Best Job Ever

phone sex line petalThe life of a stripper can be amazing or awful. My being so young has made my job amazing. I get a shit load of tips when men see me shaking it. I also get that rush at knowing these men should be at home with their families but instead they are here with me. I know they can’t help themselves. My fit young body, my perky tits, my tight ass, who could ever resist? I keep them coming back time and time again always bringing me more thrills and enjoyment. I want them to want me over anyone else, mainly cause I know I am better than any crappy wife they have. I do what she won’t do. I fuck him the way he likes, when we are alone in those back rooms, and he loves me for it.

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