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anal cum dumpster

I was an anal cum dumpster this weekend. What did you do?  My daughters had a party Friday night. It was a mix party which means boys and girls; varying ages too, but all in school still. I spiked the punch with some Spanish Fly. That gets everyone in the mood for my kind of party. There were some young girls there too, friends of my youngest daughter. I was in one of my wild moods. I wanted the boys to fuck the girls. I wanted young girls to get their anal cherries popped. My anal cherry was long gone before I was their age. You can send a young girl home with a violated ass and parents never notice. The ass is an elastic muscle that goes back into shape with an ice pack easily. At worst, the parents think she got constipated. The Spanish Fly mixed with Benadryl erases memories. I had fun being the dirty director of teen sluts fucking. Horny boys of any age will insert their dick into anyone or anything that feels tight. Any port in the storm as the saying goes. It was a wicked hot jail bait orgy. When little girl butt holes were worn out, this hot mommy was ready for some anal action. I bent over to take a horde of teen cocks up my well fucked ass. I showed those young girls how to butt fuck. Too bad I am the only one who will remember what a wicked hot time we had. My husband filmed it, so perhaps in the near future, I will remind them what dirty little fuckers they all were at my place.

Teen Sluts Fucking Pays the Bills

teen sluts fuckingTeen sluts fucking bring me money. I love being the madam of my jailbait whorehouse. Even during a bad economy, sex sells. Taboo sex, sells more. Toby was very clear about what he wanted. He wanted a bevy of young girls to pee on him while he jacked his cock. I don’t judge. We all have our kinks, right? He also wanted it filmed for his spank bank. Whatever a client wants, a client gets if the money is right. Toby’s money is always right. We had a plastic tarp down on the floor in the living room. My daughters had full bladders thanks to big glasses of lemonade. Toby stripped naked and laid down in the center of the tarp. My girls danced around him while he stroked. They took turns peeing on him. Some peed on his cock, some in his mouth. He was super hard. At one point he was guzzling little girl urine like it was lemonade on a hot day. I filmed it, getting wet at what dirty little whores I raised. Even my sons joined in on the pissing games. We have pissed on Toby before, but this time he got even kinkier than usual. He wanted my sons to run a train on his ass and piss up his backdoor pussy. My sons are no different from my girls. They will do anything if the price is right. My three sons made Toby their bitch. When Toby could take no more, we called it a night. My boys continued their train on their whore mommy. I was not ready to call it quits yet. Toby texted me later that night to book another session with my sexy prostitutes for this weekend. This time he wants my little girls to shit on him. Like I said, we do anything if the price is right and we never judge.

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This Trailer Trash Whore Loves Adult Babies

trailer trash whoreI love being a trailer trash whore. I promise you, I have more fun than many women. I talk to guys day in and day out with wives who bitch about sucking cock. You know if a woman won’t give head, she won’t do a shit ton of other things. I was raised for sex. While girls my age were in school making friends, I was naked in the back of a van making my parents money off my young body. Thirty some years later, I am still making money off my body. Just now, I oversee who I fuck and who my offspring fucks. My husband has a say too, but ultimately, if I don’t want to fuck someone, I don’t fuck them. My husband has a big international client who likes a trashy MILF. He is willing to pay for it. He must pay for it because he is not attractive at all. You know if Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp were pumping gas, they would still get all the pussy they wanted because they are handsome. Some guys only get tail because of their money. My husband told me Jacques wanted my time this past weekend, but he told me I didn’t have to meet him. Looks aren’t everything to me. He pays very handsomely and he is nice as far as Johns go. He likes me to pretend to be his mother. He is older than me, but I love age play. This visit with Jacques, we age regressed to his breastfeeding years. He got the adult baby experience. He is a big man, but I found cloth diapers that would fit his full grown ass. In his diaper, he sat on my lap and suckled from my breasts. Even my own offspring were watching my big baby Jacques nurse and wanted to suckle on mommy too. We had a family affair with my young ones pretending he was their baby brother. He made a huge mess in his diaper, so my little ones shamed him. That just gave Jacques a hard dickie in his diaper. Changing his poopy diaper was gross, but we had so much fun shaming him. Not to mention the fun we had spending the money he paid me to be the youngest member of my family.

Trashy Milf Scores at the School Play

trashy milfI’m such a trashy MILF. There was a school play at my daughter’s school last night. My husband was out of town, so I took her. I can give the appearance of a good mom when I need too. I dressed in a classy dress with pumps. I did my hair in a sweep up do. I looked like a respectable mother. The perfect California housewife. I was wearing no panties however; and a garter belt with stockings. I wanted to feel sexy under the boring clothes. I got hot watching those little ones onstage. So cute and innocent. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to masturbate.  I was followed in by a teen boy. I guess my guard was down because I didn’t notice him eye balling me the whole night. He pushed his way into the stall. I think he thought he was going to force fuck me, but I turned the tables on him. “Can’t force the willing,” I told him. I pulled out his hard young cock and gave it a good squeeze. “Whose cock is this now,” I asked? He admitted I owned it. I pushed him down on his knees to worship my sloppy wet pussy. He was used to being a bad boy with all those young sluts. They probably bow to him. Not me. He had never had a woman before. When I heard the bathroom door open, I made him get up on the toilet so whomever was in there, didn’t see his feet. I blew him, but I had to wad up some toilet paper as a makeshift gag so he didn’t moan. He shot his jizz on my face. I don’t think I got to even properly swallow his cock before he spurted on my face. Once the coast was clear, I licked his cum off my face, cleaned his dick up, fixed my face and went back to the school auditorium with the other parents. I wonder how many other mothers got some high school cock in the bathroom?

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWant some white trash phone sex? You should. If you are on this site you like trailer park trash. Trashy women are more fun than church going prudes. I had a little fun with some of those snotty bitches this weekend. Me and my eldest daughter went to the park for a picnic. There were some stuck up bitches nearby. They had on fancy hats and dresses like they just came from the horse races. They clearly didn’t approve of our daisy dukes and tube tops. My guess is they have never had cum on their faces or a dick up their asses. My daughter and I decided to mess with them. We were clearly their entertainment, so why not really give them a show. They were not subtle about their disdain for us. Sitting in the covered area pointing at us and laughing. I pulled off my shorts and started masturbating. I was communing with nature. My daughter got between my legs and started eating her mommy’s sloppy wet pussy. She will lick my pussy anywhere, anytime. The stuck up bitches were in shock. They started yelling at us, telling us they were calling the police, calling us names. My daughter came up for air with my pussy juice glistening all over her face and told them to call the police. We would be long gone by the time they came for an indecent exposure call. Hardly, a police priority. They were on their phones calling the cops, while I was cumming on my daughter’s face. We packed up and told the stuck up bitches to take the stick out of their asses and enjoy life. I bet if it was you and your friends watching us at the park, you would have joined in on the outdoor family fun.   

Dirty Phone Sex with Lilibeth

dirty phone sexDirty hone sex? Yes please. I don’t get vanilla calls. I don’t get boring calls. I pulled an all nighter talking and snorting lines. I got on this long call with a fellow incest lover. We started trading stories about all the dirty family fun we have had over the years. He fucks his daughter. Been fucking her since she was really young. Now, I don’t have a cock, so I couldn’t fuck my baby girls when they were young, but I could lick their bald cunnies. I understand why men are perverts for young girls. They look so sweet with no boobs and bald pussies. They taste so good too. We came together talking about his first time with his daughter. My sons and daughters were listing in. They love to listen to me when I am talking dirty. I let them eat my pussy when I am on the phone. They love it when I share our family fucking with callers. When I was done with my call, my sons and daughters wanted some mommy time. I can never deny them my sloppy wet pussy. The boys fucked me. The girls cleaned my creampie pie. I love it when my callers turn us all on.

White Trash Phone Sex

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex never has any limits. Guys ask me all the time what my limits are. I have none. We have a vanilla site, but this isn’t it. I couldn’t do vanilla phone sex. I wouldn’t know what to talk about. Would you? I want my sex dirty, even nasty. My life would make a porn star blush. Seriously, I have done more in a week than most women have in a lifetime. I clean up nicely, but I am whore at my core. My eldest daughter and I were at this swank political fundraiser last week for a man running for local congress. We have been to a few of his fundraisers. If people knew the things this man is into, they would be shocked. He is a client of my husband, but we keep his dirty little secrets because he pays us well. He doesn’t pay us to keep quiet. We aren’t black mailers. He pays us for golden showers sex. This fine upstanding congressional hopeful from an Ivy League school and old school money, likes young girls to pee on him. He even likes me to pee on him too. He wants my daughter on the campaign trail with him. He got her an internship. Folks think she is a future lobbyist or campaign manager, but she is just a young hooker for hire. Before he gives any public speech, my jailbait daughter pisses in his mouth and on his dick. If it is a local event, I join in on the fun. He loves the idea of a mother and daughter pissing on him together. I don’t judge. I collect the money and pass go. What dirty little taboo secret do you harbor? My daughters and I are good at keeping secrets and pushing your limits. We don’t judge your kinks. We all have them.

Dirty Phone Sex: I Look Classy, But I am All Trashy

dirty phone sexI love dirty phone sex calls. What about you? My guess is that if you are on my site, you enjoy dirty girls. Trashy sluts with no limits are your dream cum true, right? I am at an advantage. I look classy on the outside, but I am anything but classy. I tend to shock boys and men alike, because of my rich Beverly Hills type look. I went shopping the other day in another city. I like to have some time to myself a couple days a month. I looked refined for shopping on Rodeo drive. No one was giving me the Pretty Woman treatment. My Platinum American Express is always excepted.  A bus boy from the café across the street was watching me as I bounced in and out of stores next to one another. I decided to go have lunch over there. I knew he was checking this MILF out. Little did he know I was a trashy MILF. When I asked for him specifically, he looked shocked when the waiter told him I wanted his services. I wanted his stud services. He was a teen black boy. His cock in high school is bigger than full grown men. He called me ma’am when he came over. I wrote down my name and number and the address to the hotel I was staying at. I don’t live in Beverly Hills. I just took a two day shopping trip. I needed some night companionship. When he showed up after work, I got him high and drunk. Not his first time, I am sure. I taught him how to eat pussy while I gave him head like no high school girl could. I fucked that black boy’s brains out. I let him fuck my ass. He came on my face. I even milked his prostate. The shopping was great, but that young black boy cock was worth the trip alone.

Anal Cum Dumpster Training

anal cum dumpster

I love being an anal cum dumpster. When I was a young little hooker for my parents, guys loved fucking my bottom. I hated it. It hurt. You would think hating anal sex as a young girl, I would grow up to hate it still. Not the case. I can have my ass fucked all day. Here is the thing about ass sex. I can be on my period or knocked up and still take cock up my ass. You can have 12 inches of rock hard cock and get it all up my ass. You don’t hit internal organs up my ass. The sky’s the limit in my asshole, so to speak.  I have been teaching my youngest daughter how to be an anal sex whore like me and her sisters. I have been using toys on her baby butt hole in preparation for daddy’s dick. She is the only ass virgin left in the house. She has been telling me she wants a cock up her butt like me and her big sisters. She was literally asking for it. She was sucking her brother’s cock as I fingered her asshole today. She paused for a moment and turned to me. She said, “Mommy, I want something bigger.” She always gets what she wants. She is the princess of this house. I put my favorite glass dildo up her young rosebud and she was purring in delight. Clearly, I waited too long to train her on how to be an ass whore.

Freaky Phone Sex Fun

freaky phone sexDo you like freaky phone sex? Guys ask me what freaky means to me. It is subjective. I am not the normal woman. I do things daily that most women would never do. So, if you think something is freaky, chances are I don’t. I have this young barrio boy I am fucking regularly now. Young Mexican lad with a rock hard cock, that speaks very little English. He is learning. He thought fucking my ass was freaky. There is no Spanish word for freaky, so I understood him. He has seen a lot of porn. He wanted to try putting it in my ass. Anal sex is far from freaky for this girl. Perhaps, shitting all over his cock would be freaky, but not hardcore anal sex. I acted like it hurt me to turn him on more. Porn ruined his idea of anal sex. Girls in anal porn videos scream like they are being stretched out more than they can handle. I have had a lot of cock up my ass. I am an anal slut. The more you get fucked in the ass, the less it hurts. Nothing makes me scream in pain anymore. Well, not true. My Barrio boy did manage to get freaky with me, when he pulled out his cock and put his fist up my ass. I did not see that coming. There was no lube and I was not expecting it, so I did scream a little. Again, something he saw in a porn movie. Freaky or not, it still got my pussy wet. What is your idea of freaky sex? I’m game for anything. I double dog dare you to shock me. Incest sex, hardcore ass fucking, orgies, gang bangs, watersports, fisting, furry friends…not all that freaky to a dirty mama like me.

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