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Teen sluts fucking is a beautiful thing to see, especially when it is your teens. I went shopping yesterday while they were at school. I lost track of time which is easy to do when you are spending your husband’s money. I was late getting home, which meant my fuck trophies were left to their own devices. They are all old enough to be left alone at home for a few hours. I thought I would find them doing their homework or playing video games. They were having a family orgy. I shit you not. I walked in on a daisy train. They were in a big circle, naked and eating or sucking each other off. It was a proud mama moment. They were horny after a long day of school and wanted to have some fun. I have raised them to enjoy sex. My husband thought it was important that they get sexual pleasure at an early age, so they would not grow up repressed. It took them a few minutes to realize that their mommy was watching them and playing with her pussy. I was proud to see the boys licking their sisters’ bald cunts and the girls sucking their brothers’ cocks. Often when siblings are close in age they don’t get along well. Not the case with my brats. Fucking has made them closer. They love making each other cum. Finally, I couldn’t just watch anymore. I made my presence clear and asked if I could join the party. They wanted nothing more than to fuck each other and their dirty mommy. Fuck school work; I told them life experiences are just as important. We had a family orgy. Been way too long since I got to fuck them all together. I texted daddy to leave work and join the fun. He rushed home to enjoy his sons and daughters with me. A family that plays together, stays together.

Sloppy Wet Pussy, Pot Brownies and Anal Sex

sloppy wet pussyMy sloppy wet pussy was on display in my kitchen the other day. The stove broke. I am not exactly Betty Crocker, but I love to make pot brownies. My offspring love my homemade edibles too. I was in the middle of a massive happy brownie batch when the oven just stopped working. I called a repairman. I doubled the fee if he could come ASAP, so I could save my Mary Jane brownies. To sweeten the pot, I greeted him naked. I thought if he saw my hot MILF body, he would work faster to figure out the issue. His hard cock was going to be a distraction, so I let him fuck me quickly, so he could get to work on my stove. I promised him more fun with my hot oven if fixed my stove. I sat there in a kitchen chair playing with my wet pussy while he fixed my stove. While my medicinal brownies baked, he fucked me again on the dining room table. He even fucked my ass. I am such an anal sex whore. I am just a whore. I didn’t want to ruin my brownies because that THC butter is a bitch to churn, but his hard thick cock would make up for the loss if they didn’t turn out well. It was my lucky day. The brownies turned out great and I got fucked into oblivion by a young stud who left a ton of cum in my oven for my cunt licking brood to discover.

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Trailer Trash Whore in the Park with 2 Girls

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore visited a different community recently, Brookside Village. It is a small community on the coast. I went to meet a friend to discuss helping to train some young girls. Many people know I am a dirty P mommy who has trained her own sluts to be little whores. I even have my own background as a whore as a little girl. Brookside Village is one of those closed communities. People are invited to live there, and they must meet certain criteria like having young girls in the family and agreeing that those young girls will be naked all the time. As I was walking around the community checking things out, I found two naked sluts in the park. Young high school girls with very nice bodies. I wasn’t sure if as an outsider, I could sample the merchandise, but seeing hot teen sluts naked made my pussy purr. I couldn’t resist pulling that apple off the tree. They didn’t resist a mature woman’s touch when I fondled their breasts. They didn’t resist when I fingered their cunts either. This is how I pictured a nudist colony might be like. It was better though because there were no fat ugly men naked, just beautiful young girls. I had a lesbian threesome with two teen girls I had never met before. I wasn’t sure if they were raised submissive sluts who do whatever an adult wants, or they had some Sapphic curiosities. Either way, I was happy to play with those young, eager girls. I make it well known that I like tender age pussy as well as tender age cock. I had both girls licking my cunt and ass. We formed a daisy train under a dogwood tree. By the time we had all cum, I realized I was late to my meeting. I must visit Brookside Village again soon.

Freaky Phone Sex: A World of Naked Girls

freaky phone sexI love freaky phone sex. I masturbate many times a day. I have a high libido. I have taught all my girls to masturbate too. I love playing with their pussies and showing them how to give themselves pleasure. Thanks to a caller, I have discovered some new lit erotica that has served as masturbation material for me and my girls. In these stories that I learned about, young girls are naked. They are naked in school and at home; naked everywhere. In our home we are usually naked too. The female body of any age is a work of art. It should be on display for men, other women too. A naked male body is not as beautiful. No offense men. I love a big cock, but even I would rather gaze at a woman’s naked body.  I like the idea of a Utopian society where all women are naked, especially young girls like my teen daughters. It is self-esteem boosting for young girls to show off their bodies. Insecurity in young girls destroys them. Knowing that men are getting erections looking at them; knowing other girls are admiring their curves and their naked bodies too builds confidence. A confident girl is a better fuck. In this Utopian society, girls would be raised to be sexy prostitutes, adult film stars, strippers and live in sexual companions. Near their public schools would be strip joints and brothels. Girls would be trained in the art of self love as well as pleasing men and other women. My daughters and I got super horny thinking of a near future were clothes were no longer required to be worn. Naked in Suburbia. Naked in the City. Naked in Public. Naked in School. Naked Everywhere…are good titles for young adult books and movies starring girls my daughters’ ages. Don’t you agree? Would you like to live in a world where you could see tender age girls naked all the time?

Trashy Milf Goes Shopping

trashy milfThis trashy milf went shopping last night. Sometimes, I like to go spend my husband’s money. There are a few high-end shops in town that will let me shop solo. They close the store, so I have undistracted shopping. I like to party and drink while shopping. I also like walking around the store naked trying on outfits. It’s me time. There was a hot sales girl helping me last night. She insisted that I needed some sexy lingerie too. I always need that. I am a high-class hooker most of the time. Sexy undergarments are always in demand. I tried on a slew of things from baby dolls to little sexy dresses. I ended up spending about 15 grand. It was such a huge commission for the sales girl, she joked about eating my pussy. I told her that was a great idea and I spread my legs. In hindsight, she was joking. But, she didn’t let on that she was joking. She crawled between my legs and licked the alphabet on my clit while finger banging my sloppy wet pussy. I love having young women slaves. This girl was older than my eldest daughter, but no way was she 21 yet. She was an expert cunt licker. I rewarded her with some fine champagne and premium cocaine. We snorted lines, ate pussy and drank champagne from my Lubaton shoes. I even fucked her with the shoes that cost more than her rent. She was a nasty freak too. She wanted the other heel up her ass. She got off on designer shoes in her pussy and ass. I got off being kinky with the store help. She told me she had a strong shoe fetish. My husband buys me anything I want, so I let her keep my shoes as my personal tip for her help. Clearly, I need to go shopping more often. I need shoes.

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A Cum Guzzling Slut and Her Daughters

cum guzzling slut

I am a cum guzzling slut. My daughters are too. Their father and I have raised them on a daily diet of protein. Girls need to have a healthy appreciation for jizz as soon as they are crawling around. I have been a jizz junkie since I can remember. When I was my parents’ cash cow living in a dingy trailer, I was chugging back cum like it was beer. I never once spit it out. I may not have liked being pimped out by my parents, but I learned early that making a man feel like his cum is the only thing you ever want to drink for the rest of your life, is an important skill to possess. It was how I snagged my wealthy sugar daddy husband. He was one of the clients that paid my parents for my jailbait pussy. I was young, but wise beyond my years. I set my sites on my husband and I manipulated him into rescuing me from the backwoods of West Virginia. I am teaching my daughters the same skills. Having a cum filled cunt and belly full of semen, yet begging for more, makes men putty in a girl’s hands. Men are not as complex as they like to think they are. My girls drain daddy’s balls daily. They also drain the balls of daddy’s paying clients. My girls don’t want for anything. They will never want for anything if they are cum guzzlers. So many women could be like me and my girls, living high on the hog, if they just loved cum. What is not to love anyway? It is full of protein and swallowing it makes money and things magically appear. If you have some sluts in your house that need cum trained, let me know. I have trained my girls to be the best cum whores around. Well, second best to me of course.

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Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI was on the couch playing with my sloppy wet pussy when my trophies came home from school yesterday. I had a thick cream pie from fucking my gardener and his boy just an hour before my first round of littles came home from school. My oldest ones arrive home first. My daughter was green with envy when she saw how full my cunt was with Mexican spunk. People tell you that wealthy families have Mexican help because they are cheap labor. That’s a lie. We employ brown labor because white wives love brown cock. In California, every slut wife is fucking the help. The gardener and his son have fucked all the women in this family, but I enjoy them more. I am the matriarch of this family; plus, I am the one home the most. The only qualification a guy needs to work at our house is a big brown dick. My daughter is a creampie slut. She loves licking the jizz out of her mommy’s pussy. She doesn’t care if the cum belongs to daddy, her brothers, the help or a stranger. The moment she saw my cream filled cunt, she crawled on all fours to clean me up. That turned her brother on. He started fucking his sister’s ass as her tongue was buried in my pussy. When the second round of littles came home from school, they saw the family train starting and hopped on board. One of my other daughters started licking her brother’s ass who was fucking my daughter who was eating my pussy. Then my other boy fucked my girl from behind who was eating her brother’s ass. It was all so fucking hot. Before long we were all in a daisy chain on the floor with either a dick or a pussy in our mouths. The power of mommy’s cream pie.

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White Trash Phone Sex for Men Who Love Women with Rough Edges

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex is for men who appreciate women with rough edges. I can dress the part of a sophisticated wife, but it is hard for me to act the part for very long. Luckily, my husband has enough money that he doesn’t care about appearances. He loves a woman with nothing but rough edges. We were at a fancy cocktail party over the weekend. The kind of party where I had to look classy and try to remember which fork to use and when. I love getting dressed up, but I hate it when the other folks are prissy and stuck up. I was feeling out of my element, so I excused myself to the bathroom and did a few lines to take the edge off. The coke took my panties off too. I stuffed them in my purse and went back to the table. I was sitting next to the host’s teen son. I got handsy under the table. I was impressed that he had such a big hard cock. Perhaps it was because of the trashy milf he was sitting next too. I guided his hand up my leg, so he could finger fuck me under the table. My husband knew what I was up too. He just gave me a wink and a smile of approval. I came subtly. When I stroked his hard cock, he knocked his glass of tea over. He couldn’t keep his shit together. The first time a real woman had ever touched his dick was my guess. I followed him into the bathroom as we both had ice tea on ourselves. His parents just thought he was a klutz. I blew him to finish him off. When I sat back down at the table, I was oblivious that he had shot a wad of jizz in my hair. It was a Something About Mary moment, until my husband wiped it off for me discreetly. Once back home, I got naked and fucked my sons like a wild animal. I played the part of a classy wife as long as I could. So thankful my husband loves that I am nothing more than a trailer trash whore.

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A Trailer Trash Whore GangBang

trailer trash whoreI may live in a fancy house and an expensive neighborhood, but I am a trailer trash whore at my core. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I don’t really do romantic celebrations. I am a druggy whore who loves cum more than roses. My husband knows this about me, so he had a special day planned for me. He gave me a big heart shaped box. It was not filled with chocolate, but with white powder. My favorite candy. Not only did he get me a big box of coke, he arranged a gang bang too. Not just any gang bang however. He pulled strings with our gardener to get me a bunch of brown dicks. I have been enjoying the gardener’s son lately, so have my girls. I like Mexican cock. They speak little English and know how to fuck. We don’t have to speak the same language to fuck. I spread my pussy and they know what I want. I fucked 27 brown teen cocks yesterday. I guess that makes me a gangbang whore. Those boys were all illegals too. The only reason I didn’t vote for our current president is because of that stupid wall he wants built. My pussy loves young brown cock. Nothing says welcome to American like fucking a white milf. Isn’t that part of their dream? Come to America to cum in a milf? All the help in my neighborhood is either Mexican or African American. Even though I work from home, my husband wants me on my back all day and on my knees too, so we have plenty of help around the house. He was so happy to hear about all my Valentine’s day cock. My sons were sad they missed the action because of school. My daughters were jealous. I invited all those boys over tonight, so they could fuck me, and my girls and my sons and hubby could watch. My turn to give them a special treat.

White Trash Phone Sex is So Much Fun

white trash phone sex

White trash phone sex is so much fun when you no longer live in the trailer park. I know I am a trophy wife. All the women in my community know it too. They look down on me because I am a slut and from the wrong side of the tracks. My husband is very wealthy, but he is a self made man. He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth either. The difference is he has the money. I just spend his money. I earn him money too. If those stuck up bitches realized that the new community center was funded on my trashy Milf pussy and ass, they would choke. My husband is very generous with his money. Between his business and his family of whores, he can afford to be charitable. He is accepted into our snobby community because of his bank account only. The ironic thing is that these housewives of Santa Barbara that look down on me have so many dirty secrets of their own. I have fucked all their husbands. There has been plenty of pillow talk about these women from their husbands. One of the bitch wives tried to kick me out of a PTA fundraiser. I baked cookies like the rest of them. I have young ones at the school like them too. She thought I looked too sexy for a school function. Nonsense. I wasn’t taking her bull crap. I told her if she didn’t stop bullying me, I would tell all her friends her big record producer husband enjoys wearing girl’s panties and that I know she loves big black cock. The look of shock on her face was worth it. She never called my bluff. She just dropped the insults and harassment. During the back sale, I took her son behind the bleachers and gave him a blow job. I made sure to tell him to let his mommy know. These prude bitches will never have the upper hand on me.

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