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Trailer Trash Whore Trick and Treat

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore trick or treat? That is when I answer the door in sexy inappropriate outfit and seduce a father and son. They got a trick and a treat. The treat being my wet mommy pussy. The boy was young enough to be trick or treating but old enough to get a boner at my naughty nurse outfit. The father was blatantly hitting on me with a ring on his finger in front of his son. I guess he knew I was the type who didn’t care. I invited them both in for more candy. I mean they were cute, and I was horny from all the cute little trick or treaters coming to my door. It wasn’t the real Trick or Treat, just a special safe night in our neighborhood, so the young ones could get some safe candy. I will hopefully see some more of these slutty youngsters in another week when they come back for the official Halloween Trick or Treat. Anyway, daddy and son came inside the house supposedly because I ran out of candy. I just wanted to see if the hot father son duo was down to fuck a trashy milf. That was a no brainer. When I turned a round with a new bag of candy, they both had their cocks and out and were ready to play. My little ones were out with their dad trick or treating while I was being a dirty trick for a father and son. Junior took my ass and daddy pumped his seed up my cunt. They said it was the best treat they could ever have. It was a hot creamy treat for me too. I served candy to the rest of the youngsters who came to my door with cum in my pussy. I’m such a bad MILF.

My Phone Sex Line is Dirty, Filthy Taboo Dirty

phone sex lineMy phone sex line is for men who like dirty things. More like filthy taboo things. My life is a far cry from vanilla. I live in a nice house with pretty things and travel in elite circles like a housewife from Beverly Hills; however, what goes on behind gated homes in rich neighborhoods would shock you. I was at a gathering of rich socialites recently. It was a planning party to decide how we were going to raise funds for our youngsters’ school. Although it is a private elite school, there is a budget and the students want to put on a play. Traditional donations aren’t allowed to go to certain things, so we had to hold a fundraiser for the play. Sure, we could have done a bake sale or a carwash, but neither are our style. One of the mother’s suggested a sexy party. Now, I was thinking prostitution porn, but she meant one of those Pure Romance house parties where women buy sex toys. Her sister sells the stuff and said she would donate the sales to the school. It was a fundraiser of sorts. We held the party at my place, invited a lot more people and it got wild. The representative brought a goody bag of toys for us to try out. We were all drinking wine and doing lines of coke, so playing with sex toys in front of each other was not difficult because we were smashed. I tried out this sex machine. I was naked on my living room floor with fellow socialite women standing around me cheering me on as I got fucked until my cunt juices were spraying my fellow soccer moms faces. After that, every woman there wanted to try it. We had a Sapphic orgy with sex toys as a school fundraiser. The sales were high because so many of my socialite friends have sexually repressed lives. Not all of them are the trashy milf I am, but after that sex toy party as a school fundraiser, I think many of those mothers will enjoy life more now.

Freaky Phone Sex: Somethings Aren’t Meant for the Ass

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex makes for fun calls. I was high as fuck last night taking calls. I have this one regular who is into weird insertions. He likes me fucking my ass and cunt with things not meant for either hole. I took this large ass squash my neighbor gave me from my garden. I put some olive oil up my ass; squirted it right inside me then sat on the vegetable sex toy. I grunted like a pig because the base was wide. I was determined to make it fit. It did, but I couldn’t get it out. My caller came and hung up when I was grunting like a pig. My husband came home and found me. I had white powder all over my face. I can be a messy user when I am uber high. Plus, I had the squash we were going to eat for dinner up my ass. He said it looked like I was using the squash as a big bouncy ball. Thank goodness I was high as fuck, or I would have been in serious pain, especially when my husband had to dislodge the veggie butt plug. I am sure you can picture the nasty mess that squash made of my ass. My ass made a nasty mess of that squash too.  My husband is such a deviant. He didn’t even wash off the squash before he cooked it and served it at the family dinner. When it is live phone sex, you never know what can happen.  I know one thing though, never put anything as big as your head up your ass. This was a lesson learned the hard way. I’m pretty sure I ruined my asshole. My husband and I laughed, because we always thought  what would ruin my ass would be all the big dick I let fuck my ass.

Dirty Phone Sex Stories

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is my specialty. As I sit here smoking my cigarette and playing with my wet pussy, I think back on all the hot experiences I have had in my life. I have come a long way since I was the little sex slave of my parents in a dingy little trailer in the back woods of West Virginia. Now, I am a California trophy wife with a brood of jailbait hookers. My slutkins aren’t cash cows, however. Daddy makes more than enough money to support us all in a life of luxury. I am a nymphomaniac and I seemed to have passed that gene on to my sons and daughters. I am also addicted to the finer things in life. Coming from nothing, when I became a married trophy wife as a young teen girl, I got spoiled by fancy clothes and fast cars. I have passed that gene on to my offspring too. I have a cum filled cunt today because last night, the entire family participated in an orgy. An orgy paid for by one of daddy’s wealthy clients who wanted to experience family fucking.  He wanted to be the head of the house and fuck the mother of his brood, as well as his brood. He was my kind of daddy too because he fucked my sons. When it comes to family fun, I believe in going all ways. Boys need daddy’s love as much as their baby girls do too. It was a fun night. My husband’s client got into pretending to be my husband and father of several youngsters. My sons and daughters enjoyed making his daddy fantasies cum true. The also enjoyed the money he paid us. Being a family of sexy prostitutes is not only profitable, but fun.  I love sharing my kinky family fun with you.

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Live Phone Sex: Anything Can Happen

live phone sexLive phone sex means anything can happen. I was partying last night. I was in super party mode too. My husband always tells me I can only get so high, but when I am in party mode, I can’t stop snorting lines. I was at a club with some girlfriends last night, but I brought the party home. One of my girls has no offspring of her own. She was making comments about how nice it would be to have a young boy cock. I could make that happen for her, so I brought her home and woke up all three of my boys. I wanted her to have a few ages to select from for her first young boy. She is a trophy wife too. No way her husband is giving her the hard dick a young boy can. When she saw all three of their hard cocks, she couldn’t choose. I told her to take all three because she has three holes. My boys loved that idea. My daughters heard the loud moaning and grunting sounds, so they came out to see what was going on. They got a hot show. Their brothers banging my best friend. I turned it into a group sex party. I wanted Tara to know how great it is to be part of a dirty family. She never wanted to have brats because she thought it would ruin her figure, then she saw me naked for the first time. I have a hot body and I have borne more than 6 brats. I told her its better to be a mommy whore than a trashy milf. Raise your own army of slutkins and train then how to please you. Her only problem was that her husband shoots blanks. No problem, my sons have strong swimmers. I watched as they fucked my bestie trying to knock her up. Friendship has no limits with me.

Sexy Prostitutes Give a Beach Sex Show

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes sometimes like to give shows to dirty old perverts. My oldest daughter is my step daughter. I adopted her when she was young. Honestly, she is not that much younger than me. She feels more like a sister than a daughter. She is a top earning whore for her daddy just like me. We often do lesbian shows for fat cat clients who like to watch girl on girl action. Last night, however, we did a free show. We went to this new beach bar that just opened. We were doing shots. Guys were buying us drinks. They didn’t know who we were. To them we were just two hot chicks. No one needs to get us drunk to see us get freaky. But, we never turn down drinks. These men were enjoying watching us play with each other. When I broke out the double-sided dildo from my purse, that is when men started tossing money at us. We were giving a hot stripper sex show on the fly. We got into the reactions of the men who were watching and jacking off in front of us.  We were the only women in the bar. We turned that beach bar in to a porn studio. We fucked each other, squirted and licked each other clean. Now, we weren’t for hire that time, but we still walked away with some serious pocket money.

A Sloppy Wet Pussy from My Sons

sloppy wet pussyI love playing with my sloppy wet pussy on calls. When it is Sunday, my pussy is full of my sons’ cum. It is part of Sunday Funday. I may have a family of whores, but on Sundays, we just play with each other. Sundays are about family. I was up late last night partying. When I came home, it was around 5 am this morning and my sons were waiting for me with their hard cocks. They couldn’t sleep well because mommy wasn’t home to blow them, which is how I put them to bed. I was wide awake from all the coke I had done, so I blew them like a good mommy. I love being a good mommy. My daughters woke up and wanted to join the Sunday Funday fucking festivities. I put on my strap-on, so I could fuck those bald pussies and my sons fucked mommy in the ass. I am an anal sex whore mommy too. I love having kinky sandwiches with my youngsters. I fuck a daughter and a son fucks me. Mommy is in the middle of a young cock and bald pussy, which is heaven to me. I still have not been to sleep. I am all coked up with boy cum in my pussy and ass. Perhaps, I should take a nap, but there is no sleep for the wicked.

anal sex whore

Water Sports Sex is My Fetish

water sports sexWater sports sex is fetish of mine. I have many, but I do enjoy pissing on youngsters. It is a form of domination, but also it is just kinky fun. I came home from a private gig late last night. It was so late, that my sons and daughters were getting up for school as I came home. They could smell the sex on me. They were hoping I had some creamy goodness inside of me still to give them a protein source for breakfast. It was a long drive home, so the cum had dried up inside of me or leaked out on the car seat by the time I got home. I told them I had something almost as good as cum. Golden showers sex is fun when you have your little brats lined up in front of you waiting for your golden nectar. Mommy’s golden nectar no less. They all fell to their knees naked in front of me. I stood over them like a mommy goddess and sprayed my mommy nectar all over their faces. My girls and boys were coated in my piss. So much piss, their faces glistened. They drank my special champagne and loved it. It was a good way to start their day and end mine.

Freaky Phone Sex with Large Objects

freaky phone sexI am into some freaky phone sex. I love to insert large items into my pussy and ass.  Like things not meant for human fuck holes, or any fuck holes. I like doing it in front of an audience, like my sons and daughters. They are always amazed at what a dirty whore their mother is. It shouldn’t come to a surprise to them. I have been fucking for decades. We played a naughty game of Truth or Dare last night. I selected a dare and my youngest son told me to fuck my pussy with this big glass statute we have.  It is pointy, clear and at least a foot tall. Challenge accepted. He was shocked I agreed.  I didn’t even use any lube. I did have to be careful, however, how I inserted it because it was so pointy I could have perforated something. I just fucked my pussy gently and my sons all came watching my wet pussy get wetter. My daughters wanted to try, but I said it was too big and dangerous for their little pussies, so I suggested something different. I told them my fist was thicker than the statue but less dangerous. I told them I could make them each a fisting whore and they would enjoy showing me up. Truth be told, I have always wanted to fist their bald cunts. They aren’t virgin pussies thanks to daddy and his clients, but I was impressed with just how much of my arm I could get inside each one of their cunts. I mean they are all young still and tight for as much cock as they have entertained. After my boys watched me fist their sisters’ pussies, there was no more game of Truth or Dare. It was just one big family orgy.

Trashy Milf Gets Seduced by Her Son’s Teacher

trashy milfThis trashy milf seduced a high school teacher last night. She is my oldest son’s English teacher and they aren’t getting off to a good start this school year. He flirted with her week one. She is new, around my age, in fact she looks like me, and she cock teases he classroom. She rebuffed him, but since then he has been receiving low marks on papers and exams. I decided I needed to have a one on one with her because it seemed like she was holding a grudge.  I decided to meet her someplace neutral, so we agreed to this new restaurant in town. There is a winery associated with the place and wine always helps with awkward conversations. I could see why my son hit on her. She didn’t look like a teacher. She looked like a porn star or a classy call girl. She was eloquent and friendly. I apologized for my son’s behavior. She stopped me in the middle of my rehearsed speech. Apparently, she has been giving my son bad marks to lure me. It worked. I was curious as to why she didn’t just ask for a parent teacher conference with me. She apologized too. She was clearly nervous around me. After her third glass of wine, she relaxed and let it out. She just wanted to get to me. Now it was making sense. She rebuffed my son because she prefers pussy over cock. She was hot, I would have fucked her for no return favor. Ensuring that my son makes good grades this year was just icing on the cake. We went back to her place, so I could eat her sloppy wet pussy and she could fuck my mommy cunt with a strap-on. I was super hot for teacher. Damn, she was fine. Built, sensual, sophisticated and tight. We fucked each other for a few hours before I slithered back home with her pussy juice on my face. I think my son felt a little rejected that his mom got the pussy he wanted.

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