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My sexline was busier than usual this weekend.  Many perverts wanted to talk to a dirty mommy like me. Many wanted to fuck mommy, but just as many wanted to paly with one of my angels. I love a P man. I married one, so I understand the need for tender age cunnie and cock. My brood are no angels; however, they are greedy little whores. The boys are too. My fuck trophies will bend over and open their mouths for anyone, especially if money is involved. My girls do have some sugar daddies and school boys they fuck, but no one goes in their tight pink snatches or pretty puckered rosebuds without paying first. Some guys pay in presents, others pay in gifts and trips. Pussy is never free, right?  I am raising a family of sexy prostitutes. I have been a whore all my life. I was born to be a whore. I know about being a young hooker. The difference between me and my little slutkins is that they control their money and they have the freedom to fuck who they want. I was my parents’ captive and jailbait hooker.  When I married my husband and starting breeding future hookers, my husband and I agreed that our sluts would keep their own money and make their own decisions. They are our willing sex slaves. We had a big pool party sex orgy over the weekend. Daddy invited some big clients who paid top dollar for those little pussies. I even invited a few milf friends, so my boys could have some pussy to fuck. I have a lot of bored unsatisfied trophy wives who will pay for a young cock. I enjoy being a facilitator who helps horny adults fulfill their P desires. Maybe I can help you too. My phone sex line welcomes P perverts.

Anal Sex Whore and Mommy

anal sex whoreI am such a dirty anal sex whore. I did a gang bang for my husband’s clients last night. He had a bunch of European fellows with MILF fever. He likes to give perks to his clients that other companies just don’t offer like access to his family of hookers.  I never mind helping my husband. He took me from the sticks of West Virginia and transformed me into a Beverly Hills housewife whore. After I let 10 fellows pound my ass for hours, you can imagine how much cum was inside my ass. I could have showered, cleaned myself up before bed, but where is the fun in that? I am a trashy milf. I summoned my army of young whores to clean me up. The girls especially are such cum guzzlers.  I was on the couch with my legs in the air and a smirk on my face. They knew what they had to do. They lined up to lick the cum out of their mommy’s asshole.  I trained them well. They were all bottle fed daddy’s cum from an early age. Cum does a body good. Look at me. I was raised on daily cum shots. My girls are creampie sluts. They scooped out all the wet spunk in my ass. They didn’t just swallow it. I raised them better than that. They snowballed each other with cum out of mommy’s ass. We never let cum go to waste in this family; no matter where the cum may be located!

Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts like me have dirty secrets that we can’t tell just anyone. I am not in this business because I need the money. My husband is financially secure; plus, the home brothel generates more than enough money to live happily ever after. Phone sex is cathartic. Plus, I like knowing there are perverts and P men who want to hear about the dirty family fucking going on under our roof. Summer is here. No more early mornings. No more homework. No more school functions, at least till mid-August. We get to party and fuck. During the summer, I don’ have to be a responsible parent. Last night I kept everyone up late fucking and doing lines of coke. It was a family orgy. I wanted them to worship mommy all night long, or at least until they passed out. The last brat standing was my youngest one too. I honestly thought she would have been the first one to crash, but she was fueled by eating mommy’s pussy and coke. She was sucking her big brothers’ dicks too. She has proven to be quite the big dick sucker. A natural cocksucker daddy says. She can swallow more cock than her oldest sister who is 20. In fact, last week my oldest was replaced by her baby sister for a client who was disappointed that she gagged on his ten inch rod. Her ego is still bruised by being out sucked by her baby sister. On coke, my baby can handle an army of cocks. Last night not only did she eat my pussy and ass for hours, she blew all the men under this roof, including the help. She was a cock sucking machine. A natural dick sucker fueled by cocaine is something every man should experience at least once in his life.


Trashy MILF Graduation Shindig

trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, you are excited about the last day of school. This is the last week of school for my brood. I love having them home with me during the day. Not that I don’t enjoy phone fucking and picking up men when I run errands. Random cock is nothing compared to the cocks and pussies of my daughters and sons. We have a weekend celebration planned. The pool will be open, coke will be on hand and no one will be in clothes. One of my daughters graduated this year. I now have two out of school and 4 returning next year. The party is as much a graduation party as it is an end of the school year shindig. My daughter got a job at the local gentleman’s club for the summer before she goes to college. She will be the first in our family to go to college. She is a smart slut. Only brat who didn’t need to cheat or suck cock to get decent grades. She is going to strip for the summer and see if she can snag a sugar daddy. Between her own money from being a high school hooker and her parent’s money, she has plenty to pay for school without loans. However, she is smart. She is hoping to snag a sugar daddy who will pay for it for her, so she can use her money for more fun endeavors like a sports car or a tropical trip or two. Daddy and I are giving her a jump start at finding a sugar daddy. We invited several of daddy’s rich clients to her graduation party. With her body and tight cunt and barely legal status, dirty old men like daddy want nothing more than to spoil her. From high school to the stripper stage to Berkeley. I have a smart ho.

trailer trash whore

Hardcore Anal Sex with My Sex Machine

hardcore anal sex

Hardcore anal sex is something I enjoy. I have been pregnant many times in my life, so I discovered that I enjoyed anal sex when I was pregnant with brat number one. My belly got too big to find my pussy. At that time, I was a young teen girl in a trailer park whoring myself for my parents. The John took my ass. Back then, I didn’t enjoy sex much. I was a sex slave; however, I did like it up the ass. I am a far cry from daddy’s sex slave now, but I still enjoy anal sex. I had a rare few hours alone yesterday. My husband took our brood to see Deadpool 2 while I worked.  It was a slow phone day, so I broke out the sex machine we use on the little ones to prep them for gang bangs and deflowering.  I backed my trashy milf ass on the largest anal dildo I have. This fuck machine lets me put on any size dildo, so I went huge. I was on the bed with the family fuck machine penetrating my ass at warp speed. I was cumming over and over. By the wet spot I made, I was sure my husband would think I had a gang bang while he was at the movies with the brats. My ass can cum more than pussy.

Teen Sluts Fucking for a Price

teen sluts fuckingMen pay good money to watch teen sluts fucking. One of my husband’s top clients had a special request. He knows we have a family of hookers for the right price. We are all about the benjamins in this family. A typical arrangement is usually me and a client’s son, or a client and one of my teen sluts, even me with a client giving him the mommy experience. This high roller paid a few grand to watch my three daughters play with each other. He just wanted to watch sister love and jack his cock. He grew up as the only boy in a family of girls, so I assumed this was a fantasy that started as a young boy. My girls play with each other daily. To get paid to do what they love was icing on the cake. I served as the chaperone. Not because I didn’t trust this client, but because I wanted to watch my sexy prostitutes in action. I knew they would pull out the bells and whistles to make this worth his money. They didn’t disappoint. They started by body painting with a glitter paint on each other’s bodies. It was very seductive. Our client loved it because his cock was rock hard. When they started eating each other out in a daisy train, that was when things got interesting. The girls are squirters. They started squirting on each other and it got messy and sticky. Stickier when our client started spraying his seed all over their faces. Clearly, he enjoyed the show. They licked his cum up and their girl goo. They kept playing even after he left. He was very satisfied. He tipped them each $1,000 just for doing what they always do. I was so proud of them. They made a client extremely happy and they made their momma a proud madman.

Mother’s Day Dirty Phone Sex

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the best kind. It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and my angels made the day all about me. My oldest boy woke me up by licking my shaved pussy from the under the covers. Honestly, I thought I was having a wet dream. A very hot wet dream.  I woke up and had a pleasant surprise. Not long after I woke up, I came on his face. That was just the beginning, however. My other angels came into the room. My daughters made me a special smoothie for breakfast. It was half strawberries and half cum. They collected samples from my three sons and my husband. How thoughtful of them. My two favorite flavors combined. I guzzled that breakfast smoothie. It was super yummy. Of course, all my offspring wanted to play. They wanted to douse me in more than just cum too. I love incest sex, but one of my favorite fetishes is pissing sex. We went into the master bathroom where I had a walk-in shower. I stood with my back facing them and let the boys pee on me. Their golden nectar was spraying my back. My girls felt left out, so I let them join me in the shower. My husband even joined in on the piss fun. Pee is very warm on the body. I knew my boys wanted to make their sexy mommy cum again, so me and my girls sat on the floor of the shower with our legs spread.  There were four boys and four girls when you included my husband and me. The boys pissed on our clits until we all came. It is like letting the tub faucet flow on your pussy. The water pressure makes a girl cum hard. Yesterday, the piss stream made me and my girls cum harder than any of us had in a while. It was a hot and dirty Mother’s Day. I have lots more pissing phone sex stories to share.

Trashy Milf at School

trashy milfEveryone calls me a trashy milf. I think it is a compliment even though they mean it as a slam. Women in my high society neighborhood can be total bitches. The funny thing is that no one has a perfect life in suburbia. In fact, I think the only difference between me and some of my haters is that I don’t try to hide who I am. Why should I? If folks don’t know that I am a whore, who knows what would happen. I might miss a hot fuck. Yesterday morning, I had to drop off my daughter’s school bag. She left in a rush and forgot it. The school biddies were whispering about me when I walked into the school office. The principal saw me and asked to speak to me. Initially, I assumed one of my brats got into trouble. That is usually the case. Not the case this time. The principals heard I was a big dick sucker. He pulled out his dick and I gasped. Here was the principal of my daughter’s high school with a porn star cock. His dick made a loud thud as it smacked his oak desk. Damn, I thought. I wondered if my daughter knew her principal had a fat cock. Perhaps she did, and she kept it a secret for fear I would steal his dick from her. I proved to Principal Jones that the rumors about me were true. I sucked his dick for 45 minutes before he fucked me. No doubt the biddies in the front office knew what was up. What trailer trash mom spends that much time in the principal’s office. Then, of course, there were my sexy moaning noises from his monster cock fucking my ass over his desk. I want to tell my daughter I banged her hung principal, but then if she has no clue how big his dick is, I don’t want the competition.

Freaky Phone Sex

freaky phone sex

Freaky phone sex is a thing. Guys love girls that do wild shit. Freaky shit includes, but not limited to, barnyard shows, toilet sex, large insertions and gangbangs. I’m a no limits kind of woman, so there is not much I have not tried. My middle daughter was asking me the other night about some of my freaky experiences. I think I shocked her with some tales of a trail trash mommy gone wild. One of my favorite things to do is put large things in my pussy and ass. You would be surprised what I can get up my pussy, even my ass. I think since I have been a mommy 10 times over and have fucked almost all my life, that my pussy is no longer tight.  My daughter wanted show and tell with my pussy. She brought in a variety of things for me to fuck in front of her. She was an amateur. She brought in items like a coke bottle and the electric tooth brush. My sloppy wet pussy swallowed those things instantly. I gathered up the big shit. She watched in awe as I impaled my open cunt with so many strange objects. I sat down on a bowling pin from our little bowling alley in the basement.  Then I went wide with watermelon and a butternut squash.  I even devoured a wine bottle. I almost popped the cork with my cunt, but I am not as tight as I was 20 years ago when I could do that trick. My daughter’s favorite was her brother’s baseball bat.  It was a 32 inch bat and I got 28 inches inside my pussy. I told you I was a freak. I am a bit sore today, which is hard to accomplish because my pussy has seen more miles than a 65 Mustang,

An Anal Sex Whore and Her Daughters

anal sex whoreI love being an anal sex whore. I have been fucking since I was a young girl. I have borne over 12 brats. That all means my pussy is a far cry from tight. I discovered that I loved a cock up my ass during one of my pregnancies. My belly was so big at the time. I was a teen girl. A teen hooker in a trailer park still fucking men my parents arranged for me to fuck. One guy couldn’t get into my pussy because of my big fat belly, so he fucked my ass. His cock was massive for my age and size at the time. I thought for sure I would either shit on his cock or ruin my asshole, but instead, I came harder than I ever had. Since then, I often have hardcore ass sex. If I am on my period, if I am preggers or if I just want a big cock in my shit box, I get a fat cock in my ass. I have been training my girls to be anal whores too. Last night, we had an anal party. No boys were allowed. I had been shopping at a new adult bookstore Saturday. I bought a bunch of new anal sex toys, even a sex swing. I purchased a lot of lube too. We took turns fucking each other’s asses with strap-ons, licking flavored lube out of each other’s buttholes, we even experimented with milk enemas.  My husband had a hidden camera filming it all. After our hardcore anal porn, we found the boys jacking off in daddy’s room watching our milk enema fun. I felt bad leaving them out because they clearly wanted in on the fun. I sent my husband to the corner market for more milk. Now we had a family orgy.

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