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trashy milfWhen you are a trashy milf, you spend Friday nights partying and fucking. I had plans to be with my family for the night, but things didn’t go as planned. I had stopped at the liquor store to get some bourbon for my husband. I ran into a friend’s husband. He has long lusted for me. I have masturbated a time or two thinking about his cock. His wife brags about his huge cock. Women talk crudely, just like men do. I know there is a code among girlfriends, but I am only loyal to cock. I left my car in the parking lot, got in his SUV and we went to the seedy part of town and got a no tell motel. I texted my husband and told him I was in whore mode and I would be home later than I expected. He loves what a trailer trash whore he married. I married well, but I was in my element in this crack hotel. It was filled with hookers and drug addicts, maybe even some sex trafficking was going on too. I just wanted a place to fuck my friend’s husband where no one she knew would see us. She wasn’t lying. He had a massive cock. And I took it up my ass and cunt for hours in a dingy, roach infested motel room. It was reminiscent of my hooker days in a trailer park in the backwoods of West Virginia. He filled me up with cum that I took back to my family for sloppy seconds. What happened at the no tell motel stays at the no tell motel. I may never get to fuck my friend’s husband again, but at least I got some big dick. My offspring enjoyed cleaning up my messy holes. Of course, they dirtied me right back up again.

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy sons love giving me a sloppy wet pussy. So do their friends. I got a little wild last night. I was over at a friend’s house. I got her high. She needed to loosen up a bit. Her son is my middle son’s best friend. I know my friend is not fucking her son. I have been fucking him over a year now, but I am just a surrogate. Every boy wants his own mother. My visit was not as impromptu as she thought. I had a mission. Get her high and get her to fuck her son. Mission accomplished. Once she was high her freak flag flew high. I told her about my hook ups with her son. I even showed her videos. Her son has a great cock and he knows how to eat pussy thanks to me. I told her that he has only been fucking this trashy milf because she is not fucking him. He was at the house. He was in on my plan. We can share him. He is at that age where the more pussy the better because he can fuck for hours at a time. I got to watch my son’s best friend finally fuck his mother. Not only was it wicked hot, but it was a proud moment for me too. I did a good thing. I am usually a hedonistic woman, but every now and then I can think about someone else. The boy fucked me too. I wasn’t going home with an empty pussy. My boys love sloppy seconds. My one son loved discovering that my cum filled cunt was from his best friend. Boys of a certain age don’t care about that shit. They just want to fuck. If there is cum already in the twat they are fucking, that just means they don’t need lube.

Teaching a Girl to Be a Creampie Slut

creampie slutI am a creampie slut. I love getting my fuck holes full of man seed and feeding it to my daughters. My older girls are excellent at licking all the cum out of my pussy and ass. It is something I am teaching my two young adopted daughters, however. I had a wild Saturday night. I must have fucked 10 guys. This wasn’t a hooker date either. I had been at a house party with some friends and things got wild. Some one brought some great coke, some of the purest shit I have ever snorted, and a boring party turned into an orgy. It felt like the 70s again. Anyway, I fucked every man there. I came home super early this morning with cum leaking out of all my holes. My youngest daughters were sound asleep when I checked in on them, so I thought. I guess they were playing possum. When I left the room after kissing their foreheads, I heard them giggle. They were wide awake. I decided then, it was a great moment to teach them about mommy’s cum filled cunt and ass. I got them up, bent over and showed them how to get the treats out of mommy’s holes. My older daughters are natural cum lovers. There was no reason my adopted girls couldn’t grow to love cum just like their big sisters. They licked mommy clean. Drilled their little tongues in and out of me until not a drop was left. I passed out in their room with them. It was one hell of a night. We slept in today, but when we got up, the entire family played. We love Sunday mornings because we get to have hardcore orgy porn fun. Everyone gets a dick and a pussy. There is never a cum shortage in my life.

Teaching My Young Girls to Love Being an Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreI have been an anal sex whore for decades. It started when I was a young girl. I was a hooker for my parents. They rented me out to men passing through town. Some of the men only wanted my ass. Now, my ass was taken many times before, but I was either too young or too doped up to remember it. This time, I remembered it. It was not gentle, but then none of the men were gentle, except for my now husband and maybe a couple others. The men were paying for sex with a jailbait trailer park whore. Gentle, vanilla sex was not on their minds. This one time, the smack wore off and I felt it. I liked it. It was the first orgasm I had. Ever since then, I have enjoyed hardcore anal sex. I am teaching my youngest girls how to enjoy their pretty little pink holes too.  Today we had a masturbation lesson. One of my newest angels is from Africa and a sexy Nubian princess. Her little butthole looks bright pink in comparison to her little blonde and white sister. They are both super young, but never too young to learn the joys of anal sex. Seriously, ass sex is so much fun, and I love instilling that fun into my girls. Daddy came home and found his youngest daughters with little dildos in their asses and smiles on their faces. I bet you know what happened next, don’t you?

Live Phone Sex Whores at a Superbowl Party

live phone sexLive phone sex is always fun with me. I have so many hot dirty stories to share like about last night. Did you know the Superbowl is the most sex trafficked day of the year? My guess my offspring and I are part of that number. Every year, we go to a Superbowl party, but not one like the one you go to. The one my brood and I attend, we are more the entertainment than the football game. This party wanted my sons too. Something for every guest. Not every man loves a jailbait girl. Some like a jailbait boy too. My sons are professionals. They are each like a mini John Holmes. They will do gay stuff for money, but they still love pussy more than dick. When it comes to big money, face it, we are all gay. This party was in Hollywood Hills. A bunch of A listers. My sons and daughters were not the only sexy prostitutes there, but mine looked far better than many of the other party whores. I think because my brood aren’t trafficked in the same way. Sure, they are whores, but they aren’t forced to perform with medication nor were they stolen from another country. They love being whores. It is in the genes of this family. My sons and daughters spent the entire game on their knees or their backs because they were very popular. I collected a lot of business cards from men wanting future dates. The one thing I kept hearing was how enthusiastic my little whores are. They do love fucking. No one needs to drug them to be an anal sex whore. They think about the money, but they do enjoy the fucking. Their daddy and I have groomed them for fucking since before they could walk. I think it is important to get little ones accustomed to sex early on for nights just like he Superbowl.

A Family of Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingWhen you have a family of teen sluts fucking, there is never a dull moment. I couldn’t be home when my brood came home from school today. I had a hair appointment. When I did come home, I didn’t find my offspring doing homework. They were having an orgy. Maybe there was something in the air, but the boys and girls were both super horny. Even my younger adopted girls were enjoying the fun. My two newest angels were naked getting the royal treatment by their older siblings. These sweet young girls were butt naked and spread eagle. Their brothers and sisters were playing with their pussies. I was happy to see their big brothers and sisters making sure they felt like part of the family. We enjoy family fucking. No one is ever left out of the fun, no mater how young they may be. My littlest slutkins got their bald pussies worshiped and they were taught some oral skills too. I was spying on them while rubbing my sloppy wet pussy. It was a proud mommy moment watching my oldest sons and daughters show the little ones how to eat pussy and how to suck cock. Eventually, I joined in. How could I resist such a hot show?

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingEveryone likes teen sluts fucking, right?  I have a big brood of boys and girls who love to fuck. They fuck each other. They fuck me and daddy. They fuck daddy’s high paying clients. I am so proud of them all because they don’t just fuck because daddy and I want them too. They enjoy using their bodies to make money. Sex sells at my age, but it sells faster and for bigger amounts when you are their age. Last night, everyone had a date. That rarely happens. I had one, and all my daughters did too, even my boys had dates. My oldest son had a hot cougar date. She wanted to have a son experience. He told me it was wicked hot. I didn’t get jealous. My other two boys were rented out to a man who wanted the daddy experience. They are good boys. They take it up the ass just like their sisters. I have a family of sexy prostitutes. Everyone came back home last night with cum filled holes and a little sore, including me. Today is about family. I have been soothing sore cunnies and asses with my tongue. I love my big family of whores.

Trashy MILF 4 Minutes in Heaven

trashy milfI love being a trashy milf. It is liberating. Fucking is something the world needs more of, don’t you agree? Sometimes a fuck happens in unexpected places. When you don’t expect to fuck and you end up getting lucky, those are the best fucks. I had to go by my youngest daughter’s school yesterday to drop off her vaccination records. As I was walking down the school halls, young boys and teachers alike were turning their heads so fast, I thought they might get whiplash. I got a few whistles too. I know I was on school grounds and that it was risky to fuck anyone there, but all that attention went straight to my wet pussy. How could I just ignore them all? I pulled one lucky boy into a janitor’s closet. I was sure he could come up with an excuse for being late to his third period class. How often does a young boy become a man in a janitor’s closet? Clearly, taking care of my sloppy wet pussy was more of a priority than civics class. I undid his pants, yanked on his dick until it grew several times bigger. I knew from the pre-cum dripping from his swollen dick head he wouldn’t last long, but I didn’t care. I was down for seven minutes in heaven. It ended up more like 4 minutes in heaven. The boy pumped fast in my pussy and nutted. He was so cute. He said, “Thank you ma’am,” then rushed to his class. I didn’t fuck him because of his cock size. I fucked him because I was horny, and I love a taboo fuck. I likely won’t remember him in a couple months, but he will always remember the trailer trash whore he banged in the janitor’s closet of his school. Wouldn’t you remember that?

My Cum Filled Cunt Story

cum filled cuntI have a juicy cum filled cunt today. Want to know why? I was a naughty milf. I volunteered to chaperon my youngest son’s field trip today. There were other parents there too. Essentially, we were all responsible for about 10 students each as we took them around the natural history museum. Somehow, I ended up with all boys in my group. Hot damn for me. Not sure how that happened, wink wink. I showed them half the museum, then we skirted out of the building and into my mom van. It is a pervert’s paradise. It looks flashy on the outside, but on the inside is a mattress. A nice mattress, however. It is a nice party fan, but it makes it easy to fuck boys anywhere. It is a mobile sex palace for a trashy milf. I told the boys we could rest in my van, maybe even party a little. I gave them weed early, so the effects would be gone for the most part by the time we were to all meet back up. They were happy to hang out in my P van. They didn’t know my intentions. But I knew with a little weed their natural hormones would kick in, especially around a dirty milf like me. I undid my blouse and watched the boys stare at me like a circus freak show. I knew they wanted to see some boobies. I told them, “I will show you my boobs if you show me your dicks.” Once they whipped out their dicks, it was orgy time. What I had for them was far more educational than any museum with dead bones from centuries ago. My mattress became a cum dumpster, so did I, getting gang banged by school boys. We had 4 hours to kill, so we killed it fucking. I cleaned them up and we all went back to meet the other groups at 2pm on the dot. Somehow, I think my group had the most fun.

Super Young Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy little hookers for hire had a huge night last night. They got fucked so hard, I had to keep them out of school today. They could barely walk, and I wanted them to rest up for family time this week. Our two adopted daughters are super young and, on their way, to being sex stars. These precious angels love being part of our family and want to please us. My husband had this international client looking for some young pussy. He was willing to pay handsomely too. He likes to fuck rough. Many years ago, he took my oldest daughter’s virginity. She could barely walk for days, but he paid us enough money that the money he paid, when invested wisely, will pay for her college education. Of course, that was a decade ago and prices have gone up. And, he was getting two young sexy prostitutes at once. These young rescues are set for life, and they can even send some money home to their parents who are in impoverished countries. Demetri has a huge cock and he likes to stretch and gape holes. He is the kind of man that wants a young girl to always remember the damage he did to her holes. Our youngest sweeties will never forget how hard he fucked them. They may have swollen, gaping holes now, but that is nothing my loving mommy mouth can’t soothe.

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