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Fisting Whore

fisting whoreDo you like a fisting whore? I am a kinky bitch. I love to test the limits of what I can put in my fuck holes. I do my Kegel exercises, so my pussy and ass are tight. Well, tight for a mommy whore who likes to stretch out her holes with big objects. I have been training for a special client for a few weeks now. Our date is tonight. It is rare that my husband arranges a special date with a client who only wants me. Most our clients want our little ones. A whore like me is easy to find way cheaper, but some guys just enjoy a high-class trailer trash whore! I have skills like fisting. I also never say no to anything, no matter how freaky or kinky. That is thanks to mommy’s little helper cocaine. I get high and my freak flag flies. I had my sons help mommy last night in preparation. I had all three of my sons fist my pussy at the same time. That was the biggest thing to ever go in my cunt. Their three fists formed one big fist which my husband said must be like King Kong fisting me. They did a good job testing the limits of my cunt. I can take more than I thought. I am sore, but practice makes perfect and I need to be ready to get fisted like a pro later tonight.

Anal Sex Whore Training for My Son

anal sex whoreLooking for an anal sex whore? I have a family of them, but no one is as big of an anal whore as mommy. I teach my little girls and my boys how to masturbate their tiny assholes. Guys and girls alike are too afraid to stick things up their butt. If they would just relax, I think they would realize how good it feels. My middle son was the one to get an anal sex lesson last night. I wanted him to be prepared for those big daddy dicks who pay good money to fuck his little ass. From behind, you can’t tell gender at a certain age. A tight hole is a tight hole. This weekend, he has been booked with a daddy who loves little boys. I just wanted to make sure my son was ready for hardcore anal sex. A few hours a day with mommy’s favorite dildo in his lubed up ass, and he will be able to take his surrogate daddy like a champ. Some boys think it is a bad thing to take it in the ass, but it doesn’t have to be. The male g-spot is in the ass. I want my baby boy to enjoy ass sex like the rest of us, hence the anal training. Day one it hurt like hell and he was crying. Day two of anal sex training and he was backing his little butt up on my dildo. Practice makes perfect!

Young Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy husband has a fat client investor from the UK who wants some young sexy prostitutes for Christmas this year. Despite being a very naughty man, Santa brought him an early present. I have two adopted daughters. Neither are very old. My husband and I both rescued each girl from deplorable third world countries. They are sex slaves, but very well treated ones. They have their own bedrooms fit for a princess. They are fed and loved and will go to school when they are the right age. They are living high on the hog in comparison to where they once were living.  They were going to end up sex slaves, but they aren’t trafficked girls. They have the life of a high-end escort, not a kidnapped girl sold into the sex trade. This fat cat of my husband wanted both of our newest hookers hire. This is the same man who paid a large sum of money to take my two youngest daughters’ virginity. I told my new angels what to expect. I also told them they can keep the money, or we could send it back to their families. They are perfect little angels, so eager to please. So eager to make money.

hookers for hireOur fat cat client purchased their virginity too. I dressed them up like Disney princesses and served them to their surrogate daddy. They both have daddy issues anyway. This was therapeutic for everyone. Watching a grown man eat and finger such tiny bald slits is fucking hot. He didn’t want us there, but we have hidden cameras. Mommy and Daddy want to watch the P fun! He was gentle with them, but they still cried. He has a big cock and they have tiny holes. I told them afterwards how proud we were of them and assured them it gets better every time. I licked their bald slits and pink butt holes to soothe the damage. They will be back in the game in a couple days. They are already deciding how to spend their money.

Live Phone Sex Under the Christmas Tree

live phone sexLive phone sex under the Christmas tree happened last night. I was high. No surprise there. I was on a long call with a fellow party animal. We were talking about what he would do to my daughters if he was their daddy. It made me fucking wet. Their daddy was a dirty daddy. He still is of course, but he is a lot older than me, so he is slowing down some in his old age. He still loves to watch, however. Watching me fuck our sons; watching our girls get fucked by a John gets his dick hard. It is his foreplay. So, is listening to my side of my dirty phone sex calls. Hearing me discuss rape fantasies about our girls, got his old pecker harder than it has been in years. Daddy is a P man. That is why he married me when I was a young teen girl. He needed a wife with a couple decades of breeding in her to give him the brats he wanted. Our girls are getting older, so we have adopted a few younger ones. After my call, my husband fucked me like he did 20 years ago. I can still get pregnant. Not sure I want to be a 42-year-old knocked up woman, but my husband is super rich and my savior, so whatever he wants he gets. The more I thought about it, the hotter I got. I would so love to have another little one to train to be a good slut for mommy and daddy. I think I am going to give my husband a positive pregnancy test for Christmas this year! Might be his baby or might be one of his son’s babies. Either way, it will still be a family fuck trophy. Merry Christmas to us.

White Trash Phone Sex Holidays

white trash phone sexWhite trash phone sex Christmas? Sounds like a porn movie, right? Well, it was last night. My husband filmed me taking our offspring’s Christmas list last night. Of course, every one of them asked for mommy’s wet pussy! I just giggled because they get that every day. Once I gathered their lists, we had an early Christmas celebration. I love having a big family because that just means more cock and more pussy for me and daddy. We tossed some logs in the fire place, got down on the big faux bear skin rug and made a daisy train. My husband loves watching us all with our faces buried between each other’s legs. I have trained them all how to eat pussy and suck cock because strong oral skills are more important than geometry. My youngest daughter was eating my cunt giving me a sloppy wet pussy for my sons to fuck. The glow of the Christmas tree and warmth of the fire place made for a hot family orgy. We all love making money off our bodies, but we take time off for the holidays because this time of year is all about family. Nothing says family like incest. Want to join my family for the holidays?

Anal Cum Dumpster and Her Mommy

anal cum dumpsterMy daughter was a nasty anal cum dumpster last night. We are in Colorado skiing. Well, the boys are skiing, and the girls are playing. We are from California. It is too cold for us here. The only snow I like is the kind I put up my nose. My daughter came home in the wee hours of the morning walking funny. She met some guys in the lodge bar and went back to their room. They fucked the shit out of her ass. I was proud of her. These men were twice her age and she let them use her ass for hours for their cum deposits. I brought her over by the fire, stripped her naked and warmed her up with my tongue in her swollen bung hole. I could taste all the cum and it was yummy. She is an anal sex whore like her mother. She just can’t take the ass pounding that I can. Not yet at least. That comes with age. I drilled my tongue in her ass like it was a tiny cock. doing my best to clean her up. I could taste the different strands of cum too. I am such a good cum whore that I can tell the age and blood type of man just by tasting the cum. It has become a dirty family game. Anytime one of my daughters gets a ton of cum up either fuck hole, I can tell them how many guys and a little about those men just by tasting their cum. My baby girl got 6 different loads of cum up her ass and the men were of Mediterranean descent. As my tongue soothed her tired asshole, my fingers and my dildo made her cum again. I love special time with my girls.I know, I am such a trashy milf.

My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntPlaying with my cum filled cunt is sort of a hobby for me. When I am taking calls, I do lines of coke and masturbate with my callers. Usually, my pussy is full of cum before my shift starts and talking about jailbait little ones and your dirty experiences on a call just makes me wetter. This morning when I started my shift, my pussy was full of cum from three sons. I had a triple creampie! Not for long, however. My youngest daughter woke up when she heard me moaning. She saw me rubbing my creamy cunt on a call and had to slip between mommy’s legs for a taste. How could I deny her? She is a creampie slut like all the girls in this family. She loves blowing her brothers, but she says their spunk tastes better in my mommy cunt. How can I argue with that? My little angel loves to eat her mommy’s super wet pussy. Well, she was eating me extra good this morning because it was her brothers’ cum she was eating. I came so hard with my caller. He thought it was roleplay, which was hot, but my hard orgasm was because my baby girl was licking all the cum from her mommy’s fuck holes. I have the best family.

A Trashy MILF and a Curious Boy

milf tramp I am such a bad MILF tramp. I had a retail therapy session yesterday. I spent the day shopping. Not Christmas shopping either. This spree was all for me. I was in the dressing room at Victoria Secret trying on sexy lingerie and this young boy kept peaking his head under the stall door. I would catch him, and he would retreat saying “sorry Ma’am.” I wasn’t born yesterday. I knew it was no accident. He was trying to sneak a peak at a naked woman. Most likely, he has played around in mommy’s panty drawer and tried to peak in on her in the bathroom. Normal boy behavior.  I assumed he was with his own mother or maybe big sister. Someone was not paying close attention to him. The third time he peaked under, I was completely naked. I bent over exposing my ass and cunt. I started fingering my sloppy wet pussy. I am sure some of my cunt juice dribbled on his face. He wanted to see a naked woman? I gave him a naked woman. I turned around, sat on the stool and spread my legs wide. I masturbated with him on the floor beneath me. I heard some one calling a name. I assumed his mommy was looking for him. I put my finger to my lips and rubbed my bald cunt faster. I slipped some fingers up inside my pussy and made myself squirt. I sprayed his young cherub face with my mature juice. No doubt his dick would be too small for me at his age, but I gave him his first peep show and his first taste of mommy juice. In a few more years, maybe I will run into him again and he will have a nice hard teen dick for my mommy pussy.

Dirty Phone Sex Dominatrix

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex dominatrix is what my daughter got last night. I was a submissive when I was little to my daddy and the men he pimped me out to. As a P mommy, my husband and I rule the roost.  I love being a bad ass mommy dominatrix. I have a latex cat outfit I wear equipped with whips when I need to discipline the brats. My middle daughter stole my bag of weed. Not just any weed either. Premium weed smuggled in a friend’s ass from Columbia. And, she took my medicinal gummies that are legal, but expensive as fuck. Now, she didn’t just take some to use. That I would be okay with because I share my drugs. She stole my entire stash which was sizable and gave it to a boy at school to sell. She likes this jackass, but he manipulates and uses her because she comes from money. Impress a boy by bringing him home to fuck your trashy milf mommy but leave my fucking drugs alone. When she saw my outfit, she knew she was in trouble. I stripped her naked, handcuffed her to her princess bed spread eagle and whipped her bald cunt. I whipped her barely B cup tits too. She had pink welts on her body and her pussy was engorged and red by the time I was done. But that wasn’t all the punishment. I put my strap-on up her ass and fucked her tiny pink asshole until she screamed for mercy. I made her lick the dildo clean, which she hated. My little ass to mouth bad girl was apologizing for giving my party supplies away to a loser boy at school. Once I knew she had done some penitence, I made her lick my ass and pussy for an hour. She spent the night in a dog cage eating and drinking out of bowls too. She will think twice before betraying mommy again.

Trashy MILF Creampie

trashy milfI am such a trashy milf. I went Black Friday shopping and all I came back with was cum in my pussy. My sons and daughters weren’t disappointed, however. They love eating mommy’s creampies. By they time we were done with some family fun, I was not the only one with a creampie. I love watching my sons fuck their sisters. We don’t have enough alone time for that anymore. I decided I must make more time for it. Girls need their brothers as much as they need their daddies. I was sitting in a chair watching the orgy I created. My oldest son was fucking his baby sister up the ass while she licked the ass of her older sister. That sister had her baby brother’s dick down her throat. I have 3 boys and 3 girls, so every boy got a sister slut to fuck. I made sure my girls had both holes taken care of too. It is important that girls get fucked in every hole. This is how they know what they like and where they like it. Daddy came home from work and joined me watching the hardcore orgy porn that I was directing. I mean it was a super hot show to watch. I blew my husband’s fat old cock while he told his boys to fuck their sisters harder. Family fucking is better than shopping any day if you ask me.

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