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Hardcore Anal Sex Training

hardcore anal sexHardcore anal sex is something we all love in my family. My sons included. Last night, my middle son watched as I played with his baby sister. She is in anal training. Daddy has popped that anal cherry and so have a few of daddy’s clients. Guys pay good money to fuck a young girl in her ass. She is not an anal virgin; however, she has yet to have an anal gangbang.  Her daddy has arranged one for her next week. She is scared. She doesn’t want to shit herself or prolapse her ass, so we have been working with dildos to simulate rough anal action. She is a natural anal sex whore. I didn’t realize my son was watching, but he was, and he was masturbating. Not because he was turned on by what I was doing to his sister, but because he wanted some ass play too. My dildos don’t discriminate. I went from my daughter’s ass to my son’s ass. It was hot for me too. My daughter was jealous when she saw her brother squirt cum across the room just from having his ass fucked. I told her it was because he has a prostate and when I fuck his ass, I am massaging it. My son enjoyed me fucking his ass so much, he begged to accompany his sister on her anal gang bang next week. I don’t think I can refuse him. He is more a natural anal whore than his sister.

My Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fucking

I love teen sluts fucking, especially when they are my sluts fucking. I cam home early from a play date with a client. My fuck trophies were not expecting me home yet. They had a party while I was gone, assuming I would be gone all night. I usually am with this client. He buys me for the night, but he had a work emergency and cut our time short. He still paid me for 24 hours. I had the option of staying at the hotel or returning home. I took option B because I was horny for my kinky brood. I thought they would be missing their dirty mommy. I walked in on a party. There were a ton of cars parked in the driveway. Music was blaring. When I walked in the house, I tripped over beer bottles. When I walked into the living room, what I saw would have pissed off most mothers. I am not most mothers, however. I am a trashy milf. When I saw a bunch of school boys and girls having an orgy, I took off my clothes and joined them. I saw new meat. Nothing livens up a high school orgy like a dirty MILF. I showed young girls how to drain balls and young men how to eat pussy. I am so glad I didn’t stay in the hotel. I had much more fun fucking high school boys and eating teen pussy. I told my sons and daughters that the next time they throw a party to make sure I am home.

Dirty Phone Sex, Wet Too

dirty phone sexI had such dirty phone sex with my husband last night, I had to shower afterward. My husband travels a ton for work. So, we have phone sex while he is in some fancy hotel. Usually, he wants to hear all about my whore fucking. He loves hearing who fucked me and how. He likes hearing about my fun with our angels while he is gone too. Last night, however, he wanted to direct our middle son on how to make his mommy squirt. We did face time, so he could watch and I could see him masturbate. I was naked squatting in front of the couch with my legs spread wide. My husband told our son how to rub my bald pussy really fast for a good ten minutes before inserting his two middle fingers up my twat. He was finger fucking his mommy’s pussy so hard and fast, all I could do was squirt. I squirted over and over. I sprayed the faces of my offspring who were watching. Doused them and myself. Seriously, everything was wet, including the iPad we were using for face time with my husband. I had no idea I could squirt like that. My sons and my daughters were in awe of what came out of my pussy. I had more than just a sloppy wet pussy. Damn, it was a hot wet time. My husband came several times watching our fuck trophies play with my hot squirting pussy. It was like the floor had been converted into a slip and slide! We all took a big family shower afterward. Cleaned ourselves up, just to get dirty again. I had no idea that I could cum like that.  I don’t think anyone did, but now that I know, we will be having a wet dirty time often.

sloppy wet pussy

My Son Loves My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntDo you like a cum filled cunt? My oldest son sure does. I never pegged him to be the creampie guy in the family, but he is by a long shot. Do you know what he did last night? He arranged a gangbang for me with some of his school friends. It was a weekend night so everyone could come over and stay the night and sleep in without worrying about school. I thought he just wanted to watch me fuck all his friends. It is natural for a boy to enjoy watching his mommy be a whore. I am not saying he didn’t enjoy watching his mommy be a gangbang whore to his friends, but what he wanted most was sloppy seconds. As soon as his last friend emptied his seed into my cunt, he pushed his way into my pussy to feel their cum inside me. He made such vocal sounds as the cum of his friends squished around his cock. It didn’t take him long to cum inside me. Most of the time, he dumps his load in me then runs off to play video games or mess around with Face Book. This time, he went between my legs and ate my pussy pie. He was not only eating the cum of his friends, but he was eating his own cum too. What a dirty boy. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more. Are you a creampie guy too?

Trashy MILF Bender

trashy milfThis trashy MILF is still hung over from New Year’s Eve. We had a family bender. Up almost 48hours fucking and doing lines. The more coke we did, the more we wanted to fuck. The more we fucked, the more coke we did. I don’t remember much about yesterday as I finally crashed. I woke up this morning with my daughter between my legs licking my pussy which had so much cum in it still. I mean no one showered during our bender. We were too busy fucking. Needless to say, my pussy was ripe. Good thing my daughter is a creampie slut. She doesn’t care if its three day old cum in my pussy, she will lick out all that creamy goodness from her momma’s pussy. We played around with each other for a while, before we took a shower together. I love mommy and daughter time. I know my girls sometimes feel neglected when I am in party mode because I am focused on getting fucked. I love one on one time with my girls, because as great as my sons fuck me, no one eats mommy’s pussy like my daughters. I am all clean and fresh, but my husband just brought me some more blow. I won’t stay clean long.

Trashy MILF at the Mall

trashy milfAs a trashy MILF, I am fond of trashy clothes. My husband got me a gift card to Frederick’s of Hollywood for Christmas. This morning, I took my girls with me shopping. I got some looks taking such young girls into a trashy lingerie store, but I don’t care about looks. I had my girls help me try on several sexy outfits. I even picked out a few for them to try on too. This wasn’t like Pretty Woman on Rodeo Dr. It was more like dirty milf at the mall. My little girls are such slutkins. They love wearing dirty little numbers to entice daddy and his clients. Young sexy prostitutes need sexy clothes to wear while working. We had so much fun in the dressing room. I got turned on seeing such young girls in hooker attire. I bet your dick would have been at attention too. Babydoll nightgowns, crotchless panties, fishnet stockings, sheer bodysuits and gaudy stockings and garter belts were all tried on and modeled for me by my sweet tender girls. For most girls, dressing like whores would be like cosplay or something. Not for my little sluts. For them, it is work clothes. These sweet angels work their little asses off to help make money for this family. I am so proud of them that I bought them all several trashy outfits for the new year.  Afterwards, I took them to Chuck E Cheese for lunch. It was a girl’s day, followed by some mommy daughter pussy licking. No boys were allowed, but that was this morning. They are ready to play with you now.

A Dirty Phone Sex Kind of Family

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind. Vanilla is a flavor and should never be a part of phone sex in my opinion. I am the woman you call when you think like me. I had a white Christmas in California if you know what I mean. I’m still snorting lines two days later. I have slept some, but not much since Sunday. My husband got me some fantastic powder. The best I have ever had too. He smuggled it in his pants from Columbia. My hubby has a hug nut sack. He tapped a bag under his nut sack and the airport security either missed it or it didn’t show up on the X-ray. He said he was all nervous too. Drug smuggling isn’t his forte. I rewarded him, however, when he came home. My husband is significantly older than me and for the most part I aged out sexually for him when I turned 18. But, we still have fun. He loves watching me with our sons as I love watching him with our daughters. We understand each other. Our love is based on dirty, taboo sex. I am a no taboo phone sex kind of woman. He has always loved my love for snow. In fact, he gave me my fist blow when I was the age of our youngest daughter. Since he rescued me from a trailer park in rural West Virginia 20 some years ago, we have been making babies and getting high together. Oh, and family fucking too. He likes girls with no tits or hair on their pussy yet. Sound like what you enjoy too? I like young boys with constant hard dicks and a never ending supply of cum for mommy. We both love incest, getting high and watching taboo fucking, so we were made for one another. The best thing about my sugar daddy husband is that he loves me being a phone sex whore and a slut wife, which means you can join our family fun.

Trailer Trash Whore Christmas Eve

trailer trash whoreTrailer trash whore Christmas Eve is here. We have an annual ritual. It’s private family time. My husband scores a big bowl of cocaine for us and no hooker activities occur. My husband and I like to drain our slutkins so they sleep soundly for Santa! I make our special family eggnog. Can you guess the secret ingredient? Yep, it is cum. We like to feed our girls daddy’s cum as well as their brothers’ cum. My husband and my sons have been jacking off into a pitcher all week. just so I can make my eggnog for our girls. I have a special something for the boys too on Christmas Eve. I make sugar cookies, but the icing is just girl cum with food coloring. Makes the cookies extra sweet. We are a white trash family with money. The house is decorated gaudy like in Christmas Vacation. I’m serving the girls cum spiked eggnog. The boys are eating Christmas cookies laced with girl goo. We are all doing coke and fucking in front of the tree. Joints are passed around too. I look forward to Christmas Eve every year because it is all about family. Family fucking. None of my offspring rally believe in Santa anymore, but they all believe in fucking daddy and mommy. Christmas is all about family, right?

My Sloppy Wet Pussy Got Pierced

sloppy wet pussyI like showing off my sloppy wet pussy. I got my clit pierced last night. My husband gave me a diamond pussy ring, so I immediately went out and got it pierced. All my fuck trophies wanted to see it when I came home. They all agreed that it just made mommy’s pussy even prettier.  We decorated the Christmas tree then as a family we decorated my body. The boys, my husband included, stood around me and sprayed me with their cum. Even the gardener and his son joined in on the reindeer games. I love a good circle jerk. So, do my daughters. Not only am I a cum dumpster, but so are my girls. Once I was drenched in cum by the male members of the family, my daughters showed themselves as true creampie sluts by licking up all the chunky loads of sperm that coated my body. There were several globs of male goo on my pussy, but my girls spitted shinned my pussy jewel so it gleamed again. Their eager tongues worked their magic on mommy’s swollen clit too. I loved being pierced, but it did swell my clit. My girls gave me the TLC I needed, however. After mommy was showered with attention, it became a family fuck fest under the Christmas tree. Nothing spreads holiday spirit like the boy cocks in my family!

Trashy MILF at the Mall

trashy milfA trashy milf loves shopping; at least this one does. I had a day to myself yesterday. All my offspring were in school and my husband was out of town. I decided to do some holiday shopping with my hubby’s credit cards. I did buy Christmas gifts for my family, but I ducked into Victoria’s Secret for something sexy for myself. The lady helping me in the dressing room was stunning. A tall exotic beauty, most likely early 20s. She fitted me for a bra, so I got to feel her hands cupping my breasts. I won’t deny that she made me wet. When she started to leave the dressing room, I shut the door and kissed her. My hand went up her thigh and found her slippery wet hole. She was just as wet as I was, and I knew that was all for me. I went down on her sloppy wet pussy and licked her to a mind blowing orgasm. She squirted her young juice all over my face. Yummy. She was in for a special treat. I always carry a dildo in my purse. You never know when you might need to masturbate. I started fucking her shaved twat with my little friend. Her long legs braced the wall as I was in between her legs getting drenched by her juices. This hot slut was juicy like a Georgia peach. She wasn’t quiet with her moaning and I think anyone within a mile could hear her wet cunt. When she collapsed, I licked all the excess juice off her thighs and my dildo. I gave her my cell number and checked out. She had that freshly fucked look. I smelled her cunt on me the rest of the day. Needless to say, when my brats came home, I pounced on them. I was so hot and bothered from my dressing room liaison.

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