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Family of Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesMy family of sexy prostitutes just keeps getting bigger. My husband has been overseas on business and he brought back a surprise for me. A sexy young Russian girl. She was part of a sex slave outfit. He bought her contract out because he loved fucking her so much. He knew with her young age, she would bring us lots of money. Plus, we would treat her far better, so it was a win for her too. She is extremely young but well trained. She has been sleeping in bed with me because she has night terrors still from the deplorable conditions she was living in. She is still a little whore, but we are going to give her the best of everything. Honestly, she will want for nothing. She has her own princess room now and a mommy and daddy who love her. She has a family of siblings who love her too. Last night was her debut at one of our private parties and she was the belle of the ball. We had many a man pay for her tight young pussy. She was born into slavery. All she knows is fucking, so it is natural for her to want to please men. She is going to see a much different world in America with us. She might out fuck my family of hookers for hire because she has years more experience. Last night was the first night she got to keep the money her young, pink pussy earned. It was also the first time, she got to choose who she wanted to fuck and what she would let be done to her. None of my little whores are forced to do what they don’t want to, just usually they do it anyway because the money is better for the kinky shit. Natasha decided to be an anal whore because she is no anal virgin and the money was higher. She couldn’t believe she got to keep most of the money. She is the perfect addition to our family. I can’t wait for her you to feel her pussy on your cock.

Hardcore Anal Sex with My Daugthers

hardcore anal sexMy daughters love hardcore anal sex. They are just like their anal whore mommy. Most men think you need a cock for anal sex, but that is just not true. My daughters and I love to have ass sex with dildos and strap-ons. Girl on girl anal action is hot family fun. They went back to school today, so last night I had some anal fun with my daughters. I let them have a little cocaine to amp up their kink factor. A little blow is never bad for a young girl. I’d never let them do as much as me. I am a druggy whore. But coke helps a young girl relax enough to be a great teen anal whore. I guess you could say I have an ass fetish because I have been training their little asses for big things likes fists, monster cocks, and sex toys since they were little. It worked because I have anal whore daughters.  Last night, we took turns playing with each other’s asses. We even used some double-sided dildos, so two could have that stuffed ass feeling at once. I know I am not your typical mommy, but young girls need to discover ass sex when young because men will always want to fuck a woman’s ass. The first time having anal sex is messy and embarrassing if not well trained. My daughters have no embarrassing moments unless they want too because of nights like last night. The boys had to watch which made them cream their shorts. It was anal girls’ night. Boys were on the side stroking as they watched big fat dildos gape their sisters’ pretty assholes. They even got to watch their sisters take a strap-on to their mommy’s ass. As much fun as it was fucking my daughters’ asses, cock teasing my sons for hours was fun too.

Trashy MILF Talent Recruiter


trashy milfThis trashy milf hit the goldmine by chance. I went to this dingy massage parlor. I go to scout out the talent. I am always recruiting ethnic beauties because sometimes my husband gets a client who wants an Asian or black girl. It is good business to have a variety of girls on retainer. There was a new girl working there who was half black and half Asian. Barely legal and so gorgeous. I don’t know if you know this but must girls who work in happy ending salons are working off their passage into America. They are part of the sex trade industry and live in squalor until their debt is paid in hours of work. This girl was clearly just off the boat meaning she had years of debt to fuck off. She was younger than most of the girls that have worked in the club. I made an impulsive decision. I bought out her contract. My husband is wealthy. Michael Jackson had giraffe money. We have sex slave money. She was scared at first, so I ate her pussy. Damn she tasted sweeter than watermelon on a hot day. She finally relaxed enough to let me give her pleasure. Her world was about to change. She is still a hooker for hire, but she will not be living in squalor and she can keep 90% of the money she earns. I told her she just needs to stay with us for at least a year, but she can come and go as she pleases because she is not a prisoner. She is now a member of my family. She is exotic. She will be a money maker and my sons will love her. She was the first human I bought, but I more or less leased her for a year. I think she will love being part of my family of sexy prostitutes, so she will never want to leave. I am going to make her addicted to my pussy eating skills.

Anal Sex Whore

anal sex whoreBeing an anal sex whore is dirty work! Literally, dirty work. My husband had a client who wanted to fuck a very young girl in the ass. There were a few stipulations. One, she had to be an anal virgin. Second, he wanted her cleaned out beforehand, which meant an enema. I have no virgins in my brood, but I knew where to find one. I have befriended a few trailer park women. The kind of women who prefer heroin over their daughters. I can rent their daughters for clients in exchange for drug money or the lot fee. I tell my P callers, if they want some young pussy, befriend a smack addict mommy. They will sell their soul to the devil for a fix. I am not exactly the devil; however, if I can make money off your daughter’s virgin holes, I will. Carlie was strung out when I paid her a visit which was perfect. I gave her a few hundred dollars and I took her daughter for the night. Her little angel was getting turned into a teen anal whore. Now, I am not evil like my parents. I just want to please my husband’s clients and indulge their naughty desires. I got Katie cleaned up, gave her an enema beforehand, as specified. I explained to Katie that I would give her most of the money which was $3,000. She just had to hide the money from her smack whore mommy and get fucked in the ass by a dirty old man. That kind of money was like gold to a girl from a trailer park.  I was taking less than half the money. The girl does all the work and we don’t need it. I gave her a Valium to relax and that little girl engaged in hardcore anal sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather. After he shot his old spunk up her baby butthole, she told me if I ever needed her again, to please text her. I think she has discovered that her ticket out of the trailer park is with her jailbait ass and cunt. It was my ticket too. Smart thinking.

Dirty Phone Sex Tales

dirty phone sexDirty phone sex is the only kind. I have callers like I have clients who just want to share in my dirty life. John is a john lol. He has been paying for my body for over a decade now. He has never wanted my brats. John is my husband’s age, so he is like 25 years my senior. His dick doesn’t work like it used too. He enjoys as foreplay listening to some of the shit that happened to me as a young girl. He doesn’t want to fuck a young girl, but he does enjoy hearing about how they have been mistreated. We don’t mistreat our brats. Sure, they are our sexy prostitutes, but they have agency to decide who they want to fuck. I had no agency. My life was a Lifetime movie. My youngest memory was being chained inside a little trailer behind a double-wide trailer. I didn’t even live in the same trailer with my folks. I never went to school. I barely talked. I lived in squalor in a fucking shack. I just waited until a man came in and fucked me. My mother brought me food and I would do my business in a coffee can. I don’t think neighbors knew I even existed. There was no love. There were no holidays or family celebrations. I was a prisoner. I was a cash cow. I was a sex slave. The more I talked about my sad upbringing, the harder John’s dick became. He felt bad about being aroused by my experiences, but I have been telling my stories to men like him and my husband for decades. The only thing that is the same about me is that I still like to fuck for money and I still like to get high.  I like a man who likes a dirty trailer trash whore.

Freaky Phone Sex Stories

freaky phone sexFreaky phone sex stories are fun to share and create together. I have a phone regular who enjoys telling me naughty things to do to my youngest daughter. He is a P man without a P daughter, so he lives vicariously through me. Sometimes he is a gentleman with romantic P fantasies, other times he is less than gentle and likes to inflict some pain on a baby girl pussy. I enjoy being a P accomplice. He wanted me to masturbate my daughter with objects too big for her tiny bald cunt. He was expecting a report back when he called me last night. He wanted to know all the juicy details about her sweet young pussy. How did it look? What did I use on her pussy? Did she cry? What items did she like most? He was getting off on the details. I was happy to report that my baby girl loved the rolling pin the most up her bald cunnie. It was thick and wooden. I lubed it up with KY glide and as I slowly inched it in, I rolled it. It hurt at first, but once I started rolling it around her tiny baby womb, she started purring and spreading her legs further. My baby girl is such a nasty freak. Just like her mama. I gave her a baby sloppy wet pussy, but I cleaned up the mess. My caller was so delighted that she loved riding that big wooden rolling pin. I couldn’t wait to hear what he wanted me to abuse her tight little hole with next time.

Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireAnyone who knows me, knows I have hookers for hire. An entire family of young meat and me of course. Some clients want a young girl or a young boy or both, but many just want me. They want an experienced whore with no limits. Tony requested me solo for a 6-hour date last night. Normally, the clients come to the house, but he got us a suite at one of the fancy hotels in town. When I arrived at his room, I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I was all gussied up at his request. I thought he might be taking me somewhere, but we never left his hotel suite. He had a big bag of coke and his teen son waiting for me. Tony likes the fantasy of a high-class woman being nothing but a trashy milf when she gets high. The joke was on him because that is me to a tee. I clean up well and can hob knob with the high society crowd, but once I do a few lines, I am nothing but a dirty whore. Tony’s’ son was a virgin and he thought he was too old to still be one, so he hired him a dirty milf to make him a man. I do love a teen boy. What woman my age doesn’t want a teen cock? Those are some of the hardest dicks around. I did a few lines, got high and seduced him. I started with head. Of course, he didn’t last long in my mouth. I gave him a hit of coke and that teen cock was rock hard again in ten minutes. Even his father was envious of how little downtime he needed. Tony Jr. banged the shit out of me for a solid hour. I felt bad taking daddy’s money. I will always do a teen boy for free.

Trailer Trash Whore

trailer trash whoreBeing a trailer trash whore is a lot of work. You need to do the shit other women won’t do, which means taking a lot of cum and fucking a lot of cocks. I want people talking about me, so I am not discreet. My husband has a job where my dirty antics only make him more sought out. His reputation is tainted by his slut wife, but he loves it because it brings him lots of paying clients who want to fuck his wife and daughters. The dirtier I am, the more people talk, and the more certain kinds of men seek out his services because of me. I had a gang bang the other night. Not the typical kind of gang bang either. There were more four legged boys than 2 legged boys humping my trashy ass. I was high as fuck. Super high. This guy offered me money to do his best friend. I don’t need the money, but it was hot to take something I didn’t need just to do something freaky. I got on all fours and played a game of guess who’s cock was up my ass. Hot damn, I was feeling furry dicks and throbbing man cocks in and out of my asshole. This dude was filming my furry gang bang. I knew when the film got out my husband’s stock would go up and it did. As soon as folks were talking about his whore wife, men were calling for his business just to be close to me through him. Turns out my little furry friend gang bang tripled my husband’s business. Everyone wants to work with a man who has a hot whore wife. I am already booked for some private gigs with some of his new clients who want a chance to be next to a trashy milf.

Creampie Slut Daughters

creampie slutI am a creampie slut. So are my daughters. We all enjoy having our pussies filled with creamy jizz. Last night, I wanted alone time with my girls. My husband took the boys to a movie and gave me a couple hours with the girls. I hired a boy toy stripper for us. He is a barely legal hunk that my middle daughter has a crush on. He is a couple years older than her, but until he graduated in May, he went to school with her. I did some research on him as my daughter never stops talking about him. I was surprised to find that he is a male escort. A barely legal hunk for hire. My daughter was so excited when his mask came off and she saw her teen dream standing before her naked. Truth. I hired my jailbait daughter a male hooker. A male hooker that went to school with her and was once the most popular boy in her school. My other daughters were so happy for her. Monday is her sweet, well you know, birthday. This was a little early birthday present for her. The boys would tease her if they knew about her boy crush, so that is why I said I needed some girl time. He fucked us all, but he fucked my middle daughter many times. He loved her Lolita pussy. Her momma and her sisters loved her cum filled cunt too. We had her licked clean before daddy and the boys came home. Don’t tell on us, okay?

My Daughter The Fisting Whore

fisting whoreDo you like a fisting whore? I do. My oldest daughter is one. She can fist her own cunt. In fact, when she was super young, she shoved all sorts of things up her cunt. One time I caught her giving a show to the neighbor boys.  She was charging them $10 a piece to watch her fist her own pussy. She had a natural talent for freaky sex at an early age. I was forced to be a hooker by my meth head parents. My daughter wants to be a whore. She was born for it. She sucked on daddy’s dick so much as a wee thing that she couldn’t go to asleep without daddy’s dick in her mouth.  I am so proud of my teen whore. She has made quite a creative income with weird insertions in her cunt and ass. She is in high demand with daddy’s clients because she can take a huge cock in both her holes and she loves gang bangs and trains. The original plan was for her to go to college, but she wants to be a porn star or a high-end escort. Her skills do lie more in that department. Books were never her thing. I think you can be a trailer trash whore and a college graduate, but her daddy and I want her to follow her dreams. College is overrated anyway. I never even went to high school and I turned out okay. My daughter will be legal soon, so she can do what she wants. She told me today that she has lined up a gang bang with a porn studio to film her first legal gang bang. It will be called 18th Birthday Gangbang. I am so proud of her initiative. She is getting paid enough to pay for 4 years of college outright if she ever decides to go. She is smart to sell her body for money. Sex pays the bills better than political science.

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