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My Naughty Phone Sex Line

phone sex lineI have a naughty phone sex line. It is like one of those old-fashioned party lines. I get high and talk dirty. It was a wild weekend at our place. I had a huge bag of blow. My girls and I were home alone this weekend. Party time for me and my girls. Daddy and the boys were fishing at the lake this weekend. I could have invited some male lovers over to entertain us, but I opted to have my girls to myself. I let the littlest one try a small bit of coke. My teen girls can handle much more. We had strap-ons, fingers and tongues in all holes. Coke makes me a nasty freak. It  does my young ones too. We had a girl orgy. I tongued every one of my daughter’s fuck holes. Their assholes and little bald cunnies enjoyed some mommy pleasure. They all tongued my holes too. Even the littlest ones learned how to toss a salad the right way. I enjoyed fucking them the most with my strap-on. Daddy would have been so jealous. But he thinks we just went to movies and got pedicures. We did that too, but we mostly fucked because I am a trashy milf after all.

Live Phone Sex Party

live phone sexI had a live phone sex party last night. I invited a few of my hot slut wife friends to come over. We got high and fucked my sons. Some of my friends aren’t blessed to have boys in the house. Every woman needs to experience a teen cock. I love all cock, but a teen cock. That is something special. A man is never as hard as he is when he is a teen boy. I brought my four boys out and did a naked line up with them in front of my girlfriends. They were amazed at how stiff they were. You could toss a horseshoe on any one of my sons’ cocks. I decided to make a hardcore orgy porn with them. I filmed my girlfriends doing lines of coke off my sons’ dicks and fucking them. MILFs gone wild. These rich trophy wives are married to men who haven’t had an erection since Jimmy Carter was president! I wanted my sons to have fun, but I wanted my BFFs to have the stiff working dicks they deserve too. The way I see it, hooking my sons up with horny housewives is what you call a win win situation.

Family of Phone Sex Sluts

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts are in this kind of business because their experiences and desires would get them arrested. I must have inherited some deviant gene from my parents. Lord knows I hated them when I was a young girl because I was just a slave and cash cow. In hindsight, they made me a better version of themselves. A much better version. Yes, my family members are sex slaves, but I show them love and affection. They go to school. They have the finer things in life. I never went to school. No one knew I existed. I lived in squalor in an old camper in a trailer park. My sexy prostitutes want for nothing.  They do stay busy, but for that they are rewarded. No school girl I know has the kind of money my slutkins do. My oldest girl has a Ferrari. Yesterday was Mother’s Day; and daddy arranged a special get together with a wealthy man wanting the family experience. I dressed the girls up in cute Sunday best clothes, the boys too because he wanted everyone involved in the fun. I played mommy. I know I am mommy, but it was more like I played his wife and our brood wanted to show me a very special day with their tongues, cocks, cunnies and fingers. Daddy watched, encouraged and joined in on the fun. It was family group sex with a different daddy for money. It was not all about the Benjamins, however, because surrogate daddy had a huge cock and a big wallet. Not only did he pay a large sum of money for this kinky family experience, he brought us all special gifts. I was never treated so well as a little whore. My family of whores loves our life.  I bet you would love to play daddy for a day too.

Taboo Phonesex Mommy

taboo phonesexI love taboo phonesex calls because I am a taboo mommy and milf. Normally, I am playing with my own brood. Last night, however, I was playing with a neighbor girl. More like I was punishing her. She was a bad girl. She had been spying on me. When I confronted her, she lied about it. Nothing gets by me. Nothing. I pulled her in the house, stripped her naked and put her over my knees for an old fashioned spanking. The reason so many boys and girls are disobedient brats these days is because adults are afraid of corporal punishment. Nothing like a good bare bottom spanking to put a brat in his or her place. My brood knows I don’t tolerate disobedience. I am a loving mommy until one of my brats lies to me or disobeys me. This little girl was insolent. She denied that she was trying to look at me naked. There was no other reason why she would be sneaking around my bedroom window. We have a privacy back yard. She had to climb the fence. She could deny it all she wanted. I was going to spank the truth out of her. Finally, this trashy milf crossed her pain threshold and she admitted she was curious about my body. She had a young girl’s body. Lean, no tits, no pussy hair yet and I have tits, curves and fur. I let her check me out once she came clean. A curious girl is a good thing. I guided her head between my legs and made her lick my sweet mommy pussy. I think she is a lesbian. She didn’t even flinch. She just started licking my pussy and she even tongued my ass without being forced to do it. What started as a punishment session, ended up with me molesting the school girl next door.

Trashy Milf and Her Girls Fucked on High Seas

trashy milfThis trashy milf and her brood of little girls spent the weekend on a yacht. No ordinary yacht either. It was a sex yacht. My family was hired to service a bachelor party on the high seas. Not our first time at sea, but it was the first time we were hired whores on water. This yacht was decked out too. The captain of the boat and the party had great blow from Columbia. He is a drug cartel member my husband has laundered money for in the past. His son was getting married and he likes young teen girls. He likes milfs too, so I was there as a part of the hookers for hire. All weekend long, me and my girls sucked cock, snorted lines of coke, fucked cock and took dicks up the ass. The boat was a rocking if you know what I mean. We barely slept. The coke kept us all up, and the Viagra helped keep the men hard for 48 hours of nasty fun on the high seas. My little girls worked their asses off to make the groom to be happy, as well as his friends. We were all covered in cum, sore as fuck, and high as fuck by the time our time ended. I kept the girls home from school today since they are walking funny. But, the cash we made and the fun we had was all worth the discomfort.

Live Phone Sex

live phone sexYou never know what will happen with live phone sex. My daughter stayed home from school today. She wasn’t feeling well, but I think she just wanted to hang with her sexy mommy. She loves watching me on the phone. I always play with my pussy when I am talking dirty. It has been a busy morning. Lots of men wanting to talk to a dirty mom early in the morning about their morning wood. I think nutting before work makes the day go better for most men. As I shared my P incest stories with callers, my daughter got hotter and wetter. After the first few calls, she was between my legs eating my pussy as I talked dirty. It is hard to talk normally when a hot teen slut is licking your sloppy wet pussy! I am a professional, however, and I made it work. In between my morning rush hour, my daughter would finger bang my cunt and lick my clit. She can make me squirt so hard. Daddy came home early because of a power outage and joined the fun. He decided to work from home, but not before he fucked his horny wife and daughter first. It was a rare treat for us all. I love mornings that start with kinky family fun.

Pissing Phone Sex Orgy

pissing phone sexPissing phone sex is fun for a dirty Milf like me. I love water sports. My husband pimped me out to a party Saturday night. It was a hot party too. A bunch of middle aged men who like to piss on girls. It was my first official pissing party. My sons have pissed on me, so have a few clients, but this was like 50 men. Wealthy men who can afford to pay for the exploration of their kinky desires and fetishes. I knew I would be doused. They didn’t want to fuck me, just piss and jizz on me. I was fine with both. Pissing bukkake is what it was. I felt like I was on a slip and slide ride. The floor had a plastic sheet laid out ready for water sports sex games. I laid down and took my pissing punishment like a pro. It felt like I was coated in a gallon of piss. I likely was because 50 men were urinating on me in unison. I got piss in my eyes, mouth and all over my body. Before I could wipe off the urine or hose down, the bukkake was flinging at me. Cum load after cum load hit my body. Good thing I love cum. Big chunks of jizz were all over my body. I looked like a ghost from all the cum coating my body. I was a hot mess when I came home, but before I could take a shower, my small army of little ones were all over me cleaning up the sloppy seconds. They love piss and cum too.

Family of Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy hookers for hire are on a special date tonight. I am with them in spirit. I can watch the entire orgy on my cell thanks to modern technology. Often, I am either part of the fun or chaperoning, but this guy wanted my girls all to himself. He loved the idea that they were jailbait sisters. From the video footage, I could see he was making them call him daddy. What man doesn’t like the idea of his precious baby girls worshiping his cock? Most of my husband’s clients are paying for the daddy experience. The others want the mommy experience with me, but the lure of a young girl is as old as time. As is the lure of mommy. I played with my wet pussy, while having dirty phone sex with a caller who enjoys the daddy treatment also. I enjoyed letting him know what my angels were doing. I was enjoying having some one to tell. I mean my sweet little whores were on their knees worshiping a stranger’s big dick and calling him daddy. When he started fucking their sweet young holes, I was sloppy wet. My caller nutted just listening to me describe what I was seeing, so you know I came hard watching it. I love my family of whores.

Sexy Prostitutes in the Family

sexy prostitutesThe younger sexy prostitutes are, the more money they command for me. I have an adopted super young girl who daddy and I sold for a premium last night. Rented out is a better term. We love this little cash cow and want her with us for awhile. She is a Nubian princess, rescued from war torn Africa. We have a fat white friend who has long been talking about his chocolate sweet tooth. We were finally able to satisfy his craving. He paid $10, 000 for a few hours with our black little virgin. Daddy taught her the basics like how to suck cock, but her virginity we have been saving for the right price. Daddy and I watched on a hidden camera as she became a little dick spinner and a cum catcher. She was in pain because her baby girl cunnie is so tight and small and his cock was full-grown. But like the other hookers for hire in my family, she forged through the pain. She enjoyed making money and pleasing our friend. What a good, natural little whore. Of course, she has to sit on a bag of frozen peas to rest up her tiny holes for the next visit. She is going to be quite the breadwinner.

My Sons Love My Cum Filled Cunt

cum filled cuntI love having a cum filled cunt. So does my family. They each love sloppy seconds, even the boys. My husband and I are perverts. We have raised our brood in the family way. When they were super young, they all got a healthy dose of cum in their bottles. We would walk around naked and fuck in front of them. I would entertain clients in front of them too. So, it is no surprise that I have a family of sluts. Dirty little whores who love to fuck as much as daddy and I do too. The boys are just horny as the girls. My sons are the biggest creampie junkies I know. Usually, a creampie slut is a girl. I do have a couple of them in the house, but my sons are the kinkiest creampie lovers. Why? Because they like to put their seed inside their mommy’s cunt and lick each other’s jizz out of me. Brothers swapping cum deposited in their mommy’s and sisters’ holes is pretty dirty, right? Last night, daddy came in me, then each boy took a turn until I had 4 loads of fresh jizz inside me. Instead of my daughters cleaning me up, each boy lent his tongue to the task. They would gobble up some fresh jizz until they each had a fix. I love my big kinky family. Boys who love cum, grow up to be men who love cum and men who love cum are always uninhibited lovers.

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