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Teen Sluts Fucking or Teen Sluts Punished

teen sluts fuckingI have a bunch of teen sluts fucking in my house. My sons and daughters fuck me and daddy, their siblings and many older men. My little whores are often good little slaves for whomever wants them. Once in a blue moon, however, I get a disobedient girl who needs a spanking. My sweet cunt licker Melissa was doing so well, but I found out she has been saying no to woman she doesn’t find attractive. She is a whore. If she wants to keep living under this roof and have nice things, she fucks any woman with money. I am her pimp. I have received several complaints from local lesbians that she only wants to play with lipstick lesbians. I had to have a come to Jesus moment with her. I won’t have her insulting clients. A bull dyke’s money is just as welcome as a lipstick lesbian’s money. A good whore makes everyone feel like a king, well in this situation, a queen. She is not too old for mommy to punish. I tossed her over my knees and administered some bare bottom spankings. She was squirming and screaming for mercy before I stopped. Her ass was bright red. The punishment was not over, however. I made her service some disgruntled lesbians for free. She spent hours licking hairy cunts and dirty asses. Now, she knows that money talks. Any paying client, regardless of looks, gets the same service. My sexy prostitutes can’t pick and choose who they fuck. Money is money and they need to make all they can if want to live under our roof.

Eating Mommy’s Slopping Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyMy babies love eating my sloppy wet pussy. I came home last night from a frat party. I was the entertainment. Daddy has a client with a son in college. The frat house wanted a sexy milf, not a young stripper. This was a favor. I don’t often do jobs for my husband. Most men are paying for our super young little sluts. I like college boys, however. They have hard cocks and stamina. They need little down time when it comes to round two. I was happy to do this favor for my husband. The house looked like 50 boys lived there too. It smelled of stale beer and piss. Subtle hints of cum. I came home smelling the same way. I smelled more of cum than anything else. My sexy, young hookers for hire love the smell of cum. I got on all fours, under the Christmas tree, and my girls cleaned me up. I looked, smelled and felt like I had been gangbanged. Their eager little tongues went in and out of my cum filled holes. It was a special mommy and me moment. Daddy and I have raised them to be good little whores. They are quite the money makers too. But last night, they were just mommy’s sweet creampie sluts.

Trashy Milf Lilibeth and Her Sexy Sluts

trashy milfThis trashy milf and madam is happy for the holidays. My young girls are staying busy. My sweet cunt licker Melissa has really stepped up her A game. All the women in town have paid her money, even the married straight ones. She has licked more pussy than an 80-year-old dyke. Her skills are so good, women are coming from other communities to try out the lesbian teen hooker with the magic tongue. She had to ice her jaw after Black Friday because women were flocking to her. She ran a two for one special. Women could either bring a friend or get two tongue lashings for the price of one. It was ingenious. She made more money in one day than she had in the entire month. She is making her quota and then some. I still have my sweet Jasmine we adopted. She is mommy’s little pussy slave. She keeps my other sexy prostitutes in line. Jealousy motivates my others to work harder to please me. Jasmine is a house slave. Mommy’s little sex slave. She has no quota other than to make mommy cum a certain number of times a day. I am home schooling her. Daddy thinks I should get her into the industry because she is a hot piece of ass, but with the twins and Melissa staying so busy fucking, I need someone to take care of me, right? Daddy and I have the most in demand sluts in the state.

Happy Thanksgiving Dirty Phone Sex Lovers

dirty phone sexHappy Thanksgiving my dirty phone sex lovers. I love holiday fucking. My small army of brats are home from school for a few days and that means lots of quality family fucking. Tonight, my two youngest girls will be out at a special event for one of Daddy’s clients. This rich guy is throwing a private party for his friends after the turkey festivities are over. My husband is supplying the talent. My girls will be doing what ever these party guests want. We had to sideline them from the morning family fun today because they need to be tight and clean for the party. This client is paying good money for super young and sexy prostitutes. They were okay being benched. They love to watch their mommy whore in action. It gives them tips to try out on their paying customers. I got double stuffed like a turkey from my two oldest sons. One in my ass and one in my pussy, while I blew the youngest boy. The other girls were letting daddy stuff their tiny little pink holes. It was a Thanksgiving fuckfest. My benched little whores licked their brothers’ seed out my fuck holes and daddy’s cum out of their sisters’ twats. Nothing like family fun to start a holiday off right!

A Family of Sexy Prostitutes for the Holidays

sexy prostitutesDaddy and I and our band of young sexy prostitutes trimmed the tree last night. We are in the holiday spirit early this year. Daddy planned a little celebration with an overseas client who wanted the holiday family experience. He wanted to be daddy with lots of little ones and a sexy wife celebrating Christmas. That was the real reason we put up the tree before Thanksgiving. We were helping to set the stage for Daddy’s rich client fantasy. He was paying a shit ton of money to fuck me and three of our daughters and even one of our sons. His money would pay for our Christmas easily. I had my little slutkins call him Daddy because that was part of the package. We fucked by the fire. My little girls sucked his cock. He fucked our daughters and son. He fucked me too, all under the tree with a fire rolling. We treated him like family. He was loving it. He has a family back in his country, but he doesn’t have a trashy milf like me for a wife. Men who don’t have a wife like me don’t get to fuck their young girls. That is why my husband and I offer the family package to men with money. We made his Christmas fantasy cum true. Maybe we can make yours cum true too?

Mommy’s Sloppy Wet Pussy

sloppy wet pussyI play with my sloppy wet pussy often. I always have a wet cunt. My girls and boys love seeing my wet pussy. We play this game. They all take bets on how many loads I took. Only I know the answer. I put a speculum in my pussy and crank it up, so my little sluts can see deep inside my wet pussy. They have seen my pussy with as much as 50 loads of cum in me before. They never get exactly right how much cum is in my pussy, but they get close. Each one of my offspring is a creampie slut. They have all been raised on a healthy protein diet. Daddy’s jizz in their bottles when very young, drinking it out of mommy’s cunt when they can crawl and drinking right from daddy’s cock by the time they can talk. We are cum whores in this family. So, when I played with my creamy cunt this morning, I had a small line of eager boys and girls wanting some sloppy seconds. They got to eat my creampie and guess how many loads were in mommy’s pussy. Of course, they ended up filling me up with more cum.

Trailer Trash Whore Plays with Her Cunt

trailer trash whoreThis trailer trash whore loves to masturbate. I was playing with my cunt this morning while the maid’s sons watched. They speak little English and I speak little Spanish. Didn’t matter. They knew what was going on. I signaled for them to come closer. They understood what my body was saying. They understood what my body was doing to them too. My maid doesn’t care what my husband and I do with her small army of brats. My husband has enjoyed the maid’s daughters too. We pay her bills. We got her legal immigration status. She owes us. We get repaid with some naughty fun with her brats. Those boys have nice brown dicks. They are at the right age where their dicks stay hard all day and they seem to have an endless supply of cum in their balls. That is just how I like them. As those beautiful brown boys got closer to me, they jacked their cocks harder. I spread my wet milf pussy and let them fuck me. Neither lasted long, but they each gave me a huge cum filled cunt. They don’t need to speak English to fuck me. The main reason any California family hires a Mexican maid is to have access to her sweet little brats.

Teen Sluts Fucking

teen sluts fuckingMy husband loves our teen sluts fucking. Fucking him, fucking me, fucking our friends and fucking his clients. My husband has a best friend who is jonesing for some jailbait pussy. He has daughters at home, but he doesn’t have a wife like me. I told my husband we could share one or all our daughters with him and give him the daddy experience. I mean he is my husband’s best friend. They have known each other decades too. They are frat brothers from the 70s. This guy is super dirty but not filthy rich. He couldn’t pay for the daddy experience like most of my husband’s clients. But that is what friends are for, right? He came over last night for his surprise. Our middle daughter was in cotton panties and a see-through nightie. She looked sweet and innocent. Like Britney Spears, she is not that innocent though! When our friend saw our daughter, his eyes popped, and his cock got hard. My husband told his pal, she was all his for the night. I never saw a bigger smile on a man’s face. My husband told him Merry Christmas early and my daughter took him to one of the bedroom’s and made his dreams cum true. My daughter is great with daddy sex. She has been taking care of her own daddy for a few years now. And of course, she takes care of daddy’s clients too. If you are unable to fuck your own daughter because your bitch wife is not like me, then find a woman like me with a sweet young girl.

Trailer Trash Whore at a School Musical

trailer trash whoreWhen you are a trailer trash whore, you my clean up on the outside, but on the inside, you stay a dirty whore. My youngest daughter is the star of her school musical. She loves to sing and dance and suck and fuck. My husband and I encourage our darlings to have lots of interests. My husband and I went to the afternoon performance of her school musical today. I had to toss my coat over my husband’s lap because he had an erection looking at all the young girls in spandex and make-up dancing around on stage. They were gyrating their little bodies. It was even making me wet! I stroked my husband’s cock as he checked out all the young talent on stage. Some of the moves those schoolgirls had made him think about bringing them into our family of sexy prostitutes. I know how my husband thinks. I think the same way. Young pussy sells so well. After the play, our daughter asked if I could take her and a few of her friends to eat before the next performance. My husband had something for them to eat! I made my daughter sneak her daddy into the bathroom to blow him before we drove them to McDonalds. Otherwise, he would have driven the van with his cock or exploded in his jeans. Being around so many sweet young girls, made us both horny. We came home and fucked like wild animals in heat. We talked about going to school functions more often because it is super fucking hot to look at all the little angels. I am sure you understand. Our daughter promised to bring daddy and I home one of her school friends for a sleepover after the evening performance. I can’t wait. Daddy is mixing up some roofied Kool-Aid right now.

Phone Sex Sluts Like Me

phone sex slutsPhone sex sluts should always be no taboos. The girls on my site are for sure. Hell, even my sexy milf friends are no limits either. Lena was over last night. She is a new trophy wife in the community, and we became fast friends. She found out I fucked her son. Me bad. I never ask permission from the boy’s family first. Permission is rarely granted, that is why I never ask. I guess this boy and his mamma have the kind of relationship I have with my sons. He told her all about me, so she paid me a visit. I thought the visit was going to go south. She wasn’t mad. She wasn’t jealous, but she did say that she needed to fuck one of my boys to make us even. I knew she was joking. Not about fucking my son. She meant that. I just didn’t really owe it to her. She is a trashy milf like me. She fucks her sons and other young boys. It was nice to talk to a rich trophy wife like myself who enjoys young cock and pussy too. I watched her fuck my son, who was more than happy to settle my debt with my new best friend. I even ate my son’s cum out of her cunt. Her and I are going to have so much fun together.

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