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Being A Slut = Free Drugs

Druggy phone sexI woke this morning with the strongest urge to get high. I searched all over my apartment for leftover drugs but found nothing. I didn’t have any money but that’s never a problem. Look at me, do I look like I have a problem getting free drugs. I put on my slutty uniform, tiny tight dress with six-inch heels. I drove straight to Chico’s house because he has the best coke. When I walked into his house his jaw dropped. He rushed everyone out of his house because he wanted me all to himself. I knew what he wanted and stripped out of my dress. He made me stand there completely naked because he needed time to admire my curvy body. The way his eyes roamed my body made my nipples hard and my cunt wet. I dropped to my knees and gave him a sloppy wet blowjob. I sucked and licked his cock like a pornstar. He stood me up and kissed me so passionately that my knees got weak. He bent me over the sofa and fucked me so good and hard that I’m sure his neighbors know his name. He pounded my pussy like he was trying to hurt me, but I loved every inch and minute.

Pussy For Drugs

Druggy phone sexI searched all over my apartment for hidden drugs. Maybe I drop a packet of coke under my bed, or maybe I left a pill in my pants pocket. But I didn’t have any hidden drugs and I looked like an addict tearing my apartment apart. I wanted drugs but I didn’t have any money, I knew who I needed to call. Perez gives me free drugs for sexual favors. It’s so easy, I’ll make him nut and walk away with free drugs. But when I got there Perez wasn’t alone, his young nephew was playing video games in the front room. I leaned in to kiss Perez but he pushed me towards his nephew. I knew that he wanted me to seduce his nephew ( just look at me) this would be easy. I took my top off and the young man’s jaw dropped. I put my tits on his face and shook them. His cock got so hard, I could see the imprint through his basketball shorts. I pulled it out and held it in my hand. It was long and heavy, my pussy was getting wet. He pushed my head down and I gave him a sloppy wet pornstar blowjob. As I sucked on his teenage dick, Perez stood next to us with his cock in his hand. The whole scene made my pussy throb, I came without stimulating my clit. When I finally sat on his young cock, it slipped easily into my wetness. I rode him hard like a cowgirl until he filled me with his load. Perez came, too, and he squirted his cum all over us. I went home with my nose candy and a big smile on my face.

Snow White

Druggy phone sexI have an 8-ball of coke and it’s all going up my nose. Snorting coke makes me cunt super wet and nipples super hard. I do a line of cocaine and images of us fucking floods my brain. I’m turning into a nasty girl who fucks like a pornstar. I want us to get high together. Let’s experience this chemical high together. Snort a line with me and I’ll spread my legs for you. I’m shaved and my pussy is fat. Give me bump and I’ll suck your cock. It makes me so fucking wet when you moan. I want your eyes to roll back when my tongue plays with the head of your cock. I’m not the type of girl you introduce to mommy. I’m a nasty girl with really really good pussy. I’m a bad girl with very bad habits. Come with me down the rabbit hole. I’ll make your wildest fantasies come true.

Good Dick

Druggy phone sexChico has the best drugs, so when he asked me to come to his place I was in my car before we hung up. I knew what he wanted, he craves me like I crave his drugs. My cunt fits his cock like a glove. The more excited I became the faster I drove. When I finally arrived, he had a mountain of coke on the coffee table. I walked towards it but he gripped my arm stopping me. His teenage son was a virgin and Chico wanted to change that. I walked towards his son’s bedroom peeling my clothes off along the way. The boy was playing video games, he didn’t even notice me standing in his doorway completely naked. I stood in front of the tv and his jaw dropped. He was so cute, this was going to be fun. I pushed him onto his back and pull his hard cock from his shorts. I stroked him while kissing his soft lips. He flipped us over and sucked on my hard nipples. This boy was no virgin, I could tell by the way he spread my thighs apart and put his face between my legs. He sucked on my clit until I begged for him to stop. He flipped me again onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. It felt so good, I was lost in ecstasy. He pumped my cunt with hard cock until we came simultaneously. I think I’ve fallen in love, good dick does that to me.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll

Druggy phone sexThe formula for a good time calls for 3 ingredients: sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. I live a rock star lifestyle because I live life to the fullest. I’ve never been good at saying “no” because saying “yes” is a whole lot more fun. Bring me drugs and I’ll be your best friend. I’m not the type of girl you introduce to your parents. I’m a party girl, you know the type… the girl dancing with her tits out. You’ll find me at a party giving free blowjobs in the bathroom. You only live once so you might as well have a good time. Drugs and alcohol make me a very horny girl. When I’m feeling really high one guy isn’t enough, I need at least 2 to get the job done. One in my mouth the other in my tight cunt. And I don’t mind having an audience, I like putting on a show. I’m built like a porn star and I act like one, too.

The Sex Show

Druggy phone sexI went to a wild party last night and I had a really good time. The music was pumping and the drugs were flowing. Ecstasy and cocaine are a wonderful combination. Once again, I’m the first girl to take off my top. I’m always the life of the party. Soon more girls were topless and the men were in paradise. There was even a contest for best tits, and I won 1st-place. The night ended with a three-way between me and a naughty couple. He was sexy but his girlfriend was hotter. I put my face between her legs and ate her pussy while he fucked me from behind. She tasted so sweet as I lapped my tongue against her clit. He pounded me hard and fast causing his balls to slap my bald cunt. Oh and I forgot to mention, there was a room full of people watching our show. There’s nothing more exciting than fucking in front of an audience. Best party ever.

The Slut At The Party

Druggy phone sexI get invited to a lot of parties because I’m the life of the party. I’m the first one to take off my top and I bring the best party favors. I like having all eyes on me. There’s nothing hotter than dancing topless on a coffee table after snorting a few lines. Coke makes me horny, so I find a lucky guy or two to take to an empty room. In that empty room is where the real party starts. I do my best work on my knees. Hard cock belongs in my throat and my tight cunt. I’ll even let you pull out your phone and record everything. I want you to show all of your friends the sexy girl that let you fuck in every hole. I’ve always had a problem with saying no, with me anything goes. I’m a dirty slut and very proud.`One night with me and I’ll haunt your dreams.

She’s A Real Party Animal

Druggy phone sexI went to a party last night and there was a mountain of the purest cocaine I’ve ever snorted. I made two large lines and made them disappear. Cocaine makes me super horny and my eyes roamed around the room for someone sexy. I saw two guys talking and they were very appealing. I walked over and grabbed their hands and pulled them into an empty room. I dropped to my knees as they unzipped their pants and pulled out two large cocks. I stroked their long cocks back and forth, amazed at their hardness. I put the cock that was in my left hand into my mouth while I continued to stroke the other cock. Then I switched and started sucking the other cock. All of that sucking and stroking was making my pussy wet, I needed to be fucked. I bent over the arm of a sofa and they took turns pounding my tight cunt. I walked out of that room with cum dripping down my thighs.

Beautiful Coke Whore

Druggy phone sexI’m a coke whore. I’ll do anything for the white nose candy. Cocaine makes me feel like a powerful sex goddess. I do a line and I feel a sexual current surging through my body, my pussy gets moist and my nipples get hard. And because I’m a beautiful curvaceous woman, I never have to pay for my high. I love fucking just as much as I love cocaine. There’s nothing better than bouncing on a hard dick after doing a couple of lines. Look at my tits wouldn’t you like to see them bouncing? Don’t you want to feel my tight wet pussy wrapped around your dick? I’m a serious party girl and I know how to have a good time. When you spend time with me you’ll never be bored. I’m a dirty slut and the word “no” isn’t in my vocabulary. I’ll spread my legs for you before I even know your first name if you have good drugs because I’m a coke whore.

Dirty Coke Whore

Druggy phone sexIt’s not hard to keep me happy. Just keep me high and I’ll do anything you want. When I snort a line of nose candy, I turn into a dirty slut. I’ll allow you to do anything you desire. Keep me high and I belong to you. I’ll be your sex slave and your wish is my command. You can fuck me in any hole because the word “no” is foreign to me. I’m a very dirty girl with a very tight pussy. Let me spread my legs and show you what belongs to you. Don’t you think I have a pretty pussy? If I’m a good girl will you put your face between my thighs and lick me out? It feels so good to have my pussy licked after doing a long line of coke. I’m a coke whore with a pot of gold between my legs. Call me and I’ll blow your cock and your mind.

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