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Sexy prostitutes  all around the trailer park growing up are what led me to wanting to selling my holes for money as I got older. I love arching my back and letting cock in their hole of choice for pay. I mean, it’s great money to have your slutholes open for business.  I find making your guys have like a buffet of your holes to choose when and where they get to use them is best.  Some guys just go right for shoving their cocks in your mouth and I can usually suck them off in 15 minutes tops.  I give a deal for the quick head dudes like at the truckstops who just need a bitch to release themselves in then head back on the road.

sexy prostitutesSome guys prefer an aggressive banging it out with your holes and you gotta charge a little more for the time.  So many of them just want you to bend over behind their trucks and pound the shit out of you. I know they like the idea that the other truckers could be watching their dick go up some whore like my cunt, they get off on it. A lot of them have been on the road for a minute so they have needed a whores holes bad and getting sick of their hand so they fuck hard and fuck quick.  They cum quickly too.

Then occasionally I get the call or hook up with someone who isn’t on the road looking for a lot lizard.  More like they meet me by chance and have a motel 6 ready for me for the night. Those are the well to do guys and they like to eat pussy and shit. Get the whole experience I guess by using my entire body and making me do things to theirs.  Those guys can wear you out though and want to cuddle and shit at the end, which they reallt need to pay extra more.  However, my holes are their holes as mama taught me. And no holes need to be wasted, right?  Tell me what you’d do with my holes on our next call.

Fucked in the Ass During Blackout

Anal cum dumpster


Who needs to fuck a cunt when a perfectly good asshole is right there? I just got done fucking a guy and I decided to let him stay over. Suddenly, the power went out in my home. It was pitch black and I could barely make out my guy. Since we couldn’t do what we planned on doing for the night, we decided to fuck. He did not hesitate as he put his cock inside my ass. I yelped, as most people like fucking my pussy and usually tell me when they want to fuck me in the ass. It felt a bit different, but after a few strokes I was fiending for anal sex. I want to get fucked in the ass all night long. I don’t care about the outside world or where we are going to go when the power comes back on. All I care about is getting pounded from the back by an amazing cock that fills up my ass. 

Blonde Fucking fun

Going to the salon today is going to be the highlight of my day, simply for the fact that I love to look at my stylist’s cock. When he is cutting my hair and talking to me I feel his big fat dick rubbing up against me. Its like it is grinding me all on it’s own. I especially love it when he has those tight black pants on. At that point not only can I feel it rub up on me, but I can see the definition of that gigantic cock.

Blonde fucking

It looks so yummy and amazing that all I want to do is unzip his zipper, pull his dick out and start sucking away as he cuts my hair. I have fantasies about him washing my hair before my cut, and while my head is in the washing sick, my neck extended and opening my mouth just begging him that he lets all of that warm goodness hit my face and my tongue.