Fucked in the Ass During Blackout

Anal cum dumpster


Who needs to fuck a cunt when a perfectly good asshole is right there? I just got done fucking a guy and I decided to let him stay over. Suddenly, the power went out in my home. It was pitch black and I could barely make out my guy. Since we couldn’t do what we planned on doing for the night, we decided to fuck. He did not hesitate as he put his cock inside my ass. I yelped, as most people like fucking my pussy and usually tell me when they want to fuck me in the ass. It felt a bit different, but after a few strokes I was fiending for anal sex. I want to get fucked in the ass all night long. I don’t care about the outside world or where we are going to go when the power comes back on. All I care about is getting pounded from the back by an amazing cock that fills up my ass. 

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