Drugged By My Young Sluts

Druggy Phone Sex
I awoke with stiff joints; my arms were bound above my head and had been for some time. I was naked, and I dangled above the floor; how far I didn’t know due to the blind fold tied tightly over my eyes. My pussy was on fire; I was so ridiculously horny I could barely form words. “Mommy’s awake.” One of my little ones chimed nearby, That caused a chorus of giggles from the rest of them.

“Look, her pussy is crying.” “Not yet it isn’t.” They moved on me, my angels. They’d drugged me, hung me, and had been edging me for hours while I was unconscious. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum now! I couldn’t think about anything else. My sweet ones were giving me a Mother’s Day present I would never forget. Every time they brought me even close, using their sweet fingers and delicate little mouths, one of them would stop and it wasn’t enough to cum. I was circling the drain, begging my own offspring for some relief. “What about all the times you edged us, Mommy?” They asked in tandem. I was sobbing, my cunt oozing honey straight down to the floor in long, gooey strands.

I needed it, so badly. Please, anyone. Just make me cum, please. “You want to cum, Mommy?” My oldest giggled. “Okay.” They were on me, all eight of them. Hands and mouths and fingers. Biting, pinching, sucking, stroking. I was moaning. I was so close. I couldn’t cum!

They removed the blindfold, and my oldest showed me a needle. “Your medicine won’t let you cum, Mommy. You’re going to have to work for it.” They giggled, moving to smother me with their young cunts and cocks.
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