Lauren’s Trailer Trash Fun

druggy phone sexI was a shy baby girl until I was old enough for daddy to show me his cock. Ever since then I’ve been known as the little trailer girl who stayed cracked and was a good money maker for her parents. It was every other day if not day that I sent myself out to take very kind of cock imaginable! I was gang banged, used as a toilet slut and ate up all the yummy baby batter I could get on my hands! I want to show you how great of a dirty phone sex whore I can be too. I may be drugged up but I still know how to give a man a great time when it comes to putting myself out. I’ll pounce of you like a good sex slut and will give you the explosive orgasm you deserve once I’m finished. You will want to keep coming back to my sexy pussy for more after I soak it all up with my tasty juices just to let me lick and suck it all off!

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