Route 66 Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sex

Lot Lizard sex is much more than getting fucked in Truck stops near me. I hop rigs and fuck the United states truck drivers for my own pleasure. But there is something I do that thrills the fuck out of me. I like driving Route 66 not for the views but for the massive amounts of truckers parked along the road in rest areas. This time I took My little green Miata and took off in search of it. I was in New Mexico at dusk when I spotted the first 20 trucks sleeping or calling into sex workers like me to get some puntang. I’m sure these men get a lot of road pussy, but sexy prostitutes like me are rare. I love my cock and cocaine but I keep my body tight and fit for fucking. The first truck I climbed up on the side boards and shook a little baggy of powder indicating I needed a fill up. And fill up he did, after he fucked my ass and made me clean my shot off he got on the CB and passed me around those trucks and cocks. My baggy of cocaine was full again and my cunt was full! I got in my Little green coupe and took off to Arizona to fuck many more drivers. I must have had a hundred cum loads inside of me before I reached California! And now Back to Florida so I can double that! This is the life of a sexy and druggy gangbang whore like me! 

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