Cum Dumpster Mommy and Daughter

cum dumpsterI am such a cum dumpster. I love cum. I show it off too. I wear it proudly on my face and tits because cum on a whore’s body sets her apart. You know a woman is no choir girl if jizz is all over her. I love being a cum whore. My daughter is a cum whore too. She was with me at the truck stop last night. She needed some extra cash, and I was broke. But I know how to make money in a pinch. Lot lizards can make decent money. Now, we are not making sugar baby bank because truckers are not oil tycoons or movie moguls. But they love to fuck. They like to party, and they are generous with the money they have. I walked my daughter and I up and down the truck bays, so the men knew we were hookers for hire. At least for the night. Once guys found out we were mother and daughter whores, they lined up. We have no problem playing together. We do it all the time, but I was gonna fuck for coke and she was gonna fuck for cash. We made more money than she needed pairing up. It was a $150 for us both. That is a fucking blue light special on pussy and ass. She made a couple grand. I got some of the money, but I got some coke and weed too. We both got lots of cum. The truck stop was hopping on a Wednesday night too. Hump day. We humped our way through the night and well into the morning. We fucked side by side. We snowballed cum in our fuck holes. Hell, I even sucked some cum out of my daughter’s twat and saved it in a Ziploc baggie. Took that cum home and froze it. I am a cum guzzling slut. I will drink cum in my coffee or from a cock. My favorite, however, may be drinking it out of my daughter’s twat.

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    • Ronald on April 29, 2022 at 6:33 pm
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    Once I came all over my girl’s face and then made her go out like that. Really got us both turned on letting everyone see her whore face.

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