There is plenty of time for you to cum!

 I love playing dirty with you daddy! Shit smeared across my body from when you left that nice, warm, juicy load on my chest! It was so tasty when it was steaming hot, and fresh, and even tastier off your cock. Now I am hovering over your face, your mouth wide open, as I piss. Yes, baby catch every drop like a good boy!  “Now I want you to gargle it for me! Gargle and prove to me that you are deserving of me!” You gargle and swish my piss around your mouth and hold it waiting for my cue that you can swallow. You’re such a good boy! But truth be told, I was hoping you would slip up so I could punish you! Oh well I’ll dual out he punishments as “rewards” for being such a good boy! Anal sex whore I grab by double sided dildo and shove it in your mouth. “Get it nice and wet for me, so I can shove it in my cunt baby!” I moan as I face fuck your throat with my side of the dildo. I pull it out and lift my leg, using you as a foot stool. I slowly insert the dildo deep inside my dirty little pussy. “Ahhhhh!”  I moan as I get it positioned in. “Now get over here and lay on your back, legs in the air! I’m about to clean your dirty little asshole before I fuck you silly!” I say before spreading your tight little ass open and ramming my tongue deep inside your asshole. No don’t get too excited! There is plenty of time for you to cum!  I’m going to milk you till your dry, then make you eat it up!”


    • Max on May 19, 2022 at 8:45 pm
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    I love a dirty anal whore like you.

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