cum dumpster forever

cum dumpster

I’m going to show you what a real cum dumpster is like, and that is a whore who does it all. Yes, you read that right I will do it all, and I will do it in ways you will have your windblown. I’m all for sexual pleasure and lots of drugs. My cravings stem from feeling good and free. The feeling I get from cum dripping all over my body is far beyond better than anything in this world. The hot jizz that spurts into my pussy with no condom will have me on cloud nine. I’m into hot sex that will leave a lasting impression. When I fuck it, it is always on drugs because the drugs keep me going and have me hyper on your cock.

I love the advantage I have when I’m strung out. It makes me work hard for the cum load. It doesn’t take long for jizz to come for me, but the lasting impression is forever.

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