Big Dick Sucker On Route 66: Always Pick Up Hitchhikers

big dick suckerAs a big dick sucker, I often pick up hitch hikers. One time when I was just learning to drive, I picked up my first man on the side of the road; he changed my life. I knew I shouldn’t let strangers in my car, but I saw this big handsome black trucker in need of a lift to the nearest truck stop. I was a teen whore, but not the seasoned cum dumpster I am today. My black trucker told me to call him Big D. “You aren’t that tall sir,” I said, wondering why a man no taller than I was wanted to be called Big D. He unzipped his pants in the passenger seat and out popped the hugest dick my teen slut eyes had ever seen. It was the 70s. Before Internet porn, before the Internet! I had no idea cocks came that big. He saw my jaw drop. “Want a taste little girl,” he smirked. My head fell right on that big dick. I was clueless how to swallow something massive like that. I started gagging, my eyes watered, I almost wrecked my Gremlin. He suggested we pull over so I could operate his huge machine safely.

lot lizard sexThere I was on the side of the highway downing a foot long for the first time. Trucks were passing by honking. I had my hand down my little terry cloth shorts fingering my bald pussy, coating my fingers in my excitement. He shot the biggest load of cum down my throat. I thought I might drown. But, I guzzled every last drop because even then I knew cum was not to be wasted. Big D told me I was a lot lizard in training, gave me $20 which was a lot to a teen girl in 1979. I drove him to the next truck stop with his nigger seed on my breath and drenched little shorts. I thank him every day still in my prayers. Because of Big D I have a love for black cock, big cock and cum. And, I always pick up hitch hikers. I got lucky today with a hot young naked stud with a 10 inch rod. I don’t care what the fuck your parents told you. You should always pick up hitch hikers, especially hung ones.

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