Happy Mayflower Day

hookers for hire

I wanted to celebrate my heritage on Mayflower Day so I asked you to take me out on the yacht. A few glasses of wine and I was naked. I tried to imagine life on the Mayflower and I got so fucking turned on. Can you imagine the horny men on there, getting no pussy for months and so few women to take care of their needs? I wish I had been one of those women, rolling around in a bunk with hot sailors lining up to get between my legs. They were so horny that they were mounting me in pairs, pushing to dip their cocks into some wet, willing cunt. Grunts and moans filled the room as they jerked off all around me. I’d be the real life Mayflower Madam, taking on every age. Old cock, young cock. Big throbbing ones and tiny peckers that barely rubbed my clitty and squirted into my belly button.
Oh yes, and then the phone sex rape fantasies. Dirty old ships hands who were ugly, rough, and scruffy, forcing me facedown on deck while they took turns raping my holes. I’d scream into the salt air but that just turned on the rest of the men. They’d all come running to see my young body spread open and soaked in cum. Soon the sperm was flying and I was covered in it. I knew I’d probably be knocked up before this ship hit land.
Now I’m so fucking horny that I have your cock out, teasing you, running my tongue around the rim. I want you to throw me down and ravage me on the deck, for all the fisherman to watch. Thinking about them jerking off makes me so fucking horny.
Mmmmm. Happy Mayflower Day, ship fucking descendants. How about a little re-enactment party?


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