Road trip anyone?

pissing sex storiesRoad trip anyone? No one wanted to go so I hopped into my lil car and went on the way. I was thinking maybe the beach – there seems to be an assortment of men just dying to get a piece of me out there. I should have known better to drive that far with this shitty car… I got half way there when this bitch overheated and turned off. I decided fuck it; I’ll just hitch a ride for the rest of the way. I didn’t have to walk for long, I mean… look at me! Ha, who wouldn’t stop for me? This guy stopped and asked where I was going, I let him know it didn’t really matter but the beach would be nice. He said he didn’t live far from the beach and he would take me. I hoped in the passenger seat, grateful for this guy coming to my rescue. It wasn’t long before I really had to pee. I squeezed my legs together and asked him if we could stop. He said no, we’re almost there… but I really had to pee. I insisted he stop but he snapped back that I could hold it. But I really fucking couldn’t so… I just let it go. I pissed myself right there in the seat of his truck. As he realized what I was doing he opened his mouth to yell at me but I interrupted him – “I told you I couldn’t hold it. Now do you believe me?” He was sooo pissed and we had just arrived to his home. I looked at him and told him I would make it up to him… he glared at me. “I promise toilet play is more fun than you think…” I knew I had him when I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants. “Ahh, looks like someone already has thought about this before…”

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