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We had a full house that night for an executive birthday party. Lots of big money was floating in the air and I was aiming to get me some. I’d already been back to the VIP room several times and I could still taste the cum in the back of my throat. I was high and horny and hot to trot. This was so much better than the truckstop diner.
I was too far gone. On stage for the fifth time that night, I was willing to shock these men for money. I’d already been groped, grabbed, and fucked in the ass. I called several of the girls up on stage and we began to dance dirty, playing with each other’s tits and pussies. I even went down on a young one and she squealed with glee while the men got hotter and began to jerk off.

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One of the old men motioned me over. “$1000 to see you pee on stage.” “Put it on the stage.” I laughed and he fucking did. Then he pulled out his cock as I began to dance. I twerked and jiggled, and smiling, I bent over, flashing my pussy right in his face. And, I squatted right there in front of him and pissed myself, splattering all over the stage, and making piss rain down on him. There was pure joy on his face as his cum landed on the stage, mixing with my pee. The money rained down as everyone clapped.

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