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Teachers pet

anal sex whoreFuck!! I dropped a baggy in class. I knew before I could turn around what had happen. My professor was going to get me booted from school and I could say goodbye to my tuition. I was awaiting the worst. I knew I was screwed. Mr. Dale told me to have a seat he was going to talk to me and had to clear things up. I knew he was going to go in on me about my stash. I was prepared for the worst case scenario. Mr. Dale locked the classroom door and dropped his pants right in front of me. He told me since I love blow so much I can blow him. He wasn’t going to leave me off the hook so easily. I was going to be his anal sex whore for the evening and he even did a few lines with me. His rock hard cock pounding me while my mind and body was in nirvana was the best. I loved that Mr. Dale did a few lines with me too and got fucked up with me.I became the teachers pet.

Fucked the waiter

cum filled cuntI shouldn’t have maxed out my credit card but I did. I knew I was going to have trouble paying the tab when I went out but assumed I was going to get away with the bill giving the waiter a blowjob. That’s the first thing my mind went to when he told me my card declined. Not only was I mortified but I had a friend with me. My friend offered to pay the tab but ironically hers declined too, Thats when I thought we both could give a jerk session or a suck off sesh and call it day. Well the waiter had another plan. He footed the bill and we both had to stay their till his shift was over. He took us out back to the break room and didn’t want a simple blowjob. He wanted to leave me with a cum filled cunt and wanted to fuck my friend in the ass hard and rough. We had to pay one way or another.

Fisting whore for a fee

fisting whore hazelI like my new job a masseuse. It comes with some perks and always helps me make a good buck. I have gotten so deep in my coke addiction that I am willign to do way more than give out blowjobs. I have been allowing my clients to watch me be a fisting whore and prolapse my own ass. I get a high doing it in front of them. Sometimes If I am lucky they bring their stash and they have me snort pretty white lines from their dicks. Like a vacuum Inhale that angel dust and wait seconds while my cunt starts twitching and getting so fucking wet. I like riding some of them taking them deep inside. I have always been a slut I am now pushing it to new levels.

Sissy bitch boy

anal cum dumpster


cum dumpster

I have the most pathetic sissy calling me lately. He wants me to use him and make him my pathetic slave. I know deep down inside he is jealous of all the sweet cum I get and wants to be a sissy bitch who gets used. I want to fucking ruin him and make him dress up and service all the big black cocks at the glory hole. I will make sure he is drugged up and shares needles with the bums. That’s not the only thing the sissy enjoys. He likes it raw dog in his bloody prolapsed ass. I want to get boyfriend and suck on his cock and his buddies cocks then I want them all to make him a bukkake bitch and make him yearn for their cocks. I wont give him sweet precious cum from them. I have something much more sinister in store. I want to give him a buffet and large array of diseased dicks. I will make him the nastiest anal cum dumpster. I will make sure he eats that cum and gets his ass injected with all the random jizz shots I know he so desperately wants.

Little Party slut

The things I have done for a bag of coke I outta be ashamed of myself. I am not, to be honest with you. I love to blow more than anything. I think I may love coke more than cock. The rush I get and everything is better when I am high. It started out when I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer a couple of years back she a sketchy new boyfriend. I didn’t even know him and told me I had to call him Uncle Tye. One day my aunt was doing errands, and uncle tye came into the guest room I was staying at and asked me if I wanted to help him with some groceries. I went to the bathroom to get ready to go. Uncle Tye followed and shoved his dick inside my bare ass. I was yelling, but he told me I was going be his drunk girl fucking slut and coke whore. He got me high and drunk and pounded me till I was addicted.


Drunk girl fucking

3 fisting whore lovers

fisting whorephone chat linesanal cum dumpster

Our boss pays us big whenever he is high as a kite. He picked Deanna, Carrie and I to deliver a weekend full of fun. We had to get sick and super freaky. The three of us make a crazy fun trio. At work, the stages are set up for the main stripper whores to make the most cash. The main stage is positioned right on the VIP section. To get those spots we have to earn them with the head honcho. This weekend try out was for the three of us to prove we could handle center stage. All we had to do was give him the time of his life.

We showed up and showed out we were ready for his demented demands. We heard horror stories on how he loves making the strippers take muts dicks in their cunts and mouth. With enough blow, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind having his muts cum. His request was simple he wanted to have us clothed. He could see us naked at work if he wanted. He made us piss on ourselves that was his first instruction. We had to be drenched he loved us to listen to him. Once we were pissy sluts, we had to blow him and take his load and cum swap nonstop. It was such a mess, but he wasn’t done with us till he made us each a fisting whore. We were going to have big black holes. After sometime with his four legged friend we earned center stage. It was such a great feeling to be a cum dump and a whore for the weekend. Being a high whore was what I wanted to be and I got to do that with two filthy sluts. It was a fun mess to have all the loads of cum and piss all over us rubbed in. The messiest weekend thus far.

Celebrating end of summer with water sports sex

anal sex whore

This guy I was dating was such a loser he loved following whatever his friends were doing. Complete utter follower. I tried to stick out our relationship but the end of summer was approaching, and I was looking for a new fling. Well before I ended things with Rusty, I did give in to one of his pleads. He kept saying that all his buddies were enjoying water sports sex. I had no idea what the term meant. I soon found out it was code for pissing on each other. The thought of his smelly piss on me was turning me on for some odd reason.

I allowed him on some of that fun with me. We were out back, and I was in my bikini. I was coked up and wanted to fuck, and the thought of warm hot piss was turning me on. I told Rusty to bring over his mediocre dick and start putting it in my mouth. I wanted that piss in mouth. His dick was short, but it was thick. Rusty’s cock in my mouth was what I needed. I gave him the look, and within seconds the stream of piss started to come. I had a mouthful, and I kept gulping it. We were drinking some beers, and we knew it was going to be a golden summer day. We pissed on each other and fucked like rabbits. My pissy pussy felt good being stretched out. I never thought blowing bubble of piss would be such a turn on but it was. I enjoyed Rusy’s piss all over my face it was sure pleasure. I have always been the type of slut to try anything at least once. The dirtier the better. I am not a cookie cutter girlfriend. I almost felt guilty breaking up with him after we finished, Almost! 😉

water sport sex


trailer trash whore

My mom was a trailer trash whore. She has had so many kids and popped me out at a super young age. My grandparents were furious when they found out my mom had been knocked up by a Mexican. Well thats what they all call all Latins. I’m pretty sure my biological father wasn’t even Mexican. Growing up I filled up my clothes differently. I had huge jugs and garnered attention everywhere I went. My cousins hated it and would make me their foot stool. They dubbed me their little rednexican cousin and would take me to the glory whole to watch me be used and humiliated. I got addicted to coke and cock early on and its Definitely because of my trashy incestuous family.

My Daddies poker buddies

anal cum dumpster

I have always been a Daddies girl. Whenever Daddies friends would come over I would play strip poker with them.I liked being infront of them showing them my goods. Daddy isn’t stingy with his baby girl. In fact Daddy gets turned on watching his princess get pounded and stuffed. I like getting Daddy turned on and watching him ready to cream.

Daddies buddies wanted to see if I would make a good anal cum dumpster. They were testing me out to see if I could go for hours nonstop. I don’t mind putting in some work and making them gravel at my hot tight body. I knew my cunt would be fucked and my mouth. It was my ass that was going to get that extra attention. I ended up getting all their loads and getting my tight ass fisted. I made Daddy proud.

Magic school bus

creampie slutI got a job as teacher for the little ones. I would have to supervise them during the commute home on the bus. The bus driver was a total tot lover. We started fooling around and ended up being fuck buddies. I was in love with his p-cock and we shared nasty filthy fantasies. One of them happened to be something we were willing to try. We were going to risk it together. We had a cute youngin we had our eyes on. The little one was cute as a button and she was very alert. She asked a lot of questions and was a tease. Little Madison would tie up her shirt and show of her stomach and wear shorts that showed off her young tight ass. We knew she was the perfect  tiny whore in the making. We got to the last stop and we made her be our creampie slut. My fuck buddy bus driver dived deep in my pussy and had sweet Madison lick up the creampie. It was one of the most erotic experiences. The wee one was a good cock sucker and loved feeling us play with that sweet twat. Best part of the whole situation Madison knew how to keep a secret.

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