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Cum Dumpster

Cum DumpsterCum Dumpster is really putting it mildly. I am much more than that! I am a nasty dirty whore. I expect more than your cum. I expect you to pull my hair. I expect you to make me scream! I want it hard long and fast!  This morning I got woke up to a nice surprise my boyfriend invited some of his friends over to “wake” me up the right way. They just jumped on me! I had a cock up my ass and in my pussy! They fucked me till I was gaping! Then ass man came so hard! I knew it would turn on my boyfriend so I spread my cheeks really wide so he could see me getting pounded and cum dripping out of my gaping ass! He treats me good so I try to repay the love!

Let me rattle your World!

Anal sex whoreI love working at the library! See a smart man is what it takes to turn me on. Give me a geek to make my pussy drip! I could have anyone I wanted! I love to fuck and with a body like mine sex is not hard! But what I need is a brain. Talk smart to me is talking sexy to me! I want a guy who rattles my brain!  And then I will use this hot wet pussy to rattle their world!I know what it takes to tease the cum out of you! Then to milk out a second dose. Let me show you how good it can be to be book smart! You are gonna want to go to the library every single day!

Role Play fun!

Anal Sex Whore HazelIf there is one fantasy that never gets old…it’s the librarian one. Guys are always coming in and checking me out, even though at work I rarely have any cleavage. Underneath my professional attire I am boasting a slutty lingerie outfit that would make most guys cum hard just seeing that! But silly little boys don’t ever get this pussy, unless that are ready to see though my sweet girl next door exterior and bury their cock deep into my waiting pussy. That’s what I need, a mutual domination, to serve your cock as you serve my pussy. So much fucking cum that the both of us are soaked and both okay with it. We’ll go up to the attic where the books that are falling apart are stored…no one will hear my whimpers and begs for your cock and cum up here. And of course no one will hear your thrusting in and out of every single one of my holes until you blow either…only me as I beg for that dick like the dirty, naughty girl I am.

Cum Whore

Cum filled Cunt My librarian coworker had a surprise for me after we closed today. He had a bull whip and a blindfold in his bag; along with some hand restraints. I was just about to be scared when he said he wanted me to whip him. He told me the pain turned him on and made his cock grow huge. I tied his hands to two bookshelves and began lashing his back. With every painful lash his cock got harder and harder and after the 4th one he broke the hand restraints ran to me picked me up and threw me on his dick. He pounded and pounded my pussy up against that wall like I was his worst enemy. And when I tried to run he would just restrain me and fuck me harder. When he came his load was so huge that he soaked my cunt, his balls, and both of our clothes that hadn’t yet been ripped off. When he pulled out I slapped him and he told me to watch out. I asked why and he said he likes to be slapped more than whipped.

Fun At Work!

Anal Sex WhoreTeasing is the best part of my job. I see these guys looking at me in my outfit that is way too sexy for work. They notice my boobs hanging out and my ass hanging from my dress and they don’t come here just locking for books. I always pick one every day that I know isn’t there to read and I give him the show he wants. I sit at my desk and rub my tits, lick my lips, and flash under my dress, where they see I have no panties. This helps me get through a boring day and helps me always find new dick to fuck at night. If when I see his cock and it’s big enough, some guy is going to be lucky enough to get to taste what they see that night. And after getting teased in that library they always fuck the shit out of me. There cock are always rock solid and they cover me in their cum just like I love. I love watching them cum just as they love watching me play with me. And that is why I tease them, so I can keep fuck partners.

New Work Buddy!

Cum filled CuntThere is a new librarian working with us now. It is a guy as well. He is tall with salt and pepper hair and looks so damn sexy in his suit. He seems very quiet and reserved but in my fantasies he is a fucking fuck freak like me. I think about him taking me in between these books and fucking me until we knock the shelves over. That cock silhouette in his pants makes me think about him dragging his low hanging balls across my face and slapping me with his cock. I can see him ramming my tight little asshole with his cock and then making me suck the shit and cock juices off after his fills my anus with sperm. I want him to bound me with his neck tie and choke me while he hate fucks this slutty pussy. I wonder if he thinks f fucking me as much as I think of fucking him. I hope so because before it is all said and done I want to know what that cock, balls, and spunk taste like.

Fun at work!

cum filled cuntThere is one college guy that comes in to the library once per week. He has blond hair, a neck tattoo and bulging muscles. He is always very quiet but I have caught him peeking up my skirt when I purposely bend over in front of him. Last night he was the last one in the library and I told him we were about to close. As I looked down I noticed he was reading porn and jerking off under the table. I hurried and locked the door and ran back to help him jerk that long cock of his. He bent me over that table and sucked my asshole and pussy lips till they were nice, tender, and ready for his cock. He slid in between my lips and his cock started bulging instantly. He climaxed only three strokes into fucking me but didn’t stop. The splatter of spunk with every following thrust made me so wet and I squirted right down his leg. He smacked my ass cheeks and pounded me from behind till he flooded my pussy once more and left me to clean the mess.

Anal sex whore Hazel

Anal sex whoreAfter making me an anal sex whore in the parking lot I knew Larry wouldn’t be in class the next session. But he missed the next few. I went by his house to check on him and he said he was scared I’d call the cops because he raped me. “Honey I told you just ask next time,” I told him with a smile as I grabbed his cock through his jeans. I then asked him what I could do to make him come back to class. He stood up and dropped his pants letting his huge cock flop right out in my face. I of course began sucking and slurping like his cock had a tootsie roll on the inside. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me hard, gagging me and almost making me vomit, but I held it in and kept sucking. He then picked me p and slid my panties to the side under my skirt and sat me down on his dick. He must have been twice my weight and all muscle so it was nothing for him to toss me on to his dick with ease. I rode his cock for hours. He sucked my tits, ate my asshole, and even asked me to piss on him. When I did he shot the biggest load up that it covered body parts from my ankles to my hair. I begged him to fuck me again and he obliged, this time taming my sweet asshole with his convict dick. When he came this time I screamed it for him, ‘D-Block Bitch.” I got up and he said I will see you in class. I’m glad he is my new favorite student.

Cum Dumpster!

Cum Dumpster HazelI was the last cum dumpster left in the library as always today. I love when everyone is gone. I lift my skirt up and play with my pussy right here at my desk. Often times I leave a wet stain in the chair and on the floor also. I open up my blouse and walk around topless for while I put away books. That way I can squeeze my nipple clamps with whatever hand I am not working with. Normally No one else is her and I have to be all alone. Well today as I was sitting at my desk finger fucking my pussy after closing hours the guy that buffs the floors showed up. He walked in on me pleasuring myself, and stood back and watched for a while before he let me know he was in the room. He said “don’t mind me,” threw his head phones on and went to work. Now how could I just play with myself I know there is cock in my vicinity. I walked up to him, tapped him on his shoulder, and when he turned around I grabbed him by his cock. I dropped to my knees and started sucking him off right there. His cock was so swollen I couldn’t get it all in my mouth. But that didn’t stop him from exploding and shooting that load all over my face just like I love. After that I finished putting up books, completely naked, while he cleaned the floor. I never cleaned his spunk from my face so whenever he looked in my direction I had some cum to put on my fingers and lick clean. I hope he comes back next week, I want to feel that swollen cock head in my ass.

Anal Cum Dumpster

Anal cum dumpsterI volunteered to work some overtime at the library today. I told my boss I would be cataloging the history section. It was total bullshit! All I wanted to do was use the building for one hell of a ABC party! Anything but clothes! I of course wore some tiny dust jackets..lol. The party was just getting in full swing! There was FUCKING everywhere. When I noticed a VERY will hung man smiling at me. He was dressed only in a sock on his cock! I had to tell him that I was sorry but he was breaking the rules! A sock is after all.. clothes! He agreed and let me peel that sock right off his cock. And it was a big beautiful cock! Once I unwrapped it I had to enjoy it. I started by sucking his whole shaft in my mouth! And once I had him super slippery. I had to push him down on the reading table and mount that big beautiful cock! He felt so damn good! His cock was so big and hard! He took over and started pounding that cock deep inside me! Ramming me so fucking hard. He made me cum so many times! Over and over! Then he passed me to his friend who fucked my ass just like I needed! I love being a fucking whore!

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