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creampie sex stories

Creampie sex stories are fun to hear. I had my fair share of creampie encounters. None beat the first time I got a mouth full of cream. After a 48 hour binge, I was at an orgy. My tight ass and cunt were being passed around, and I was assigned clean-up duty. One of the girls got stuffed by everyone, and her twat was overflowing. High on life and drugs I went ahead and started to vacuum her cunt out with my mouth. Her hot cunt was wet sloppy and freshly fucked. My mouth scooped every bit of that cum drizzle. Her body was drenched with cum glaze. I cleaned her up from head to toe like a real nasty cum whore.

cum dumpster turned crack whore

My stepdad has been ruining my cunt for a while. Lately, I have been going over to the basement every Wednesday night where all the guys smoke crack and gamble. I am such a filthy trashy whore that I don’t mind being their cum dumpster. I had never even done crack before, but having the second-hand smoke pierce out of the basement hit my face and made me so horny. I do plenty of coke but its time for this druggy teen slut to do some more. I will do anything to be a high junkie slut. Cum and cock all day it is part of my nutrition. A right menu consists of jizz for me. Taking all of their old cocks in me drives me wild.

cum dumpster


cum dumpsterOnce again I got catfish by a fat slimy loser who just so happened to have a huge cock. I guess it wasn’t too bad to be fooled. His cock was massive, and he did have plenty of cum and cock and coke. My favorite C’s if you don’t know by now. I was turned into his cum dumpster, and I didn’t care to be his cum rag. I was going to get my high and pleasure. I know he loved bossing me around and sticking his dick in all of my slits. I could see he was both thrilled I was letting him fuck me, but also he was taking out all his frustration out on my cunt and ass. I knew he was expecting me to reject him. This hottie doesn’t reject massive dick and drugs.

Pound N Pass

cum dumpsterMy friend and I go down to the projects to get high and we bout are cum whores. I enjoy being a cum dumpster and both of us do earn every bit of blow we get. We get pound N passed around. There is nothing better than being fucked so hard that we can’t walk straight for days. My dealer and his friends all have huge dicks that love to get off inside us. We are high bitches with the lust for dick and cum and coke. Coke and cock turn us on and gets us ready to do it all together of course. We are completley no limit sluts. types of whore looking for our next high and pleasure.

Druggy porn star for daddy

druggy pornDaddy loves when I am a druggy porn star. We both get high and end up on all kinds of nasty naughty websites. We end up doing all sorts of fucked up stuff together. We have no reason not to be our most authentic selves when we are high and ready to tap into all kinds of nasty fetishes. Some of the things we do on camera involve a lot of piss play. I play with my pissy pussy for daddy, and he proceeds to fuck it hard. I like being fucked like a kinky no limit dumb coke whore. I am daddies little play whore and will always do whatever it takes to get that million dollar shot. It always involves me getting jizz on my pretty whore face of course — no wonder why I am his favorite. I am his no taboo princess.

pcock heaven

cum dumpster

I am such a cum dumpster and a dirty erotic sick fuck. I can’t stop pimping out my family members. I like bringing them over they are all perfect for your p cock — so young innocent virginal and sweet. I hit the goldmine with the girls in my family. I get the right amount of blow for each one of them. My favorite thing is to bring them by pairs. The more I carry, the more drugs I get. It is the perfect trade-off in my opinion. I give them away for the night and get my stash refilled. I am truly living my best life with those little whores in the making. They love it so much. They are each getting addicted to serving and p cocks. I slip some pretty fun pills in their juice boxes. They instantly become p cock heaven angels. It is a win-win.

drunk girl fucking for coke

drunk girl fucking

You sure have heard all the rumors spreading like wildfire in town. Yes, they are all true. I am a skanky coke slut willing to do it all for some coke. I love being that drunk girl fucking for a bump. Spreading my legs and letting you and your friends fuck me silly. My twat is for the use of those who need it bad. My sweet asshole being stretched feels so good. I know my place is sucking and fucking for drugs. I care only about being high and fucking all the neighborhood guys.  I am a little slut looking for her high. I have no shame and no limits. I plan on fucking whoever I want whenever I want. My holes were made to be used.

Suck that nut

cum dumpsterI have been the dealer’s cum dumpster for a while now. There is not a thing I won’t do to get what I want. I love getting an excellent high and fucking and being a complete slut. I love cum so much, and I don’t mind having to be sold out to get some angel dust. My drug dealer, on the other hand, thought things were getting boring. I was a great bukkake bitch. My dealer was honest with me. It was getting a bit old, and he wanted to do something more exciting. I wasn’t going to turn anything down. I wanted to get high and get fucked.
Most importantly I wanted to be strung out on all drugs. I am obsessed with his mix. I get to mix and ecstasy and coke and H’ all together for the most epic high. I needed my hands on it, and the only way I was going to be able to do so was to suck that nut. It wasn’t anyone’s nut it was his four-legged friend’s nut. I wet on my knees and sucked and fucked till I got all the cummy right out. It wasn’t half bad at all, and it made me feel like such a cheap trashy slut. I wasn’t done. My ass is to perfect to pass up. I was his anal sex whore cause that’s my specialty.

anal sex whore

Hooker for hire are the best

hookers for hireMy friend and I love being hookers for hire. Spring break brings out the slut inside me. When I went to south beach for spring break, I didn’t think I was going to fuck hairy fat rich men. My friend Heidi and I knew we had to do it once we ran out of blow. Our only option was to sell our ass and cunt. I got fucked all over his mansion. It wasn’t easy. Not only did he reek of cigar and alcohol he was also super rough. We were both getting choked out and beaten. We were slut slaves for the spring break weekend. I couldn’t be careless. I knew it was all worth it because the price was right. Once I get that instant high, I lose all senses.

Tech guy and I

cum dumpsterbig dick suckerI am a cum dumpster even at work. I like nothing more than to get off when I am supposed to be assisting customers. My definition of helping clients is hands-on with the clients. When I say hands on, I mean it ultimately. I love to rub off on cocks and suck them and guzzle them. My hottest encounter this week has to be the tech guy that came over to fix more than my faulty computer. I was having technical issues, and my laptop needed fixing. When the young guy came in my hunger for his meat was high as can be. I was going to have fun with this cute geek. I could tell his dick was huge. I had my tits out and was pressing up against him. Every bit of desire was mutual. My cunt was slippery and was calling out for his dick. I wasn’t going to be subtle or shy I was going to get what I wanted. Instantly I rubbed his cock and I must of startled him because he flinced. I kissed his lips and worked my way down. I was loving that he was so shocked but yet so ready. I was going ot show him why I am a big dick sucker. I creamed him and fucked him like never before.

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