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Stepdads cum dump

cum dumpsterI am fully aware that I have become the cities cum dispensary. I have fully accepted my fate as a cum dumpster. I have been fascinated by cock and cum since I can remember. I had a stepdad with a huge p-cock. My mom would be strung out on H and I would be alone trying to fight off this big hairy man. It was sick but I enjoyed feeling his dick deep inside my young cunny. He would make me do lines from his cock and it was the best high ever. I would feel him jerk his cock on me until he couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up submitting to him and letting him lick my twat till he could no longer hold out his massive cum. He even got my tight ass stretched so young. He would use my bum and would fuck me while my mom was in the next room. It was an excitement like no other. I guess you can say that is the reason I am a nympho whore.

Glory hole keeper

drunk girl fucking

My new part time at the glory hole has me working over time. My twat can’t help it, I need to be used and be the cum dispensary. I am greedy with cum and cock. It’s like my life has complete purpose every time I get a nice dick in my mouth. It doesn’t even have to be huge. My focus is on the creamy jizz. My lips covered in cum is what I want! I am practically always high and horny when I am working and there is not a customer that leaves that doesn’t get to use me. I have a need to be painted with your jizz. Cum paint my whore face and show me you love a drunk girl fucking every penis in sight.

Pimping out young sluts

cum dumpster

I had a gig working as a lead youth counselor. I was trying to pay for college and was doing my hardest to keep my nose clean. That was an epic fail. I owed my dealer so much money and I was in debt with him. All my holes were already used up by him he got bored with me. My huge tits and hot face and body would only keep him content for so long. He craved young whore and that was one way I could eliminate my debt. My new job came in handy. I had plenty of young girls around.

They were all so eager to hang out with me. I wasn’t too much older than them and they looked up to me. It was awful but when I get the urge to get coked out and snort H I could careless whats morally correct and whats not. I invited the young girls over to my house for a movie night. I dressed them up and had my dealer come over with some friends. I let him have a party with each one. I could hear them scream and yell for help. I was focused on the eight ball in front of me. I new they were cum dumpsters and they had to be sacrificed for my own gain.

Morning jog

anal sex whoreI wanted to get back into a workout routine. I have been parting my ass off and having way too much coke and cock. I was giving myself a break from being an anal sex whore. I went ahead and implemented some morning jogs into my routine. After a few days of doing so I notice an admirer. He would strike up conversations with me and let me know he wanted to get to know me. I wanted nothing to do with him. He was a short dweeb and was rather annoying. One day I noticed he was coming up to me. I ended up asking him if he needed something. He showed me an area in the park I didn’t ever notice. I went ahead and sat next to him he wanted to give me something. He pulled out a bag of my weakness. He had some grade A coke. I was sold. As soon as the white lines hit me I was ready to fuck. Thankfully not too many people were around and the area was private. He whipped out his cock and it was so large. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed more than a morning job that day.

Nationwide whore

cum dumster

They sure don’t make it them like me anymore. I have done more sinister shit than any slut I know. I am back from a long coke and cock binge. I was able to make it to Tijuana and fuck my way up to San Francisco. I like to push myself and go on these whore adventures. I like being a lot lizard cum dumpster. My plan for the summer is a nasty one. I know we barely left summer but I am already thinking about the next. I want to fuck dirty men in every state. I want it raw and high of course. I am addicted to getting coked up and being a cock slut. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me. I might get a head start and do it sooner rather than later. I am always in the glory holes might as well make it my 24/7 profession.

Maintenance guy

anal sex whoreI am fond of a sick fuck. I enjoy a p-cock and have no issue getting it off and making it cum. I was enjoying my day off from school and work and I noticed my a.c wasn’t working. I sent a text over to the front desk and they sent over there maintence guy. He barely spoke English luckily I knew Spanish and was able to communicate with him. I noticed he had a baggy of angel dust. He knew by my body language I wanted it badly. He guided my hand to his cock and I went for it, Being an anal sex whore I wanted it in my tight ass as well. it was worth every moment. I got pounded and used like the cum dump I am.

Happy Halloween

cum filled cuntHalloween is the perfect excuse to let out your inner slut. Well, when it comes to me, my inner slut is usually outter. I am not shy about being a lover of having a cum filled cunt. I don’t shy away from what makes my body happy. A little angel dust and cumshots and I am having a blast. I like wearing little to nothing and going to gang bang parties. My favorite party this Halloween season was one that I went to last night. Everyone was in costumes, and It is a small town where I live. There is a good chance I knew all the people in costumes fucking me. I didn’t care I loved every minute of it. I wasn’t shy, and I surely wasn’t incognito. I was dressed up, but you can spot me a mile away. I loved having my pretty face get jizz masks. I enjoyed doing line after line of coke and getting filled in all my holes. It was a very happy Halloween

coke whore chronicles

sloppy wet pussy My boss told me I could have a bonus if I gave him a blow and my bum. I wasn’t going t say no to that. I went in his office and let him do lines after line of coke right out of my ass crack. I needed to do some too I was practically twitching for it. I needed it badly. Once I got my fix my sloppy wet pussy and all my holes.I have done it all chasing my love to be high. I let him fuck my twat till he knocked out. We were the only ones in the office anyways. I don’t mind being a jizz eating whore I love cock and cum and coke more than anything. I loved out new arrangement and was reaping all the benefits.

Queen of Nasty

cum dumpster You have been deprived of a perfect coke whore who knows how to rock your world. There are plenty of party sluts out here but none compare to me. I have the wildest nastiest experiences that have made me a complete vet even though I’m still a young slut. I have more whore in my in my pinky finger than most of these sluts have in their entire life time. glory holes and orgies are for the light weights. When I fuck and get high its a riot. I am more than a cum dumpster. I have fucked and sucked my way out of plenty of situations. My coke binges last weeks and I can’t handle my liquor. I like to pimp out my slut friends and siblings. I have no limits and don’t apologize for being the queen of everything nasty. Cum sluts are a dime a dozen. You need a filthy whore who will keep your dick cumming nonstop.

Bukkake Bitch

cum filled cunt It’s a regular Saturday morning and the one thing I want more than anything is to get some cum. I wake up with cum filled cunt. There must of been an orgy last night. To be honest I forget about the night before most times. All the drugs and hours of fucking knock me out cold and make me forget. I like to have an encore and recap so I can keep it instilled in my brain. It never works though. I like it that way. I like to have an excuse to fuck and go wild. Most my Saturdays consist of going to the glory hole and going out back to the Bukkake area. I love being a bukkake bitch! Cum belongs all over my whore face and body. I am truly a cum addict!

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