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druggy phone sexI have had to fuck my coke supplier before and have even had to make some porn with him. This time he was missing an eight ball of coke, and yes it was me I stole it from him what can I say? I have a lust for that angel dust. This time my drug dealer was going to show me a lesson he was going to make me a druggy porn star and make sure that everyone in town would view our home video. He brought over a couple of guys and ordered me to strip down and get fucked like a dumb slut. I knew I had to do this if not I was going to end up even more fucked up. I was on display for the bright camera and was used like a rag doll. I was so humiliated but I was wet as can be anticipating what all three of these men were going to do to me. I was going to learn my lesson for sure. Within seconds it went life, and within days it was viral. An innocent looking whore fucking multiple cocks for coke.

Mommy pimped me out

big dick suckerMommy pimped me out from a young age. I remember we were living in the projects and she was working at a broke down strip joint. She was a money addict who had a bad coke habit too. Like mother like daughter. My mommy showed me early on that I had to please to get what I wanted and if I play my cards right, I could end up in a damn great situation. Whether it’s a high paid hooker or a sugar baby, I just have to keep being a big dick sucker and using my twat to get to the top; Mommy would take me to her events which mainly where hooker auctions. It was a smoky dark room with a dozen men smoking their Cuban cigars and drinking some high-end rum. I was handed a Russian vodka to calm my nerves I was up I was going to get pimped out and let my mommy have a day off. These men were excited to see me, and they were salivating at the thought of fucking my young twat. Mommy made a huge chunk of change and me well, I got my cunt fucked till I passed out, 

Mother’s day escapade

cum dumpster

I was supposed to surprise my mom on mother day with a fully serviced car which I did but it took a while to get to her. I was also preoccupied getting my hood checked out. The mechanic was not busy at all due to the holiday, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I loved the attention he was giving me. I could see that bulge from a distance, and I just had to get a close view. I followed him into his small office and gave him the show he wanted. I was happy to be his nasty slut and cum dumpster for the evening. I was spreading my legs on his desk ready for him to thrust into me like I knew he would. I couldn’t help but get on top and ride him like I wanted to be fucked. I was pounding my pussy so hard on that huge cock he was just a piece of meat to me. I big one at that. I loved fucking him, and when he came on my tits, I just had to spread it all over and grab some of it and put it in my mouth.

Jizz Journey

anal cum dumpsterIt was a weekend long binge on cock and coke. Two of my favorite things in the whole world. I was still stuck in Tijuana and was on an adventure trying to get back to San Diego. It was a complete field trip, but I was able to persuade some guys in the cartel to let me go by giving them the best striptease show ever. They were impressed that I could speak Spanish they assumed I was a white girl from Oceanside. They were wrong I had a way with words so much, so they wanted this whitewash latina to take each of their cocks deep in my mouth. After basically guzzling a hundred different cum loads I got to the next part of my journey. This time I was the anal cum dumpster to one of the guys giving me a ride to the city from a country area that conjoined to Baja. I had no choice but to pull my undies down and let him plow my asshole so I could make it home.

Hot High and Horny

Nasty phonesex

My poor fiance has no idea what a drug slut I am. When I get high all I think about is having a cock to suck and fuck. The feeling of that nose candy hits my brain and all bets are off. I am ready to be a cock sucking whore. I use to try to  indulge in some nasty phonesex just so I could behave a bit. Sometimes just saying all the nasty things you want to do will keep you from making mistakes. Sadly, I can’t be and won’t be tame I need to act on impulse so when my soon to be brother in law was crashing on our sofa I made a fun mistake. I hate that I loved it so much. My brother in law was deep in his slumber and I was already eight lines in deep. I had some lingerie ready to blow his mind. I pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to tease it. Oh gosh was he ever startled. I enjoyed persuading him to fuck me. There was nothing to persuade I was hot high and horny. 


Cinco De Mayo Putas

cum filled cunt

Well, I have been trying to pay off my debt to the dealer, but he hasn’t been happy with all the fucking I have been doing with him. He has made me a cum slut for sure, but he wanted something more. To clear my debt, he wanted me and my best friend Carrie to join him for his Cinco de Mayo weekend getaway. He wanted to fuck us and stuff us a like pinata. He also wanted Carrie and me to service the cartel chief there. We had no choice but to do as he said. We both owed him a pretty lump sump. This was mostly consolidating our debt and making it even from now on. We had a long week of booze and some yummy coke, but mostly cum filled cunt weekend. We got fucked by  all the cartel workers, and we were being branded as the mainland puta’s. We were their cum dump. It was a Cinco mayo to remember. We both still can’t get the mariachi music out of our heads to this day total PTSD.

cum dumpster

Paying debt to my dealer

anal cum dumpster

 I was late again with my payment to my coke dealer. He had been adamant that he has given me one too many chances and that I need to start being more respectable and responsible if I didn’t want to wake up with the fishes. Time and time again he would try to get his hands on my tits and work his way down my body. There was nothing more he wanted than to fuck me like a good slut. I was going to be his fucking whore If I wished to have another extension. I had no way of getting out of this. I was going to be fucked and used by my dealer. He was going to own all my holes, and he was going to cream in me, and I would have to take it. I couldn’t believe I was going to let this idiot fuck me. There I was dressed up in a tight mini skirt. Wearing black stilettos and my hair down just as he loved it. I had to strip down and let him fuck me till he was ready to stop. I couldn’t say no. He owned me the whole night like a druggy whore.

Cock and Coke please!

cum filled cuntWell, here I am craving cock and coke. I knew I’d offer my holes to my drug dealer sooner rather than later. I have no problem giving some oral skills for that nose candy. I lost my shame in my mother’s womb. The hottest thing is a determined woman. I’m always decided to have both my nose filled with angel dust and having a cum filled cunt. I love white on white. White little lines and big white cum shots. I love sucking off my dealer and his partner Rodney. Rodney has a substantial nine-inch chocolate cock always ready for my mouth. I can’t complain. Its double pleasure for me. Chasing a high and chasing dick. Although there’s no chasing when they are both willing. A nastier druggy whore doesn’t exist. I want to be on my knees begging pretty please. There’s nothing I want more than a rock hard cock shoving down my throat. Fill my mouth with your cum now pretty please. 


Bar sluts

anal cum dumpster2 girl phone sexDruggy phone sex

Carrie and I started this new job its a mens bar pretty much with some decent clients. It’s a job where we prance around in thigh highs or fishnets and show of our tits and cover our nipples with pasties. The guy’s drink do some  coke and enjoy playing a bit of pool. We often become the center of attention and put on a show. They love that I am an anal cum dumpster and Carrie is a cum eating

bitch who is willing to take anyones jizz. We are a perfect combo for all the nasty fantasies the guys have. We sure do work for the tips. We stand in front of each guy and let them do whatever they want to us. Its kind of sick that a pairs of bimbos will let you fuck suck and cum on them just for jizz and blow. We are  filthy trashy bitches ready to get an excellent high and some dick. It can even be some mediocre dick. As long as we get our dick dose for the day, we will be more than content.

Blow for Blow

Gangbang whore

I was running low on some blow and decided to ask the janitor that works in the library. I know he deals and I knew he would probably give me a right price since I always wore a low-cut shirt for his View. I knew he enjoyed it so I thought that showing a bit more cleavage would get him to give me some low priced blow. I should have known he wasn’t going to provide me with angel dust that cheap. I was so low on cash that I was desperate.
I even offered up a blowjob for blow.

A blow job for blow was only accepted if it came to making me a gangbang whore too.
The whole janitor crew which was about 10 different guys would use me. They were all going to take my pussy and fuck my mouth for hours. I was going to have all the blow I could possibly think of.

I couldn’t turn the opportunity down just thinking about the high and thinking about how much of a cum slut I was going to be, I had to do it so it was Game on

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