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Cum eating phone sex I am setting up a new profile online. I need more sex and drugs. I need to eat some twat as much as I need to suck some cock. It will be a bring the drugs and I will fuck anybody or furry friend anyway kind of ad. Do you like the picture I picked out? Do I look like a nasty drug whore just yearning to get fucked? I am not a picky drug hoe either I will take any drugs you got! I love to get my fix, with whatever drug is starring me in the face. Once I get that shit pumping thru my veins it is on! My freaky geeky side comes out and you can have this hoe that will not say no to anything!

Pimping My Girl

Sloppy wet pussy When one of my dealers came over with some good A+ number one shit I offered my youngest brat to him. I had no fucking money and I need my veins filled with that grade A shit. He wanted her ass and he made that clear. But he wanted me to assist. and he wanted her to shoot up too. I had no problem with this as I called my youngest brat out to the living room. He was surprised to already see track marks in such young flesh, I laughed a little and said this isn’t her first rodeo. I twirled her around and pulled down her little panties. I took her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Showed him her nice ripe asshole ready for his cock.

Crack, Cock, Cum

Druggy phone sex I was at the club and was horny as hell and I was out of fucking money. All I really wanted to do was smoke some rock. I looked around and noticed this guy was selling something. I walked up to him and asked him if he had some rock. All he had was powder. I offered him a deal. If he came back to my house and cooked up a gram of the powder for me to smoke, he could fuck me and do whatever he wanted to me for 2 hours. He liked the deal and followed me back to my house. Right away he cooked me up a gram. I stuck it in my glass dick and got high as hell. I was taking a nice hit feeling my head get all dizzy and he bent me over and started fucking my tight asshole. I kept taking hits from my glass dick. I was so fucking high I was cumming from his dick in my ass. Slurring and drooling I mumbled the words fuck me harder. Instead, he shot his load in this hoe. After that, he got dressed and left me like yesterdays trash. My ass was leaking cum, and I was high as fuck. I had a great fucking night!

Need A Hoe

White trash phone sexI hear you need a hoe. A dirty skanky old pro hoe. Come on down if you do. My address is plastered all over my website. My door is unlocked 24/7. and so are all three of my wet warm holes. I am already soaking wet thinking of your cock sliding into any one of my fuckable holes. Feeling the friction as you push all the way in. I can feel you pounding at my walls before you pull back out. I need all three of my holes filled, so if you have a couple of friends who aren’t shy about showing their thang in front of each other. Maybe it can turn into an orgy. I would love to suck your dick after it has been in a guys ass.

Crack Hoe

Gangbang whoreI had a crack gangbang today. that is when one of my many dealers comes over with a friend or 2 and plenty of crack to go around. Once I get that needle in my arm and the crack thru my veins I am ready to fuck. Crack is an aphrodisiac for me. Crack makes my cunt soaking sloppy wet. I actually crave cock I crave for my fuck holes to be filled. I was a slobbering, sloppy, drooling mess. I could not get their fuck sticks in my holes quick enough. We fucked for hours only stopping for a few minutes to stick that needle in our arms. My cunt was too wet to stop for more than a few moments. Having the reputation of being a crack hoe works out well for me. I can’t remember the last time I went a day without crack or cock.


White trash phone sexI was told by a therapist once that I had daddy issues which is the reason why I find so much comfort in fucking strangers. Ha! I fuck a bunch of strangers because I am a horny fucking person and I love to get fucked. I have already been thru everybody I know. And they are not always around when I need to get fucked. What am I suppose to do wait for someone to come around? Fuck no! I go out and find some dick to fuck all on my own. I go to various places but my favorite places to pick up dick are the truck stops. Plenty of men there to fuck. Plenty of men that just want there dick wet and drained before they go home to girlfriends and wives.


Freaky phone sex `I had a nasty, kinky caller who rocked my world with his fantasy. I was sloppy freaking wet the entire time we were on the phone. His fantasy was that I was full blown pregnant and started going thru labor as he kept on fucking me. I thought this was a fucking hot as hell. I could feel the wetness in my snatch. Listening to him play this out with me. My cunt was contracting around his throbbing dick. The offspring being pushed out of me as I am being fucked. feeling his dick push the offspring head back in. I can just imagine this happening as he was talking. I was finger blasting myself on this end of the phone line. Then it happened he exploded his huge fucking load all over the offspring as it was coming out my twat.

I want To Suck On This Glass Dick

Dirty phone sexBring me that crack rock so I can suck on the glass dick. And you can have these holes too. The only problem is hun you may have to wait in line if you don’t like to share. I got the biggest reputation in the area of being a complete no limit hoe. Everybody knows I will fuck and dick that comes my way. If you show up and you see a few men fuckng me already. Come join in the more the merrier! If you like to have this hoe all to yourself, Then you will have to sit back and enjoy the show. While waiting for your turn. Of course my daughters and sons are always available for you. Don’t forget there is a price for those holes too. But just like mommy hoe, They are good little hoes too.

Bring That Crack

Does that cunt look good to you? Mm great sweetie come on down and bring that crack! I need a good throbbing cock. With that yummy jizz squirting out. And I know you will bring a very nice size crack rock especially for your favorite little drug whore. This guy rocked my world. He totally finger blasted my cunt. Making me a sloppy wet fucking mess. Before shoving his pecker in my ass. Gaping my ass, spreading my ass cheeks wide. Digging his nails into my bare flesh. Howling as he emptied his ball sack into me. He pushed me away from him when he was done. I stumbled before I got my balance and then I made my way over for another hit on that glass dick.


Live phone sexI was smoking on the glass dick today, and there was absolutely no dick around. When I smoke my crack I get horny as a fucking dog in heat. I pulled out my toys and went to town fucking myself. I had my vibe and my 10 inch dildo. I was slamming my cunt hard. Plunging that dildo in and out. I got the vibe on high jammed against my clit. I start squirting hard and howling my cum squirting here and there. I kept going and going my body trembling, another squirt of my cum shooting out. And I couldn’t stop fucking myself I couldn’t get satisfied. I took the drenched dildo out of my cunt and shoved it into my ass. Still keeping the vibe at my clit. I sat up and was grinding deep down on the dildo. Pushing hard down with my ass. My body clenching harder and harder each time my cunt squirts.

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