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Drugs For Daughters

ggDruggy porn I got to pimp out my 2 girls for some good fucking drugs yesterday. I was watching them get fucked but I can barely remember it… That is how great those drugs were. I remember my one daughter screaming in pleasure as she was getting DP. Too bad she did not benefit from these amazing fucking drugs, like her mommy. I kinda remember my one daughter getting fucked real good in the ass, prompting me to fuck myself with my fingers. The whole night is a hazy druggie mess for me. The parts I can remember of my daughters getting fucked, were like watching a really good porn movie. Every bit I can remember is a jacking off moment for me.

Joining My Daughter’s Fucking

White trash phone sexI came home the other day and I could hear my teenage daughter getting fucked.  And from the sounds of it sound like she was getting fucked pretty hard.  She didn’t even have her door shut all the way.  I think she wanted me to catch her so I would join in and make it a family affair.  She is a little crack whore just like me.  I walked in her room to see this nice looking teenage boy on top of her fucking her.  I stripped right down to nothing and climbed into bed.  I wish I could say he was stunned to see me naked climbing into the bed.  But my reputation of being a 3 hole piggy whore is well known in the area.  

Pimping Out My Son

White trash phone sexI got a call from one of my ads that I have in many various places all over the internet. The guy who was in his 70’s wanted to have my son for 2 hours. I told him “not a problem, sir that is gonna cost ya babe.” “What do you have to offer me for my son?” there was a short pause on his end. Then he came back with “I see you like your crack and being high all the time.” Immediately my mouth started to water just hearing my favorite word. Crack! He continued “I will give enough free crack to keep your ass high for 2 weeks and I get to have your son any way I want for 2 hours.” I told him I would not go any less than 3 weeks of crack and he agreed upon that price. He said he could be at my house in an hour. I hung up the phone and told my son he was the whore for today and to not disappoint cause mama was getting paid.


Druggy phone sexI got offered a shit load of nice crack rock so some 60 year old could beat the shit out of and then fuck my daughter. I do not even think I breathed before I said yes. He said I could watch as I was pumping my veins full of my first and formost love. I dragged my daughter out by her hair and showed her all the crack I was getting for her worthless ass. She smiled just thinking she was gonna get fucked. But without warning he bitched slapped her and sent her flying to the floor. She screamed loudly and I laughed as I sat myself on the couch to take my crack and watch my daughters tournament.

All For The Crack

ilrt Druggy phone sex Crack whore for cock. Is that not a sweet thing to say? Well one of the many guys I fuck had that sign made for me for my front door. Is that not the sweetest thing you have ever heard? What a neat little surprise that was. I hung that sign proudly at my door! He said this way when I advertise in the papers and online. The men will be able to find my house easier with the sign now proudly displayed at my door. I of course I fucked him for the sign. And he did have some nice crack rocks with him and I got a nice rock out of him too. So a present, cock, and nice size rock. This morning started out great and I can tell it is only going to get better!

2 For 1 Sale On My Whore Girls

Druggy phone sexI am in desperate need of some crack. My main dealer got busted and I am fucking jones. So I am advertising both of my girls for the price of one. They will do anything for the right size rock! I will be there to help and watch but I need to get that shit in my system asap! My girls are young tight and in need of a good cock to fuck. So mommy can get the crack! My girls being the good little whores I have been raising are eager to help mommy get some crack and maybe some for themselves too. They are both 3 hole whores and are trained or training to do most thing. If there is something you want to do with them that they have not tried yet. For the right size rock you can be the one to train the on how to do it. This is a great bargain. Just stop on by I am waiting to fill my veins, and my girls holes.

Cunny For Crack

Druggy phone sex My 70 year old neighbor wanted to come over and fuck my youngest daughter for a few hours. He likes her cunny the best she is so sweet and young. I told him to come on over in an hour I would have her ready and in his favorite outfit and to bring payment. Like I said I would I had her all ready and in a little sexy outfit with her hair in pigtails. Waiting on her knees in the living room. He came on time walking into my house with some nice crack rocks for me. He took my daughter by the hair and said to her I gave your mama lots of crack for you tight young ass now your my fuck toy and he bitched slapped her. She yelped and fell back on the floor I laughed. Taking my first hit of the pipe. I love watching my girls get fucked but i really like watching them get brutalized.

Gangbang With A Furry Friend

White trash phone sexI wanna fuck you and your furry friend. I wanna have you both gangbang. I wanna have both your cum fill my tummy. And make my cunt and ass leak for hours after your both done with me. I want your furry friend fucking my ass as you fuck my mouth. Then you fuck my cunt and I suck his dick! And this can go on for hours and hours. I love the feel of the nails digging into my back. And the way I am mounted. Maybe you would video tape it for me so I can add it to my online collection. Would you allow me the pleasure of fucking you and your furry friend? Would you both fuck me like the whore I love to be?

Crack Rock

Cheap Phone SexI got 3 crack rocks the other day from 3 different dealers. At separate times in the same day. It was freaking awesome! I would be smoking on one crack rock and then another dealer would show up. I would drain the balls and get another rock just for me. It was like a parade of crack and cock. By the time The 3 dealers were done with me I was so fucking high. I went into my one daughters room and started fucking the shit out of her. I could not help myself is she is the younger of the 2 and has a very nice cunny. I shoved 2 fingers in her and it felt amazing. And I shoved her face into my cunt and she sucked me until I squirted in her mouth. When she was done pleasing mommy I gave her some crack to smoke.

Bill Again

White trash phone sexI know I just did a blog about Bill, But this man keeps surprising the hell out of me. He came over again today to fuck me. There was really no hello how are you conversation. He came in and went straight for stripping off the little clothes I had one. Pushed me on my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. As he was mouth fucking me, he let me know that the bitch 5 trailer down was a tighter whore then I was. But she was not the quality of whore I was. Pretty sweet compliment for a gal my age. I have had all sorts of stretching objects in my cunt plus hundreds and hundreds of cocks. So how could I possibly be as tight as her.

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