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Memories Of Fucking

Freaky phone sexI can barely remember this night. What I do remember is a few furry friends being there. Along with lots of drugs. And about a dozen men. Being the druggy whore I am it is not uncommon for me to have memory loss when it comes to parties like these. I fucking love it tho. The memories I do get flashing back are kinky and make me want to fuck again right on the spot. Like this night I remember a furry cock in my mouth and one in my ass. I remember the feel of the claws since nobody remembered to bring the mutt gloves. I also remember getting pissed on and my face being sprayed with cum. I even remember at one point all three of my gaps were filled with cock. I was being fucked like a pig and I loved it!

Crack Whores

Live phone sexLive phone sexHadley is a young crack ho who lives two trailers down from me. She is twenty years younger than me and just getting into the game. I make sure I look out for her and let her know what is what. Her Ex-boyfriend got her into the crack scene and now she is hooked on the glass dick. About five months ago she came to me begging me for some crack. I had a little bit to share with her. Everybody knows I am a crack whore and Hadley asked me for my help to become one. I was totally on board! Any idea that gets me more crack I am all down for. Hadley is a young hot piece of fuck meat and we are going to get a lot of crack for her ass. Especially being new to the fucking game. She is not a washed up whore yet. I got four guys over to my trailer quick and she fucked them all like a fucking pro. That was months ago now you would think she has been in the game for years. It is great to have another crack whore to play with.

Little Cunny For Crack

Druggy phone sexMy little girls have a big day ahead of them. They will be fucking my dealer and five of his friends. I was getting a big bag of my crack for their tight little young holes. When the guys showed up I had the girls dressed in little lingerie. My girls were flirting with the men rubbing their little bodies up against the men. I told my girls to lay down and spread their legs. I walked over and spread their little cunny lips with my fingers. I wanted to show those men how sweet and pink their cunnies were. I stuck a finger in my one little girl and the men could see how tight her cunny hole was. I was thrown my bag of crack and told to move aside get high and enjoy the show. Which is exactly what I did.

High And Fucking Myself

Druggy phone sex A friend of mine just left. He dropped off a nice crack rock and fucked my ass for twenty minutes. Now he is gone and I am high and horny as a motherfucker. I called a few people but everybody was too busy for me. I couldn’t wait I needed to get off now. I grabbed my dildo and vibe. I started stimulating my hard nipples. I could feel the sensation in my cunt. I placed my vibe right on my clit and put that shit on high. My fingers went into my cunt and my dildo I shoved in my ass. My cunt was squirting my juices. I was so into fucking myself I didn’t even notice the two guys that were standing in my living room watching me. Their cocks already in their hands and rock hard. I took the dildo out of my ass and my fingers out of my cunt. I got onto all fours and I got fucked by some real dick.

Druggy Gang Bang

Druggy phone sexI had me a little druggy gang bang. Seven guys and me fucking and banging that crack up our arms. I was so fucking loaded that I experienced blackout moments. I had dicks coming at me from every direction. Everywhere I looked there was a dick aiming for my mouth, ass, and cunt. I was getting a dick in all three of my holes at once. They were pounding me and not in sync with each other. I was being thrashed around like a rag doll. I was cumming all over their hot dicks. They were flipping me this way and bending me over that way. They were all over my body dominating the shit out of me. They gave my fuck holes no fucking mercy! I can’t wait to do this druggy gang bang again I made sure to get all their numbers for next weekend.

Wee Ones For Crack From My BBC Dealer

White trash phone sex One of my black dealers came over to deliver me my coke. He requested my littlest wee ones my son and daughter be naked and prepped for his BBC. I needed my crack. I quickly got them ready and I had them both kneeling on the floor naked waiting for his arrival. When he showed up he tossed me the crack so I could get that shit in my veins. He went straight for my wee ones sticking his BBC in both of their mouths. I was watching and once the crack rushed thru my veins I stripped what little clothes I had on and knelt down on the floor next to my wee ones. They were already enjoying his huge BBC and now it is my turn to enjoy it too.


Period phone sex Everybody knows I am a whore for my crack and how much I love it. But few know that when I am ragging it I love to get my bloody cunt eaten out. My youngest son is still so young and has a lot to learn. When I woke up this morning with my period I went straight to my son’s room he was still sleeping. I was wicked I gave him no warning I straddled upon his mouth and smothered him. He woke up frantic with me on top of him. I started to grind my cunt on his mouth and shouted at him to start licking and sucking me with his little boy mouth. His face was getting all bloody. I could hear him gasping for air but I didn’t let him stop into I sprayed my cunt cum juices all over his face.

Cum Shots

White trash phone sexRandy was just here a few hours ago. He is not a dealer of mine but he will bring me some crack when he is looking for some easy pussy to fuck. Today he caught me in the kitchen just like everybody else he did not knock he walked in. He dropped the crack rock on the counter and pointed to my bedroom. I took off what little clothes I still had on before plopping on the bed on my back. I spread my legs wide holding them at my ankles. He plunges his dick inside my wet juicy pussy. I love watching the dick slide in and out so smoothly. And when Randy cums he likes to see it on me spread all over the place, not in me. He says a crack whore looks her best when covered in cum.

Teenage Fucking My Milf Holes

Sloppy wet pussyThe teenage boy next door likes my druggy whored out Milf holes. He watches for my dealers to leave. Lol, he knows my holes are full and I am high as a kite. For such a young guy he likes them old and sloppy. He just digs having his cum mixed in with others cum swirling around in my holes. And when he is done mixing his cum in he will fucking eat it all the cum out of me. Totally turns me on and him too. Makes him hard and ready to fuck me all over again. That teenager will fuck me every way from ass to mouth and he loves when I shove my tongue in and out of his asshole.

Pimp For Drugs

Sloppy wet pussy I got a new fucking dealer big black sexy ass man. As long as I fuck him and anybody else he says I get all the crack I fucking want. That man is pimping me out and I fucking love it. I am high all the fucking time. Either I get to suck on the glass dick or I get a straight shot into my veins. A couple of days ago I got to fuck three huge thick BBC. My holes are already pretty loose but these fuckers got in my holes and managed to do some fucking damage. Not that I am complaining I fucking enjoyed every moment that I can remember of it. I was pretty fucking high.

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