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Trailer trash whoreI was at the bar hang out looking for cock or crack.  Wearing a low cut pink shirt with no bra, a very short pink skirt with no panties to match.  I was sitting at the end of the bar sipping my drink.  When I heard two guys who were playing pool talking about me.  The one guy I knew his name was Steve.  He had been at my house to fuck me and my girls plenty of times.  But the other guy I did not know. I assume they are buddies by how they interactted with each other.  I heard Steve said to his friend.  “See that red head at the end of the bar over there?”  “Her name is Flo and she is one of those Trailer trash whores I was telling you about.”  I have had that one over there and she will do anything and give you her girls for anything.”  They laughed and the buddy whispered something in Steve’s ear.  They both started walking towards me.  Each one sat on one side of me.  Steve leaned in and said “Hey Flo this is Larry,  He was wanting to me a Cum dumpster like you.”  I giggled and thanked him for the compliment.  Sliding my hand in Larry’s pants finding his cock to play with. “ We should go to my house us three and continue this men.”  Before we could even make it back to my place Larry and Steve started groping and fondling me right there in the streets.  Those horny men could not wait.  We slipped into an alleyway and they started fucking me right there.  It was not long before I realized that us three are not alone.  I could see two homeless men watching us and stroking their nasty dirty dicks.  Steve noticed too.  Pushing me to the ground and tell the two men to go ahead get a free hole to fuck.  I could hear Steve and Larry calling me names like cunt bitch and dirty nasty whore.  I was so into fucking these poor men who probably have not been fucked in years.   Letting them shoot their nasty jism one in my cunt the other one shot his load right on my face.  Then without warning Steve grabbed me by the hair and brought me back over to  Larry and his cocks.  And without skipping a  beat they both started fucking me again.

Flo the Gangbang whore

Gangbang whoreI am sure I have told you that I am known as flo the hoe or flo the drug hoe. And I am so proud of these nicknames and my reputation around this trailer park and surrounding area. And it is true I will do anything for cock and drugs. But my one of my favorites is gangbanging. I wish I could get the nickname flo the Gangbang whore. Haha but that name has not yet stuck with me. Let us be serious. One on one fucking is great. Two on one fucking is even better. But a bunch of whores and cock all fucking at once. Yeah baby now you are talking. That means not only am I getting cock. But I get to eat cunt too! Plus when the guys cum in one of the other whores holes I get a chance to suck that cum out of their cunt. How fucking awesome is that? Who does not want a cock in their mouth, a cock in their ass, and whore at their cunt suckling out that cum and flickering at that clit. Jamming my tongue in and out of that fuck hole. Trying to scoop every bit of cum into my greedy mouth. And while I am trying my best to suck all the cum out of a cunt hole. I could have a cock in my ass or my cunt. Have a whore behind him rimming his asshole. Licking and sucking on his balls. And another cock behind that whore. Can make it one big fucking congo line. Then we can all switch. So every whore gets a cock in every hole. Every whore gets another whore sucking out the cum from her cunt and ass. And every cock gets to have all three of each whores holes. Giggles you know share and share a like. Or my favorite sharing is caring.

Getting Cock Any Means Necessary

Live phone sexam known as Flo The Hoe, or Flo The Drug Hoe. Depending on who you talk to. I never ever turn down cock for any reason. I have been caught fucking furry friend cock, Little ones dick, and dick any time any where. I also will trade my fuck holes for crack and other drugs and items. And I do not care how you fuck me. Just as long as you do! I love golden showers and piss in my stomach. Go ahead and piss in my other two fuck holes also. I am a dirty fucking whore and I do not care who knows it. One time I caught fucking my neighbor’s furry friend. It was late at night and I was so fucking horny I was squishing in my panties. I saw the furry friend Rex was left out in the kennel. So I snuck on over and got into the kennel with him. Pulling down my panties I let him sniff around my cunt. It did not take long for him to jump on my back and mount my cunt. Rapidly sliding that furry friend cock in and out. I must of been loud cause house lights started coming on and I saw people starting to pop on their porches. That did not stop me from getting fucked. I wanted that cock and I did not care who saw. I could tell the women were disgusted by what I was doing. But the men I could see where enjoying what they were watching. When Rex was done with me I simply got up and walked back to my trailer. It did not take long to hear knocks on my door. I had three men come that night and give me their cocks. By the time they left me I was satisfied, worn out, and full of cum.

Fucking My Sister For Her Husband

Freaky phone sexI got to play with my sister Dawn this morning. My brother in-law Steve loves to watch his wife and me fuck each other. And I do love fucking Dawn. Even after 5 kids her twat is as tight as it was when we were teenagers. And as you can tell by the expression on my face Dawn can still fuck me as good as she did in the day. Dawn has always taken care of me like that. Her being the older sister. She has always made sure I got mine.  After Dawn and I were done playing in the shower  We made our way to the Jacuzzi where Steve finally joined us.  Giving Dawn and me permission to play with his magic cock of pleasure.

Cum For Me

Cum dumpsterCan I have your cum? Can I have your crack? Can I have your cock? Please I will do anything for you. I will not say no to nothing if you allow me these three things. I can never get enough crack , cock, or cum. I have been threw all the cock in the trailer park several times. I need some new cock and cum. I always enjoy when I get cock but I am bored with the trailer park cock around here. I need exciting new cock to fill my holes. New cum to bathe my body.  Fresh cum to fill my stomach.  Will that be you?  I sure hope so.  I am craving new cock and cum.  And of course bring along your drugs.  the More drugs I get the freakier I get.

Fucking For More Of That Kick Ass Crack

Levon has the best crack in the trailer park. I love smoking his crack. And riding his cock. Levon fucks all three of my holes. And leaves his deposit of cum in each hole. The more crack he brings the longer we fuck. Levon lets me smoke, Then fucks me for hours as I am all doped up. And I love it. He has such an awesome cock. Loves to pound my holes as I cum again and again.  And when I start to come down.  I get to smoke again.  And he fucks me some more.  How lucky am I?  I love that my reputation proceeds me here in this trailer park.    I love that they call me Flo the drug hoe!!!BBC sex stories

These Holes For Crack

Druggy phone sexI need crack. So bring your crack by and you can have any hole you want. Just let me smoke that crack first. Then any hole is yours. And if your not satisfied with my holes. My daughters cunny’s are available for your cock. I love to smoke my crack and watch my daughters get fucked hard.  Watching them as they turn into good little whores.  Just like their mama.  My daughters will willingly open their legs wide for your cock.  They both love being pissed on and drinking piss.  You can have all three of us any way you want us.  For as long as you want all three of us.  Fill us up with your Cock, Cum, Piss, and Crack. And you can fuck us all night long.

Cum Guzzling Slut

Cum guzzling slut I love being a cum guzzling slut for crack. I got a nice size crack rock, lots of cum, and two cocks to play with. And all I had to do was spread my legs and open my three hole. Easy enough exchange. Giggles I think I got the better part of the deal tho.  I think I look good in this picture covered in cum.  What do you think?  Where would you cum on me?  I bet you would go for the hair or the tits.  Huh?  I would love to find out.  Maybe you would give me a pearl necklace.  Or a facial?  I bet your cum has a sweet but salty taste too.  You bring the crack, cock, and cum.  And I will bring the open, ready, wet, holes.

Piss And Cock My Lucky Day

Pissing sexThis is Shane. He is a friend of my son. In this picture he is pissing on the floor. So I could roll around in it like a doggy. Then after I was done rolling around in it. I got his cock. And Shane has a nice fucking cock.  Shane has been fucking me for years.  But recently just has started pissing on me and in my holes.  I love being pissed on or in. Then getting me some nice cock to chase the piss down with.  These young bucks are great too.  They may cum fast but get their cocks rock hard again and again.  Shane this great boy here.  Can fuck for hours and now in between fucks wants to piss on me or in one of my holes. I am such a lucky hoe!

I love When I Am A Fisting Whore

Fisting whoreI love being a whore. Everybody knows that. But I really love it when I am a fisting whore. When I am being fisted and I squirt it is ten times more intense. Feeling that fist in me arm deep. Hitting against my cervix. Pounding your fist deep into my cunt and ass. Opening and closing your fist inside me. feeling your nails scrape on the inside of me.  take that fist and twist it inside of my cunt and ass. pull your fist out to the wrist.  Then slam it back in my sloppy soaking wet cunt and ass. Make me squirt all over your fist.   I make a huge puddle of cunt and ass juices on the floor as you continue to fuck me hard with that fist of yours.  I need to find a fist and soon to cum fuck me.  My cunt and ass is craving the fist.

Flo The Hoe.

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