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Live phone sexI rather be called a whore than a slut. I slut gets nothing when she spreads her legs wide and opens her holes for cock. I get things, drugs, and money. I will whore myself out for the littlest things. My little brats are up for use too. You want a young cunny to fuck? or about a boy with a tight asshole and a wet mouth. I have 4 spawns that you can have for just the price. I have been teaching them ever since they were wee ones. They will not disappoint! And neither will their whore of a mother me. You can have us individually, in groups, or all at once. The night is young and the party has just begun.

Next Door Little Tyke Neighbor

Dirty phone sexI did not know the little brat from next door was peering thru my window watching me getting fucked. He was a small one and could sneak under my bedroom window. He had been doing it for a while, and the only reason I found out was that this time he had slipped and knocked over the rake resting up against my trailer. The guy I was with and I both looked and saw him staring at us. We both chuckled and continued with what we were doing. We were not going to stop on his account. When I looked back out the window his little blue eyes were still fixated on us fucking. I waved him in but he was too scared. I think he thought he was going to get in trouble. Next time I see that brat outside playing I will have to invite him in for cookies and pussy.

Crack Pussy

Cum dumpsterCrack and cock are my life. I wake up and go to sleep thinking of both. When I get that crack running through my veins. my pussy begins to throb and drip onto my thighs. Most of the time I have to walk around with a vibrating dildo stuffed in my pussy because the craving for cock is too strong. I have the reputation for being a nasty whore, but they all know give me some crack and I turn into a dirty piggy whore. I get so fucking sloppy wet and freaky with that sweet crack high. There is nothing I won’t say no to at that point. I will fuck you and your son together. The neighbor’s dog and any objects I can find to shove into my holes.

Crack Dealer’s Son

Dirty phone sexMy crack dealers son came to visit me today and offered me a nice crack rock and all I had to do was drain his balls. I laughed as if what he gave me was a hard task to do. I was sweet tho I asked which hole he preferred. He said to me “A whore as old and used up as you, the only tight hole you have left is your mouth. “Get sucking bitch!” I was shocked and impressed by his authority and his degrading of me making me super fucking turned on. So young and cocky and talking to me like I was a worthless piece of shit. I could feel my cunt aching from how sloppy wet he was making me. I dropped to my knees as almost in a trance and crawled my way over to in between his legs. He already had his cock out and in his hand waiting for my mouth. I wrapped my filthy lips on his cock and slid down his shaft. His precum shooting into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth deep on his cock and he began force fucking my face. He was shouting all sorts of degrading names and spitting on me. I absolutely loved his treatment of me and the way he used my worthless whore body.

Sexy Guy And His Bitch Too

Freaky phone sexI have several fuck me adds out on the internet. This sexy guy answered me wanting me to fuck his whore of a wife instead of him while he filmed us. His wife was as sexy as him and I love me a good cunt eating. He had some requests as well. He wanted me to use a 12-inch dildo on his whore of a wife but not in her pussy but her tight little virgin asshole. At the same he wanted me to take the vibe and use it on her enlarged clit. Then he yelled for me to eat her cunt the fuck out and to continue with her ass and clit. well hell, I can do this without any problem. I am so hungry for some cunt, and a little anal torture on a virgin asshole.

Little Brat To Fuck

Dirty phone sexI have had so much fucking cock today I have cum just leaking out of my ass and cunt. And I still want fucking more. I want a little brat to fuck the shit out of. Bring your son by and you both can do me. Just as long as I have my way with the wee one. I love the way young taste in my mouth and feels in my sloppy cunt. When I shove your son’s little dick in my mouth that is when you can slam your huge dick in my ass. I love being the meat of this father and son sandwich. The only thing missing from this kinky situation is your cute little daughter. I could do some wild crazy things with her too. So bring her along also.

Little Ankle Biter Next Door

White trash phone sexLittle did I know that the little boy next door was watching me get up the ass by another neighbor of the trailer park. Apparently, he has been watching a lot when I am getting my freak on. I never knew this until one day I caught him peeking thru my window. I was stunned to see him starring at me jacking off. But this hoe was more turned on by this ankle biter getting his little wee wee off watching this pro of a whore getting fucked. I actually got more into the scene. I dig the fact that he is learning from me all he needs to know about hoe’s like me. Next time he gets an invite inside.

Online Sex Profile

Cum eating phone sex I am setting up a new profile online. I need more sex and drugs. I need to eat some twat as much as I need to suck some cock. It will be a bring the drugs and I will fuck anybody or furry friend anyway kind of ad. Do you like the picture I picked out? Do I look like a nasty drug whore just yearning to get fucked? I am not a picky drug hoe either I will take any drugs you got! I love to get my fix, with whatever drug is starring me in the face. Once I get that shit pumping thru my veins it is on! My freaky geeky side comes out and you can have this hoe that will not say no to anything!

Pimping My Girl

Sloppy wet pussy When one of my dealers came over with some good A+ number one shit I offered my youngest brat to him. I had no fucking money and I need my veins filled with that grade A shit. He wanted her ass and he made that clear. But he wanted me to assist. and he wanted her to shoot up too. I had no problem with this as I called my youngest brat out to the living room. He was surprised to already see track marks in such young flesh, I laughed a little and said this isn’t her first rodeo. I twirled her around and pulled down her little panties. I took her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Showed him her nice ripe asshole ready for his cock.

Crack, Cock, Cum

Druggy phone sex I was at the club and was horny as hell and I was out of fucking money. All I really wanted to do was smoke some rock. I looked around and noticed this guy was selling something. I walked up to him and asked him if he had some rock. All he had was powder. I offered him a deal. If he came back to my house and cooked up a gram of the powder for me to smoke, he could fuck me and do whatever he wanted to me for 2 hours. He liked the deal and followed me back to my house. Right away he cooked me up a gram. I stuck it in my glass dick and got high as hell. I was taking a nice hit feeling my head get all dizzy and he bent me over and started fucking my tight asshole. I kept taking hits from my glass dick. I was so fucking high I was cumming from his dick in my ass. Slurring and drooling I mumbled the words fuck me harder. Instead, he shot his load in this hoe. After that, he got dressed and left me like yesterdays trash. My ass was leaking cum, and I was high as fuck. I had a great fucking night!

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