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Gangbang Whore

Gangbang whore Two of my sexy neighbors showed up at the same time. Their wives went shopping together. And their husbands came over to fuck a whore together. Lmao! What irony! If only they knew their husband’s cocks were deep inside my three fuck holes giving me all their yummy cum. Fucking me in positions that they could never fuck their prude wives in. I am giving their husbands the pleasure these bitches cannot comprehend to give to their men. I get their dick and money without their hassle of taking care of them. And yet I am told that I am a stupid slut. No dear wife you are the stupid slut. I get all the good and none of the bad.

Crack Whores And BBC Dealers

Gangbang whoreWhat do you get when you put two crack whores and two drug dealers with huge BBC together? It is a wild crazy smoking and fucking for hours blast. My niece a huge crack whore like me and neither of us had any crack or two nickels to rub between us. So I called one dealer and she called another and they both showed up. And us being the greedy whores we are we wanted the crack from both of them. All four of us got nice and high sucking and puffing down on that glass pipe. And then all four of us started fucking. We started out two by two but by the end of the night, it was all four of us in one big circle.

Waking Up To Dick In My Ass

Dirty phone sexI was sleeping naked I passed out last night after a 5 party drug orgy and when I woke up this morning there was a dick in my ass. What a wonderful way to wake up with a thick dick in my ass pumping away! I got right into the rhythm and was pushing my hips back on his dick. He was filling my asshole. And pounding so fucking hard I thought my ass was going to pop right out he was fucking me so hard. All of a sudden I felt his warm seed rush thru my ass. After he gave me his jizz he wiped his dick on my ass and just left. I do not even know who it was he was behind me the whole time. There was a nice piece of rock crack on my nightstand. My reputation for being a crack whore is well known.

My Son’s Friends

White trash phone sex Tyler my son’s friend stopped by before school to give me a piece of crack rock in exchange for a trashy milf ass to fuck. I like when Tyler makes surprise visits like this. I can always use the crack and the young dick. Tyler only ever fucks my asshole he never sticks it in my mouth or cunt. He is an ass man for sure. Tyler just flips me over and spreads my ass and plunges deep in into his balls slam up against my cunt no lube or nothing. Today my son was home he was not going to school today so he joined in on the fucking too. My son likes fucking me with his friends as much as I love getting fucked by them.

Crack Cum And Dick

Freaky phone sex I got a quick fix of crack cum and dick. I woke up and didn’t have any crack to smoke I called the dealer two trailers down and he was over in minutes. Before I even got my fix he shoved his dick in my mouth fucking it like it was my cunt. Lol, guess he was getting paid first. I was gaging the harder he shoved his dick down my throat I wanted him to cum so I could get my rock sitting on the table. His balls were slapping off my chin and it seemed to be forever before he finally exploded in my mouth and on my face. He wiped his dick on my tit and walked out my door. I love being a trailer park whore.

Another Crack Whore

White trash phone sexKaren from the trailer on the next road over has recently gotten hooked on crack. She was at a party at my house about a month ago and my one black dealer turned her on to the glass dick. Now the bitch can’t get enough of it. She was over my house today begging for any rock I have to spare. I laughed at her. Told her if she wanted rock anytime she wanted she was going to have to become a crack whore. Before she got turned on to the crack she was a bit of a stuck up and little prude. But now that the crack got such a hold on her she is willing to do anything for one more hit. I invited a couple friends over she wanted to learn how to be a crack whore we were going to teach her.

Your Doggie Pet For Halloween

Druggy phone sex I am going to be your doggie in heat bitch for you this Halloween. You bring me some nice crack rock and I will crawl around on all fours. I will bark and howl and be nothing but a doggie bitch for you. I will have my studded leather collar on attached to a leash. My doggie dishes will consist of your piss and your cum. Take me outside to take a piss letting all the neighbors see what a skanky whore I am. Then please fuck me right there in the yard. Fuck me hard doggie style. My howls and barks will be loud for all to hear me. And right before your ready to drop your load pull out and cum all over my face and tits. I want everybody to see me covered in cum. And when I know we have everybody’s attention and all eyes are on us that is when I will beg for you to piss all over my trashy skanky body. Degrading me in front of everybody is the biggest fucking turn on of all

Popped My Son’s Ass Cherrie

White trash phone sexTwo dicks for this bitch is never enough. My mouth still needs to be filled. I look around the room and see my tyke of a son. He is just learning what a crack whore his mom is and how to fuck and treat me accordingly. I waved him over with my finger. I told him to take out his little pecker and put into mommies warm wet mouth. I sucked on his little sweet tasting pecker and the guys fucking me were so turned on by what I was doing. The one dude pulled out of me and walked behind my son. He grabbed a hold of his hips and spread his little smooth ass cheeks. He pushed his thick cock into his little virgin asshole. My son jumped pushing his little pecker and balls in my mouth. I started to yell fuck his little ass harder! I didn’t expect for my son’s ass to get fucked but it was a huge fucking turn on for me.

Fucking With My Girls

Gangbang whore I woke my little girls up last night at 2 am. I had few guys come over and they wanted my little girls to join in on the orgy we were about to have. They were such sweet guys even offered my girls some crack. I love sucking on the glass dick with my girls such a great bonding experience for us. I stripped my girls down and their cute little bodies and nice tight cunnies got the dicks hard with just a look. Those guys started to surround my girls like a pack of wolves getting ready to feed on a feast. I took my one girl and put her on her back and had her spread her legs real wide. I took my fingers and separated her cunny lips so the guys could see how cute and perfect she was between her legs. My other girl, I put down on all 4rs and spread her sweet little ass cheeks.

Public Fucking

Cum dumpsterI love to spread my cunt in public. I love an audience when I am getting fucked. Especially if I have my crack. Crack is my aphrodisiac I crave the one-eyed monster and will go around begging complete strangers for their dick and cum. Sometimes after I suck on the glass dick I will take a late night stroll in well known prostitute areas and give it up for free. Those bitches hate it but I am too fucking high and ready to fuck to care that I am taking away from their business. I need lots of cum when I am on my crack and it is easy to get 2 or 3 guys at once when I walk around those areas begging for it.

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