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Gangbang whore

Druggy phone sex“Flo, get over here bitch and help us score an 8-ball.” I obeyed and walked over to the corner, I know the drill. My job is to stand there and look like a whore that is ready to fuck. The men go back and forth getting a quick look at me before continuing on. Finally, I make eye contact with a guy that looks like he dabbles into the same druggy lifestyle I am into. I ask him if he has any plans for the evening and he doesn’t crack a smile at all but says “I have plans now.” I take his arm and follow him a few blocks, and to me, it looks like we are going to tent city. That’s where all the druggies live, the homeless people, the hookers and all. He brings me into the back of the woods and dangles about half of what I was told to go get over my face. He laughs at me as he ties me to a tree before skull fucking my mouth. I take it all, the idea of getting high finally makes it all worth it. He finally lets me snort some off of his cock. He tells me if I want the rest of my goodies I am going to have to be a good girl and let him do something a little extra special. Little did I know what a wild fuck I was signing myself up for!