Cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI stay in bed all day thinking about how badly I need to be fucked. To be manhandled and tortured until knocked unconscious. I need a man who will tie me down and fuck me hard in every hole. He’ll stretch out my tight little asshole while his friends ravage me by fucking my face and my pussy. I’m gagged and bloody already from this hardcore gangbang. They’ll fuck me until they bust their heavy load. Filling me up like a cream-filled donut. Then drop me on the floor and jiz all over my stomach and face. Choking me with their thick and steamy cum. I gag hard on that shit, as it fills my nose and mouth, cutting out my breath. My nipples harden at the thought of coming mere moments from death. I’m always craving a good torture fucking gangbang by pussy craving pervs. I didn’t get my wish but I did get a nice and warm creamy filled donut.

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