Cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterMy tight fuck hole was so fucking wet at the sight of my brother’s massive rock hard dick. I wanted him so fucking bad I couldn’t contain myself. I whipped his swollen muscle out of his pants and instantly started to suck. I spit on his dick and made sure my tongue swirled around his mushroom head. I sucked so hard and for so long my jaws began to get sore. He eased his dick out of my mouth and I licked my bottom lip. His pre cum left a trace on my lips. He slammed me onto the couch face down and started to fuck my black cunt so fucking hard. He pinned my hands behind my back so I could not move an inch. He fucked me so deep and so raw my cunt was sore and swollen. He bust a massive load inside of my pussy in hopes I would have his offspring. I love cum inside my pussy especially to have some little ones so I can teach them how to be little whores like me.

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