You Get What You Pay For

Hookers For Hire

I am getting tired of getting these dumb bitch hookers. I like to switch and at times be the hooker esp when I need to get that cash. I love some of my regular clients, they make me feel wanted lol, that isn’t really the point but it makes things easier. I try to tell them to treat me like a cum dumpster and some can’t really seem to do that and of course some think they are going to save you from this. If I didn’t need the money I would do the things I do for free.

I put my ad out and within 15 minutes got a couple hits for an appointment. I didn’t recognize the individual, but, I proceeded and I know he isn’t any fuzz, so I agreed to meet him in this kind of fancy hotel. I usually get taken to sleazy dumpy motels, well that is where sluts and whores belong anyway. I met up with him and as soon as we walked into the room there were some party favors on the table, some rock music playing and about 10 guys there. Now as a whore you have to do what the jon wants but I love it.

They were naked and he commanded me to get on my knees and take my shirt off so they could see my breasts, they started coming up to me and I opened my mouth and they started jacking off and coming all over my mouth and it was going down my chin. I was instructed to keep it in my mouth, hold it there. I did and more came and then a guy picked me up and started fucking me while I was being treated like a total cum dumpster. I made like 200 that night, but, like I said I would have done it for free. I am that nasty of a ho and I loved every second.

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