My Brother Fuck

Taboo Phonesex

What If I told you I am a hot stripper druggy whore that likes to fuck her brother for coke? I have been fucking my brother since I was a young thing. He was the first to bring me and my sister cocaine and the first to pop both of our cherries. My Daddy was pissed that Big brother turned us out before he had the chance. I was left an 8 ball this morning and knew my brother had fingered me while I was asleep because I woke up wet and I knew he wanted his big thick brother cock serviced when he got back from deals and before I went to the club to dance tonight. I was waiting and high as hell with a big black dildo shoved into my pussy when he showed up. He didn’t even move the dildo he went right for my ass and within seconds he shot a huge load in my ass. He made me suck it and the dildo before he put some powder on his cock and grabbed me by the hair, so his little sis could take all of his cock down her throat. I love to go get cum loads and fuck him with another mans cum in my pussy or ass and he doesn’t even know it. My biggest turn on is shoving that white powder up my pussy and fucking my brother then going to daddy so he gets brothers cum on his dick from fucking me. I know I am just a nasty white trash whore, but I have fun.

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