BBC Sex Stories For My Cuckolding Husband

bbc sex stories

Do you like hearing all about BBC Sex Stories?  If you’re anything like my cuckolding husband, and I bet you are, you don’t just like them, you LOVE them!!!  Well, while my husband was at work today, I was busy getting plowed by these two gorgeous ebony men who were both well hung.  I mean they were like BBC Gods.

I called my husband right before they got here to inform him that when he got home from work I would have some yummy BBC creampie for him.  He was so excited.  He loves for me to get fucked while he’s at work.  I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful cuckolding husband who not only understands my lust for BBC, he encourages it.

Returning home from work to hear all about my BBC Sex sometimes makes him leave work a little early.  Especially if he knows I’ve gotten my juicy cunt and puckered asshole filled to the rims with all that sticky BBC cum for him to lap up.

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