That Good Lot Lizard Head

Lot lizard sexWhen a night of dancing doesn’t hit the sweet spot in my panties that I want, I’ll head over to the truck spot. It’s not fair from the trailer park and one horny trucker is all it takes to make my night. Just like my good ole buddy Jim, he often comes through on the weekend during his route and he cock is always looking to bust. A good lick and suck is good to get him off the first time, but he always wants to be the big man and spend a bit more to get into my holes. Fucking hot when he grabs my hair and drags me to the bathroom telling me what a filthy whore I have to be to get fucked in nasty bathrooms by strangers. That one of these days he’s going to teach me a lesson and bash my head in on the sink or something if I keep this up. I think he’s got this thing with temptation and blaming me for him giving in. It’s whatever, I’m just a ho making that dough.

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