Anal Cum Dumpster P Mommy

anal cum dumpsterHadley is your mommy who is a certified anal cum dumpster. I should have that Tattooed on me next!
See, I believe in showing my Daughters how to make money with every part of their bodies. The best way to make money is doing what you love, so anal for me is the best part about being a hooker. My ass can take so much cum inside and This trashy bitch has a cute small butt plug that can keep every single load buried in my anal cavity until I get home and light up a big fat bowl of ice or a glass dick of crack!
My son told me today that I like crack because my ass crack is always dripping cum! Brats say the darndest thing. But it got me to thinking, do all crack whores like anal fucking? I had him invite a few friends over so I could quiz them on their crack whore mommies experiences. We all know that dope sluts love fucking those brats. It’s an innate desire crack brings out of you as a woman.
I needed info on all this mommies getting ass fucked and cum filled cunt stories!
Plus more boys and girls to share my experiences and to molest? That’s a big hell yes from  this anal sex whore! 

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