Sexline with a Nasty, Druggy Freak is Anything Goes!

sexlineMy sexline is an anything goes line. I am a party whore. Pretty much a guarantee that when you call me, I will be partying. I have many drugs of choice. I love my coke. I am a fan of weed. I always have booze on hand too. My newest discovery is Molly. What an amazing drug to fuck on. My daughter turned me on to this sex drug. Have you ever fucked on Molly? It made me hornier than normal, and I never thought I could be hornier. I mean sex is on my brain 24/7. I keep cum frozen in my freezer because I need cum several times a day. That is me just normal horny for me, not Molly horny, LOL. I took a trip to the truck stop last night. Okay, I took two trips. One by car and one by Molly. I was a druggy porn star at the truck stop last night too. I was hopping from cab to cab jumping on one cock after another. Normally, when I go to the truck stop, I am only interested in those big black cocks. Last night, thanks to the Molly, I was fucking every guy in the truck stop. There were at least 50 cabs. Black, white, Hispanic…it did not matter to me. I was the queen sex slave of the lot lizards last night. Size did not matter. Race did not matter. Age did not matter. Hell, gender did not matter. I ate the pussies of a couple female truckers. Even licked their assholes too. I fuck a few teenage boys riding shotgun with their daddies too. I put the other lot lizard sex whores to shame. I was the cum dump of the truck stop last night thanks to Molly. That sex drug let me up my cock quota and made me forget that I like my cocks big and black, LOL. Now, I just have to do coke and Molly at the same time and I will be a super whore!

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