A good Big dick sucker swallows the load

Big dick sucker He slammed his cock in and out of my pussy, in the gas station parking lot.. He had only paid for a blowjob but after seeing the size of his boy toy, I wanted his big dick inside of me! I normally post up at the gas station for some extra cash.. No, I don’t hold up a sign that says Hookers for hire.. All I have to do is dress like a sleezy whore.. Wearing platform thigh high mules and having barely any clothes on strutting around a parking lot, makes it more than obvious that I am a prostitute!

The guys are well aware that I am a whore looking for my overnight fix! I have some competition but none of them are as hot as I am.. I am well known around here.. The drug dealers never pay, they just whip their cock out and get VIP service.. I suck those meaty dicks for a nice thick baggie.. Ass up, in the passenger seat with my pussy smacked up against the window, leaking creamy cum… Like a good Big dick sucker! I sometimes get lucky and get a man with tinted windows or my steaming hot pussy fogs the windows.. Either way I could care less who sees my sopping wet, milky pussy lips.

Hookers for hire

If a Blowjob is all it takes to get a hookup on dope, I am down to drain those swelling, deprived balls! I prefer dealers.. If it weren’t for drugs I wouldn’t be out there anyway.. Don’t get me wrong a good wrinkly set of balls always pays a hefty tag and tips.. Which makes it even more worth the fuck.. But, if I get enough dro from a dealer I can just have him drive me to a local trap house, work for him for the evening and get high while I am there.

Most dealers are in a relationship with some so-called ride or die chick so they don’t require much.. Plus, one argument with her and he’s totally distracted, leaving me to stuff my tits with as much of his work as I can, without making it obvious! Dealers love having Crack whore anal, I think it’s because druggies like me are always down for anything! They also don’t tend to use any protection so I always get the feeling of a bareback dick slicking up the walls of my pussy while I fill my nose with candy! 

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