Sexline is Always No Taboos: Let’s Party and Get off Together

sexlineMy sexline is always no taboos. I love true confession calls. I like to know other people were raised in fucked up families but embraced it. It is no secret that my parents were never really my parents. I mean they whored me out for almost 2 decades before I escaped. I was just a piece of meat to them. I had none of the typical hallmarks of youth. I talked to a guy last night who had a similar upbringing. He went to school and had friends. His mother celebrated his birthdays and holidays. I had none of that. But this is not a contest to see who had the worst boy or girlhood. This is about taboo phonesex stories. His mother pimped him out.  My caller is older than me, and I guess there was some recession in the 70s. His mom was laid off her job, but she had some rich trophy wife friends. When my caller was a teen boy with a strapping hard cock, she pimped him out to her rich girlfriends. That was how she supported them as a single mom during tough economic times. He got to fuck rich trophy wives. The guys I was fucking in a trailer park were less glamorous, but we were both whored out by parents and that bounded us. He is a coke fan like me. Coke is not my coping mechanism. I just like to party. We exchanged stories about our youth, did lines of coke and masturbated together. Not my typical role play call, but just as hot. He likes little girls now, but sadly he never married. We did fantasize about him fucking my angels, even my sons. He goes both ways like me. I think we should all be bisexual, especially with little ones. My phone sex line is open. We can roleplay. We can party. We can swap stories. We can masturbate together.


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