sexy prostitutes do know how to party

sexy prostitutes

Sexy prostitutes know how to party. I’m no exception. I’ve learned that for you to drink hard and with the greatest, you have to keep up. I didn’t think I’d be so hooked when I started doing blow. It is beyond words. It’s like I have the best explosions. I can orgasm so many times non-stop. The squirting, who knew I could squirt? Have you ever put some of that angel dust in your butt hole? Well, I have, and marvelous, I get fucked up and just begin to want to fuck whoever is in my path. Sure, you can say I’m a nymphomaniac, but at least I wear it probably, and I also love a good Adventure. When I was at a concert as an escort with the high-powered attorney, He Slipped me some blows, and we went to have a good time behind the Sound Stage. It was bizarre but so hot I couldn’t get enough. When you get that blow in your system, you become a horny machine.

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