Lot Lizard Sex for Coke Money

lot lizard sex BBCLot lizard sex is not beneath a trailer trash whore like myself. I was jonesing for some coke today. And my pussy was screaming “feed me bitch.” When my cunt is cock hungry like it was this morning, I like to feed it something extra special and extra dark. Big Darryl is known in my community as a trucker with a cock almost as big as his trailer. He has a penchant for old white lot lizards, and he pays well. Win win. My cunt gets spoiled by some Nigga dick, and I get some cash for coke. I put on a slutty outfit and trolled my way right down to the truck stop.

Big D was happy to see me. “You needing a fix Bev,” he said. “More like a double fix if you get my drift,” I replied back. He thought I meant two black cocks, so he went and got his friend. Fuck, I was down for that. Two big dark meat specials, double pay, more coke and one sloppy wet cunt. We went into Big D’s cabin. Wasted no time. They whipped out their fucking anacondas, I fell to my knees like a hungry hippo. Stroked them both for awhile, before I crammed them both down my throat. “You a Nigga slut Bev baby” Big D asked as they skull fucked my dirty old mouth.

BBC phone sex lot lizardHell yes I am. I love big black cock. I hopped on Big D’s huge ride while I continued to suck his friend off. He grabbed a couple hand full’s of cougar ass, and slammed me down on his almost two foot dong. I was screaming like a banshee; that thing was so big it pierced through my internal organs. I was creaming all over his cock. Hurt so good. I fucked them both until cum was oozing out of my pores. And because they were paying me, I had to let them do anything they wanted including pissing down my throat and fisting my ass. You think a black dick is big, you ever have a black fist up your ass? Talk about not sitting right for awhile. I was not in a position to say no. Big D takes what he wants anyway.

  I had one happy mother fucking snatch too. Stretched out, gaping open, cream filled cunt. I put my clothes back on as Big D tossed me some cash. I then marched my ass on down to Troy in another truck and bought myself an 8 ball. Cum running down my legs too. Yeah, nothing is beneath a cougar cum dump whore when she is craving coke.

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