private party

cum filled cunt freidaAs a stripper, I normally don’t do private parties. The money is not as good and the guy is usually dull. They always want to live out some boring suburban fantasy about 2 girls or getting spanked, or even worse, they are afraid to touch you because their wives might get mad.

But when you came up to me in the club, waving a ton of cash and promising an adventure, I couldn’t resist.

When I reached the meeting spot and saw that it was an abandoned warehouse, I new this was not going to be ordinary.

It was pitch black inside and i couldn’t see at all. My skin got prickly when I felt your breath on the back of my neck whispering that you were just going to put this blind fold on and to take your hand and follow along. I did as I was told. I was already getting moist.

You snapped your fingers and I heard footsteps come closer to us. You ordered the person to remove my clothes. The latex gloves touching my skin sent a wave of intoxication through me.

The person gathered my things and walked away, and another was summoned and fitted me with a collar. You gave the collar a sharp yank and instantly dropped me to my knees scrapping them and causing them to bleed.

I heard the collar person walk away and never heard the footsteps of the people who attached chained cuffs to my wrist! How many people where here, anyway?!

You command another to bring the tools! I heard a switch and then incredibly loud music, so loud you can’t think! And then without command, as if following a script, all of the servants, with their latex gloves, began to unleash a never ending series of erotic and painful torments.

It started simple enough with what felt like an over sized vibrator being driven into my dripping cunt. That went on through out the night, even after I had splattered loads of sticky milk all over who ever was in control.

Then an additional tool was inserted deep into my corn hole. Both holes were being pounded non stop. I thought I would start to lose feeling and then a second tool was added to each fuck hole. My ass was stretched beyond its limit and my body was life less on the floor.

Another person grabbed my hair and yanked my head back and you ordered a person to get into position. The person pulling my hair shoved my head back down, burying my face into a tiny hairless pussy. You commanded that I eat to keep up my strength. I obeyed your command. I love the idea of you controlling me! And from what I can determine, all of these silent servants with their latex gloves are OTHER GIRLS under your control to!

I was so dehydrated from squirting everywhere but my wore out cunt was still throbbing in ecstasy!

I was yearning for your cock in my mouth, I was begging for it with what little energy I had left. But you denied me. That was the ultimate torture.

You whispered into my ear as I lie exhausted in a pool of my own cum, that you never touch the girl on the first night and that there would be instructions when I woke up.

The next day, I woke up in the most exquisite hotel room with a card leaning against a sky high stack of money. The card simple stated a phone number and that I should expect a call from that number for further training if I was to join intended to join your team.

No one has ever given me such an erotic experience!

So I am sitting waiting for that call….I need you to train me!

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