Hookers for Hire for Christmas

hookers for hireHookers for hire, the super young kind, are what men want for Christmas. My husband and I have been busy pedaling our young flesh for profit. Last night was a busy night for our precious whores and a profitable night for daddy and I. Would you like a young whore for Christmas? Most of our girls had 2 or 3 dates last night. I let them take today off since they brought us so much money last night. They got Christmas bonus money and gifts from their pretend daddies too. Those men love to reward our whores. When the girls woke up this morning, their holes were used up pretty good. But I have just the cure for sore cunnies. I gave each girl a bubble bath with a CBD  bath bomb. You would be surprised how good a hot medicinal bath feels on swollen cunts. And the TLC from a sexy mommy. My youngest angel has not been fucking as long as her big sisters. She is in higher demand than her sexy prostitute sisters because of her tiny holes. That has never stopped her from competing to be the best whore she can be. I got in the tub with her. I licked her wet swollen clit before the tub. I am a cum whore. I licked all that man seed out of her swollen pussy. Then we soaked in the tub together. It felt amazing. I was fucked too last night, so my asshole was sore and full of cum. I washed her hair, massaged her pussy and soaked the pain away. I tried to take a bath with each girl, but it was a struggle. My body was pruning up from the water. But it was a Sunday funday for us. I got a lot of creampie cum and quality time with my baby sluts.

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