Candy And Kisses

dirty phone sexLast night was all about candy and kisses. A visit to my hot daddy and the fun began. He loves when I pack his candy in the glass and slide it into his mouth like a fucking dildo. Him sucking on one end and me sliding it in and out. Then I strip out of my clothes, and he pulls it out and I take it into my mouth. Sucking in deeply and holding as I bend down between his legs and blow it out as I put his cock into my mouth. Nice and slow, teasing his cock as we take turns. It takes a hold of us, and we become incredibly horny. He pushes my face deeper and fills my mouth with his warm cum. I hold that also and then he opens his mouth for a hot kiss. Tasting himself inside my soft warm mouth drives him crazy. He repacks and pushes the candy into my mouth, and I suck it in as he pushes me on all fours and rims my sweet ass. Digging his tongue deep inside me before kissing me deeply. Candy and kisses and sucking all night long. I can’t wait to do it again.

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