Good Friday, Coke and BBC Sex Stories

BBC Sex Stories great blowjobMy daughter was home from school today, so we started partying at like 8 AM. We were drinking, snorting and sharing BBC sex  stories. We both love those dark dicks. Amber was getting so wet telling me about the first time she had a black cock. She was a school girl and she snuck into the boys locker room like a horny girl. She saw the gym teacher in the shower. “I was so speechless mommy. It was huge,” she told me. But he heard her gasp. She tried to act like she just went into wrong locker room, but he knew better. “You think you can handle this anaconda Amber,” he asked? Apple doesn’t fall from the tree. She was up for the challenge. She sat on a locker room bench, tilted her head backwards to deep throat it in an upside down position. She had seen this MILF porn star, whom she said looked like me, take a hammer of a cock that way once.

Trashy milf phone sexShe was trying to go slow, but her teacher just rammed it down her throat. Skull fucked her with his monster cock. She said she could feel it throbbing in her throat. She swore if I had been there, I would have thought she swallowed a python the way that cock moved in her throat. Damn my baby tells a hot story. My pussy was dripping wet. She said when he shot his load down her throat, cum was oozing down her cheeks. Big globs of thick white jizz, as she described it. She was wet too. By this time we both had a serious buzz going on. I went to her bedroom and retrieved this little mechanical stuffed bunny I bought her years ago for Easter. I turned it on and joked that it was the rabbit vibrator.

cheap phone sex whoresI moved that little stuffed toy up and down her wet puss until she creamed all over the place. I love the smell of her wet cunt. She used it on me too. We were squirting on each other. Pretty much coated the trailer walls with pussy juice. She decided we needed to share a big black cock, so she called up Earl, who was more than happy to tag team a slutty mother and daughter. In my fucked up state, I turned her little boobies into rabbits. I wanted to see that huge dark piece of meat slide between her little white bunny ears. Earl’s big black dick slid through a lot. My mouth, my ass, my cunt, her ass, her cunt, our hands…My daughter and I are going to have a great Easter weekend. Instead of feasting on a bird, we gonna feast on BBC. Oh and pussy.

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