Wild Weekend

drunk phone sex cleoLast night was no different then any other Friday night. Lots of fucking and lots of drinking. This morning my eyes were red, my pussy was sore, my clothes all wrinkled and I am missing my panties. Kudos to the lucky bastard that has them. I am sure he is somewhere sniffing them and jerking his cock. Driving home I catch a glance at a sign on the side of the road and I think I must still be very fucked up. That couldn’t possibly have said what I thought it did. I had to turn the car around and look again. sure enough it said exactly what I thought it did. Really? We had just been talking about what the hell we would do tomorrow for Easter. It is really such a lame ass holiday. Now I knew what we were going to do. I took a picture of the sign on my phone and went home to call every trashy whore I knew. Male and female.We were going to crash this party and do it literally. We were going to make this fucking Easter Egg hunt one that these church going fuckers would never forget. It was an open invitation and they extended it….drunk phone sex easter

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